Marriage Dilemma

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Authors Notes:

This story is based on a true experience when I was young and foolish. My moral compass was not very developed at that time and I regret some of the things that happened.

It occurred quite a while ago at a time when the United States was friendly with countries we later became unfriendly with. Immigration policies were not a hot a topic like they are today, but there were still rules and regulations, and it certainly wasn’t easy to get a green card.

I will not specify the specific country Jenna is from.


I felt like a wild dog finally released from it’s cage, I felt like I was going to burst out of my skin with excitement. Here I was in Austin, Texas having just turned 21 two weeks ago and very far from my small town Ohio roots. It was my first time truly on my own in a strange place. I had been responsible for making my own money and paying my own bills since I was 18, but this internship in my chosen field was the first taste I would have of what life after school would be like.

Through the intern office I had found a small furnished apartment near my new workplace that looked relatively new and had a nice pool. I had given myself a few days to unpack and get acquainted with the area. I arrived on Thursday and didn’t have to start work until Monday. After unpacking the few things in my car I changed into a swimsuit and went to check out the pool.

Given that it was Thursday afternoon the pool was pretty empty and I put my towel and lotion down on one of the chairs. I wasn’t used to the Texas heat yet so I jumped in and swam a bit to cool off. When I got out I saw that a chair near mine was now occupied by a gorgeous young woman.

She was about 5’5″ with tan skin, black hair, and a great build. I couldn’t see her eyes behind her sunglasses but she had dark red lipstick and her fingernails and toenails were also painted red. She was reading a magazine.

After returning to my chair I not-so-subtly watched her, I’m sure she could tell. Finally I introduced myself when she took a break from her reading to take a sip of water.

“Hi, my name is Mark. I just got into Austin today.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Jenna”

Her voice was lovely and had an accent that I couldn’t place.

“So you just arrived in Austin? Where are you from?” She asked.

“Ohio.” I made sure to pronounce each syllable because for some reason people seem to confuse Ohio and Iowa. “I go to the university there and am here on a six month internship.”

We made small talk for awhile. She told me she was also a college student visiting from her country and would reluctantly have to return sometime next year. I really enjoyed our conversation and her beauty captivated me.

The following day I again went to the pool in the afternoon and she returned, this time sitting right next to me. I was surprised for a few reasons. First she was out of my league. I don’t consider myself a bad looking guy, I am 6’4″ and well toned, but definitely not a model. Second I was not an experienced player, no smooth talker, so my conversation skills were probably lacking. Third I was pretty naive coming from a very small farm town and I’m sure I had a wide-eyed look of wonder. “Country-boy” would be an appropriate description.

In any case we again had a nice talk. She seemed genuinely interested in me and very friendly. I found out she was recently married and her husband was also a student but that I would be unlikely to meet him because he was always doing work for his professor.

I was disappointed that she was married. I sensed that she was a bit older than me, but thoughts of marriage were far from my mind. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in six months and was looking for some casual summer fun.

Saturday the pool was more crowded and I met some guys. We were playing volleyball in the pool when Jenna came down. She got my attention, along with all the other guys in the pool, and asked where I was sitting. I told her and she pulled up a seat next to mine. The other guys were giving me envious looks and a few back slaps.

We again talked and were becoming more casual with our conversation. I asked about the country she was from. She said there were few opportunities there and she was dreading having to return, but she was on a student visa and it would expire the following year, also it looked like there would be very little chance of getting any kind of extension. She said her husband was in the same state.

I asked about her husband. She described him with respect, but without any words of affection, almost like you would describe a colleague. She said it was an arranged marriage which was common in her country, their parents were friends and had made the match.

“What about love?” I asked, then felt like maybe I was being too forward.

“Marriage for love is an American concept. For us marriage is about shared responsibilities, duty, and children.”

It sounded pretty cold to me. But what did I know.

Things went on like that for several weeks. I would kızılay escort see Jenna regularly at the pool on weekends or after work. I had a lot going on with other guys I had met and work activities, but we still saw each other enough that I felt a friendship was growing. I was also in lust with her and thought about her in my dreams too.


