Meeting Her Once Again

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Allow me to introduce myself; I am Rajat (my alias), now 36-year-old man, happily married. I had a very good relationship with my wife’s friend, Rashmi, She used to confide in me about her boyfriends and all the other matters. One fine day, in the winter of 1997, I got an opportunity and I made love to her, she was not a virgin. The relationship started, there were no emotional strings attached, it was just plain physical relation. It lasted about a year and a half and then she got married and lived happily with her husband.

After three years of her married life, I decided to pay her a visit. I reached her home one fine Tuesday morning. She is surprised to find me there at her doorstep, tired and haggard from the travel. She welcomes me in and seats me in her living room.

She gets me a glass of water, sits across from me, and asks about others. I reply to her, but my mind is elsewhere. After some idle chitchat, I make my move; I get up and go close to her. I hold her hand and sit besides her. I tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her. I ask her to come closer, but the word that comes out of her trembling lips is NO. I caress her hand and speak to her, to ease her up. I take my other hand and place it on her left cheek and I lightly brush her cheek and earlobe. She tells me that she feels guilty and I tell her that there is no cheating in this. Slowly, my other hand caressing her hand moves upwards caressing her arm, reaches her shoulder. The earlier hand is now playing with her hair and brushing the skin around her ears. She moans out “Rajat, No,” I move my face closer and kiss her. She is reluctant at first, but then she moves with the flow, her lips open to kiss me back, her arms move to my sides. My one hand is caressing her neck and the other is on her back as we linger our kiss. I break away from her lips and kiss her eyes and ears, then I kiss her neck and she moans out “Rajaaaaaaaat.” My arms go around her in a tight embrace, she responds by clutching my upper body. We hug and I say, “Ohh! Rashmi, I love you, Darling!”

Then, my right hand goes to her side and finds the slit on her Kameez from there it enters etimesgut escort her clothes. She gasps as my hand touches the bare skin of her waist. My hand explores her side and her back, her skin feels like silk, and then it moves over towards her braless, freely suspended, pendulous breasts. She sags backwards as my palm engulfs her breasts. I raise her shirt with my other hand and fondle her juicy globes, teasing her nipples with my palms. She is now ecstatic, her head is thrown back and her eyes closed and her chest is heaving, I remove her shirt entirely and my eyes feast in the pleasure of her sensuous and divine body. I come on top of she and kiss her shoulders and then run my tongue on her erect, chocolaty nipples, she engulfs my head in her arms as I start suckling on her breasts.

She run her fingers through my hair and slither her forearms across as I nibble and suckle on her two tits alternately, while my hand is swirling on her soft and smooth belly. We are now in throes of passion, with caution thrown to winds for the others in this world. Our bodies wriggle and mingle with each other. My hand travels lower, slips in through the band of her lowers, moves towards her smooth, and shave triangle of desire. She gasps as the tip of finger finds her slickly moist nether lips. She turn sideways and loosen her legs and I move upward nibbling her breasts as my finger start twirling around in her moist hole. She moans out in intense pleasure as my thumb finds for throbbing clit and the fingers whirl around her vulva, weaving magic with their touch. As raise myself up on me knees, and position myself towards her legs. My hand momentarily disengages itself from her cunt and comes out quickly to the waistband of her lowers. Her hoarse voice, choking with passion, futilely tries to call out a NO and feeble hands try to hold the process of removal of her last piece of clothes. Now she are nude as the day she were born, my eyes feast in the sight of a beautiful denuded woman. Naked she looks picturesque and wholesome, ready for consummation. My hands caress her inner thighs and I come between her legs removing my shirt. etimesgut escort bayan The hands move outwards towards her full hips as my face moves lower towards her juicy vulva. She gasp out aloud and grab my hair as my tongue makes contact with her labial lips. I suck on her cunt as she writhe around in ecstasy, my tongue feast on her clit and slithers in and out of her vagina. She writhes around and I suck on and on. Her juices are streaming out; she is out of control in throes of passion. My tongue brings to her brink; her body shudders and deep within the floodgates open. I hear her shrieks and I feel the vibrations of coming storm, I move my thumb to her clit and massage it furiously, the other finger finds her anus and circles on it. Her Shrieks deepen and she manically moves her hips up and down. Her shrieks turn into a long spine chilling scream, her body tenses and she grabs and smashes my head to her cunt as she orgasms releasing all her bodily juice on my face.

She lets go of herself, she is resting on the divan, exhausted and sated, her eyes are closed and body naked and the head thrown back in deep slumber rejoicing the in the aftermath of her all-powerful release. I raise myself and regard her content face and glowing body. She looks marvellous, as beautiful as Venus herself. I get up, strip to my boxer shorts, and fetch a light blanket from her bedroom. I lie down besides her and cover us up with the blanket. I hold her and run my hands over her naked body as she recuperates from this bout of passion.

After relaxing for sometime, she come to, she feel me lying besides she. She wraps her arms around me and nuzzles up her gratification to me. She holds me tightly and smooch me deeply. She says, “Rajat, I feeling like devouring you.”

She and I then became aware of my hardness. I remove my shorts and throw off the blanket; my enormous penis came in the view with a raging hard on, its head bulbous and veins throbbing. The sight of my dark and massive manhood, which is much larger than her husband’s makes her body shudder and her cunt twitch from within in anticipation. I ask her escort etimesgut to touch it and she reaches out and fondles its length lovingly.

I say, “Ringo has also missed you a lot.”

She tells me, “I would make it up to Ringo” .

We get up and go to her bedroom; the same bedroom where her innocent husband had presumed that he had deflowered her virginity; where for past 3 years she has been copulating with her husband. On the same bed, I would now screw her. We lay down kissing on her nuptial bed. A feeling of victory arises in me, as I now know that I have won she over from the man who wedded her and I would screw her into oblivion on his bed.

I open her legs and come in between them. I start rubbing my penis up and down her Vulva; I look down and see the gleaming lips. Her vagina moistens and I thrust my penis inside she. She start moaning “Rajat, Rajat” as my penis slithers in and clamp her legs on my waist, her arms cling on to my back. I penetrate she up to the hilt of my cock and feel the familiar tight muscle at the mouth of her pussy clamping on my inserted rod. I grab her hips and start stroking in and out. She is writhing in passion and moaning out my name as I build up the tempo. Feeling of a cock, much larger than her husband’s drives her up the hill. I alternate between long and short strokes, but fast and furious strokes. The tempo builds up, her body stiffens and a shrill screams start from within she, her limbs clutch my body fiercely.

She screams out as another profound orgasm builds up, ” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkhhhhhhhh.”

I increase the ferocity of my thrusts, her cunt muscles clamp my cock franticly, she digs her nails in my back, her mouth clutches mine as she clings to me severely in the throes of the orgasm. I keep on thrusting, she collapses under me and releases the passionate grip. I ask her, pounding continuously, “Did you like it.” Her content face is my answer. My pace increases as my penis starts to throb and I could feel building up of my orgasm. The sensation starts from my prostrate and I feel the rush. Then all of a sudden, my semen bursts out with a force washing her insides. I sigh and collapse on her as I come with her.

I left her house three hours later, after screwing her thrice, once in her arse. I gave her numerous orgasms and now am certain that her husband would have a hard time matching my performance.

Please email me to let me know how you liked my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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