Making a Family Business Pt. 03

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Chapter 3: Working Together

In Chapter 1, Matt finds out about his younger sister doing online porn web casts to make extra money for her upcoming college tuition. She rejects his initial offer to be part of her show, so he waits until she was in the middle of another solo performance before barging in and forcing the issue. In the process, the brother and sister get past their natural sibling frictions and discovered they share a deeper love for one another than they ever imagined.

In Chapter 2, their mother walks in on Matt and Melody in the middle of an online performance and ss shocked by their incestuous behavior. Melody stands up to their mother and confronts her about her own past behavior before pressuring Mom to perform online again, this time with Matt.

In this chapter, Matt and Melody continue their sexual relations in secret while Melody continues her solo performances online. She also tries to convince her mother and brother to join the new “business”, and perform together and with her. However, their mother is having misgivings over her previous moment of weakness and newfound sexual attraction to her son. Everything comes to a climax (literally and figuratively) during a long afternoon double performance by mother, daughter, and son.

In the week since Mom found Melody and I together in the study, she did not do anymore online performances. Mom’s real estate job was keeping her busy out of the house, but I also believed that despite the initial success of her new web cast role, she wasn’t entirely ready to commit herself to regularly performing porn online. With each passing day, I sensed her having more and more second thoughts about having sex with me.

There was a definite change in the household atmosphere during our normal family interactions, especially when Dad was around. Mom was almost furtive around me and rarely met my eyes when I looked at her. I also felt ill at ease around my Dad who remained completely unaware that I had fucked his wife (and my mother) in front of a live audience on the internet. Melody seemed to be the only one besides Dad who was acting normally, and her apparent lack of misgiving over our sexual activities didn’t help the way Mom and I were feeling.

Melody kept talking to Mom to get her back online performing her web cast and slowly wore down Mom’s resistance. My sister was convinced the two of them should work together and mutually advertise each other’s web show. Melody continued her afternoon web casts, but by herself for the most part, since I was working long hours with the landscaping company.

Melody eventually convinced Mom to get together during a couple afternoons to plan their acts cooperatively. They bounced ideas off one another before bringing me into their discussions just to make sure I could physically do what they wanted, and to get a man’s perspective. The two women decided to put on their first combined web cast the following week after Mom made some changes to her work schedule so she could work from home. I also made plans to be home with them and told my boss I could only work in the morning for that day.

They both agreed that they should develop a show that didn’t give everything away too early. The idea was to provide just enough to keep their clientele engaged, but not fully satisfied, so they could generate more repeat customers over a longer period. The risk, of course, was leaving their viewers frustrated to the point where they gave up and stopped coming back.

After our first night together in bed, my sister made it a habit to visit me nearly every night after our parents were asleep on the other side of the house.

“I need a real dick,” she complained the first time she came in. “Playing with a rubber one all day isn’t even close to satisfying.” We enjoyed over an hour of great sex before she returned to her room for the rest of the night. Each night afterwards, she would sneak back to my room after Mom and Dad went to bed. Most of the time, we engaged in a relatively quiet session of 69. Usually, she would go back to her bed after cumming a couple times in my mouth, but sometimes she would return an hour or so later wanting to fuck. I enjoyed the sex, but the effects working hard all day and then not getting a good night’s rest in the evenings was taking their toll on me.

One night after our usual round of oral sex, I woke up to hear Melody sneaking into my bedroom again. I rolled over to make room for her as the covers lifted and was stunned to see my mother instead of my sister getting in bed with me.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“I had to come see you,” she replied as she slid in naked next to me. “Don’t worry. Dad was tired to begin with and I gave him an extra sleeping pill. A tornado could hit the house and he wouldn’t notice.” My mother moved up alongside my warm body and her hands went immediately to my manhood.

“You’re wearing shorts,” she said in a disappointed voice. She was already pulling them down and I merter escort raised up my hips to speed up the process. Seconds later, she was smiling in the dark and I could hear the excitement in her voice. “I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love,” she whispered. I nodded dumbly, too surprised to say something intelligible.