One day we were talking like we had been doing for a few weeks.

“Mark I want to propose something. I want to ask you something and I don’t want you to give me a quick answer. I want you to consider it carefully.”

I could see the serious look on her pretty face and wondered what it could be.

“Sure Jenna, what would you like to ask?”

“I want you to marry me.”

The look on my face would be laughable if the circumstances were different.

“Uhhhh, what? But … you’re already married.”

“In my country we are married, but here in the US we are not. I want you to marry me so that I can remain here after my student visa expires. We will remain married for a couple of years until I receive my citizenship, then we will separate. In return you can ask me for something.”

“So … you want me to marry you so that you can get your citizenship? What about your current husband? Are we going to move in together?” I didn’t even know his name and had never asked.

“We will only be married on paper. I will continue to live with my husband.”

“That’s a lot to ask Jenna!”

“I know it is. That’s why I want you to consider it and take your time.”


The next week I thought about her proposal on and off. I really was out of my depth. I ended up avoiding her as it felt weird.

Running it by my newfound friends didn’t help since they were as clueless as me. Some thought it was stupid to even consider it, while others thought I should ask her to be my sex slave, still others that I should ask for money. Given that she was a college student living in an apartment I doubted she had much money. I also doubted her husband would agree to her being my sex slave for two years. And I couldn’t think of anything else to ask for.

I came out of my apartment on my way to work one morning and found her standing there.

“I think I’ve made you uncomfortable.” She said and walked over taking my hand and looking into my eyes. At her touch I could feel my manhood stir, it had been a long time.

“Hi Jenna, I’m sorry. I’ve been considering your proposal, really.”

She moved even closer to me so that we were standing only inches apart. My stiffening cock had now escaped my briefs and was growing down my pant leg.

“If we are discreet maybe we can do things like this.” She said as she pulled me against her, touched my cheek with her free hand and leaned up toward me. I felt myself drawn to her. I closed my eyes and my lips touched her soft, full, red ones. My hand went behind her head and pulled her into a deeper kiss. She moaned as her mouth opened and I found her tongue. We probed each other’s mouths. My cock felt like it was ready to explode right there.

After what felt like a long time but was probably only a couple minutes she pulled away.

“Think about it.” She said with a smile. Then turned and walked away.


I didn’t see her until the following Saturday, then in the afternoon I was on the lookout and saw her begin to make her way to the pool. I caught up with her and asked if we could speak somewhere privately. She said to give her ten minutes and she would knock on my door.

She came into my apartment still in her swimsuit with a light cover thrown over her, looking amazing. She sat on the couch and I took a chair across from her.

“Jenna I’m still thinking, but I miss talking to you. And I can’t stop thinking about our kiss.”

She smiled. “I liked that too. But we must be careful, and my husband must never know.”

“I’m fine with that.”

She patted the cushion next to her. “Want to come sit here?”

She didn’t have to ask twice, I moved next to her. She didn’t say anything but she leaned toward me and the next thing I knew we were making out again.

My hands were in her hair and running over her legs and arms. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I let my hand cup one of her breasts and she moaned louder into my mouth. Taking that as a sign of approval I reached behind her and undid her top letting it fall.

Her breasts were beautiful and round with quarter size brown areolas and long hard nipples. I eased her back on the couch and took one, and then another breast into my mouth. As I kissed, sucked, and nipped she lay her head back and made sounds that showed me she was enjoying it.

I let my hand wander up her thigh. She spread her legs and let me put my hand on the outside of her bottoms over her slit. I could feel the wetness and heat. I began to rub gently up and down her slit as I continued to suckle her breasts. She was moaning and gasping as this continued to build. She placed her hand on the outside kızılay escort bayan of my shorts and began rubbing my shaft through the fabric.

As I worked my hand and rubbed the top of her slit she used her free hand to guide more of her breast into my mouth. Finally she clamped her legs together around my hand locking it hard against her clit as she rolled her head back and came.


When she relaxed I pulled her against me and we kissed.

