Megan and Paul

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This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. Any feedback will be welcome. Thanks for reading!

Megan slowly crept into the room to the side of the bed and gently touched Paul’s blond hair. Slowly she ran her fingertips down the side of his face. Paul opened his eyes and smiled at her and then slowly closed his eyes. It was nearly one in the morning and although she hated to wake him, it was necessary to nudge him every hour or so.

She thought back to the events of the evening Megan though how vulnerable he looked lying on the football field, not moving. Her sixth sense told her he was hurt, she wasn’t sure how bad. She agonized for several minutes before Paul sat up and was helped to the sidelines by the trainer. Megan was on the sidelines as a press photographer during the game and even though she was able to walk over to where the trainer’s were working on Paul, she stayed away. She told herself it was so she wouldn’t be in the way, but in reality she was fearful of seeing him hurt.

She looked again at Paul sleeping and smiled. Fortunately tonight he suffered from a mild concussion and he would be fine. The doctor at he hospital released him with instructions to wake him every hour or so and make sure he knew his name and what happened to him.

It was nearly one thirty now and Megan was feeling rummy from stress of the evening and from the lack of sleep. Soon it would be time to nudge Paul again. Just enough time for a quick shower to see if she can keep herself awake. Megan slowly crept out of the room, leaving the door ajar and headed for a shower.

Paul had been living in a two-bedroom hotel suite for the past couple of weeks while he prepared to play in the annual all-star game. He had developed into an outstanding football player sot out by most Division I college football programs. He was still undecided on a college. The one that appealed to him the most was State College in Portland. It was something he had yet to talk to Megan about.

Paul was a unique person. A domineering mother who had been married and divorced five times by his 14th birthday raised him. The abuse Paul suffered was awful, not only physical but also mental abuse. Paul would show up at school with bruises or black eyes and tell people he fell down or ran into something.

Paul spent most of his free time with Megan and away from his mother. His mother drank excessively and wasn’t awake when he would slip out the back door and over to Megan’s back yard. He would stay out watching TV with her and her parents or doing homework until it was bedtime. Megan’s parents we aware of some of the bad things that happened to Paul and did everything they could to help him see how a family is supposed to be. The kindness Megan’s parents showed Paul helped him grow to believe in himself. Even though he was only 19, he like Megan was mature beyond his years.

Megan lived a much different life, in a happy home with loving parents. Tragedy struck her during the summer between her junior and senior year in high school when she lost her parents. While Megan leaned on Paul for emotional support, she also learned to believe in herself. Megan planned to attend State College and to become a photojournalist. Photography was her first love. Megan was creative and had a wonderful eye behind the camera lens. She, like Paul also excelled at athletics. She was an outstanding basketball player and also ran track. Although she was much smaller than Paul at about five six, she could dribble the ball around him in circles.

The hot water felt good to Megan as she stood in the shower, she started to feel some of the tension leave her body. She knew Paul would be fine in the morning, but she worried non-the less. She remembered giving him a bad time when she tucked him into bed earlier. When she kissed him on the forehead, he gently hugged her and told her he loved her. She kept replaying the exchange over and over in her head. Him kissing her back softly on the lips, telling her he loved her and asking her to marry him. Her telling him he must have been hit on the head harder than anyone thought. Him telling her he was serious and he would ask her again in the morning. She turning the light out and telling his shhhhhh, go to sleep…..

As Megan stood in the shower, she knew she loved him she, couldn’t help but hope Paul was serious. Megan turned off the shower, dried herself,finding something to sleep in would be a different story. She hadn’t gone home after the game, but straight to the hospital with Paul and then to the hotel. She wrapped herself in a large robe and used the blow dryer to partially dry her hair.

Paul was soundly sleeping when Megan tiptoed into the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. Only the muted light cebeci escort from the living room of the hotel suite illuminated the room. Again she touched his hair and gently stroked the side of his face. Paul stirred once again and opened his eyes. He reached up and touched Megan’s face with is hand, smiled once again. Megan felt her heart skip a beat as she brought her hand up to his and gently squeezed.

