Maria and Her Mistake Ch. 01

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The first time Maria met her stepfather was when her mother brought him for dinner one fine evening. Maria was convinced that he would leave her mother again just like the other ‘stepfathers’ she had before. She simply ignored the man thinking that he would be gone a few months from then. How wrong was she at that time because not only Malcolm Stone married her mother but he stayed with them till Maria’s mother decided to leave him and Maria just a few months after she celebrated her 18th birthday.

Flora Stone ran away with one of her many exes leaving Maria with Malcolm. Malcolm really loved flora and he was devastated. Maria did not know what to do to help him because she was not that close to him and to her Malcolm deserved to be duped by her mother because he should have noticed all the glaring signs Flora had shown through their marriage. For an engineer, Malcolm was quite naive and not that smart Maria thought.

A few months after Flora left, Maria did not know what to do. She was too lazy to further her studies in any college and she had been working at the nearby bookstore since she was in high school. She was getting a bit bored and antsy. It was quite awkward for Maria to be living in the same house with ex stepfather but every time she asked him about moving out he would brush it off saying his house was big enough for a family of 10. She could not argue as it was indeed a huge house with everything she needed including a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. They had a maid who came twice a week and everything else was perfect. What more could Maria want?

One day Malcolm knocked on her bedroom and poked his head inside. Maria was on her bed and smiled at him.

“Hey Maria, can we talk,” he asked.

“Sure Malcolm,” she replied. He walked in and sat at the edge of her bed. She sat up and stared at him. His forefinger trailed the flowery designs on her duvet and he sighed.

“I’m sorry Maria. I know this is hard for you. Your mother called and… and she wants to come home,” he asserted while staring into her eyes.

He looked hopeful and it broke Maria’s heart to say what she wanted to say. “No. Don’t let her come back.” Maria’s voice shook.

“But baby, she said she’s sorry and that man left her for another girl. She’s all alone and…” Malcolm stopped when Maria rose from her bed.

“No! Stop making excuses for that bitch!” She yelled.

“Maria! She’s your mother.” Malcolm reasoned.

“No Malcolm! She can’t come back. You can’t let her come back here! She left you for another man!”

Malcolm stood up and looked at Maria. His eyes pleading. “I am willing to forgive her.” He explained. “I think I still love her.” He contemplated before adding.

“No Malcolm! Don’t be stupid! She will not change and she’ll leave you again with someone else next time.” Maria shouted.

“Please give her a chance. I can give her a chance then why can’t you?” He begged. Maria defiantly stood her ground and stared into his gray eyes.

“Do you really wanna know why? Because you’re a stupid moronic man who still doesn’t understand that Flora is a whore who will spread her legs for anyone! She’s a whore Malcolm! She’s a wh…”

Malcom slapped her before she could finish her sentence. Both of them were shocked. Tears started brimming in her eyes and she touched her face. “I’m so sorry Maria. Forgive me! Oh my God! Are you okay baby?” Malcolm frantically asked her while trying to touch her face.

“I don’t even know who my father is Malcolm.” She whispered. “She sleeps with anyone Malcolm. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t love you. She doesn’t even love me. She left us Malcolm!” Maria murmured as tear started wetting her cheeks. “She only loves herself.” Maria added. Malcolm gathered her in his arm and carried her to the bed. He sat down with her on his lap.

“You’re a nice man Malcolm. You’re too nice! Don’t let her back. It’s not fair to you.” Maria croaked. She hugged him tighter as her arms circled his neck. His hand was rubbing her back, soothing her.

“I’m not a nice man baby.” He suddenly said.

“You are!” Maria smiled into his neck. “You’re always here for me. You helped me with my school work. You bought me my prom dress! You helped me with my science fair. You beat up that boy at high school for me.” He laughed.

“What should I do Maria?” He asked.

“Don’t let her back.” Maria replied.

“She’s your mother,” He added.

“I don’t care.” She answered.

Malcolm simply sat on her bed rocking her. They did not say anything for the longest time. Maria stared at their reflection in the huge mirror she had in her room. She realized that she was only wearing a pair of black panties and a light yellow camisole. Malcolm was wearing slacks and shirt from work. Maria liked how they looked in the mirror. Then Maria gasped.

“Are you okay baby?” Malcolm suddenly asked.

“I’m fine. Just hold me,” she barely whispered. Maria bit her bottom lip suppressing another gasp. Her nipples were hard and engorged. She was aroused beylikdüzü escort and confused at the same time. She tightened her hold on her stepfather’s neck while rubbing her tits onto his body. She could feel warm gush of liquid seeping out her warm pussy.

