Meeting Megan

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Megan and I had been blogging buddies for a number of years. We covered similar issues and became friendly through e-mail exchanges. Though we lived in different cities, we had a few opportunities to meet.

But today was different.

We sat across from each other at a diner. She was in town for some business meetings. But something was different. Megan seemed a bit uneasy. She repeatedly brushed her black hair away from her face. Usually, the times I had met her, she seemed self-assured, but not today.

She seemed to have dressed nicer than I remembered in our previous meeting, but then she was in town for business.

I also was surprised to see that she had that despite her professional attire, an extra button on her blouse was undone, teasing me with a glimpse of her cleavage.

Megan’s nervousness was apparent throughout lunch. Our conversation petered out. Then Megan fidgeted a bit and finally explained what was going on, “Dan, my life has been topsy-turvy lately. I don’t even know which end is up. But what I do know, is that over the years that we’ve known each other, you calm me down. You know the right things to say to me. I need reassurance.

“You know I’m here for you, Megan,” I said reaching across the table briefly touching her hand.

“No, Dan, you don’t know what I mean. I want more than words from you. I want to be in your arms. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel that I’m yours.” Megan looked down and paused for a moment gathering up her courage, “I want you to love me.” She was silent for a moment as her words began to sink in. “Look, Dan, I know I’m not being fair. You’re married. But I don’t want anything permanent, I just want … need reassurance today.”

This was flattering. Women didn’t usually hit on me. I wasn’t sure what to say, “But Megan I know you’ve written that you hate it when married men hit on you …”

She stopped me, “You didn’t hit on me.”

I can’t deny that I found Megan attractive. She had a pretty face and a nice busty figure. We had a pretty good rapport by e-mail (mostly) and the few times we talked. I’m sure that many men would say yes to a proposition like that from a women as desirable as Megan. But I was married, would a few hours of pleasure in the arms of a friend irretrievably damage my marriage?

Megan’s voice interrupted my thoughts as she finished paying the bill “… I have meetings until 5. Here’s the key card to my room. If you’re not by 7, I’ll assume that you’re not coming over.” She was serious. I watched her get up. Before she turned to leave she caught my eyes with hers. There was a hint of wanting in that brief stare. She walked out briskly, I watch as her skirt swished with her steps. Did she swivel her hips ever so slightly as she walked away to tease me?

I had about four hours to decide what I etimesgut escort would do. Would I surrender to temptation and risk my marriage or would I behave and resist Megan’s request? Who was I kidding? I was overwhelmed by Megan’s advance. I was not saying “no” to her.

I had trouble working the rest of the day. I made an excuse to my wife that I had an after-hours business meeting.(It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence.) How would my tryst affect my relationship with Megan? Would it be a one-time affair, or would this be the start of something bigger? And how would it affect my marriage? Would I be able to hide my indiscretion?

The conflicting emotions didn’t go away until I reached Megan’s door. Even though she gave me the card key, I didn’t want to barge in, so I knocked. “Who’s there?” came Megan’s voice from inside.

I got silly and answered “I’m the big bad wolf and I’m here to eat you.”

Megan opened the door and said with a huge smile, “Promises, promises, but I’ll be satisfied with a really good loving.” I looked at her for a moment and then we both started cracking up.

We were still laughing as Megan grabbed my hand to pull me inside and I used the other to close the door behind me. When we finished laughing, she put one hand on each side of my face, drew me near and started kissing me passionately. I was overwhelmed by her greeting and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to me and kissed back with equal fervor.

I could feel my penis hardening. As we were kissing I felt my pants being unbuckled and unbuttoned and her soft hands sneaking into my underwear to stroke my penis, adding to my arousal. I broke the kiss and looked at her quizzically. She place a hand on my lips and said, “In a few minutes part of you is going to be inside me giving me the most wonderful pleasure one person can give another, I want to feel it with my fingers first.” I don’t know why, but that statement had a an effect on me. It made me want to have her immediately.

I started pushing her backwards towards the bed. It wasn’t easy as we were holding each other, trying get under each others tops to feel the others skin, kissing and my pants were undone. Somehow we stumbled to our goal, and I let go for a moment to give Megan a gentle push backwards onto the bed. I looked at her lying prone, her hair spread out behind her head, a faint smile on her face, her clothes disheveled and her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Wow. I couldn’t believe I was here.

But then there were her eyes. Her eyes. There was a look in them. Was it a look of desire? I didn’t have to debate what I saw for very long. Megan held my gazed and mouthed the words, “Take me.”

I turned her so that she was fully on the bed and the climbed onto the bed with her leaned over and started unbuttoning etimesgut escort bayan her blouse. When I finished, I moved the blouse to the sides to view her torso just covered now by a bra. The frilly bra, showed the tops of her breasts. I took a deep breath enjoying the view.

