Merna’s Story Pt. 03

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This is part 3 of Merna’s story which is the final day at the races. You really need to read part 1 and 2 first.


The missing boys return

Sometime early Sunday morning; I was awakened by the sound of 4 drunken men coming into our camp.

The three girls sat up as Jerome was putting on his trunks.

“Let me see what is happening,” Jerome instructed. “Leave the lights off and stay quiet.”

I recognized Jake’s voice. I thought I needed to confront him.

“Let Jerome handle this,” stated LaTonia emphatically. “He is very good in these situation. He will get you if he needs.”

No matter that I knew LaTonia was right, I wanted to go yell at the SOB. But I knew that Jerome would have my back. In about 15 minutes Jerome returned.

“Ok girls here is the story,” Jerome started. “We were right that the 4 guys left Rose to go with the 4 young girls. They are strip dancers from a club called Sammy’s in Birmingham. They are all very drunk. Tom and Ed are passed out in their tent. Rose, Jeff seems to be very sorry for leaving you, wanting to try again. Rose it is strictly up to you; you are welcomed to stay with us, we will take you home, and you can tell the bastard to get lost. I do think he is regretful.”

Jerome waited for Rose to think about it. “I am not optimistic but think I want to give him one more chance,” Rose said. “So I think I will take your advice.”

“Good,” Jerome smiled. “He is waiting for you in your tent. Grab a tee shirt.”

“I think this may be one of the few good times I prefer to be covered,” Rose smiled. “Thanks for helping me gain a little more confidence. I really do have more to offer than I was giving myself credit for but last night helped me see that.”

Rose hugged LaTonia. She was so short her head fit between LaTonia’s massive boobs. You could only see the back of her head. She then hugged me. As she released me she kissed each of my nipples murmuring “beautiful”.

She hugged Jerome. “Thank you so much Mister Jerome.” Rose’s head was barely higher than the giant’s belly button.

“If you need any thing just yell,” Jerome said. “You are not alone but be strong!”

So Rose grabbed a tee shirt, put it on, and left. As she was walking out I realized that that was the most clothes I had seen her wear.

“Merna, Jake is a different story,” Jerome said with anger in his voice. “He first insisted that LaTonia come spend the night with him. He said that was the deal. I said he voided any deal leaving the way he did. I told him that it was LaTonia’s decision but if he entered this tent he would leave the campgrounds in an ambulance. I think he knew LaTonia’s answer so he said he wanted Merna tonight. He muttered something about needing to fuck. I really wanted to deck him. I agreed to convey to Merna what he wanted but it would be Merna’s decision. Merna this is strictly up to you. LaTonia and I do these type things because we find them fun. I have no concern about anything except what is best for you.”

We took a few minutes to absorb what had happened. It seemed that LaTonia and I looked at each other knowing what the other was thinking.

“LaTonia, turn the lantern up a little,” I instructed. “I want to make sure the bastard sees our answer.” LaTonia and I looked in the direction of Jake’s pop up, seeing him sitting on the bed looking into Jerome’s tent. LaTonia turned the lantern light up as I pulled down Jerome’s trunks.

I knelt before Jerome, licking his dick up and down its length. LaTonia reached through his legs lightly massaging his testicle while kissing his butt. I then took his rapidly hardening manhood into my mouth. I wanted Jake to hear my answer so I sucked as loud and wet as I could. Once Jerome was fully erect, LaTonia and I had him lay down. I straddled him pausing above that big dick with both feet on the floor, the Asian position. LaTonia straddled his head facing me. As I lowered my pussy on his massive dick, I glared in Jake’s direction.

“You think he has my answer?” I asked LaTonia.

“No doubt!”

It was much easier to take him all the way this time just not with one thrust like LaTonia. But I bucked and bucked on that hard dick with LaTonia kneading my sensitive tits. She would also lean forward, kiss and nip my nipples with her teeth. I was having continuous orgasms. I did not want to give up my position but knew that LaTonia also wanted to give an answer to Jake.

“LaTonia, are you ready to give your answer?” I asked. She knew exactly what to do. We moved to swap places. Before I knelt over Jerome’s face she reached down with her hand to my pussy, touching the same place Officer Malone had touched. For the second time I squirted. This time into LaTonia’s hand.

“Damn!” LaTonia exclaimed. “Did you see that Jerome?”

“Yes, I have for the second time!” Jerome said in disbelief.

