Mom and Dad break the seal on taboo Pt. 04

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As some uncomfortable and difficult topics are sometimes handled by a family, The Janelle Subject was largely ignored for the next two years as she finished high school. Jacob and Julie were busy at college but on their holiday breaks and trips home, they always found the time and the privacy to hook up with mom and dad.

A few times as they laid in bed before falling asleep, Lori and Rob mentioned Janelle’s maturity and drive to be successful. She was her class salutatorian and had been an all-region selection on the school’s golf team. Janelle was also a knockout who was one of the most popular and well-liked in her class.

Without saying it out loud, both parents were a bit uncertain about adding incest to her “plate.” The sexual relationships with their parents hadn’t ruined their oldest children but taking yet another risk at taboo sex had prevented the parents from acting on any impulses.

In mid-June, Jacob and Julie were spending time at home before leaving for summer internships. Janelle had recently graduated and was planning on spending most of the month relaxing and working on her tan. Her previous summers had been packed with part-time jobs, volunteer work, amateur golf tournaments and summer school classes.

She was excited to start college because of the additional freedom it promised. Janelle had become adept at keeping her active sex life on the down low. A few of her girl friends had rich parents whose large houses with remote rooms had provided privacy for sexual hookups with guys and with the girl friends who lived there. Janelle’s sex drive was full speed and voracious.

On this Saturday, Rob and Lori had the chance to attend a swingers’ party. Those opportunities had become rare and they were excited about the chance of an evening of sex. They could have been honest but didn’t want to give away their secret to Janelle, so they told their kids that they had gotten a deal at a downtown luxury hotel for the night. Jacob and Julie both figured their parents were really planning to fool around with another couple or perhaps a group. Janelle also had her suspicions.

Late in the afternoon, Jacob and Julie were lounging around the backyard pool. Janelle returned from spending an hour or so at the driving range and slipped into her light blue bikini.

“Hey kids,” she said as she entered the backyard pool area. Julie was relaxing on a chaise lounge while Jacob was in the deep end, his elbows hooked over the pool’s edge. Janelle gracefully dived in, staying underwater until she came up behind her brother. He could feel her breasts pressed against his back and he gasped slightly when her hand reached between his legs to gently cup his package.

“So, big bro,” she playfully whispered in his ear, “when are ya’ll gonna let little sis join the family fuck club?”

Janelle didn’t wait for an answer. She turned and swam to the shallow end, climbed out, grabbed a towel and sat down on a chaise lounge next to her Julie. Jacob was left in stunned silence with a swelling cock

“Hey sis.” Janelle’s bikini was nearly transparent when wet and Julie could see her sister’s hard nipples and the darkened aereolas. “So, what kinda fuck fest do you think mom and dad are having tonight? Just swapping with another couple or a group sex orgy?”

Julie lifted herself to her elbows, her breasts shifting in the cups of her bikini top. She quizzically gazed at her younger sister, who no longer seemed young.

“C’mon, girl,” Janelle continued. “I’m not blind or naïve or stupid” – she considered mentioning her full-ride to Stanford – “I’m 99% certain that mom and dad and Jacob and you have been fooling around. They give off a different vibe whenever you guys come home from college. I just hugged and grabbed Jacob’s dick and asked him when I was gonna get to join the fuck club.”

Julie’s eyes widened. About then, Jacob walked up, standing between the two lounges. “What are you two talkin’ about?”

“This.” Janelle reached out and grabbed her brother’s cock bulge, which was evident and on display inside his swim trunks.

Julie felt a tingle between her legs. While there had been plenty of trysts with their parents, she and Jacob and never had the opportunity – or thought that much – about hooking up.

Jacob’s cock hardened as his sister squeezed it. Then she grabbed the drawstring, untied it and loosened it so she could tug his trunks down and off. His rock-hard cock bobbed free.

“Fuck yes,” Janelle whispered, both hands stroking her brother’s dick.

“Gawd, Jan… that feels… great,” Jacob groaned through gritted teeth as his hips rocked back and forth.

“Yeah? Then how does this feel?”

Janelle dropped to her knees and her lips encircled the head of Jacob’s cock. She kissed and licked and sucked on the swollen knob, her tongue swabbing the smooth, sensitive skin.

Julie was sitting up and watching her younger sister sucking their brother’s throbbing prick. She and Janelle had spent a lot of “girl time” pendik escort bayan talking about guys and sex and Julie knew Janelle had an active sex life.

