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1986 had a hot summer. We spent it mostly by the pool, me and my buddies from the rowing team would swim and sit in the sun and listen to music on the deck in my back yard in between trainings. We were 15 that year and we were on a pretty hard training regimen for the under 16 champs that year. We would be on the water at 6:30am five days a week. We pushed ourselves hard and then after cleaning the boats we had a big breakfast and were sent off until the afternoon session in the boat. During the term we would be at school all day, but the rowing season spanned the Summer break so the training kept on and eventually culminated in the Secondary Schools Champs in September. Me and a few buddies, Jeff, George, Sam and Allen, came over to my place most days after the morning training to hang out and swim.

The particular day I remember was a Wednesday, somewhere in August, but God it was hot. The guys and I were sitting by the pool talking when my sister, Mallory came home from school. She was 13, nearly 14, and her body was just starting to blossom. The beginnings of full beautiful breasts were growing on her chest and her legs and bum were changing from girlie gangly to rounded and womanly. She had gained a lot of height that year and was actually taller than me at that time. We could see her from the deck through the windows as she moved in the family room. All of the guys turned to watch her walking back and forth in her school uniform; short pleated skirt, white blouse.

I had only just started to take any notice of girls, but boys usually talked about things they didn’t understand.

“God, Phil. Your sister’s a fox, dude.” Sam said.

“Yeah, she’s one of the prettiest girls in school.” George added.

I just tried to ignore them.

Soon Mallory came out of the house in her bathing suit. I had never thought about my sister in a sexual way before – Hell, I hadn’t thought of many girls in a sexual way at that age – but seeing her budding beautiful body, all long and smooth and tall, walking down those stairs, well I just was stunned. My breath caught in my throat and found myself staring at her.

Mallory walked across the deck and down to the pool. As she walked away from us all of our eyes were glued to her ass which moved smoothly as she walked. She stepped up to the deep end of the pool and without hesitation dived in. I could hear Sam and George snickering to each other.

Mallory swam back and forth for a while, the guys chatted, but always watching her. I was enjoying watching her as well; she seemed powerful, yet delicate as she moved through the water. Soon she came to the near end and climbed out of the water.

Sam jumped up and walked over to her.

“Hi, Mal.” he said smiling “Can I towel you off?”

She just looked confused.

“Yeah, baby.” George added, “Do you want to come over and sit in my lap?”

“Hey guys. Let’s be nice.” I said.

“I just want to help Mallory know what a fine girl she is turning into.” Sam said.

I stood up and walked over to him.

“Sam, please don’t talk like that about my sister.”

“Hey sorry, Phil. Seriously, dude. I won’t pinch her ass.”

Sam moved his hands as if to grope at Mallory’s body. She looked scared and without thinking I grabbed Sam by the shoulders, tripped him with my foot and pushed him over one of the deck chairs. I could have just pushed him into the pool, but I pushed him so hard that his head knocked against the wood of the deck with a sickening sound.

“Argh!!” Sam roared in pain and fury but I was angrier.

I leapt on top of him with my hands around his throat.

“You dirty little fuck!” I shouted at him “You keep you hands off my baby sister or I’ll break your fucking neck.”

I pulled him up and little then knocked his head against the deck for emphasis.

“You got that fucker??”

“Phil, stop it, let him go.” Mallory cried.

She jumped on my back to try to pull at my arms. Feeling her body touch my bare back made my cock twitch and my ass tighten. I was so distracted by her touching me that I dropped Sam and then stood up.

“Are you okay, Mal?” I asked her.

“Phil you scared me doing that, your eyes looked like you were crazy.”

“I just didn’t want him to hurt you.”

“Thanks, Phil, but you could have really hurt him.”

“I’m sorry, Mal. I’m sorry, Sam. How’s you head?”

George, Allen and Jeff were picking up Sam.

“He’ll be alright.” Allen said “we’ll get him some ice for his head.”

They sat him down on one of the chairs and soon he had some ice in a bag on the back of his head. Sam seemed okay; he could focus his eyes and talked fine. George drove him home an hour later, but before they left Sam apologized to me.

“Hey, Phil. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to touch a nerve. I was just messing around. I wouldn’t even ask you sister out without checking with you first.”

“It’s alright, Sam. I got a little carried away.”

It was right at that moment that I forced myself to analyze my feelings. Had I acted as a protective brother, or a jealous bakırköy escort admirer? I didn’t know, but that was enough in itself to scare me.

