Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Ch. 02

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This story is dedicated to my friend, Joe, in Ireland. May his mother, Beatrice, rest in peace.


Whether or not Joey’s mother, Betty, goes with him to a nude beach in celebration of Nude Day and her birthday, tonight is the night that he’ll see his mother in her bra and panty, topless, and, maybe even naked.

Review from chapter 1

“Joey! Joey! Joey!”

Every time she called his name, thinking she was in trouble or in pain, he looked over at her ready to help her. Yet, it was obvious that she didn’t need any help from him. It was obviously to him by her smiling, happy face that she was enjoying the sexual assault. If she wanted any help from anyone, she wanted to have sex with even more men.

“Joey! Joey,” she kept calling his name in fright, in fear, in pain, and in sexual arousal. “Joey!”

With there too many naked men for him to stop from having their wicked, sexual way with his mother, as if they were ants at a picnic or killer bees in s horde, they swarmed his mother. As if she was the lone, topless, drunken woman standing in the middle of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a dozen men attacked her. As if she was a porn star making a porn movie or a stripper on stage giving live sexual acts, two dozen hands touched her, felt her, fondled her, groped her, and had sex with her.

Taking their sexually twisted turns, two men stuck their cocks in each of her hands, one man lifted his mother up and bent her forward to stick his erect prick in her pussy, while a fourth man stuck his prick in her mouth. With one man humping her from behind and a second men humping her from the front, looking much like a giant paint mixing machine, she didn’t even have to move her hands to give the other two men a hand job. One after another, after another, as soon as the four men ejaculated their cum inside of her pussy, inside of her mouth, and all over her, four more men stepped up to take their sexual turns with her. All that Joey could do was to watch his mother being gangbanged on Nude Day for her 47th birthday on a nude beach.

Oh the tragic shame of it all. Poor Betty. Poor, poor, pitiful Betty. With her not having sex with anyone to having sex with her son and now to having sex with a multitude of naked, male strangers, this is one birthday and one Nude Day that mother and son will never forget.

“Joey! Joey,” she screamed ejaculating a cock from her mouth with her tongue for her to speak only to have someone else stick their cock in her mouth. Joey! Joey! Joey!”

Unable to do anything about his mother so sexually taken and so physically abused, he was as angry as he was sexually excited. His mother helplessly calling his name will haunt him, albeit sexually excite him, for the rest of his life. Yet, seemingly, as least she appeared that she was enjoying being gangbanged. For sure, this is the best birthday she’s ever had. With nothing that he could do, all that he could do was to watch…while waiting his turn.

‘Next! Who’s next?’

He watched his mother fucking one man before fucking another. He watched his mother sucking one man before sucking another. He watched men fingering her, licking her, and fucking her ass and fucking her pussy. He watched even more men giving her more cum baths. Even in his wildest pornographic videos that he sometimes watched online, never has he witnessed anything as sexually graphic and distastefully disgusting, yet erotically exciting as this. With his mother his sexy porn star, he couldn’t wait to get her home, clean her up, and have his sexual turn with her.

* * * * *

Chapter Two

“Joey! Joey! Joey! Wake up. I made coffee. What would you like for breakfast?”

Joey yawned and opened his eyes to see his beautiful mother standing over him. Fuck, immediately he realize that it was all just a dream. It was all just a dream. He couldn’t believe it was all just a dream.

His mother awakened him in the middle of the best incestuous, sexual dream he ever had of her. Not only did he see her naked but also he touched her, he felt her, he kissed her, and he had sex with her. He gave her oral sex. Then, he watched three men give her a cum bath. Finally, as if it was really happening, he watched her being gangbanged. In his oh so realistic dream, his mother pulled a train.

Before he could get his mother home, clean her up, and have incestuous sex with her, she ruined the part of his dream where he was finally going to have sex with his mother. Then, when he saw what his mother was wearing, making him forget his silly dream, he concentrated more what was now before his eyes instead of what was in his dreams. The live image of his mother forced him to concentrate more on his incestuous reality than on his sexual fantasy.