Janelle pulled her mouth off and shifted a bit to her right. She looked at her sister. “There’s plenty here for two.”

Jacob shivered at those words. Julie felt her pussy getting moist and slowly slipped off the lounge to kneel next to Janelle. With her hand circling the base of her brother’s cock, she moved it toward Julie’s open mouth.

Janelle still had a hand wrapped around the base of Jacob’s cock. Her other hand slipped inside her bikini bottom and her index finger traced lightly along her wet pussy slit. Her mind was racing as she grasped the erotic nature of what was happening.

As her brother’s stiff rod slipped into her hot wet mouth, Julie’s tongue whipped around the knob and her lips closed around his shaft. Jacob began to rock his hips back and forth, gently face fucking his sister. Janelle leaned in and her tongue licked the bottom half of his shaft. The feeling of two female mouths on his cock was new territory for Jacob and he had the familiar feeling stirring in his balls.

“Jeezus, you two…” he didn’t finish the thought as Janelle’s fingernails teased his ball sack, bringing another level of pleasure.

Julie had yet to master deep throating so she could only get about three quarters of his cock inside her mouth before the head encountered the back of her oral cavern. Still, the warm wet sensation combined with Janelle’s tonguing and finger teasing was enough to send the young man over the edge.

“Here… it COMES… HOOOOOLLLLLY FUCK.” Jacob thrust his hips, forcing his cock into Julie’s mouth as it began to fountain. She took the first spurts then rocked back on her heels, pulling her mouth free as his jizz splattered her face and hair. Janelle quickly moved her mouth to the tip of her brother’s cock to try and cap the geyser of cum.

After his last spurt, Jacob looked down as Janelle’s mouth disengaged from his still-hard rod. His knees were shaky and he was breathing hard from his first double mouth blow job. What he saw was yet another surprise for this late-afternoon encounter.

Janelle reached out a finger and swiped away a glob of sperm from Julie’s face and then added that to the man cream she had in her mouth. She then leaned toward Julie and kissed her. The kiss soon became passionate as Julie opened her mouth and their tongues danced. A combination of jizz and saliva swirled between their mouths until Janelle recaptured it and swallowed it. She pulled away and there was an audible pop as the soft lips disengaged.

“Damn, sis, you’ve been watching too much porn,” Julie said with a smile. “That was… amazing.”

“Jools, are you telling me you haven’t shared a cock with another girl? You need to get out more,” she said with a laugh.

Julie’s mind flashed to the only threesome of her life when she had been with her parents. There hadn’t been an opportunity to suck her dad’s cock along with her mom but now that idea had been permanently implanted in her imagination. That thought along with what had just occurred with her brother and younger sister had her sexual engine revving at high speed.

“C’mon, let’s go inside,” she said, getting to her feet. Janelle was also horny as hell and she was certain about how she planned to get off.


The sisters walked toward the sliding door that opened to a den/playroom. Jacob, still dazed from his unexpected orgasm, picked up his swim trucks and followed.

Once inside, he took a seat in a rocker recliner that was next to the large couch.

Janelle turned to Julie. “I really liked our kiss.” She followed that statement by planting her lips on her sister’s. They hugged, with Janelle’s legs straddling Julie’s left leg so she could rub her bikini-clad mound against her hipbone. The kiss was deep and passionate, with tongues dancing and saliva swapping.

Janelle’s hands caressed the soft skin of her sister’s back then moved to the clasp of her bikini top. She snapped it open and stepped back, her hands pulling the top off and exposing her mounds. Her breath hissed between clenched teeth as she gazed at Julie’s firm tits.

“I always knew these were nice but seeing them like this for the first time… so beautiful.”

Julie wasn’t passive. Her hands grabbed Janelle’s top and pulled it off over her head. The sisters, nude from the waist up, then embraced, their hard nipples rubbing as they kissed again. They took turns kissing their partner’s cheeks, forehead, neck, ears – ramping up the passion.

Janelle’s hands cupped Julies breasts, her hard nipples poking into her palms. She pressed her hands against her sister’s chest, flattening her mounds and eliciting a deep-throated groan of pleasure.

“Gawd, Janelle, you’re making me so hot,” Julie said.

“Really? Let’s see.” Janelle slipped a hand down her sister’s torso and inside her bikini bottom. Julie thrust maltepe escort her hips forward as her sister cupped her pussy mound. “Mmmmm, warm and wet. My big sister was telling the truth,” Janelle whispered, her voice throaty with passion.

