Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

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Beth Colbert knew she was asleep. She knew this pleasure she was receiving was a dream she was having but god it felt good. She was lying on a bed in a motel room surrounded. She really didn’t know how many cocks there were. All she knew is that they seem to be never ending. One would shoot its hot load of cum into her well used pussy and another would take its place. Sometimes the hard cock would fuck her pussy while others slid into her well fucked ass. Load after load of hot sticky semen exploded into her holes. She couldn’t remember exactly how many had cum in her pussy or ass but there was, so far, 5 that had dumped their huge loads into her mouth. Some so thick and plentiful she could not swallow all of the spunk. It dribbled down her chin, her neck and her tits to flow onto the nearly soaked sheet upon which she lay.

Her pussy was soaking wet as the dream dispelled as she awoke and she ran her hands over her hard nipples down her still flat belly to her dripping cunt. Her fingers parted her soggy labia and she began to rub her rock hard clit. She marveled again as she always did at the size of her clitoris. When fully aroused it was nearly an inch and a half long and looked like a little cock head poking from beneath is hood. She had always been embarrassed by the “little cock” as her late husband called it as he suckled on her very sensitive organ. But damn her clit would throb and pulsate as her hubby and others had sucked her little cock.

She began to pinch the engorged flesh and shuddered as the first ripples of an approaching orgasm began to surge through her excited body. God what would it really be like to have that many cocks fuck her? How many could she really take before passing out from the sheer pleasure as one cock after another after another ravaged her body? She pinched harder and began to roll her massive clit as she began to shake, knowing what was to come. She had not yet even been to the bathroom and she could certainly feel her full bladder begin to rebel against the contractions of her approaching orgasm.

She shuddered and bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming as her pleasure broke over her like a tsunami hitting the beach. Her eyes watered as brilliant color flashes exploded as she came hard. Her bladder released as the orgasm hit its most intense part and piss squirted off the bed onto the carpet as she bit harder on her lip. She collapsed against the bed as cum and piss began to dribble down her thighs. Her breath ragged as she recouped pendik escort from the hard orgasm. So caught up in the intensity of her orgasm, she did not notice the two sets of eyes peering through her slightly ajar bedroom door.

Mary and John, her twins had graduated from high school only a few weeks earlier and their 18th birthday party happened only a week before the party. As they watched their mother pleasure herself and piss all over the place John rubbed his hard cock against Mary’s fine slightly plump ass. As they watched, Mary responded by pulling up her nightie and spreading her feet. John, never one to pass up his twin sister’s pussy, shoved his hard cock deep into her and they simply stood there not moving as Mary’s cunt milked her brother’s 8 inch cock. John loved the way Mary’s pussy milked his cock and often they would not move and just let Mary’s cunt force his cum from John’s balls.

As their mother’s orgasm waned they stepped back from the door John’s cock still buried completely within his sister’s hot cunt. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with hard, long, deep strokes just the way she liked it.

“Quit fucking around John and fuck me hard!” Mary demanded. “I am so fucking hot I can’t stand it.”

“Anything for you, Sis.” John replied and began to pound his rock hard cock into his sister’s wet hot cunt as she wished.

“Oh fuck yeah baby.” Mary cooed as the head of John’s cock pushed against her cervix. “Fuck me harder lover. Come on fuck me like the whore I am.”

John said nothing. Mary knew he liked her to talk like this during their fuck sessions and she was more than happy to oblige him because she wanted his cum. She loved the feeling of it ever since the first time he had shot into her on their 14th birthday. They had always been close as most twins are but there was always more between them than most twin siblings. Mary had been the one to initiate the sex between them. She had watched her first porno movie at a sleep over at her friend Amy’s house and had immediately become consumed with the cocks she had seen in the movie. She knew she had to have one inside her. The games she and Amy played with a couple of other girl friends since they were around 12 had introduced her to the delights of Sappho, but it was cock she wanted and there was one waiting for her at her house. That first time ahd caused them to create the path between their bedrooms so they could fuck without their parents suspecting üsküdar escort a thing.