They guys didn’t come over to hang out at the pool anymore after that. Allen and I still went to the gym sometimes. We never talked about that afternoon but when we lost the finals in the under 16 champs it was me who was taken behind the shed and beaten by the rest of the team. I was bruised and sore for a week and had to make up some story about falling down some retaining wall to explain my wounds.

About two years later Mallory started dating and it started to burn me up. My dad was always suspicious of the guys she went out with, but I would occasionally follow her and her dates to make sure that they were honest. Before the end of that year I was so tortured with jealousy that I enrolled in an out of state college so I would be out of the house before Mallory became sexually active. The idea of anyone fucking her drove me crazy. I knew that she would eventually sleep with one of these jerks and rather than crying myself to sleep or breaking open my knuckles punching walls, I went somewhere I could pretend it wasn’t happening.

We talked on the phone from time to time over the next couple of years, but I always kept it brief and distant. Then before I knew it, ten years had passed. We had both graduated from college and I had been working as an engineer in Las Vegas for a few years now. I hardly ever went home, to my mother’s despair, but they came and visited me. Some times Mallory came too, but usually not. She was working in an art gallery. She painted her own paintings too. She had yet to sell anything.

One cold, windy evening I got a phone call.

“Hi, Phil.” said the voice on the line.

“I can’t quite hear you. Who is this?”

“Phil, it’s me, Mallory.”

“Shit, Mal! Where are you, sounds like a storm?”

“Yeah, I’m at the airport.”

“What, McCarran? You’re here?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t call you before I left. It was all in a bit of a rush. Could you come and pick me up.”

I drove to the airport and found her. God, she was beautiful, even travel weary on a stormy night. She was tall and thin, long smooth legs in tight jeans ending in high-heal sandals, soft flower pattern blouse blowing in the wind, long brown hair in loose curls.

She climbed in the car with only her carryon suitcase.

“Fuck, Phil. Why is it so cold in Vegas?”

“Because it is winter, Mal. It snowed last Christmas.”

“I’m so sorry to drop in on you like this. I had a bit of a crisis.”

“What happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m alright, just shaken up.” she paused for a moment, watching the lights streak past the car. “Henry, um, well… Henry made an inappropriate suggestion.”

“Henry the gallery owner.”

“Yeah, so I might not have a job to go back to after I rejected him.”

“Well, fuck. He can’t do that.”

“I know, I don’t want to fight him. I don’t know if I want to work with him after this.”

We drove in silence for a while. The tires hummed as they rode the freeway.

“You can stay for as long as you like, sis, ’till you know what you are going to do.”

Mallory leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks, bro. You saved my life.”

I didn’t say anything more, just savored the feel of that kiss, soft and wet, on my cheek.

Back at the apartment I fixed us a late dinner. Mallory sat looking out the window. We were high up but facing out into the desert. The mountains had a little dusting of snow that glowed in the moonlight. The stars were bright and clear. It was hot inside the apartment. There was a fire roaring and the central heating was turned up high to ward off the winter outside.

“Phil? Are you the only one here?”

“Yeah, just lonesome me.”

“Is there no one special in your life? No girl?”

“No.” I replied flatly.

“No boy?”

“What? No!”

“Oh, Mom and I were taking bets if you were gay. You never seemed that interested in girls at school.”

“I haven’t been home since I was 17. What would mom know?”

“Even by 17 you should have been dating.”

I didn’t say anything for a moment.

“I have been sort of saving myself for someone.” I eventually replied softly.

“You’re not a virgin are you?”

“No. There were a few girls at college, and a few since. But none long lasting. They just didn’t compare with my… expectations.”

“Are you comparing them to Mom? I hear a bit of Freudian confusion there.” she smiled. Good lord, she was beautiful when she smiled.

“No.” I laughed “Not, Mom. Not quite.”

We sat beside each other and ate on the sofa watching TV. When we had finished eating, Mallory turned to me and gently stroked my cheek.

“You look sad, Phil. What’s wrong?”

I looked at her for a moment then suddenly stood up and walked to the bathroom. I slammed the door behind me.

Mallory came up to the door and knocked gently.

“Phil, bostancı escort what’s wrong?”

I bit on my knuckle.

“Are you okay?”

“Please.” I sobbed “Please leave me for a while.”