“Maria? You okay honey?” Malcolm’s voice pierced through the silence.

“Yes Malcolm,” she answered.

“I’m sorry I slapped you,” Malcolm’s voice was filled with remorse.

“It’s okay,” Maria answered.

“I better get lunch started. Maybe reheat the stew Mrs. Moore made for us?” He asked. His hand continued rubbing her back.

“Malcolm, please don’t let Mom back here. I beg you Malcolm.”

They had lunch at the small dinner table in the kitchen. Since Flora left, they no longer had elaborate dinner parties that Flora loved to host. Maria actually enjoyed the peace and quiet. Malcolm stared at the young girl in front of him. She was small standing at 5 feet maybe 2 inches with raven black hair and blue eyes; she was a stunning young woman. This was a contrast to her mother who was as tall as a model with the same blue eyes and dark hair.

“Don’t like the stew?” He asked the sad young woman. She gave him a weak smile and shook her head.

“Wanna go out for some ice cream?” He asked while smiling.

“Malcolm… I’m fine. We don’t need ice cream,” Maria answered.

“Let’s go. I drive.” Malcolm stood up.

A while later.

“Here’s your favourite, butterscotch ice cream,” Malcolm handed her ice cream.

“I don’t understand how you can eat mint ice cream! It’s an ice cream for old people!” Maria cringed.

“Hey! I’m not old!” Malcolm laughed.

They ate the ice cream in the car while looking at the park in front of them. Maria kept stealing looks at the older man next to her. He had brown hair and there were some gray hair on his temples. Maria thought for a while about how and why she all of the sudden was attracted to him. As she continued licking her ice cream, she could feel something shifting. Her body felt alive. The more she looked at her stepfather she could feel her nipples tightening. She knew she was getting aroused by the second. Her mind wandered to the reflection she saw in the mirror in her room. How would she look naked with Malcolm between her legs? Never in a million years would Maria ever think of having sex with Malcolm because Malcolm was simply Malcolm to her.

“Malcolm, can I ask you something?” She asked.

“Sure.” ” Malcolm… well… can I kiss you?”

“Sure baby,” he smiled and closed the distance. Maria took advantage of his willingness and kissed his lips open mouthed. Maria could feel his body trembled slightly. She then suckled his lower lip and bit it lightly. Malcolm pulled away, eyes wide.

“What did you do Maria?” He asked.

“I kissed you.” She answered.

“We shouldn’t do that.” He replied.

“Why not?” She asked.

“I’m your stepfather!” He countered.

“Precisely. I am your stepdaughter. In fact, I’m not even sure if you are still my stepfather since my mother left.” Maria added.

“We can’t baby!” His eyes filled with concern.

“I think I want you Malcolm. I can’t explain it. My body wants you. My body seems to crave for you.” Maria asserted.

“This is wrong!” Malcolm answered.

“It’s not wrong at all. When I look at you…my pussy gets wet and my nipples get all tingly.” She explained.

Malcolm stared at the young woman. He could not think. He did not even notice how long he stared at his stepdaughter. He even forgot the ice cream that had melted in his hand. Maria smiled and took the ice cream away. She then opened the car door to dispose it. When she came back into the car, she took his hand that was covered with the melted mint ice cream.

She held the hand in front of her face. “Remember how I hate mint ice cream Malcolm!” She said. Then, the young woman licked his fingers one at a time. Malcolm was transfixed over what was happening in front of him. Maria first opened her luscious mouth and slid his thumb into it. She closed her lips around his thumb and sucked. “I hate mint.” She winked. Then, she slid another finger and sucked. All the while, Malcolm could say nor think of anything. He simply stared. He did not even notice that Maria had licked all his fingers and thumb clean.

“Why did you do that Maria?” Malcolm finally found his voice.

“I want you Malcolm. Please fuck me?” Maria begged.

The drive home seemed to take forever. When they reached home, both of them stayed in the jeep. Malcolm was unsure what he should do. Meanwhile Maria was waiting for his decision. Their breathing filled the car. Maria decided to take matters into her hands. She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned towards the driver’s seat. She rubbed her ample young tits onto his shoulder and kissed his neck. His breathing hitched while he gripped the steering wheel like his life depended on it. She softly nibbled his neck and he groaned when her small bostancı escort hand started rubbing his cock from outside his khakis. “Maria… no baby.” He hissed when she squeezed his cock.

“Please Malcolm. I need you. Don’t let me down. I will be in my room waiting for you.” Maria pleaded before exiting the jeep and walking to the house.