LaTonia bent over with her ass pointing directly at Jakes’ tent.

“I want him to get my answer load and clear.” She took my slick discharge, bursa escort rubbed it into her ass hole saying, “Kiss my ass.” She then slapped her right butt cheek, making her cheeks ripple like Jell-O.

She knelt facing away form me in a reverse cowgirl, lining up her ass hole that was now slippery with white slut juices. As the tip of Jerome’s penis was beginning to penetrate into the anal canal, she dropped all the way on Jerome’s crotch. I could not believe how easily she had taken his big penis into her ass hole. She moaned with pleasure. Her ass looked like it was a part of Jerome. You could hardly tell where Jerome ended and LaTonia started. Her ass cheeks overflowed both sides of Jerome’s hips, starting at his belly button. It was something to see.

She first started making small movements up and down with 2 inches of his penis visible as she rose up. Jerome was now beginning to use his tongue to stimulate me to further pleasure. LaTonia was making a rhythmic movement that was both up and down and side to side, kind of a figure 8. Now she was taking larger strokes with about 4 inches of penis visible with each up stroke. Jerome gently manipulated my sensitive clit with his long tongue. It was so stimulating to have this giant of a man delicately playing with my most private part with his tongue while seeing his dick work in and out this beautiful black ass hole. LaTonia increased the stroke so that she was getting the entire shaft out with only the head staying hidden in her butt hole. I knew Jerome could not last long and I wanted him to see this sexy sight. So begrudgingly I took my crotch off his face, laying his head between my spread leg, resting his head on my soft stomach and pussy. This way he could see what LaTonia was doing. Selfishly I left my boobs where he could suck one if he wanted. Jerome alternated between licking the bottom my tits and watching LaTonia. She now had both hand between her legs in front, working her arms up and down. I was sure she was in bliss. Jerome shouted pumping LaTonia’s asshole full of goop. LaTonia moaned with pleasure. This orgasm for both of them seemed to last minutes.

No one moved for some time savoring the moment. I looked over seeing that Jake had turned off his light. LaTonia and Jerome simultaneously rolled on their side keeping Jerome’s dick in her butt. I got them pillows for their heads, turned the lantern light down so they could stay like that. I lay behind Jerome with my boobs resting against his back and crotch touching his butt. We slept like until about 10 the next morning.

Do we go to the races

People talking awakened me. Jerome put on his swim trunks to exit the tent. I followed him putting on my Baby Doll, where it lay on the ground from the night before. LaTonya followed putting on Jerome’s shirt. We found Rose and Jeff talking and eating breakfast.

“We brought breakfast,” Rose beamed. So we sat around the table with sausage biscuits and coffee.

“I want to first apologize for my action yesterday,” Jeff started. “I made a big mistake leaving Rose alone. I really cannot make any excuses. I was drunk and influenced by the other guys but what I did was inexcusable. Mostly, as Rose and I talked this morning I have not treated her as she desires. Rose is a fantastic person, I have to do better by her.”

“I am so sorry Rose,” Jeff apologized.

“I understand,” Rose said with not a lot of commitment. “We will see what happens.”

“Rose told me how good you were to her last night, it helped her to be around you three,” Jeff said. “Thank you.”

Jerome looked at LaTonia and I saying, “We love her, support whatever Rose wants. Last night was more than us being nice to Rose. Rose was a part of us and always well be. Right girls?”

“Right!” LaTonia and I chimed in.

“Jeff, you need to understand that Rose is a beautiful flower that should be adored not stomped on,” Jerome declared.

“I understand,” Jeff said with seemed like conviction. “Jake, Tom and Ed packed up, leaving early this morning. Jake left Merna this letter.”

“Dear Merna, I got your answer last night loud and clear. I know that I have made mistakes almost everyday since we married. I am afraid this is simply my character, never able to commit to anyone. I will arrange the divorce I am sure you want. You will be better off with someone else. You desire better. I took the car and camper, as Jeff said he would take you to your house. And I mean the house is yours. About yesterday, all I can say is I am sorry but I would probably do it again.”

I thought for a minute; realized that I felt relief. I have wanted to be rid of him for so long. “Well guys,” I said gleefully, “I am now a free women. I have a new attitude about life, I think life is going to be a lot more fun from now that I am free of the ball I have pulled around for 15 year.”

LaTonia and Rose hugged me with enthusiasm.

