Massage From Heaven Ch. 2

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Nervously I glance at my watch. It’s just gone 8 o’clock and I’m outside Michelle’s house in my car, waiting for her to come out. Maybe she forgot? Did she dump Josh? Did she really mean what she’d said earlier? Did… Did… Oh… Wow. Stepping out the front door is Michelle, dressed in a, well, electric blue I guess is the colour, outfit, matching skirt and half-length top, showing her beautiful belly and a emphasising her… I’d best leave that thought there. I’m already feeling the first signs of a hard-on, and I’d better not let it get too far. A quote suddenly sprung to mind, and stepping out of the car, I go around and kiss her gently on the back of her hand, before opening the door for her and saying in a theatrical voice “A man would give all other bliss, and all his worldly worth for this, to give his whole heart in just one kiss, upon such perfect lips.”

“My, my, ever the charming gentleman” she murmered, a smile playing on her lips. Was she being sarcastic? Did she not like it? Was that a mistake? Would… No, focus boy, get the mind back to the present, don’t want her thinking I’m a total dork now do I?

On the way to the cinema, I glance over at ‘Chel (she insisted I call her that, all her friends do), who seems to have been rather quieter than her normal bubbly self.

“Is something the matter?”

“What? Oh, no not really, It’s just.. well..”

“What? What’s up?”

“Oh.. I split up with Josh this afternoon. That massage of yours gave me time to think and I realised that all Josh was using me for was a sex object. I’ve got more self respect than to be treated that way by him.. so, well, I talked to him and he got quite mad, frankly. I was just wondering if I’d done the right thing, or not.”

Done the right thing? What, is she kidding me? Dumping that prick was the best move she could make! “Yeah, you did the right thing. I mean, you’re more than just a beautiful person, you’ve got brains, a personality, and frankly you deserve better than him.”

“I guess you’re right. It’s just that..”

“No ‘Chel, he was using you, and that ain’t right, okay, he doesn’t deserve you.”

“Yeah.. I you’re right, I am someone, not just a person to be used and treated like dirt. Damn that bastard. Right that’s it, this evening is for us, we’re going to have a good time together, and neither of us is going to mention Josh. Agreed?”


“Good.” eryaman escort Now that’s better, she’s got a grin on her face that’s bigger than the Grand Canyon!

Walking into the cinema with ‘Chel on my arm, I seem to have instantly made virtually all the men in the room jealous, ‘Chel seeming to be the centre of their attention, much to the disgust of any girlfriends their with. Some guys are going to have some interesting uhhh conversations this evening, along the lines of “But you know you’re the most beautiful woman in my life, I was looking feeling sorry for her that she wasn’t as beautiful as you. Honest!,” I almost wish I could be a fly on the wall for one of those. Looking at the film listing I’m a little disappointed, none of them are particularly films I want to watch, just a couple of half-baked action movies, and a lame teen comedy whose only positive point is the soundtrack. Then I see it. The perfect film. It’s a bit of a chick flick, but one of my favourites too. They’re showing “Sleepless in Seattle” for some reason. Tentatively, I point it out to ‘Chel.

“Oh, wow, that’s one of my best films ever, how did you know they’d be playing my favourite film?” she asked with her eyes open wide in amazement.

“Uhh.. lucky guess?” I mumble, steering her towards the ticket queue.

“Two adults for Sleepless in Seattle”

“Make that a double seat please” ‘Chel interjected.

“Sure” the cashier replied with a slight smile.

Taking our seats at the back of the cinema, I put my arm over her shoulder, delighting in the feel of her smooth skin against my arm. We’ve got a good thirty minutes to waste before the film starts, so tentatively I start to caress her arm with my right hand, teasing her with slight brushes against the side of her breast, causing her to come out in goose pimples. Not knowing quite what to do, and finding the silence awkward I try lamely to start up a conversation, but ‘Chel just places a finger on my lips, before leaning forward a kissing me softly, expertly slipping her tongue past my lips. I’ve never felt like this before when someone has kissed me.. it’s like, well, every good thing I’ve ever experienced in life, all rolled into one, and then magnified a hundred fold. Suddenly she breaks off the kiss, a mischievous look in her eyes.

