Michelle’s Adventures Ch. 2

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Snuggled up close to Dad after just having had him make love to me, we both drifted off to sleep. It felt so comfortable laying next to him, secure in knowing that I was safe with my father around – just like when I was a little girl. But now that we had crossed the line between father & daughter to lovers, there was an additional, different feeling.

I awoke the next morning before Dad (or so I thought) and snuggled closer to him, my hands caressing his body. As I ran my fingers lightly over his body, I took the time to really look at him and marveled at how well he must have taken care of himself – he was in very good shape for a man his age, indeed, I have known younger men that were not in his shape. As my fingers were running through his chest hairs, I started to get excited about being so close to him…..and let my fingers run lightly over his nipples, teasing just a little. I lay my head down on his chest and began a slow journey with my fingers to his stomach and hips. As I moved my hand lower, I felt his cock….semi-erect and pendik escort wondered if he was dreaming (of me?) or if I had caused this stirring. Either way, I decided to satisfy my urges.

I quietly slid down his body, stopping when my face was eye level with his cock. Cupping his balls in my hand, I leaned forward and kissed the head – and it twitched! Now I started to wonder if Dad were really asleep or just waiting to see what happened….but I had no intentions of stopping to see which was the case. I moved my lips down and kissed the entire length of his cock and was delighted to see that as I did so, he continued to harden. Then, I began running my tongue up and down the length of his cock while I continued to caress his balls with my hand. Slowly, I moved up and down…..working my tongue all over him. Dropping even further, I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and rolled it around using my tongue. Dad moaned…..

As I continued to lather attention to his balls, I ran my fingernails tuzla escort along the inside of his thighs. He parted his legs a little to allow me easier access. I released his balls and started to slowly work my way back up his hard shaft. As I approached the head, I slid out my tongue and licked the head – and was delighted when his cock began twitching more. I eagerly opened my mouth and took the head in, swirling my tongue around it as it entered my mouth. I stopped there and sucked gently while I bathed him with my tongue. Slowly, my mouth moved down his hard shaft and took more of him in me. Working my way down, I succeeding in taking most of his length into my mouth and throat. Then, I started to slowly move up and down the hard, warm shaft.

As I made love to his cock, I could hear Dad moaning his approval. This only made me want to please him more and I concentrated on the delightful task at hand. I felt his hands take hold of my head and caress my hair. He also starting slowly moving his maltepe escort hips to fuck my mouth, picking up the pace. I lay my head down on his stomach and kept his cock in my mouth…allowing him to fuck my mouth at the pace he wanted. His pace quickened and I felt his hands holding my head a little more firmly. I wanted him so badly…wanted to taste his cum. He fucked my mouth even faster and his moans became louder.

I caressed his balls with my hand, urging him on, wanting to satisfy him. He held my head still and fucked me faster and faster…he must be close. I worked my tongue around the shaft as it moved in and out of my mouth, hoping to feel him explode, releasing his seed into my mouth. Just when I didn’t think he could move his hips any faster, I felt him tense and he exploded in my mouth. He thrust into me a couple of time, each time pumping his semen into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed it all and kept sucking for more. His hands loosened their grip on my head, but I kept his wonderful cock in my mouth, gently sucking and cleaning the hard shaft. I continued to hold him in my mouth, and felt his cock soften, it’s load released.

Laying back, I snuggled close to him again, satisfied in knowing that I not only had my Dad around, but that he was also my (newfound) lover. He pulled me close and we drifted into a light sleep.

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