“What’s the matter?” Mom asked with concern. That’s when she detected the scent of my sister’s pussy juice on my face. “I see. You and your sister…,” her voice trailed off. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. This is all wrong. I forgot you were just acting with me on the camera.” She started moving away quickly to leave my bed, and I could hear the hurt in her voice.

“No, Mom. Don’t go. I’m sorry. You just caught me completely by surprise and I’m still half-asleep,” I babbled in explanation. “Yes, Melody was here earlier, but …” I couldn’t think of what to say. I couldn’t say that having sex with my sister didn’t mean anything, because it meant a great deal to both of us. Mom stopped where she was and looked at me carefully. “I really want you to stay,” I finished.

“Really?” she asked. There was enough hesitation in her voice to tell me she wasn’t fully convinced.

“Honest, Mom. Now get back over here so I can refresh my memory on how sexy you are,” I replied. I reached out and gently pulled my mother back against me. Her head rested against my chest. “Am I making a mistake?” she whispered.

“With what?” I asked.

“Being here with you. Being on a porn site. Doing things with you and your sister,” my mother replied.

“I can’t tell you the answer to those things,” I said carefully. “I know that Melody and I are both glad you decided to join us. I know you excited me like no other woman ever did.” Then I thought to myself, “Well, almost. Melody was pretty damn exciting, too.”

“I want you to know it wasn’t all an act. In fact, very little of what transpired was an act on my part.” I paused. “I know I’m glad you’re here with me now, but, what changed your mind? You’ve been acting weird and avoiding me all week.”

Mom’s head turned up and even in the dim light of the room, I could see she was still conflicted. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “That night after we…, you know…,” she paused in discomfort.

“I know what you mean,” I whispered quietly.

“Anyway,” my mother continued. “I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. I felt ashamed because I liked it and wanted more, but I know it’s wrong. And here I was lying in bed next to your father wanting to be with you. I felt so immoral and wicked. Every time I saw you, I had the same depraved thoughts.” Mom paused a moment. “I wish I was more like your sister. She doesn’t have any problem with having sex with you or broadcasting it over the internet.”

“So, Mom, why are you here now?” I asked gently.

Her eyes were wet as she looked up at me. “Because it was driving me crazy thinking about it and not doing anything. Your father and I don’t have sex like we used to, and being with you reminded me of how nice it was to be with a virile man who excited me.”

My mouth moved down to meet hers. It was a repeat of our first kiss on her “show”, but without the wanton lust. Her kiss was soft, caring, and searching. Our tongues twisted and probed around each other and I heard Mom’s breathing grow more rapid and shallow. My cock stirred between my legs. Her mouth pressed harder into mine in response to my manhood pressing into her and she reached down between our bodies to find and stroke it. I let her continue for maybe 30 seconds before rolling over on top of her.

“Shhhh. Relax,” I whispered. I kissed her lips briefly and lightly before sliding partway down her body. As soon as I reached her pale breasts, I found them laying back nearly flat on her chest. I could just make out the slightly darker area of her nipples and took one between my lips. I took my time suckling my mother’s breast gently while her hand caressed my head and she let out soft, barely audible sighs of joy. Her nipple became hard in my lips and before releasing it, I opened my mouth wide and proceeded to try and suck as much of her breast in my mouth as I could.

“Oooohhh!” she cried out a little louder. Her hands tried to push me off her tit and I released my hold on it. “Oh, darling! That was too hard,” Mom whispered.

“Sorry,” I whispered. I moved to her other teat and enjoyed it the same way, but without hurting her. When I finished with her breasts, I slipped farther down her body. Mom presented her already wet pussy to me by bending and spreading her knees wide on either side of me. I found it difficult to restrain my desire to plunge right in and savage her cunt with my mouth, but managed to take my time softly exploring it with my tongue. Within seconds, Mom let out a small groan of delight.

I let my tongue drift through the soft folds between her outer labia and dawdled around her clit nişantaşı escort when I found it. Mom started bucking her hips up into my face, trying to drive me deeper inside her and provide more forceful stimulation to her hard little bud, but I moved my head back to keep the touch light and intermittent. Mom groaned again, but this time it was from frustration.