She was wearing his favorite nightgown, the short, low cut, sexy, satin, blue nightgown that he bought her for Christmas. If he was a beautiful woman with a shapely body like his mother had and had an adult son, this is the nightgown that he’d wear to incestuously tease him, sexually entice him, and mercilessly ankara escort flash him. This one nightgown gave him the most down nightgown views of the tops of her meaty breasts and her long, sexy line of cleavage. This one nightgown gave him the most peeks of her shapely thighs and of her white, bikini panties. This one nightgown was the reason why he incestuously, sexually lusted over his mother. He loved this nightgown with her in it nearly as much he did his mother.

Sexually aroused over the dream he just had of seeing his mother naked at the nude beach, having sex with her, and then watching three men give his mother a facial and an upper torso cum bath, he was horny. His mother standing there in her sexy nightgown didn’t help with his sexual frustration. If anything, she added to his sexual excitement.

As if the gang rape had really happened, the thoughts of his mother being gangbanged by a dozen men haunted him and sexually excited him. As if his cock was a tent pole, he kicked off his sheet to show his mother his morning wood that tented his pajama bottoms. He wanted her to see how big and how hard his throbbing cock was for her. Hoping that she’d touch his cock, feel his cock, stroke his cock, and suck his cock, he hoped she’d take him in her hand before taking him in her mouth and before ultimately take him in her pussy.

In the way it didn’t take him long to notice her big tits spilling out of her nightgown top, it didn’t take her very long to notice his throbbing erection. With him still in bed and with her standing over him, he watched his mother stare down at his engorged prick in the way that he stared up at her big boobs. Tits for cock, in the way he always ogled her sexy tits, she ogled his throbbing prick. Sexually exciting that he was already horny and had a beautiful, practically naked woman standing next to his bed, what made this even more sexually exciting was that beautiful woman was his mother.

He watched her eyes dart down to quickly eye his pulsating penis before she stared up at his face. She smiled an embarrassed smile as if she knew he had caught her looking at the sexual part of him that no mother should see, stare at, ogle, and lust over. Obviously, if telling by her stare, his mother obviously liked his cock as much as he loved his mother’s beautiful body. He had no shame in admitting that his mother has given him the best blowjobs he’s ever had.

From his low vantage point of lying in bed and from where she was standing over him, he could clearly see up her short, sexy nightgown. Obviously purposely teasing him, with this something they’ve had pillow talk about while in bed, she knew he loved staring up her nightgown at her white panties. Wishing she wasn’t wearing panties, he could see her white, bikini panties as if she was waving a white flag that symbolized her surrendering her shapely body to him. As if he was a conquering general ready to take the spoils of war, Joey was ready to take his mother.

With the morning sun pouring in through his bedroom window, he could clearly see the swollen impression of her pussy mound, her camel toe, and her pussy slit. He tried to resist the temptation of wanting to have incestuous sex with his mother, but with her obviously incestuously teasing him and sexually enticing him, she always made him so sexually aroused to see so much of her. Especially this early in the morning when he was so horny and after having being disturbed from such an exciting dream of his mother, he was unable to resist her sexual charms.

When she leaned over him to give him a good morning kiss, giving him a great down nightgown view of her tits. He could see the tops of her meaty breasts and her long line of sexy cleavage. Yet, a big letdown, he was disappointed that all he had imagined of her at the nude beach with her covered in cum and pulling a gangbang train was just a dream. Another one of the sexual fantasies that he had of his mother, he’d love to watch her having sex with other men.

If only in his sexual dream, now that he knows she enjoyed being gangbanged, he’d love for his mother to be gangbanged by his friends and her nephews. How hot would that be to watch his friends and cousins having sex with his mother? With him always so horny for his mother, unable to sexually get enough of her, sadly and sexually frustratingly, he had dreamt the whole thing of her being gangbanged at a nude beach on Nude Day, her birthday.

Unfortunately, right at the good part of his dream, his mother had entered his bedroom just as he was going to take her home, clean her up, and have sex with her. Having already seen her naked and having already had sex with her, he loved having sexy dreams about his mother. Yet, a welcomed continuation of his sexy dream, having his mother standing in his room, next to his bed, while wearing that sexy nightgown was well worth her ruining his dream.

“Happy birthday Mom,” he said returning her kiss.