“Thanks for being my friends,” I said as I was being hugged. “I want to finish my weekend honoring the deal made bursa escort bayan for me. I committed to this weekend not knowing exactly what to expect but I am not sure it could have worked out better for me. So if Mister Jerome would tell me what to do today we will finish this in style.”

“Absolutely!” Jerome said laughingly. “But don’t think I am going to take it easy on you.”

LaTonia playfully slapped Jerome on the shoulder saying, “You be nice to my BFF. Although I think she likes a challenge so do your worst big boy. I think she can handle it.”

“Rose what would you like to do?” Jeff asked. “We can go home if you wish.”

“I want to go to the race with my friends,” Rose said.

“Fine by me,” Jeff exclaimed.

“Let’s all get a quick shower,” Jerome instructed. “I will show you two girls your outfits for the day.”

We all went to the showers and did something unique. LaTonia and I were dressed appropriately, my Baby Doll covered my nipples and pussy, LaTonia wearing Jerome’s tee shirt covered her nipples although you could see hard nubs in the material but it was long enough to cover below her crotch. We remembered towels. We only took showers with no horseplay. There were a couple of guys with one woman we did not know in the shower already. No one tried anything but it was nonetheless sensual. Although not aroused this time, I did start thinking about my next opportunity to get laid.

As we got back to the tent Jerome instructed LaTonia to lavish me with sunscreen. LaTonia spent a lot of time spreading it everywhere. She particularly made sure my tits, ass, and crotch did not get burned. They understood now how red heads are in the sun.

“I also don’t want to get too much sun on my tits,” LaTonia said. “I want to keep my tits and crotch this nice milk chocolate color.”

So I spread sunscreen on this sexy beauty everywhere but her legs. This weekend had confirmed how much I loved men, needed sex in my life but this was so sensual to be this intimate with someone I loved, even a female. I had to get laid before we left but could not think of where. The race was starting in a couple of hours but it would take that long to go through the security line. Maybe Officer Malone would be there, wouldn’t that be great. As I finished LaTonia, Jerome had our outfit displayed. They were almost the same except different sizes.

He had picked out my one bikini, white with one alteration. There was now no material on the back of the bottoms. When I put on the bottoms the string just slipped in my ass cheeks with no sign it was there. The crotch was covered but somehow it seemed to show more area below my navel. I did not remember it striking only 2 inches above my pussy lips. The bikini top looked unaltered but it was skimpy all along. The bathing suit cover was a florescent green material that started about where the bikini started at the top and ended 2 inches below my crotch. It did provide some cover in the back but there was still plenty of butt cheek showing. The tee shirt had been cut just below the Bubba Wallace name covering to the bottom of my bikini top. So I thought the police would be good with the outfit but I still felt sexy. Of course I also wore sneakers and my big hat.

LaTonia was dressed almost the same except her bikini was black. Her swimsuit bottom covered only a small portion of her butt. It did help hide the landing strip of pussy hair that started about 4 inches above the lips. The tee only covered the top 3/4 of her tits. I did not see her put on the bikini top but assumed she had one on under the tee shirt. She looked sexy but I thought Officer Malone would let her through but someone else might.

“Let’s try to get Malone,” I said laughing. I had 2 reasons in mind. I did not want to be taken away but mainly I needed to be laid before I left Talladega. Three days before I had bad sex maybe once a week to 3 or 4 escapades a day. How did that happen?

Jeff and Rose were ready to go. Rose was wearing jeans and a Dale Earnhardt tee shirt. I was surprised as I thought she did not like to wear clothes. But you never know. So off we went.

As we approached the security checkpoint we could see a line but not too bad. Best of all we saw that Malone and his 2 buddies manned it. Jerome, LaTonia, and I got in Malone’s line while Rose and Jeff got in the line of the Officer she had entertained the night before.

Jerome explained, “The officer’s are mainly checking bags but they also could search persons if they look suspicious. If someone is not dressed appropriately then they could turn them away or take them into custody.”

“Oh fuck it,” I heard Rose say taking off her jeans, handing them to Jeff who looked confused. Then the tee shirt came off. What a sight. She was wearing one of those sling shot bikinis that were two strings around each shoulder and went between the legs. As the string past her tits there was enough material to cover the areola with just enough material to cover the crotch. If it did not move then Rose had a chance of escort bursa making it but not much of one.