Her pussy was already extremely wet and her juice was seeping out almost as fast as I could lick it up. Unable to resist her womanhood any longer, I pressed my lips over her clit and sucked it between them. Mom gave a short cry that I was sure could be heard outside my room. She pulled my pillow over her face to mute her sounds of passionate pleasure. I began sucking her hard nub rapidly in and out of my mouth and imagined it was as if her clit was fucking my lips. My mother began thrashing around under me making muffled noises from under my pillow before she climaxed without warning.

Once again, I received a short stream of liquid into my face just before her pussy juice began flowing out of her cunt faster than I could lap it up. I had one hand under her pussy and it became covered with her juice. On a random thought, I moved slightly further under her cunt, past her perineum and my pussy-juice covered finger found her tight little anus.

Without asking or saying anything, I pressed it into her. My mother’s reaction was immediate; her body went rigid and her ass cheeks clamped around my hand. When I wiggled my finger against her anus, she slowly relaxed and allowed me to penetrate her ass.

I only put half my finger inside her anus and carefully wiggled it some more. Mom’s pussy gave another short burst of liquid and I resumed eating her delicious cunt while carefully finger-fucking her ass. The flood of juice running down over my hand provided plenty of lubrication and from what I could tell, Mom was enjoying everything I was doing to her.

After a minute, Mom pulled the pillow aside and whispered loudly, “I want to feel you inside me. Please!” I reluctantly pulled myself free of her ass and her dripping wet slit and moved back up over her soft body. I was already noticing how much difference there was between Melody and our Mom. My sister was more petite and more firmly muscled, while Mom was softer, curvier, and felt less fragile in my arms. My cock was no longer fully hard, so I reached down to stroke it back into shape. Mom stopped me.

“Let me take care of that, honey,” she whispered. I was expected her to replace my hand with hers, but instead, she moved out from under me and crawled down to take my cock in her mouth. As her warm, wet mouth enveloped my semi-turgid dick, I felt an indescribable thrill shoot through my body. Mom had me hard and throbbing in less than a minute, but she continued to take her time sucking me off the way she had done on her web cast and it was every bit as good as the first time.

I felt my own excitement rising too fast and reached down to her head. “That’s good,” I whispered urgently. “I’ll cum too soon if you keep that up,” I warned.

Mom paused and I could see smiling face looking back at me while she considered what to do. “I really love to eat a man’s cum and I feel like I got short-changed when you came on my face and tits last time,” she said. “But I guess we have plenty of time for that later. I can’t wait to feel you filling my pussy up with your cream.” Mom gave the head of my swollen cock one last lick that finished with her pressing the tip of her tongue into my pee hole just as Melody had done and made me practically leap out of bed.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist,” Mom said with a wicked smile. She climbed up over my waist and positioned her sopping wet pussy over my still-twitching dick. When she reached down to take it with her hand, my cock was still tingling uncomfortably and gave another involuntary twitch. I let out a soft groan as I tried to ignore the irritation radiating from the tip of my cock. Once she guided it into her open hole, the warm silkiness of her cunt helped ease my discomfort.

I watched my mother settle herself completely over my shaft and then lean back with her eyes half-closed and a look of bliss on her face. I was mesmerized by the sight of my mother sitting back riding my hard cock, lost in her own world. Her movements were so slow and restrained that her soft tits barely moved. I looked down and noticed that she had one hand down rubbing her clit and after a couple of minutes, her body shuddered and her pussy contracted around my pole. A gush of warm liquid signaled her second climax of the evening, but it wasn’t nearly as much as before.

When her orgasm subsided, my mother leaned forward to lay on top of me with my cock still fully buried in her cunt. She rolled me over while keeping us joined until I was on top of her and then she smiled dreamily. “Make love to me,” she said softly.

I wrapped my arms under her and supported ortaköy escort her head in my hands. I held her legs together between mine, and moved just slightly up and back over her still form. Despite the limited movement, I was rubbing her clit with the base of my shaft and feeling enough stimulation on the head of my dick to build up gradually to my own climax. We kissed softly and felt a glow of loving passion passing through us. Every so often, I took time to kiss and suck her nipples before returning to her lips.