Maria sat anxiously on her bed. She kept biting her lower lip in apprehension. Her panties and shorts were damp from her own arousal. She never knew that wanting someone or anyone for that matter could be this arousing. Suddenly, she heard footsteps nearing her bedroom. She shot up from her bed standing. Malcolm tentatively opened the door and stood there. Maria’s eyes darted to the bulging cock now straining through his khakis. Both of them looked at each other. It was Maria who pulled him inside her room and made him sit on her queen sized bed. She then slowly knelt between his legs smiling.

Malcolm widened his legs accommodating the young woman now kneeling between his spread legs. Maria unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his exposed skin. He hissed when she naughtily bit his left nipple. “Hey! That hurt baby!” He was answered by her biting his right nipple.

“You taste so good Malcolm,” she replied while giving him a mischievous grin. She pulled his shirt off his shoulders and threw his shirt to the floor. She then drew herself up and slowly kissed him. Her small hands held his neck and she ravenously fed him her tongue. She then straddled his stepfather’s body and started grinding her pussy onto him. Her movement became frantic as she ground her crotch onto his abdomen. “I need you Malcolm!” She murmured. “My pussy needs your cock.” She begged.

Malcolm grabbed a handful of Maria’s hair, held her immobile and stared at her young face. “Suck my cock little girl.” His voice was hoarse. Maria scrambled back onto the floor and frantically unbuckled his belt. She gazed into his eyes before unzipping his slacks. His cock was tenting in his boxers a proof that he wanted her. She timidly smiled and pulled the boxers down a little, revealing her stepfather’s mushroom shaped cock head that was already glistening with his cum.

“May I suck it Malcolm?” She mischievously grinned at him. Her small hand held the throbbing cock and guided it to her mouth.

Malcolm shuddered when Maria’s lips enveloped his cock head. Her warm wet mouth was heavenly. He raised his ass when she pulled down both his slacks and boxers to his knees. She stared at his bobbing cock and licked her lips. She held his cock with both hands and slid his cock slowly into her mouth and stopped when it hit the back of her throat. Malcolm’s cock twitched on her tongue. She slowly pulled his cock out from her mouth with a resounding pop. His 8-inch cock was now glistening from her saliva. She ran her lips up and down his length while massaging his heavy balls. She suckled his heavy balls while slowly jacking off his throbbing cock. She then ran her tongue up and down the length of his dick. His cock and balls were now gleaming with her saliva.

She stopped for a while and stood up. She took off her thin blouse and then her red lacy bra. Malcolm also pulled his slacks and boxers off. Then, he chucked his shoes to the floor. He sat on her bed gloriously naked with his cock standing proudly at her. Maria peeled her shorts down and left it on the floor. She then braced her legs apart and unashamedly touched her wet pussy. “I’m so wet for you Malcolm.” She whispered. Her stepfather’s eyes were transfixed on her sopping pussy. She pulled her red thong to the side showing him how wet she was. She was glad she shaved it constantly.

“You look perfect baby.” Malcolm whispered.

He then took her hand and pulled her back between his legs. She knelt and brought her huge tits up as if he was offering them to him. Her nipples were thick and hard beckoning him to devour them. His big hands replaced Maria’s smaller ones on her tits and he squeezed the soft globes. He sucked her right nipples and teased it with his tongue. Maria’s humming was music to his ears. Meanwhile, he pinched her left nipple making his young stepdaughter squeaked. Malcolm took turns sucking and pinching her nipples as she squirmed between his splayed thighs. Her eyes looked dazed as she moaned and begged him to give her more.

Malcolm stopped his ministration as he now pumped his aching cock in his hand. “I’m so hard for you baby. Look at my baby making cock.” He growled as more liquid seeped out from his cock slit. “Open your mouth baby.” She opened her mouth. He held her heaving tits apart and slid his cock between them. “That’s it baby, suck my cock.” Malcolm beheld the sight before him. Maria’s sighed every time his dick slid into her awaiting lips. Her beautiful tits enveloped his dick. He pumped and squeezed those young tits even harder. “Baby, you’re perfect. Suck my cock harder. That’s a good girl.” Malcolm was in a trance. His eyes suddenly caught her fingers rubbing her clitoris.

“Rub çapa escort that clit. Cum for me,” he groaned. Maria creamy skin was now covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

“Malcolm! I wanna cum!” She whimpered.

“Rub that clit harder! Cum baby! Cum for me,” Malcolm said as he continued to fuck her heavy tits.