Rose looked over at us, smiling, “I want him to recognize me.” We laughed and understood exactly what she meant.

“What is going on?” asked Jeff with a worried look.

“Jeff, I like to show off my body,” Rose smiled. “I think many people like me this way. This is the way I want to be.”

“OK!” Jeff said throwing up his hands.

When it was Rose’s turn she took a running start jumping into the Officer’s arms wrapping her arms around his neck as her legs were around his middle. All the people around them thought this was strange.

“Ma’am, I need to check you for contraband,” the officer said. He carried her into the privacy tent used to search people.

Jeff looked at us completely confused saying, “What is going on here?”

“The officer is just being careful,” I said. “I mean think of all the things she could hide in that outfit.”

According to Rose, she kissed his neck whispering, “So good to see you Officer Johnson.” She read his nametag, as it was not said the night before.

“I am glad to see my sexy gymnast but you are going to get me in trouble,” he said smiling.

“I know but I wanted you to recognize me,” Rose smiled. “You can make a show of forcing me to put pants on.”

“Ok, I will but you can do almost anything you want in the stands,” Johnson said. “We will be the one’s patrolling the first half of the race. We will obviously look after you guys. We had a great time last night. Loved you.”

Rose frowned. “Merna and I were hoping for some fireworks during the race with you.”

“Oh I think that can happen,” Johnson explained. “I know Malone would like some additional time with the Girl Next Door and I definitely would like some more time with you.”

Rose was beaming still warped around his middle. She kissed and bit his neck before he put her down. “I am ready for a strip search now officer,” she beseeched. “Can I please take something off?”

“I will do that strip search in about 3 hours,” he said with a smirk on his face. “Now let’s go make a show of me ordering you to put on more clothes.”

“Ok young lady,” the officer began as they got back into the line. “I see you have no contraband but you need to put on some more clothes.”

She took the jeans and tee shirt from Jeff putting them on. Johnson waved her through and looked in Jeff’s bag and waved him through.

“What to heck was all that about?” Jeff queried Rose. “Why did you jump him and why did he search you?”

“I am a very friendly girl,” Rose said with a serious look. “You need to get used to that. I think he was just being thorough. He really looked me over.”

Jeff looked mystified but left it at that.

As LaTonia got to Officer Malone he smiled.

“Madam, are you hiding anything?” Officer Malone asked.

“Only these,” LaTonia giggled. She raised her shirt and the bikini top she was wearing had to be custom for her. It was 2 triangular pieces of black material held by pieces of elastic around her chest with a string around the back of her neck.

“Now those do look lethal but I must admit they meet our regulation,” Officer Malone said with a smile. “You can pass. Next.”

Officer Malone gave me a big wink as I stepped forward. He turned me around whispering so no one can hear but me, “I need to see if that ass is OK. I see that is still very fuckable.”

“Yes Officer” I said.

“Ok ma’am your nipples are covered; I can’t see any private area so you can pass,” Officer Malone laughed.

“Thank you officer,” Merna said gleefully. “I am so glad you are the one protecting us girls next door. I really may need additional protection later.”

“Ma’am, I am here to serve, you will be happy with our service today,” Malone said.

“Hello, Officer Malone,” Jerome said as Malone was looking through his bag. “So good to see you again.”

We caught up with Rose and Jeff. Rose, LaTonia, and I walked a little behind the boys while Rose told us about the plan with Malone and Johnson.

“Well, maybe this won’t be quite as boring as I thought,” I said smiling. “Maybe we can find those young boys from the shower during the first half of the race. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

As soon as we got to our places Rose took off her jeans and tee shirt.

“That feels better,” Rose said. She was attracting attention.

“Where did you get that bikini?” I asked LaTonia.

“I made it,” LaTonia said. “Look at the bottom. Show her honey.”

LaTonia spread her leg as Jerome stuck his finger into a split. When she spread just a little, the crotch opened to line the outside of her pussy lips but left access to all of what is a large pussy.

“Now that is a great engineering feat,” I said. “You should sell them.”

“It certainly comes in handy at races, restaurants and many places,” LaTonia said. “Jerome loves it.”

So we settled in to watch the start of the race. I made it about 5 laps before I was looking for something to do. I went to get Jerome and Jeff a beer. I liked the looks I was getting walking up and down the stairs. I borrowed Jerome’s binoculars hoping to find the shower boys. I looked for quite some time.

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