Something he always sexually and incestuously lusted over doing before, with her just as willing as escort ankara he is now, he was now able to freely do without guilt and without remorse. He reached his horny hand up her short, sexy nightgown to squeeze her round, firm ass through her panty with one, horny hand while feeling her big tit and fingering her erect nipple with his other, horny hand. A son sexually feeling, fondling, and groping his mother and a mother allowing her son to touch her sexually was as awkward as it was sexually exciting in the beginning but touching her in that incestuous way now felt so natural and normal. With her always enjoying him touching her and feeling her, reveling in his sexual attention, she gave him her best motherly smile. If she was a cat, she’d be purring.


“You remembered my birthday,” she said. “How nice?”

He returned her smile with his smile while cupping her pussy in the palm of his hand through her panty. Even after having had sex so very many times with his mother, he still couldn’t believe his mother allowed him to be so sexually familiar with her beautiful body. Able to touch and feel her anywhere at any time, she seemingly enjoyed his touches and feels as much as he enjoyed her touching and feeling him.

He slid a slow, purposeful hand between her legs, while tracing her pussy slit through her panty with his stiff finger. Pausing at her clit, gently he rubbed her clit through her panty before pressing down with his thumb on her bean. As always she did, she let out a sexually excited gasp. With the damp, moistness of her panties a telltale sign, already he could feel her getting wet.

“I’d never forget your birthday Mom,” he said.

Seemingly, after having sex with his mother, after touching her, feeling her, making out with her, licking her, making love to her, and fucking her, it seemed silly for him to call her Mom or Mother. She told him several times to call her Beatrice or Betty but it was more sexually arousing for him to call her Mom and Mother. Perhaps, she felt uncomfortable with him reminding her that they were having an incestuous, sexual, love affair by him calling her Mom and/or Mother. Perhaps, if only for her benefit to make her feel more comfortable and less guilty, ashamed, and remorseful, he should start calling her Beatrice and/or Betty.

With two ready to play this game of tickle and tease, she sat on his bed beside him. She reached her hand down and touched his cock through his pajama bottoms. As if his prick was already exposed, she wrapped her fingers around his erection through his pajama bottoms. Something she never did before, something he always wished she would do, she was willingly doing now. While fondling the head of his engorged prick with her long, manicured fingers, his mother was holding his erect cock through his pajama bottoms. After all of these years of them playing games teasing one another, it was obvious to him now that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.

“You have such a big, beautiful cock Joey,” she said looking from her son’s erection to look down at his face. She gave him a sexy look and a naughty smile that no mother should ever give her son. “Would you like me to do something about that for you?”

Playing Mickey the Dunce, he looked at her with as much curiosity as he looked at her with confusion.

“Do something?” As if he didn’t understand her meaning, teasing her into being more sexually explicit, he loved playing Mickey the Dunce with her. He just wanted to hear his mother say what she’d be willing to do for him. “Whatever do you mean Betty?”

Reacting favorably by him calling her by name, she seemed to like him calling her Betty instead of Mom. She gave him another sexy look with her sexy smile and he returned her sexy look and sexy smile with his. She looked from him to look at his erection before returning him her sexy look.

“I could masturbate you,” she said slowly moving her hand up and down through his pajama bottoms to tease him. “Or if you’d like, I could blow you,” she said pushing out her cheek out with her tongue while moving her other hand back and forth in front of her mouth. “You tell me what you want and what you’d like me to sexually do for you. Seeing your erect prick always makes Mommy horny,” said suddenly reverting back to them being mother and son instead of them being Joey and Betty. “Seeing your erect prick always makes Mommy want to do something to sexually satisfy her son,” she said.

As if she had just asked him a rhetorical question, not waiting for him to answer, seemingly she already knew the answer to her question by what she did next. In anticipation of taking her son in her mouth and giving him oral sex, she continued fondling his cock through his pajamas, yet with more purpose. Then, in readiness of giving her son a blowjob, she unsnapped his pajama bottoms to expose the top of his prick and reached her hand inside. She wrapped her fingers around her son’s swollen cock and slowly stroked him to a harder erection while turning her head to ankara escort bayan stare at him. Then, she stared down at his engorged prick before turning her head again to make eye contact with her son.

“I’d like for you to blow me, Mom,” he said. “Only…”

He’d like her to blow him. No kidding. It was nearly the same, sexy routine every day with her waking him up after she made coffee. With them both on the same page, she looked at him as if she already knew what he was going to say and obviously she did.