And once that first cock slid (it was her brother’s big cock) into her tearing away her maidenhood she was even more enamored with male anatomy. She loved cock. Sucking them, fucking them, stroking them even her ass loved the feeling of a hard cock pushing into her body. She was a screamer and they had had to learn to be awfully quiet when they fucked with mom in the house. Now, watching mommy piss all over the place as she masturbated planted an idea in her head as her orgasm jerked her back into the present moment and John pulled out of her cunt as usual and she spun around, opening her mouth to take his precious offering into her belly.

They both looked up as movement through the bedroom door broke their concentration and the quickly retreated to their bedrooms. Mary knew as soon as their mother went downstairs John would be coming through the hole they had made in the adjoining walls their shared in their closets. He’d want more pussy and she would happily open her legs for her dear sweet brother to fuck her senseless. She took off her clothes, jumped onto the bed, opened her legs widely and began to twist and pinch her clit just as she watched her mother do. God it was so hot watching mommy masturbate. She hadn’t planned on letting John fuck her as they watched but she couldn’t help it. Watching mommy fuck her pussy made her so horny that even the orgasm she had just had wasn’t enough to quell her desire. She needed more cock and John would be more than happy to fuck his slut sister.

As she played with her cunt she wondered what had caused her mom to wake up so horny that she had had to cum even before she had went to the bathroom. What had she been dreaming just before she woke up and played with herself until she had pissed all over the place with such intensity. Mary bet herself it was something hot. Mom had never lacked for male company since dad had been killed in that horrible car accident and now that Mary thought about it there would have had to have been some female companionship as well. Mom’s trips to Las Vegas with their next door neighbor Robin were certainly suspicious now that she thought about it. Mary smiled as her orgasm rocked through her body at the thought of fucking their redheaded next door neighbor. The thoughts of lying between her mom’s legs and lapping at her huge clit caused a jolt of pleasure to course through Mary’s extremely anadolu yakası escort excited body.

Mary’s thoughts surprised her. She knew she loved sex with both men and women. She and been having sex since she and Amy began to fuck when they were 12 and the older she got the more she liked and wanted sex. Was she becoming a sex maniac? Addicted to the feelings that her orgasms gave her? Perhaps she smiled as the last flutters ebbed from her body, but she couldn’t help it. If she was becoming a nymphomaniac so be it.

Where the hell was John? She wondered as she got up, licking her fingers clean of her delicious pussy juices. She pushed back the curtain that hid the hole between the closets and stepped through her pussy juices running down her thighs. John was passed out on his bed his big cock soft against his belly. The asshole had fallen sleep instead of coming to fuck her again. Well he’d pay for that little mistake.

She looked down at him wondering how hot it would be to see his fat cock pounding away into their mother’s cunt. Have her screaming for him to cum into the pussy that gave birth to them 18 years ago the way she did every time John pushed that wonderful brother cock into his sister’s eager and always ready cunt. Her cunt throbbed with the thought and she had to figure a way to make it happen. But how could she make it happen?

The answer flashed into her mind as soon as the question was posed. Robin. Mary would bet anything Robin and mom going to Las Vegas twice a year for a “girl’s weekend away” was for more than just gambling. Her pussy twitched again at the thought of their sexy neighbor with the huge tits and her mom fucking. Did they go out and get cock together or did they just lick and suck and use toys on each other? Either way was hot and Mary decided in that moment to find out and, if true, to fuck not only Robin but her sexy mother as well.

Mary grinned. Now she had a plan and John would just have to wait until she was ready to give him some more pussy because she was on a pussy hunting mission of her own and John would just have to wait. Of course she admitted to herself he wouldn’t have to wait long because she couldn’t go more than a day with a hard cock fucking her. She went back into her room and thought of taking a shower but then decided against it as the scent of her pussy was strong and she wanted to make sure Robin could smell her. She pulled on a sleeveless tee shirt and a pair of cutoff jeans not even bothering to put on her shoes as she went down the stairs, out the back door and over to Robin’s house.

She knocked and was pleasantly surprised when Robin, dressed is a silk robe with obviously only panties on underneath it answered the door. The first day of summer break was going to be a lot of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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