We remained coupled in our slow-motion fuck until I felt the familiar tingling in my balls that preceded my ejaculation. I tried to hold back as long as I could, but when the first spurt of my cum erupted, I plunged hard into my mother and held myself there until my balls were emptied. Mom whispered, “That’s it!. Fill Mommy’s pussy up with all your hot seed. Let me have it all!”

My climax was intense, but over too fast. When I was spent, my body finally relaxed and I suddenly felt very tired, but also very good inside. We rolled to one side and laid facing each other while I caught my breath. My cock was already getting soft and soon, I felt my mother’s pussy squeezing and pushing it out of her. It finally fell out between us along with the wet, sticky mess of our combined cum oozing from my mother’s cunt.

Neither one of us said anything for a while, but then Mom broke the silence and voiced the return to reality that we both had been trying to ignore. “As much as I would like to stay here, I have to go back to my bed,” Mom said. “I just wanted to tell you, that was the most deeply satisfying time I’ve ever shared with a man and I wish it could last forever. I know that when we’re streaming on the web cam, it’s all an act and we may say or do things that might not really reflect who we are. But tonight, there was no pretense and I’ll remember it always. I don’t know if we will ever have many more times like this, but I certainly hope so.” Her voice sounded almost sad a she began to slowly withdraw and get herself mentally ready to return to her bed with my dad. We kissed again and then she left me as silently as she arrived.

Seconds later, I was stunned to see Melody slip out from behind the bathroom door. “Oh my God! That was so fucking hot!” she whispered excitedly. I remained shocked for a few seconds before finding my voice.

“What were you doing? How long were you watching?” I croaked.

“I was coming back to see you but saw you and mom fucking, so I just stayed quiet and watched. I’m so wet and excited now, I need you to finish me off,” my sister said as she climbed into bed with me. “Eww. There’s a big wet spot here,” she complained.

I groaned inwardly. I couldn’t believe it; it was almost 3 a.m. and my sister was back for seconds after I just had a long, fairly intense session of sex with my mother. At this point, I was thinking more about getting some sleep that getting some pussy. I had a long day at work the previous day and had another early start scheduled in three hours with almost no sleep. However, my sister had a point. The large wet spot in the center of my bed where my mother had cum was unpleasant to lay on and difficult to avoid.

“Let’s go to your room,” I suggested. Melody readily agreed and we were soon snuggling in her bed. It wasn’t long before we were fucking quietly in a spooning position. Even though Melody didn’t have much difficulty getting me hard, it was going to take a while before I was ready to cum again. Instead, I focused on her and rubbed her clit using the hand I was using to hold her against me. She climaxed twice before pulling my fingers off her clit.

“That’s enough,” she whispered, sounding out of breath. “I’m too sensitive for any more.” We remained coupled and when I tired of thrusting myself into her from behind, we both fell asleep with my cock still embedded into her pussy. I woke up almost four hours later with Melody shaking me.

“It’s late! You need to go back to your room!” she said urgently.

Still half-asleep and rolled over and opened one eye. “Why?” I said.

“So no one finds out we’re sleeping together!” she said.

“Like who? Mom?” I asked rhetorically.

“Just get out, smartass!” she said with a push. “Don’t you have to work or something?” I groggily got up and headed back to my own bed. I was trying to think of what to tell my boss when I noticed it was raining hard outside. The thought of having a day off from working in someone’s yard buoyed my spirits. I called my boss to confirm he didn’t need anyone coming in and then crawled back under my sheets to go back to sleep. I was so tired, I didn’t even care about the large wet area still in the center of my bed sheet.

Dad stuck his head in my room sometime later to see if I was up. When he woke me, I told him my work schedule for the day was cancelled because of the weather and I was going to catch up on missed sleep. He left, but moments later, Melody and my Mom came in to see me. Melody wanted to make sure I was going to be around that afternoon to help her and Mom on their web casts. She said they had already worked out their scenarios, but needed to go over them with me before they started. I grunted my understanding and turned my head away to give them a hint that I really wanted to get some sleep.

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