Make My Asshole Fart Your Name!

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During my speech she had caught my eye, a blonde bombshell in the front row. Was it just me, or was she licking her lips at me? Her massive cleavage spilled out of her white, unbuttoned-at-the-top shirt like two giant balls of vanilla candy… I could nearly see straight up her oh-so-short, classy, black miniskirt… Did I catch a glimpse of some sky-blue panties? Or even half of a pussy lip or two peeking out from behind the fabric? I nearly forgot what I was saying in my speech…

“In conclusion, ladies and gentleman, I believe that blah, blah, blah…” My speech was met with enthusiastic applause, and smiling faces.

“Mr. Peterson,” I gestured towards him and handed the podium back to our host, and stepped down.

Later, a small group of local reporters met me in the front reception area. I answered their questions briefly and cordially, when suddenly I saw her: the blonde bombshell!

“There you are,” she said, pretending that she knew me. “They’re waiting for us upstairs, come on!” She took my hand and led me away from the group and into an elevator. I decided to go with it, for now.

When the elevator doors closed, she spun round and lifted up her skirt. I was pleasantly and slightly shocked by this sudden view of the most gorgeous ass I had ever beheld, wrapped, as if a Christmas gift, in the neon-sky-blue string of her thong, which did not do much to conceal a perfectly waxed-smooth asshole and slightly plump pair of pussy lips. Her butt appeared firm, medium-large-sized, round as two big marble globes, and it had a deep fake brown-orange tan, like the rest of her skin that I could see (which was plenty.) Her legs were long and slender and she had on glossy black five inch stiletto heels.

“If you like what you see, then come with me,” she said lowering her skirt just as the elevator doors opened. I felt like Neo speaking to Morpheus in the Matrix…

She got out, and after only the slightest hesitation, I followed.

“Good…” she said, turned, and walked down the hall, with me in tow. I half expected her to say, ‘Remember, all I’m offering is the truth…’

I followed the White Rabbit down the hall, and she opened the door of room # 777 and let me in in front of her.

“I saw you staring at me during your speech,” she said, and bit her plump lower lip.

I said nothing as she flashed me her pussy- it was completely waxed-smooth, the most gorgeous cunt I’d ever seen… Her nipples began jutting out of her tight, white, buttoned shirt, and she stripped slowly, revealing her tits as the grand finale, until she was illegal bahis stark naked before me. Her tits were glorious! They stood firm and erect upon her chest, enormous and round, with huge, hard nipples crowning each one, like cherries atop some fantastic, massive dessert-globes of flesh…

“Show me your dick…” she breathed…

I undid my fly and took out my tool, already almost fully long and hard… My shock at the strangeness of the whole situation overshadowed by sheer lust…

“Ooooh,” she sighed gently, her eyes widening at the sight of it…

She reached out and took it in her hand and began slowly jerking it back and forth right in front of her pussy… Her slender fingers were cool along the hot length of my now fully-hard cock…

“You like what you saw in the elevator? Because that’s where I want you to put it… That’s right, straight up my hot, tight, ass… OK?”

My breathing was getting heavy, and I took off my designer jacket as we stood there, her hand still jerking me off steadily.

“You wanna slide this thing up the tight hole where I shit?” she teased obscenely, “You wanna pump my shit-hole with this fucking big cock? Huh? Wanna make my ass fart your name as you fuck it deep? Yeah?”

Her dirty-talk was dangerously arousing. Did I want to fuck her ass??? she’d asked. As if any man who’d seen her could ever resist the offer!

“OK, babe,” I said rather stupidly, “I wanna feel your asshole from the inside and make you cum…”

“Mmm, good boy!” she purred like a porn star… “First, let’s lube this shit up, shall we?”

And she got down on her knees before me and took my erect member into her slutty mouth; who was this girl???

No time to wonder as she enthusiastically sucked my shaft, kneading my balls in her hand…

“Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!” she went, her large eyes like saucers, staring up at me from beneath thick, long black lashes, as she sucked my dick.

“Ahhh!” she said, popping my dick out of her mouth. It was slick with her saliva, as she stood up and turned away, presenting her perfect, firm ass to me…

She jerked my rod against her exquisitely sculpted bum, as she scooped a handful of her pussy juice out of her drooling snatch and slathered it all over my cock and her asshole.

“I wanna feel your cock where I fucking shit, stud. Your fuck-rod is gonna fill this tight ass right now…” she continued her horny commentary as she placed my cock-head between the double-globes of her anal palace and onto her little brown starfish.

“Are you ready? Ready to illegal bahis siteleri feel this ass around your dick? It’s gonna feel so fucking tight in my fucking asshole, deep between my fucking ass cheeks, up my tight fucking butt-hole, huh?”