“I need to escort eryaman go…umm.. powder my nose” she whispered in my ear, her warm breath sending shivers down the side of my body. Confusion reigns in my mind… powder her nose? What’s that all about, it looks fine, she looks fine.. well, better than fine.. didn’t I kiss her properly back? Is she just going to leave me alone here? Standing up ‘Chel walks away, provocatively swaying her hips, before looking my way with a suggestive smile on her beautiful lips. Closing my eyes I think back to the events from the afternoon, recalling the touch, taste, feel of her body against mine, grinding against mine, and the unexpected pleasure of ramming my throbbing cock into her tight, virgin, arse, and pretty soon I’ve got a raging hard-on. Trying to cover it, under the popcorn container, I look up just in time to see ‘Chel sashaying her way back up the aisle. I obviously haven’t done a good enough job of hiding my hard-on, as she takes one look at my lap and whispers those rather cliché words “Have you got a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me.” Unable to hold back I let out a loud laugh, echoed by ‘Chel’s musical laugh, and several rather loud shushing sounds from around the cinema. Leaning towards her, I kiss her lightly on the lips, surprised with the sudden ferocity with which ‘Chel starts kissing back. Slowly sliding my hand down her arm, and over her breast, I slowly begin to massage her nipples which harden underneath my touch. It then hits me why she went to the bathroom. She’s removed her bra! My shock must have been evident, because she breaks away from the kiss with a smile on her lips, nodding her head slightly. Taking hold of my right hand in hers, ‘Chel starts to massage her breast, showing me what she likes, all the while an almost electric connection is shared between us, just gazing deeply into each others eyes. Reaching out with her left hand, she slides her hand along my thigh, getting closer, stroking my thigh, closer and closer to my cock. Slowly, tentatively, she unzips my flies, before scrabbling to release my cock to where she can see it. Slowly, ever so lightly, she rests her fingers against its head, stroking it lightly, sending ripples of pleasure racking through my body. Reaching down with my right hand I fumble with the waist band of her skirt, until suddenly, eryaman escort bayan my hand is past it. Then her second surprise was revealed. Her bra wasn’t the only thing she’d taken off! Simultaneously we start to stroke each other, me massaging her clit with my palm and teasingly pushing my fingers deep into her pussy, her stroking my cock from its head right to the base, looking deep into each others eyes. Touching, stroking, feeling, luxuriating in the intimacy of each others body. Stroking ever more furiously, almost desperate for the climax, I feel myself reaching the edge… then suddenly she stops. Likewise I stop stroking her, a look of frustration in my eyes.. I was so close, so close damnit! Putting a finger too her lips ‘Chel motioned for me to keep quiet. Leaning towards me, she works her way so that she is facing me, sitting on my lap, then ever so slowly, lifting her skirt up, she lowers herself down on to my thirsty cock, leaning down to kiss me hard, rocking her hips against mine, grinding, tasting, feeling her in, around, with me, heart mind and soul, grinding furiously, getting closer, and closer to the edge again. Then suddenly, she groans into my shoulder, her pussy tightening around my cock until it’s too much and I shoot my load deep into her. As the climax fades we cling onto each other hard, delighting in each others presence. Slowly, she raises herself back up again, a smile on her face, lowering her skirt back, before snuggling herself up under my arm on the seat beside me, just in time for the start of the movie. Timing is everything, you might even say.

Walking out from the movie, I feel pretty good, and I’m sure ‘Chel does too. The movie was every bit as good as I remember it being, and she was every bit better than this afternoon. Maybe it’s because it was totally voluntary? Maybe her heart was in it this evening, unlike earlier? Either way, I’m a lucky guy, that’s for sure.

Driving back to her place, I’d got the top down on the car, and the pleasent sea breeze had her hair streaming out behind her, fluttering around like butterflies on a summer breeze, ‘Chel, nestled once again underneath my arm. Could life get any more perfect than this? All to soon, however we reach her house, and my heart sinks as I realise that we’ve reached the end of the date. Getting out the car I walk her to her front door (all of a yard or two, but what the hey), and lean forward to gently, lovingly kiss her upon the lips, to which she responds enthusiastically. Hugging me tight, she whispers into my ear, her hot breath tickling “My parents are away for the week… fancy a cup of, uhhh, coffee?” Could any red blooded guy resist such an offer?

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