Mallory opened the door and came in. I was sitting on the floor with tears streaming down my face. Mal came and sat next to me and held me tight. I sobbed openly now, letting her hold me. She kissed my cheek and cooed. I turned my head a little and kissed her cheek back. Just a little peck. Then another, longer, deeper kiss. Then one on her neck. Then one on the corner of her mouth.

I pulled away from her suddenly and stood up. I went to the basin and washed my face.

“I am in love, Mal.” I said to her reflection “I am deeply and forever in love with a woman who could not have me. That is why I live alone, that is why I am unavailable to other women, and that is why I am crying now.”

Mal stood up and hugged me from behind. I was reminded of that day, the day I fell in love, when Mal jumped on my back to stop me from killing Sam.

“Oh, Phil. I’m sorry, its hard having that kind of love. You just have to give it time.”

That made me laugh.

“Is it anyone I know?” Mal asked.

I nodded.

“Really? Wow, can you tell me who?”

I looked at my reflection, then at her face by my shoulder in the mirror. I turned around slowly then hugged her, kissed her cheek and whispered, with my lips right by her ear.

“It’s you.”

Mallory pulled away so she could look me right in the eye. She looked puzzled, like maybe she hadn’t heard me right. I nodded to confirm that she had. She dropped her arms and walked back into the living room.

“Mal, I’m sorry, I know you have just had a traumatic experience, and I had no right to lay this on you, but I feel it and its real. I’m so sorry. You can stay at a hotel, or you can stay here and I’ll go to a hotel, or…”

Suddenly Mal stopped walking away from me and turned back to me. She stepped towards me quickly, forcefully taking me in her arms and kissed me powerfully and madly on the lips. I responded in kind, opening my mouth to let her explore me with her tongue. She tasted sweet and tangy, like a delicious exotic fruit. I licked her tongue and her lips, holding her tight. She pushed against me so hard that I had to step back and soon I was against a wall. Mal ground her body against me, pressing her crotch against my growing erection. I moved my hands to feel her wonderful breasts, full and soft B-cups. She wasn’t wearing a bar. I kneaded her breasts though her blouse delighted to have finally touched them.

Then suddenly I stopped and pushed her off me.

“Mal, we can’t do this.”

“Why, Phil.” she kissed me “You want to. I can feel your cock wanting me.”

“Yes, but I don’t think you want me. I think you need a comfort fuck and you have found a willing partner.”

“Hey, honey! If I just wanted to get laid, do you think I would have any difficulty?” she stood back and demonstrated her wonderful body.

“That doesn’t change that you are not thinking right.”

Mal slowed for a moment. She looked me in the eye, then she took my hand and led me to the sofa.

We sat down next to each other. She was breathing hard and looking out the window.

“Henry didn’t’ do anything that bad. He asked me to suck his cock after a show this weekend when we were both drunk. I wasn’t necessarily offended, just uncomfortable working with someone who finds me attractive.”

“You are going to always have that problem, Mal.”

She laughed.

“Do you want me to leave you alone?” I asked.

“No!” she turned to me “Phil…”


“I want…”

I waited, holding her hand.

“I want to make love to you. I really do. I have thought about it and I want you. I need you. I think I always have.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My breath came in short shudders.

“I need a shower.” Mal said.

She stood up and gave me a kiss. “Why don’t you go and wait for me in the bedroom.”

She went into the bathroom and started the water running. I went into the bedroom and turned the covers down. I was floating in a state of surrealism. The light seemed too bright and streaked my vision, the cloth of the bed sheets felt strange in my hands, like the paper of church hymnals. I saw everything as if from a great distance and I had to keep reminding myself to keep breathing.

I went back out into the living room. The bathroom door was open and steam billowed out into the room. I could hear Mal washing her body in there. I went over to the kitchen counter and picked up the phone. It was well past midnight but I called my mother anyway.

“Hi, honey, is everything okay.”

Mom had my number on caller ID.

“Hi, Mom. Mal’s here.”

“I knew she was going to stay somewhere for a few nights. Something weird happened with that gallery guy.”

“Yeah, Mal’s a little confused about that. I just wanted you to know she arrived safely.”

“Thanks, çekmeköy escort love. You take good care of her, okay?”

“I will Mom.” I stroked my cock through my pants. “I love you, Mom”

“Love you, baby.” and she hung up.