She pressed her ass backwards and swallowed the tip of my cock up her hole. Damn! It was definitely tight…

“Ooh! Stud! Here it goes!” she said as she slid her ass-sheath further back along my shaft, taking me slowly half way up.

“Ooooh! You gonna fuck my stink-hole now, baby? You gonna fuck this goddamned ass? Fuck me with your cock where I fucking take a shit?” her talk was so fucking nasty! It was turning me on like crazy as I looked down at my cock halfway up her hole.

“Pull me onto your dick by my tits!” she said breathily.

I reached around her on both sides and gripped her huge, firm fuckin’ titties, one in each hand… They felt like fuckin’ heaven on Earth as I squeezed them hard, feeling their big, hard nipples, and pulled her whole body, asshole first, onto my awaiting erection, already half-way buried up her sexy bum-hole.

The rest of my length slid up her, and she let out something half way in between a moan and a sigh.

“Now fuck it! Pump my fucking hole! Pump my fucking shit-box with your goddamned fuck-rod!” So I began slowly sliding my cock in and out of her rectum.

I stared down at the amazingly hot fucking spectacle of my hard cock sliding in and out of this strange slut’s shit-hole. Her ass was fucking perfect!

“Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!” she kept moaning as I hammered my cock in and out of her ass. I reached around occasionally and played with her soaking wet, smooth engorged pussy as I pumped her ass.

“Don’t stop, baby!” she cried, “Fuck me in my fucking tight little brown-hole! Fuck me harder!”

She bucked her hips in time with my strokes, our flesh slamming together, slapping together violently. My balls slapped her smooth pussy-flesh below as I pistoned in and out of her backdoor. Her ass and back glistened with sweat as I rode her from behind.

“Uuh, baby! I’m gonna cum!” she wailed.

I drove into her butt like a man possessed, relentlessly ramming my dick as deep, hard and fast as I could up the strange slut’s tight willing arse-hole. Now and then my cock would pop right out of her bum, only to slam right back in again, all the way up to my balls, causing her asshole to fart loudly and violently. The room smelled of her perfume and the intoxicating smells of her drooling pussy as I loudly fucked her arse. I slapped her big, round, canlı bahis siteleri sweaty ass-cheeks with my hands as I fucked her with resounding ‘smacks!’ Her ass shook under the slams of my hips and the smacks of my hands as I continued to ram my cock deep in and out of her shit-hole.

Finally she cried, “Aaaaaah!!!” as she came with my cock up her asshole, her pussy gushing all over my balls as I continued to plow her sweet shitter. Her arse convulsed around my dick, gripping me like a vice as I fucked her.

I was so fuckin’ turned on that I switched gears; my thrusting suddenly doubling in speed.

My athletic assault into her asshole was merciless and unrelenting. She moaned loudly as I fucked her tight hole like a jackhammer. We were both drenched in sweat, and the room reeked of sex.

My cock made her ass fart shockingly loudly again and again, lubed up by her pussy juices. There was no stopping now.

“My ass is farting your name!” she cried amidst the ass-fuck-fart noises… “Can you hear it? Fuck my fuckin’ asshole! You own me! Make my asshole fart your fuckin’ name!!!” she wailed crazily as I neared my orgasm.

I told her I was gonna cum…

“In my mouth!” she cried, popping her ass off of my nearly cumming dick with a farting noise before I could react. She spun round onto her knees and began to fuckin’ suck my goddamn sausage with her soft full lips like a fuckin’ vacuum. This was ATM at its very best indeed.

It was insanely arousing to see this strange bombshell of a girl swallowing my fucking cock straight from up her asshole. She sucked me hard and fast like I’d never been blown, bringing me quickly over the edge- I came hard into her mouth, her lips never loosening from around my shaft as I pumped stream after stream of hot, thick cum down her willing throat. She swallowed it all down, ever sucking me off.

I suddenly decided to piss down her throat, too. I figured, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I let my stream begin and she just continued sucking- sucking and drinking all of it down her throat. She looked up at me and smiled with her eyes as I continued to piss hot liquid into her sucking mouth. It was a long piss, and she drank the whole thing down thirstily, moaning with my dick in her mouth as she did so. It was nasty ecstasy!

Finally, my cock utterly spent, my cumming and pissing done, I pulled out of her mouth. There was a silence as she got up, smiled and swayed her hips walking into the bathroom. Never had my cock felt so satisfied, so spent, so freed.

She quietly closed the door behind her, and I could hear her brushing her teeth, and the shower turning on. I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.

So, I decided to just leave my number on a piece of paper on the table and sneak out. I had a feeling that I’d be hearing from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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