“Are you cold Megan? You’re shivering!”

She realized the air conditioning was running the room was chilly. “A little”.

Paul pulled the bedding back. “Here, climb in and get warm”.

“I don’t know Paul, can you be trusted?” She jokingly said.

“I think you have the advantage on me.” Paul responded.

Megan climbed under the covers and pulled them up around her neck trying to get warm. Paul drifted back to sleep once again. Megan slowly drifted off to a restless half sleep/half awake state.

It was 2:30 when Megan’s eyes snapped open. She propped head up on a pillow and watched Paul sleep, his blond hair, his broad shoulders, his handsome face. He was lying on his back, with left arm above his head, blankets covered him from his waist down. Megan reach out and run her fingertips through the bangs of his hair while thinking about whether or not he meant what he said just a few hours before.

‘Paul, I hope someday I hope you know how much I love you.” She whispered hoping he might hear her, perhaps planting a message in his sub conscience. Megan continued to softly run her fingers through his sandy blond hair. Paul rolled on to his side facing her, but didn’t open his eyes.

Megan moved closer and softly kissed Paul’s forehead. He opened his eyes and smiled again at Megan. Paul reached out with his right arm and pulled Megan closer. He kissed her lightly and she wrapped her arm around Paul holding him tight.

As Paul started to awaken he held Megan tight in his arms. He softly began nibbling on Megan’s lower lip alternating with soft kisses to her lips and neck. Megan could feel herself melting in Paul’s arms.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned, not wanting Paul to stop. She cold feel her nipples harden under the robe as her breathing picked up. She wondered if Paul could feel them as her breasts pushed into his chest with every breath. As they pushed there bodies closer together she could feel Paul’s erect penis against her leg.

Paul continued to nibble kiss Megan’s lips and her neck. His big hands were rubbing her back through the robe. Megan could feel the wetness starting to flow between her legs. Their mouths opened as they kissed and their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. The passion they felt for each other flowed into their kisses and the tightness in which they held each other. Their bodies intertwined, neither said a word as they cuddled, touched, caressed and kissed. Megan knew she wanted Paul and Paul knew he wanted Megan.

Megan lightly brushed her fingertips down Paul’s back to his waist and then over down the outside of his hips, she realized he was naked under the covers. Her nipples were now fully erect. Paul reached down and pulled the robe loose. Slipping his right hand under the robe across Megan’s stomach and then to the small of her back, he could feel the goose bumps on her soft skin.

Megan could for the first time could feel the skin of Paul’s hard penis on stomach and her breasts on his chest. She was breathing faster and tingling between her legs was making her dizzy.

Paul could feel his hard penis against Megan’s soft skin. He secretly longed to hold Megan, to make love to her. His body began rubbing against her stomach and he could her wetness against his leg. His body trembled as they kissed and rubbed against each other. “I love you Megan” he whispered into her ear.

“I love you” she whispered back. “I want you to make love to me” she continued. “Please be gentle…I don’t have a lot of experience doing this…I’m not sure what to do or how to do it…and the only time I did it hurt”. Megan only had one previous experience with sex. She remembered it being hurried and forceful. She thought if that’s all there is to it, why bother?

Paul also lacked experience. His previous experience was with one of his friend’s older sister’s. She had always found him attractive and knew she was his first. She took the time to teach him how to please her.

Paul was nervous and didn’t want to disappoint Megan. He wanted her to have a wonderful experience. “I want to make love to you too Megan” he whispered back. She rolled to her back and tossed the robe to the floor.

Paul pulled Megan into his arms kissing her passionately. He then rolled her so her back was now to him and he began to cebeci escort bayan nibble the back of her neck. Megan’s body responded again with goose bumps and she pushed herself into Paul’s body. She arched her neck back as Paul moved his lips to her neck and nibbled.