“Only what Joey?”

A silly game they played with one asking the sexual question, the other gave the incestuous answer. Just as they already knew the questions, they already knew the answers too.

“May I cum in your mouth Mother?”

She gave her son a sexy smile with her curious look.

“Cum in my mouth? Since when do you ask my permission to cum in my mouth?” She laughed her sexy laugh. “Yes, of course, you may cum in my mouth. It wouldn’t be much of a blowjob if you didn’t cum in my mouth,” she said. “My proof that I pleasured you with my hand, my mouth, and my tongue, I love it when you cum in my mouth. You cumming in my mouth is my compliment that I gave you another great blowjob.”

Betty moved further down the bed and turned her body to face her son to give him a show of his cock buried in her mouth. She stared down at her son’s cock before staring up at her son. She leaned her head down to take him in her mouth. Stroking him while sucking him, she stared up at her son with his stiff prick impaling her mouth. Teasing him, she temporarily removed his cock from her mouth to show him her kissing his penis, licking his cock, and sucking his prick.

“Oh, Mother, that feels so good. Suck my cock Mom. Blow me. I can’t wait to cum in your mouth,” said Joey putting a gentle hand to the back of his mother’s pretty head.

He ran his fingers through her thick, lush, black hair while she cupped his testicles with one hand and stroked his prick with her other hand. Stroking him faster, she sucked him deeper. Moving her head up and down as if she was an interactive video, she was really blowing him now. She made all of the cock sucking, slurping sounds that he loved to hear to prove that his mother enjoyed sucking his cock as much as he enjoyed having his mother suck his cock. Meaning it as a compliment instead of as a slur, his mother was a world class cocksucker.

“You may fondle my tits and finger my nipples while I suck you, if you’d like. I like it when you fondle my tits and finger my nipples while I’m sucking you,” she said removing his prick from her mouth again to remove her arms from her nightgown straps and to expose her naked breasts to her son.

He fondled her big, C cup breasts and fingered her already erect nipples while she stroked and sucked her son’s cock. The faster she stroked him, the deeper she sucked him. The more he felt her tits and fingered her nipples, the closer he was ready to cum. Just another minute more and he’d be exploding his incestuous, sexual lust for his mother in her beautiful mouth again.

Thinking about licking her while fingering her, he couldn’t wait to eat her pussy after she blew him. Later, as one of his birthday gifts to her, he couldn’t wait to make slow, sweet love to her while making out with her and before fucking her. He couldn’t wait to have some dirty, sexy pillow talk with her about the dream he just had of her being gangbanged today on a nude beach in celebration of Nude Day and her birthday. He couldn’t wait to ask her if she’d allow other men to see her naked. He couldn’t wait to ask her if she’d have sex with other men while he watched. He couldn’t wait to ask her if she’d have a gangbang with his friends and with her nephews while he watched her sucking and fucking.

Maybe she has a sexual fantasy of her own. Maybe she always wanted to have sex with a woman. Maybe instead of just allowing him to watch her having sex with a woman, she’d allow him to join them. Just as he was about to shoot a load of warm, oozy cum in his mother’s mouth, his annoying alarm buzzed. Immediately, he realized that his mother wasn’t blowing him but that he was masturbating himself in his sleep again while dreaming.

‘God damn it! Right in the good part of the dream. Two sexy dreams back to back and I didn’t cum in either one of them. I’m so frigging horny now.’

Joey let go of his cock. He had fallen asleep again. He was dreaming again. He was sexually fantasizing of seeing his mother naked again and having sex with her. He looked at his alarm clock. It was 6:30. His mother would be up soon. He wanted to get up before she did. He wanted to surprise her by saying Happy Birthday to her.

Excited about the gift he made and installed for her in her bedroom, he couldn’t wait to give her his birthday gift. He couldn’t wait for her to see what he made for her birthday. This was going to be the best birthday she’s ever had. This was going to be the best Nude Day he’s ever had, which explained the dream he just had about her being gangbanged on a nude beach on Nude Day in celebration of her birthday. Yet, whether she agreed to go to the nude beach with him or not, today was the day that he’d be seeing his mother in her panty and bra, topless, and maybe even naked.

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