But Megan wanted to move matters forward. Grabbing onto me she pulled herself to a sitting position. In a few deft motions, she reached behind her back, shrugged her shoulder and her bra dropped off, fully exposing her breasts to me. Seeing her nipples for the first time, I sucked in my breath. I could feel my cock stirring, seeing Megan’s uncovered flesh.

I maneuvered Megan onto her back, now fully on the bed with her blouse open, and her breasts exposed. I got onto the bed and leaned over her taking her left tit into my mouth. I heard Megan breathe, “Mmmm, but don’t waste your time, I’m ready …” I looked up from her breast and caught her eye. She nodded slightly. I was taken aback by her urgency, but if she was ready, I wasn’t going to wait.

I bunched up Megan’s skirt at her waist and reached down, and grabbed a hold of her panties. She lifted her hips so I could pull them off exposing her vagina to me, then she lay back with her knees raised and her legs parted waiting for me. Her slit was glistening and I could smell her arousal. I quickly removed my already unbuckled pants, and lowered myself onto her. Megan grabbed my erection and guided it to her opening. I felt her wet warmth touch my penis as our mouths met in passionate kiss.

I pushed down and slid easily into Megan; my erection sheathed by her soft, wet warmth. I looked down at Megan, her hair spread out on the pillow, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open … She looked so vulnerable. I couldn’t hold back and started thrusting furiously in and out of her. As the wonderful friction increased my arousal I could her soft sighs escaping her lips.

It didn’t take long for me to climax and shoot my seed into Megan’s vagina. As I came, I collapsed onto her, holding her tightly. I stayed inside her for a couple of minutes enjoying the feel of her warmth around me and her skin next to mine.

I withdrew from Megan and we embraced face to face, just looking at each other. I could feel the stickiness of my cock pressed against her abdomen.

After a short while, she said “wow,” softly and smiled faintly, “that was exactly what I wanted … needed.” More silence as we lay together in a naked embrace.

Finally, Megan once again broke the silence, “Dan,” she said with a mischievous smile, “could you do me again?”

I smiled back, ready to say “yes,” but then I thought that straying once might be forgiven, but twice? Whatever my thoughts were, Megan didn’t wait for a response. She moved down my body and gently grabbed escort etimesgut my now-flaccid cock and started stroking. I turned onto my back and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. Then I felt the wet warmth of her mouth close around me.

I opened my eyes and caught her looking at me with my now-erect penis in her mouth. What could I say? She had me by the balls and I wasn’t going to say “no.” I was too aroused to stop. Megan moved next to me, turned onto her back and opened herself up to me. “This time take it slow,” she said and I complied.

I moved between her legs and lowered my erect penis towards her pussy. I first rubbed the tip several times along her slit. The teasing frustrated Megan, until she said through gritted teeth, “… in … me,” lifted her hips and forced me inside her. I sighed with pleasure as I once again felt her warm, moist, gentle grip around my erection.

Once I had penetrated her, Megan dropped back down to the bed and I started plunging slowly in and out of her. As I loved Megan, I lowered my mouth to her left breast, taking in as much as the soft flesh as I could while licking her nipple. Then I moved to her right breast and did the same. In between paying attention to her breasts, I’d kiss her on the lips or nuzzle against her exposed neck, all the while maintaining my rhythm as my arousal grew.

When Megan held me closer and said “now … faster,” I started thrusting in and out of her faster and faster until her back arched and I felt her inner muscles contracting around me. That pushed me over the edge as I felt my seed, once again, shoot out of into to her. I collapsed on top of her and stayed inside her for a while. Then when my penis was soft we lay together naked a little longer. We didn’t talk, we kissed occasionally.

I was enjoying this cocoon of unreality that I was in, and I didn’t want to leave it.My wife would accept that I was out drinking with co-workers but not for too long. Finally I said, “I have to go,” got out of bed and got dressed.

Megan stayed in the bed under the covers. I was about to leave, when Megan said, “Come here.” I walked back towards the bed and she got out and stood up naked. “You weren’t going to leave without a good-bye kiss, were you?” she said with a mischievous smile.

I looked at Megan’s body, the body that I had just loved and could feel myself getting aroused again. “No,” I said and stepped towards her, took her in my arms and brought my mouth to hers.

Megan kissed me passionately. It was perhaps with even more passion than I felt from her when we were having sex. When our lips parted Megan whispered into my ear, “Dan, I could get used to this treatment from you. Your wife is a lucky woman. I don’t want to take you away from her, but if you would ever …” I don’t know if she stopped there or if I stopped listening. Clearly something had changed between us, we were now lovers. But I didn’t want to deal with the implications immediately.

I walked away slowly to take one last look at Megan, she flashed me a sad smile and I smiled back. I left the room and headed for my car for the longest drive of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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