Paul began to teasingly caress her body with the fingertips of his right hand will continuing to nibble kiss her neck and shoulders. He stated on the outside of her right thigh, to the top of her thigh, up her side and then back down to her stomach. From her stomach up through the cleavage of her breasts to her neck across the top of her collarbone and then back down her side of her body. Careful not to touch her breasts.

Megan’s body tingled from touch of Paul’s hands. Wetness flowed from her as he touched her. She pressed her body hard against his erect penis. She reached her right hand around and lightly stroked the tip of his penis. Her heart was pounding and she was nearly panting from the effect Paul had on her. She started to softly moan.

Paul continued to caress her with his fingertips, still careful not to touch her breasts or vagina. He could feel her wetness against his leg. His finger tips from his right hand now touched the inside of her thigh and he slowly moved them to just below her most private parts, then to the top of her thigh and up the side of her body and then lack down the same path ever so close to her outer lips of her vagina. He came increasingly closer to her wetness. He continued to nibble the back of her neck with his lips. With his left hand his fingertips caressed her stomach, then slowly up through her cleavage and around the outside of her breasts. His fingertips circled the outside of each breast before moving back down to her stomach. Once there the fingertips followed the same path over and over again

Megan continued to grind her body into his. She moaned softly as her body tingled from Paul’s touch. Paul’s right hand started it’s path up the inside of her thigh, this time he allowed the fingertips to slip between Megan’s vaginal lips feeling the sticky wetness, lightly over the top of her clit before he flattened his hand and moved the palm over her mound and then back down the same path. Megan’s body shuddered each time his fingertips gently moved over her clit and into her moistness. Paul’s left hand continued the path from her stomach up between her breasts to her collarbone. Once to her collarbone, he flattened his hand and slowly moved the palm of his hand over Megan’s nipples. Again and again Paul’s fingers followed the same path. Each time he touched one of her nipples or her clit, her body shuddered.

Megan was moaning louder now and Paul sensed she was near orgasm. He slowed the movement of his hands to hold off Megan’s orgasm. It wanted her pleasure to last as long as possible.

Paul now gently cupped Megan’s right breast in the fingertips of his left hand slowly squeezing his fingers together as they slid up her breast to her nipple repeating the motion over and over again. With his right hand Paul slipped his thumb into the opening of Megan’s vagina feeling her warm wetness. Removed his thumb and slipped his index finger into the opening. He gently began to caress her clit with his thumb while moving his index finger in a slow circular motion inside her.

Paul felt Megan’s body begin to stiffen as she neared orgasm. Her vaginal muscles squeezed his index finger. She was breathing deeper and faster as Paul used his hands to please her. He felt Megan’s body stiffen, take a deep breath and then explode in orgasm. Her wetness flowed over his fingers. Her body quivered as he slowly caressed her legs and stomach with is hand. Megan rolled over to face Paul, kissed him deeply and laid her head on his shoulder, wrapped her leg over his as she slowed her breathing and continued to quiver from her orgasm. “That was wonderful.” She whispered. Paul held Megan tight as she quivered from the orgasm she experienced. Her body fit nicely against his. “Holding you is something I cold get used to” Paul said.

“Me too” she responded, “With very little effort.”

Megan snuggled close to Paul, trying to crawl inside his skin. She had never felt so close to anyone before. “Paul, that was the first time for me…..I mean this was the first time I have ever gotten off. It was incredible.” Paul kissed her softly on the lips while running his fingers down the side of her body. He could feel the goose bumps again. Megan rubbed the palm of her hand on Paul’s chest in slow circular motions. With each circle she moved her hand lower onto Paul’s stomach until the side of her hand touched the top of his penis. Paul moaned slightly as she ran her fingertips down his shaft escort cebeci and slowly massaged his testicles.

Megan could feel her tingling clit again and Paul could feel her wetness against his leg. She slowly massaged his testicles and very slowly ran her fingers up and down his shaft, stopping at the head to run her fingers around the rim. Paul could feel the pressure rising in his hard member. He didn’t want to cum just yet.