“I’ve never felt anything like that.” She said.


“In my country sex is about having babies, not enjoyment. I’ve never done anything like this with anyone.”

“But you’ve had sex with your husband, right?”

“Of course. But it’s … I don’t want to say anything to disrespect him. It’s just basic.”

I continued to look at her questioningly.

“I just lay forward and he takes me from behind. That is the only way we do it.” She looked down embarrassed. “I had better go soon. Please keep thinking about it.”

She went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then was gone again.


The following Wednesday I was leaving for dinner to meet a friend and she caught up with me carrying a laundry basket.

“My husband will be working again this Saturday. Can I stop by your apartment about 2pm?”

“Of course!”

She smiled and was off again.

The rest of the week I looked forward to Saturday. I refrained from relieving myself hoping that we would go further this next time. Looking back now I probably should have felt guilty for the husband or afraid he might find out, but at the time these thoughts didn’t cross my mind. Part of it was that I had never even seen the guy and the whole situation didn’t feel entirely real to me.

Saturday at 2pm I was anxious with anticipation. I had worn light clothes and made sure the apartment and myself were clean and tidy. I heard a knock at the door.

Jenna looked radiant as always as she stepped into my place wearing a summer dress. I pulled her into my arms and we kissed. After a few minutes I led her to the couch where we continued to make out and touch each other.

I knelt on the floor in front of her with my hands on her thighs.

“I want to show you something else you may have never tried.” I said.

I began to kiss my way up her inner thighs as I gently massaged her butt and rubbed my thumbs around her labia. As I worked my way higher she started to realize what I had planned. She helped me as I slipped her panties off.

Her pussy was inviting with dark outer lips surrounding her dark pink inner lips which were opening for me like a flower.

As I again worked my way up I could smell her arousal and see her wet lips awaiting me. Her hands went behind my head and started to pull me toward her desire.

I was no pro, but I had enough experience from prior girlfriends to know the rudiments of how to please a woman, and I was eager to do so. As I kissed her outer lips she moaned and pulled me against her. I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit and then into her. I tried to avoid her clit for the moment and I sucked and licked her bringing her higher and higher without pushing her over.

I slid a finger into her and probed her depths as I continue to work with my tongue. This went on for quite awhile and I loved hearing her enjoyment and tasting her juices.

“Please Mark, I can’t take much more.” She finally gasped.

I focused on her clit, licking and sucking the little nub. I let my wet finger from her pussy slide to her rosebud and began to rub the outside while I inserted the finger of my other hand back into her depths and rubbed her g-spot. She was rolling her hips and thrashing her head at this point. When I thought she was there I latched onto her clit with my mouth and slid one finger deep into her pussy and another finger into her ass.

Her thighs clamped against my head as she spasmed and let out a scream of pleasure. I kept up the assault while she rode the wave of her bliss.

When she finally relaxed she rolled onto the couch and put her hands to her face.

“I’ve NEVER felt anything like that! It was incredible. I almost fainted.”

“I’m glad you like it.” I grinned.

“Give me a minute and I want to give you pleasure too.”

We took a few minutes to relax. I went to the bathroom and washed up.


I stayed hard as a rock throughout all of this. I had quite a backlog in my balls. When we sat next to each other again she began undoing my shorts while we kissed. I helped her take them off. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and standing straight up.

She placed her hand around it and felt along its length.

“This is bigger than my husband’s”

She took her time getting to know it. Some pre-cum was forming at the tip, she leaned forward and licked it. Just the sight almost made me explode.

“Salty, but I like it.” She smiled at me. “I’m going to try but I’ve never done this before.”

She leaned forward escort kızlay and placed her soft lips against the tip, then took it into her hot wet mouth. I couldn’t suppress a groan. She pulled back and then licked the sides and bottom of my cock which felt amazing. Then took as much as she could into her mouth again.

“Suck just a little bit” I coaxed. “And look up at me.”

She did what I asked. I knew with all the excitement and my backpressure of waiting several days this wouldn’t last long.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I said hoarsely. “So if you don’t want it in your mouth you should stop when I say.”