Mal was still in the shower. I walked over to the door and looked in. The curtain was pulled across and I could still hear Mal moving about on the other side. Her clothes were on the floor in a pile. It felt good being this close to her, while she was naked. I moved inside the bathroom and leant against the wall listening, and watching. Then I noticed that the curtain was not pulled all the way across. I moved along the wall a little to look inside. In all the years that we lived together I never spied on my sister. I felt that would have betrayed her to some extent. I moved further along the wall and closer to the end.

I could see a leg. Mal had her left leg up on the foot rest and she was shaving her leg. First she soaped it up, running her hands along her long, thin shapely leg. Then she ran the razor, my razor, along the length of her leg. It was beautiful to watch. Up her shin, gently over her knee, up her thigh. The rest of her body was hidden behind the curtain.

I moved slowly further along until I could see her shoulder, her buttocks, her tits hanging down as she leant over. Then her face. She saw me watching her and she smiled. She put her foot down and stood to face me. She had shaved her pussy hair into a little strip just above her slit. Her belly was gently curved and her breasts sat beautifully on her chest. She was a model of perfection and I was so glad that she looked even more beautiful in the flesh than in my dreams.

“Come here.” she said and she leant towards me.

I stepped forward and she put a wet hand behind my head and kissed me deeply. Her wet face was hot against my cheek.

“I’ll see you in a moment, Phil.”

I went back to leaning against the wall.

“I called Mom to say that you had arrived safely.”

“Good, thank you.”

I walked back slowly to the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed. My hands were shaking and my throat was tight. The water turned off and I turned to watch the door. I could see the door to the bathroom across the living room and soon Mallory was walking towards me. She had wrapped a towel around her and her hair was dripping wet. She seemed to float across the room in slow motion. It was like a dream. As I watched her my mouth dried up, I tried to swallow but found that I couldn’t.

Mal finally arrived in the bedroom and she closed the door.

“You look scared, Phil.” she said.

“I’m nervous.” I admitted, “I am worried about what Dad would think of us.”

“He would want us to be happy.”

“You’re not playing with me, Mal, are you?”

“Phil, baby, I love you. You know that I do. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

She looked at me with deep concern in her eyes.

“If I had not wanted this, I would have left.” she said with deep sincerity “Phil, let me love you.”

She knelt on the bed and holding my head, she kissed me. I lost myself in that kiss, pressing against her, needing and wanting her. She finally disengaged and then shuffled down to kneel between my legs. She ran her hand over my hard cock and felt my balls though my pants. I kicked off my shoes. Mal slowly loosened my belt and undid my fly. Time slowed down until it crawled along – I had dreamed of revealing my cock to Mal so many times, I had wondered if she would have been impressed or not. Slowly she put her hand inside my shorts.

“Ah!” I cried out as she touched me.

I felt electric sparks running up my body. She pulled my shorts down and released my throbbing cock. Soon my pants and shorts were on the floor. I undid my shirt. Mal gazed upon my cock as it strained upwards, full of desire. The head was coated in pre-cum and she put out a finger to touch the slimy ooze. She swirled her fingertip over my sensitive cock head and marveled at the slippery feeling.

“You have a beautiful cock, Phil.” she whispered.

I smiled at her and she opened her mouth and totally engulfed the tip of my cock.

“Argh! Oh! Oh, God, sis, wow! Oh, that’s good.”

She softly sucked on my manhood sliding the shaft in and out of her mouth. The sensation was indescribable. But more than that it felt better than any other head I had got, because it was her, my sister, the woman of my dreams.

Suddenly I pushed her off me. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I pulled the towel off her and dove in between her legs. I stuck my tongue into her soft velvety folds. She was quite turned on already. Her inner labia were red and engorged and her hole was wet and slippery with her sweet juices. I sucked on her clit and introduced a finger to her sopping love tunnel.

I sucked vigorously on Mal’s clit and flicked it madly with my tongue. I crooked my finger and stroked the inside of her tunnel to an obviously positive response from her. Mallorie bucked and thrashed, all the while moaning in delight and pleasure. She grabbed the bed sheets and pulled at them vigorously. She took hold of my hair and tugged on it as she rose in ecstasy.

“Oh my God, Phil. You work magic with you tongue. OH YEAH! Yeah I love it when you suck on my clit like that. Oh, keep doing it. I’m going to cum. I can’t believe it; I’m going to cum, Phil. Oh, oh, oh! OHHHHHHHH! Arh!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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