Jacob watched his sisters making out and stroked his cock, which had recovered from the blow job and was again rigid. He had watched and been aroused by lesbian porn. Watching a live exhibition was a new experience. His rod twitched and he closed his eyes as his hand squeezed his knob, producing precum that he used to slicken his dick for his masturbating.

The young women were kissing passionately as Janelle’s hand rubbed her sister’s pussy while Julie’s hands gripped Janelle’s firm ass, massaging those globes. Their passionate foreplay was producing mutual moans and groans that added to the sexual atmosphere in the room.

Janelle’s hands gripped Julie’s bikini, pushing it down and off her hips. They continued their downward journey on their own, slipping down her legs to puddle at the floor. Julie shivered at being naked in front of her sister and brother. Her younger sister then pushed her backward until she fell on the couch, her breasts bouncing. Julie’s eyes closed; she knew exactly what her sister wanted, and she realized how much she wanted it herself.

Janelle dropped to her knees, her hands gently pushing her sister’s thighs apart. Her eyes stared at the alluring objective. Julie’s trimmed patch of pubic hair was the perfect accessory to her pussy, a slit that invited exploration. Janelle could see the moisture of her sister’s arousal and she wasted no time in deploying her mouth to escalate the situation.

Julie’s hips lurched when she felt Janelle’s mouth covering her mound. Her soft lips caressed the edge of her slit while her wet tongue licked up and down it, slightly parting her labia.

She playfully ran the taunting tongue tip up and down the dark crease of her

sister’s labia. Again and again, she laved over the lips without dipping into the quivering and slightly pouting mouth of her body. Julie’s hands tangled in Janelle’s hair, pulling her face closer against her crotch. “Gawd, yes, sis. I love it.”

While that comment indicated her sister’s approval, Janelle teasingly moved her mouth, licking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh at the juncture of Julie’s thighs and torso. Her hand, though, moved to her sister’s pussy, her index finger sliding up and down between her slick lips, parting them more to reveal the coral pink inner flesh. Janelle brought both hands into play, her thumbs pulling apart the labia.

That accomplished, her mouth returned with her agile tongue probing deep inside Julie’s womanhood. “YESSSS, FUCCCCK. So good, sweetie. Eat my pussy.”

Janelle’s lips and tongue were voracious, exploring the succulent folds of flesh. She intentionally avoided the top of Julie’s slit until she had lapped and licked the labia and probed deep inside her pussy. Julie’s hips were bucking during his oral assault, her groans and growls an indication of her arousal.

Janelle sensed her sister was nearing an orgasm. Her fingers pulled apart the flesh around Julie’s clit, exposing that pink and inviting bud. Her tongue tip made contact and gently licked the nervy button and then her mouth covered it, sucking the clit and surrounding flesh while her tongue whipped it.

“GAWWWDD. IIImmmmmm ccccuuuummmmmmmiiiinnnngggg!! FUCCCKKK YESSSSS. SOOOO GOOD. I’m ccccuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!!”

Julie’s hips arched off the couch, pushing her crotch against the mouth that was providing her with such pleasure. Then she collapsed back on the couch, her legs splayed open. Janelle, though, continued to lick and lap, her tongue collecting the juices it had helped produce.

“Ahhhhh, you’re not gonna stop, are you,” Julie moaned, her head moving back and forth. “You little bitch, you’re gonna make me cum again.”

Julie had yet to experience what would be considered multiple orgasms. Her sister had just tongued her to an extremely satisfying climax and her continued oral ministrations prevented Julie from completely recovering. The lower half of her torso was tingling. Her hands clutched at her breasts, her fingers busily toying with her rock-hard nipples.

Jacob was sitting up straight, on the edge of the recliner. That had been his perch as he watched one sister orally pleasure the other to a satisfying orgasm. His cock was fully erect; he had stopped stroking it because watching the sex show had put him on the brink of cumming and this time he wanted more than a blow job.

He moved behind Janelle, whose legs were together as she kneeled between her sister’s legs. Jacob tugged her bikini bottoms down and off until they bunched around her knees. His legs straddled hers and he could see the tight crease of her pussy. Janelle’s plump mound was accentuated by her thighs being pressed together. His swollen knob rubbed up and down her moist cleft.

“MMMMMMMM, wow, your cock feels kartal escort so good. Let me spread my …”

She was interrupted by his hand slapping her firm ass. “Don’t move. Stay like that.”