Paul slowly pulled Megan on top of him and teased her back with his fingers. Starting with his hands together in the middle of her back, down to her waist and then up the outside of her body gently brushing sides of her breasts. She moaned softly as they pressed their bodies together. Paul’s penis slid between the folds of Megan’s vagina. She pressed her hips toward his trying to swallow Paul’s hard penis inside her. Paul resisted, instead continuing to slide his penis between her lips slowly at first until they began to move together.

Paul nibble kissed Megan’s lips and continued to run his fingers down the middle of her back and then up her sides and then across the outside of her breasts. Their tongues found each other and darted in and out of their mouths. Deep passionate kisses followed and he continued to slide his penis up and down the folds of Megan’s vagina.

Megan lost her concentration and was no longer kissing Paul. She was breathing deeper and faster as Paul continued to stimulate her clit with the head of his penis. She started moaning louder as Paul’s tongue circled her right nipple and then her left. They were bathed in sweat as they rocked together.

Paul gently sucked Megan’s right nipple into his mouth and softly squeezed the left one between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned louder as he sucked on her hard nipple and continued to slide his penis up and down. Her wetness was running into his belly button as Megan again moved in unison with him. She was panting harder and faster as he sucked on her nipple.

Megan gasped for air, her body stiffened, she arched her back and exploded into her second orgasm. ‘”Aaaaauggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmmm” she screamed not realizing how loud she was. She collapsed into Paul’s arms, still slowly moving together. She was still breathing hard when her body stiffened as she came again. Her wetness pouring out onto Paul stomach and thighs.

Exhausted she laid on Paul for several minutes as her breathing slowed. Finally she lifted her head slightly, “I’m ahead 3 to nothing” she said smiling, “My turn.” Megan lifted her hips and reached down with her right hand and slowly began stroking his penis. Once it was fully erect, she positioned the tip at her opening and slowly slid herself down on Paul. She gasped as his penis filler her.

Slowly Megan began sliding up and down Paul’s hard shaft. Paul began to moan slightly as she nibbled on his neck. Nibbles became passionate kisses as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

Paul loved the feeling of being inside Megan. The tightness of her sliding slowly up and down his hard shaft. He could again feel her juices flowing on his balls. Paul could feel his cum starting to rise. Megan sensed he was about to cum and slowed her movements to make him last longer.

Paul began sucking hard on her left nipple. With his right hand he slipped it between them and began stroking her clit once again. Megan began grinding her hips into Paul’s as they once again began moving in unison. Megan pumping up and down and then grinding herself into him. Paul sucking hard on her nipple and stroking her clit. Each time Megan came down on his shaft he would stroke her clit with his fingers.

Heavy breathing turned to heavy panting as both neared orgasms. Paul could feel his cum about to explode inside Megan and sucked even harder on her nipple. Megan could feel tingling in her clit and knew she was about to explode as well. Faster and faster they pumped, harder and harder they breathed. Paul couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded inside Megan. His cum mixing with her dripping juices. Megan felt Paul stiffen as he exploded inside her. She again arched her back as she exploded into orgasm seconds after his.

Megan fell into Paul’s arms and laid on top of him as her breathing began to return to normal. She could feel the wetness between her and Paul as their sweaty bodies pressed against each other. Paul held Megan tight in her arms, not wanting to let go of her. He could feel her breasts pushing against his chest and ran one hand over her soft skin. Listening to her breathing.

Megan lifted her head looked deeply into Paul’s eyes. “Yes, Paul I will” She said as she kissed him. She laid her head back down on his shoulder. “I love you” she whispered as she closed her eyes and fell safely to sleep in his arms. Paul’s semi erect penis still inside her.

“I love you too Megan” he whispered back, pulling the blanket over them and slowly falling asleep with her in his arms knowing he didn’t need to ask her again in the morning.

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