She was bobbing her head. The look in her eyes was a mixture of lust and pride that she was able to do this to me.

“Okay!” I blurted.

Instead of pulling back she took as much into her mouth as she could and increased the suction.

“Arrrrrrrr!” I groaned as I shot a massive load down her throat. There were several follow up spurts, she swallowed them all then smiled at me.

I pulled her up next to me and we lay in each others arms.

When she left she asked if I’d like her to come by the following Saturday, and of course I agreed.


I was confused all week. I was developing strong feelings for Jenna. I knew part of it was the sex and her beauty, but part of it was her grace, poise, and intelligence. But she was married! It didn’t feel like it since I had never met the guy and we rarely talked about him. Hell, I respected her for not talking about him and keeping their life separate.

All week I again refrained from self-gratification in order to have more energy for Jenna. I had a feeling we would progress even further so I prepared with some supplies just in case.

The knock on my door Saturday ended my week of anticipation. Jenna again looked lovely and jumped into my arms. I wanted to take it slow and we hadn’t talked much in the past week so we sat down and conversed. As usual I really enjoyed talking with her.

Then we progressed to flirting and making out on the couch. When I suggested we go into the bedroom she rose and took my hand to lead the way.

We undressed as we kissed and touched each other. I had her sit on the edge of the bed while I licked her pussy. She sucked me and I rolled us into a 69 position which she seemed to really enjoy. I know I did when she came on my face followed shortly by me cumming in her mouth. We took a break where we cleaned up and talked.

Soon we started the second round. We worked each other back to a highly aroused state and I rolled her on top of me. I guided her so that her pussy lips were sitting on my cock and she could slide back and forth. We did this for awhile to our mutual enjoyment.

“I want you inside me.” She finally said.

“Let me get a condom.”

“No. It’s not my time of the month and I want to really feel you.”

“Guide me in. Then you can control it.”

She rocked a few more times along my shaft, then grabbed my cock and guided it into her opening. As she slowly sat back I could feel her walls stretch wide to accept me. It was so tight!

“Ohhhhhhh!” We both exclaimed.

After taking most of my cock she sat for a minute adjusting, then began to rock her hips. I played with her breasts and eventually she leaned forward to allow me to suckle them.

I could feel myself starting to build and she looked like she was right there too.

“I’m going to cum soon!” I blurted.

“Me too! Cum inside me!”

She rocked a few more times and I couldn’t hold back. I sprayed my seed into her which triggered an intense orgasm on her part.

Afterward we lay there kissing and enjoying the afterglow. Finally she had to leave.


The next day there was a knock on my door. When I opened it Jenna was standing there looking a little strained.

“Jenna, hi. Would you like to come in?”

“No.” She said quietly, and then more loudly “My husband would like to meet you.” She made eye gestures to indicate he might be nearby.

“I’ve told him about my proposal from many weeks ago and that since then I’ve seen you at the pool but you have yet to come to a decision. He was hoping you could come to dinner and we could discuss it further.”

I couldn’t tell if she wanted me to come or not. She definitely looked nervous. I figured it might be worse if I didn’t go than if I did.

“Of course. When would you like me to come?”

“Are you free tonight? How about 7pm?”

“I’ll see you then. Thank you.”

Now I had something to worry about. I hoped that Jenna was simply afraid I would mess things up and it wasn’t a breakdown on her part. The reality of having a husband involved started to enter my conscious mind.

At 7pm I knocked on Jenna’s door. It was opened by the man who must be Jenna’s husband.

“Hi I’m Mark. Jenna invited me to dinner.” I extended my hand.

“Nice to finally meet you Mark, my name is Roland. Please come in.”

Roland had a firm handshake. For some reason he looked more obviously foreign than Jenna. He had thick dark hair and a short dark beard. His skin was also dark as were his eyes. HIs nose was a little more pronounced and his mouth a little wider than usual. He was about 5’7″ tall and a little pudgy. I noticed he was checking me over as much as I was eyeing him.

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