Mike’s First Time

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My editor was Karen Ellis


Mike and Jennifer had known each other pretty much their whole lives. They had lived only 4 houses apart since they were in grade 2. They grew up playing with each other, and being only 5 months apart in age they were in the same classes together. As they started grade 8, Jen started to develop into a young lady. Her breasts began to flourish and become rounder.

She was shy at first of her new body, but Mike didn’t seem to notice them and their relationship really didn’t change any. All through the year her breasts continued to slowly get bigger and now she was aware of her nipples as well. They always seemed to be erect and the bras that she wore didn’t really hide them all that well.

When they started high school, for the first time ever they were not in all the same classes. Jen always had an interest in helping people and she was thinking about a career in maybe nursing or even massage therapy. Mike was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be smart enough to attend university and a simple blue collar job was the best that he could hope for.

With these goals in mind, they both took their own path through high school so that during the day they hardly saw each other but after school most days they managed to walk home together. There was never a question of romance in their minds because growing up together as best friends it never entered their minds that there was more out there besides being best friends.

Mike’s 18th birthday party was coming up and he was glad that it was finally close. Jen had her party already and Mike couldn’t wait to have his. One hot June day, as they were walking home talking about the few days that were left of school before summer holidays would start, Jen asked Mike what his plans were after graduation. He didn’t really answer that quickly, mostly because he hadn’t really thought about it. When he finally did answer he said “Well, I guess I will end up in one of the local factories here.”

Jen was a little disappointed to hear that because she thought he could do much better than that. She was just about to suggest some courses he could take when they walked up to her front door. Mike being helpful as always, grabbed her backpack off her shoulders and held it for her as she unlocked the front door. Turning back towards Mike she reached for her backpack. Instead of handing it to her, Mike just stood there with a confused look on his face. “Hey, Earth to Mike…” she called but he didn’t seem to hear her.

He seemed to be concentrating on her chest area and, thinking maybe she had spilled something on her blouse, she looked down. She was embarrassed to see that where the straps for her backpack had been, she had sweat right through her blouse and the sweat stains had now spread across the front of her blouse and turned it virtually see though. When she had left the house that morning, she knew how hot it would turn out so she talked herself out of wearing a bra and threw on her favorite yellow blouse. When it was dry you couldn’t see through it, but now that it was sweat soaked it was almost like wearing clear plastic film. Her breasts could be seen standing proudly on her chest and her dark areolas could be plainly seen.

What was more embarrassing however, was the fact that her nipples were protruding more then she had ever illegal bahis seen before. Seeing that Mike was staring at her breasts gave her a warm, tingly feeling in her lower regions that she didn’t remember having before. What got her really going though, was looking at Mike standing there in his basketball shorts, and she could see a bulge starting to grow. Her mind seemed to yell in her brain that Mike was getting an erection right in front of her. Confused, she quickly grabbed her backpack and ran inside the house.

Mike came out of his daze, jumping at the sound of her front door slamming shut. Looking down he could see the outline of his hard cock, pressing against his shorts. Grabbing his own backpack and holding it in front of his erection he quickly hurried home before anyone saw him. The next morning, Mike met her as usual outside her door, but he seemed different somehow. “Are you okay?” she asked him.

Poor Mike didn’t know what to say. How could he tell her that he had never looked at her as a female before and now that’s all he could think of? All he could remember from the previous day were her breasts standing proudly with her nipples getting visibly harder and longer right in front of his eyes. She could tell he was distracted about something and she had a pretty good idea what it was. “Mike” she said softly, “did you like looking at my blouse yesterday?” All Mike could do was nod his head very rapidly. “Did it get you excited?” she asked just as softly. Slowly he nodded his head up and down.

Suddenly she felt the urge to tease him, something she had never felt before, so she leaned over to him and lightly brushed her breast against his bare arm and said “Maybe after school you can come over for a swim since it is so hot, and afterwards you can help me study for finals.”

A huge grin came over his face and he said “That’s a great idea.” Jen was surprised by her body’s reaction to that simple gesture of rubbing her breast against his arm. She could feel her nipples getting hard and she had a warmth and a wetness in her pussy that she hadn’t felt before. Jen could hardly wait for the day to be over as she planned her after school activity. Mike had to stay a little late that day so she quickly hurried home and made her plans. All she could think about was seeing how excited she could make Mike.

When the doorbell rang she quickly ran to the door and opened it, anxiously awaiting his reaction to what she was wearing. Mike’s jaw dropped as he took her in. She was wearing little white shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks and certainly didn’t allow for the wearing of panties, and a very loose spaghetti strapped crop top that didn’t even reach her belly button. She said “I thought we would do a little studying first and get that over with before we hit the pool.” At that point Mike would have agreed to anything.

She led the way into the kitchen where she had her books set out on the table. Mike sat down and she asked him if he would like something to drink. “Sure, a Coke would be good” he said. As she opened the fridge door and reached for a can on the lower shelf, Mike watched as her shorts rode up the back of her ass. To her, it felt like she was completely exposed to him. She could feel her shorts wedging between her legs and she was sure that Mike could see her pussy lips exposed illegal bahis siteleri as her shorts slid between them.