One hand reached for her neck and pushed her face back on Julie’s pussy. His other hand circled the base of his cock as he rubbed his head up and down Janelle’s slick and swollen pussy lips. Her hips rocked back against the teasing tool as she yearned for its invasion. Janelle’s quiet whimpers turned slowly to soft moans and then finally to hoarse groans, vibrating against Julie’s pulsating pussy.

Julie’s eyes were closed but she had heard the exchange and knew her brother was about to fuck her younger sister. That knowledge pushed her closer to another orgasm. Her hands moved to Janelle’s head, her fingers tangling in her hair and pulling her hard against her crotch.

The blunt tip of Jacob’s cock probed her labia, searching for that rubbery ring that was the gateway to her pussy. It was a tighter fit than normal due to her hips being together; that merely enhanced the sensation for both participants. When his cock head popped through and he felt it securely lodged, he left it there, demonstrating teasing restraint.

With her mouth plastered to Julie’s mound, Janelle could only mumble and babble incoherently, but the message was clear: She wanted Jacob’s cock to complete its journey inside her.

He slowly moved his hips closer to hers, his cock slipping deeper and deeper in one steady but deliberate thrust. When Jacob’s crotch touched Janelle’s ass, his thick rod had fully and deeply penetrated her clinging vaginal tunnel.

Janelle was distracted from her quest to bring her sister to another orgasm but after her brother’s cock was fully inside her, she returned to the task of licking and loving Julie’s pussy. “Yeah, you little slut, lick me good while Jacob fucks you with that nice cock of his.” Julie had never felt so sexy or so naughty.

Her eyes opened and she met her brother’s gaze and recognized the lust he was experiencing. Julie’s nervous system was sounding the alarms that precede an explosive orgasm and as she gazed at her brother, she became aware that if he was fucking Janelle, then it was only fair that he fuck his other sister. After sucking his wonderful cock, the thought of it plunging inside her brought her to the brink.

Jacob rocked his hips as his cock sawed in and out of Janelle’s clinging pussy. His fucking tempo increased, driving his cock ever more rapidly into the tight, clinging sheath of her vagina. His hips slapped against her ass, the sound of flesh on flesh obscuring the smacking sounds of Janelle’s mouth and lips servicing her sister’s snatch. He could feel the familiar and wonderful stirring in his balls, and he knew he was close to unloading their contents.

“Jan… girl… I’m gonna cum. Are you… OK?” he growled those words, and the meaning was clear. He wanted to explode inside her.

Janelle pulled away from Julie’s quivering mound and whispered, “I’m on the pill. Fill me. I want to feel your cream inside me.”

That was all Jacob needed. The permission to cum inside his sister triggered his orgasm. He grabbed her hips for a deep thrust and his body stiffened as his cock spurted his semen. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUUCCCKKK, soooo goooood,” he yelled as his rod throbbed and pulsed with stream after stream of his jizz.

Janelle’s muffled groans of her orgasm vibrated on Julie’s pussy and pushed her over the brink. “MMMYYYYY GAAAAWWWWDDD, YESSSSS, sis, CUMMMMMINGGGG AGAAAAINNNN.”

His balls drained, Jacob withdrew his semi-hard cock. It made an audible plop and strings of his cum started to leak from Janelle’s slit. She straightened up and looked at Julie’s face. Her eyes were closed but a grin creased her mouth. Janelle reached between her legs and gathered some of Jacob’s cum. She placed her fingers on Julie’s lips. She opened her eyes as her tongue lapped at the cream.

Her sister’s mouth and chin were shiny with Julie’s juices. Janelle collected more of Jacob’s semen from her pussy and licked her fingers clean.

“His cum is so great, isn’t it Jools? The next load is for you.” Janelle turned to her brother, who was sitting with his back against the recliner, his deflated but still lengthy cock laying on his thigh. “You do have more, don’t you, bro?”

He could only nod and grin.

The night was still young. The siblings ordered a couple of pizzas for sustenance and before those were delivered, they showered. Jason cleaned up in the bathroom just off the game room. The sisters went upstairs to the larger shower. As they soaped and groped each other, Julie told Janelle about the time she had used the same shower with their father which had preceded her first threesome with their parents.

After finishing off the pizza, the threesome went to Julie’s bedroom. The girls discarded their robes and Jacob slipped out of his gym shorts. The next hours became a blur of sexual activity. Jacob fucked Julie, missionary at first but then she asked to ride cowgirl. That gave Janelle the chance to sit on her brother’s face. After Jacob deposited a load of semen in his sister, Julie finished off Janelle’s orgasm by pushing her off Jacob and devouring her sweet pussy.

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