Suddenly, Maria screamed. Her body arched like a bow. She came and came as she continued to rub her clit. Malcolm beheld the sight before him. Her mouth was agape while her supple young body continued to quiver and shake. After a while she brought her hand to her mouth but was stopped by Malcolm. “Let me,” He said.

He licked her fingers that were covered with her glistening juice. Malcolm closed his eyes as he tasted her. When he opened his eyes, Maria looked up at him. “Please fuck me Malcolm. I’m achy.” She pleaded.

“I’ll get the condoms baby. Be right back.” He said as he left her room. Maria slowly stood up and touched her clit. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed. She then crawled unto her bed and she lay on her back. She put her feet on the bed and opened her thighs while facing the bedroom door. She was excited and apprehensive at the same time. As she waited for Malcolm, she tugged her swollen nipples and licked them.

Malcolm brought a few packets of condoms and dumped them on the bed where his stepdaughter dutifully waited for him. He sheathed himself with a condom and held one of her small legs. He put it on his shoulder as he rubbed his cock on her clit. His stepdaughter moaned and shivered. Her pussy looked so wet and even her inner thighs were covered in her juices. “You’re so wet for me baby.” He murmured. He slowly pushed his cockhead into her tight cunt. Maria called his name and his cock slid deeper into her wet velvety channel. “Play with your tits baby. Let me fuck your pussy good.” Malcolm ground his cock deeper making both of them moaned.

Malcolm started pumping his cock in and out of Maria’s wet pussy. She was so wet that the bedroom was filled with the sound of his cock pummelling her wet cunt. She begged him to move faster and fuck her harder. Malcolm obliged her as he pumped even harder. He chanted her name as his cock slid deeper into her pussy. Maria pulled her nipples and gasped when Malcolm slapped her clit. When he slapped her throbbing clit again, Maria felt that she would combust. “You like that baby?” Malcolm asked through his ragged breath. “Cum for me again baby; cum for Malcolm.” He said as he fucked her young body. Malcolm then pinched her slippery clit and that made Maria came.

Her small body trashed from side to side. Her pussy wall felt so good on Malcolm’s cock. “Good baby. So good baby.” He moaned as he continued pumping in and out her wet channel.

“Malcolm!! I’m coming again! I’m coming again!” Maria screeched and she came for the third time. Her stepfather continued fucking her as she convulsed on her bed. Sweat dripped from his body as he continued fucking her writhing body.

“Turn around baby.” He commanded. They both hissed as his cock left her body. “Raise that ass. That’s good. ” Malcolm rubbed the round globes. He then spanked her right ass.

“Malcolm!” She yelled and she turned her head around. “That hurts,” she whined. He smiled as he massaged the visible red hand print on her creamy ass.

“Spread your pussy for me.” He instructed. Maria followed what he said. She could feel how wet she was and how exposed she was with her ass in the air.

“Ahhhh..” Maria moaned when Malcolm’s cock slid into pussy. She could feel her stepfather’s hands holding her waist, his thighs brushing the back of hers and his hard cock in her pussy. Maria screamed when Malcolm started fucking her hard. She grabbed the duvet and her body moved on the bed. “Malcolm!! Oh my God!!” Maria chanted as he continued to fuck her small body. He enjoyed looking at how her small wet pussy was stretching to accommodate his fat cock.

Her bed creaked with each thrust made by Malcolm. His hand snaked down to find her clit and started rubbing it. “Please! Please Malcolm!” Maria begged him.

“Come with me baby. Come with me.” He pumped his hard dick again and again as he fucked her welcoming pussy. He held her body close as he continued to fuck her pussy raw. He whispered words encouraging his stepdaughter to cum with him. He leaned onto her back as he continued rubbing her clit and suddenly little Maria yelped and came. His cock spewed copious amount of cum into the condom he had on. Both of them shuddered and groan together. He pulled her face towards him and kissed her. He then fell to his left and brought her with him. With his semi hard cock still embedded in her pussy, he held her tight while staring the ceiling. Malcolm and Maria were both breathing raggedly. Sweat covered both of their bodies.

Malcolm continued to rub her clit and her body shuddered even harder. He rubbed her pussy more forcefully; Maria’s body bowed and she came again. “Very good baby. Come again for me. Come again.” Her pussy wall around his cock convulsed again and he hissed in ecstasy. He spanked her clit and Maria begged for him to stop but he was relentless as he rubbed and spanked her clit again. She howled when she came again and her body became so limp on his body. He kissed her neck. “Good girl.” He nuzzled her neck. “Good girl.” He whispered.

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