As she turned around she could tell by the glazed look in his eyes that she had not guessed wrong about what he had seen. Bringing the can to him she sat down at the other end of the table and opened up her calculus textbook. “Mike, can you come over and look at this one problem I’m having?” she asked him.

“Sure, no problem” he said and got up and came over to her end of the table. “Which one?” he asked, leaning over her right shoulder. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she leaned forward towards her textbook. Her top fell open as she leaned forward and Mike was treated to the most amazing view he had ever seen. There was her right breast, completely exposed, her dark areola surrounding the largest nipple he had ever seen. It was the size of the tip of his baby finger and all Mike could do was slowly whisper “Oh my”.

When she heard that, she looked down and she could see the tent happening in his shorts again. As if by accident, she went to get up and brushed her knee against his bulge. Even through that short second of contact she could feel the heat and the hardness of his erection against her bare leg. “You know what?” she said, “let’s forget about homework and go for a swim now.”

She headed for her bedroom to change and Mike grabbed his suit from his backpack and hurried for the bathroom to change. He was ready first and headed out back to the pool. It was nicely fenced in and well protected by trees so there was plenty of privacy. Mike was laying his towel down on a lounge chair when he heard the fence gate open.

He looked up and there was Jen walking towards him. She was wearing a brand new bikini she had bought just for this occasion. It was the smallest one she could find that she was brave enough to wear. It was white and very skimpy. The bottom piece cut up sharply in a vee and the back was not much bigger. She was glad she had shaved, because if she hadn’t there would have been pubic hair exposed above and on both sides of the front vee piece. The top was barely 2 pieces that came straight down covering her nipples with maybe a half inch on either side of her nipples covered as well. He could see her breasts jiggling as she walked and he could feel a nervousness in his belly at the vision of loveliness walking towards him. “Are you going to stare or are you going to swim?” she laughed as she walked towards him. She wanted him to know that she liked him looking at her.

They both jumped in and started to splash around. Jen had purposely left the string of her bikini top a little loose and as they jumped around in the water she could feel her top moving about. Mike came over to try and dunk her, and as he pushed her under she felt her breasts pop free of their restraints. When she came up from under the water she didn’t look down on purpose. Instead, she tilted her head back to shake the water out of her hair.

All Mike could do was stare at her breasts pointing at him. With her head tilted back her chest stuck out even more then usual at him. Her breasts were a pale white against her tanned skin and that made her dark areolas seem even darker and the coolness of the water had made her nipples as erect as they had ever been. He could see drops of water dripping canlı bahis siteleri off her nipples and all he could think about was tasting them.

He moved towards her and stuttered, “uh, uh… Jen you may want to fix your top,” and she quickly looked down and as if embarrassed covered her boobs with one arm and adjusted her top with the other. “Sorry about that” she said.

“That’s okay,” he said, “that’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”
“You really liked that?” she asked as she walked towards the shallow end of the pool. As Mike followed her he replied, “well yes, can’t you tell?”
“What do you mean by that?” she asked. He reached out and grabbed her arm to turn her around and then pointed down at his groin. With his shorts all wet and clingy from the water his erection looked to her like a huge tube of cookie dough. Acting all innocent she said, “Did I do that?”

“Yes you did and now I want to know what you plan to do about it.” he demanded. Crooking her finger in a follow me gesture, she climbed from the pool and walked over to the lounge chairs. She motioned for him to sit down, and when he did she pushed him down to a prone position. She then kneeled on a towel in front of him and reached behind her back and untied the string of her bikini top. Lifting it away from her body, Mike was again treated to the sight of the most amazing breasts he had ever seen.

His erection, which had started to wilt, quickly sprang to hardened steel again. She reached for the string of his shorts and pulled it loose and started to pull them down. Mike lifted up his ass to help her and as she pulled his shorts down his hard on was pulled down with them. As she pulled his shorts over the head of his cock it quickly sprang back up and she heard it slap against his belly. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

Actually to tell the truth, it was the only cock she had ever seen in person. She had seen plenty online but to see one live right in front of her, hard as steel and with precum dripping from the head of it, well, she could feel her feminine wetness starting to lubricate her pussy and actually drip down her leg. She reached out and for the first time in her life, she held a cock in her hand. She couldn’t believe how hot and how hard it was. She naturally started to rub her hand up and down the shaft and Mike groaned loudly. She quickly stopped, thinking she was hurting him. “Oh God Jen, please don’t stop, that feels so good!” he exclaimed urgently, so she began to rub him again.

Strange, it felt like his cock was getting bigger in her hands. As she leaned forward to get a closer look at it, her nipple brushed against Mike’s knee and that was enough to drive him over the edge. He had barely begun to shout her name when he felt his cum driving up his cock, from what felt like all the way from his toes. The first shot went over her head, the second shot got her square in the forehead. The next few shots she aimed lower and they splattered across her breasts and nipples. Mike had never cum with that much intensity before and he was afraid he might black out.

As he finally stopped cumming he opened his eyes to see what looked like a solid sheet of white dripping down her chest. He looked at her face and couldn’t help but laugh at his one shot that got her in the forehead. It had run down her nose and was dripping off the end of it. Laughing she said, “You could have warned me”.

He replied, “There wasn’t time. That was amazing Jen,” he said as she reached for a towel and began to wipe herself clean, “Can I do the same for you?”

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