Magic, Love, Family Pt. 00 Glossary

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Double Penetration



· Fundamental unit for magic

· Also known as magic power

· Possessed by most humans, though, it remains useless to most and only becomes useful when someone progresses to being a magic warrior

Mana Pool

· An organ beside the heart

· Storage place of an individual’s mana

· Size of mana pool is used to gauge an individual’s power

· Gives off vibration similar to heartbeat

· As the mana pool evolves, so does the vibrations. We name this vibration as Aura

Mana Circuits

· Network of mana carrying vessels similar to blood vessels

· The density and thickness of vessels vary from individual to individual

· If an individual’s mana circuits get damaged, then they are not able to use their magic until it gets repaired

· Mana circuits are complex and very hard to repair


· Unique to each magic warrior/half-awakened warrior/awakened warrior

· Close-relatives have similar auras

· Aura represents the vibrations of one’s mana pool, and, in turn, it can be manipulated and deciphered through use of skilled mana control

· Aura-reading is a difficult skill, a warrior needs experience and time to learn it, and only high level warriors can decipher if one is manipulating their aura to appear weaker.

· The stronger the awakened warrior, the better their mana control and this ensures their success rate while reading an opponent’s aura

· Beasts, magical and evolved, constantly radiate dominance according to their strength which can be read by magic/half-awakened/awakened warriors. This dominance level is the beast’s aura.

Magic Warrior

· Those individuals who can interact with the mana present in their body

· Gives off a thin mana vibration unique to themselves

· Can only use Body Enhancement Magic

· Lack an attribute haramidere escort to their magic, unlike awakened warriors

· Naturally recover mana inside their mana pool, though it is a slow process for them

Body Enhancement Magic

· Most fundamental form of magic

· Useful in temporarily enhancing the upper limits of body’s strength, tolerance and the likes

· Example: Can drastically increase power of an ordinary punch

· Magic warriors-awakened warriors, can use it

Half-Awakened Warrior

· A state between magic warrior and awakened warrior

· Only those magic warriors who are able to interact with nature’s mana are considered half-awakened

· Unlike magic warrior, half-awakened warriors can channel a portion of their mana outside their bodies

· Same as magic warriors, lack an attribute to their magic and lack the sturdiness of an awakened warrior

· Very small proportion of magic warriors will progress to become half-awakened warrior


· Process by which an individual awakens their attribute

· It awakens an attribute for a half-awakened warrior and they are henceforth known as awakened warrior

· After awakening, every individual gives off a unique mana vibration that is much more powerful than the one given by a magic warrior

Awakened Warrior

· Magic warriors/half-awakened warriors who are able to freely use mana outside of their bodies will progress to awakened warriors

· Attribute gets awakened for them

· Are divided into different star levels according to the category of their mana pool

· Well-respected and revered due to their essential role in rise of humanity

· Even the royalties of the kingdoms treat the awakened warriors with a lot of respect, regardless of their prior social status

· Can use a variety of magic spells including body strengthening magic

Star ikitelli escort level

· Used to classify the powers of awakened warriors

· Is equal to the number of evolutions of mana pool (4* awakened warrior would have evolved their mana pool exactly four times)

· When a half-awakened warrior becomes an awakened warrior, their mana pool undergoes evolution for the first time and they become 1* awakened

· Higher star levels correspond to higher life expectancy and increased sturdiness of the body

· Thought of as an absolute difference of abilities between awakened warriors


· The type of magic power/ mana

· Nature’s mana has an amalgam of all attributes

· Example: Cardinal elements, mutated elements, and rare attributes etc.

Rare Attributes

· Example: Light, Dark etc.

· Very few awakened warriors possess them

· Possess high utility and are highly sought after

· Light attribute has highest potential for healing magic

Cardinal Elements

· Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

· For any two awakened of similar strengths, they vary in power

· Example: Water> Fire, Fire> Wind, Wind> Earth, and finally in a full circle, Earth> Water

Mutated Attributes

· Lava, Lightning, Ice etc.

· Mutated attributes and the corresponding original attribute share a wide range of similarities. Many spells for them are mutual.


· The process by which an awakened warrior, regardless of their star level, fills up their mana pool with the mana of their awakened attribute

· Essential for an awakened warrior as the natural recovery rate of their mana is extremely slow and insufficient for their consumption

· Is a dangerous process

· Can be sped up with help of external resources (magic stone)

· istanbul escort Cannot increase the amount of mana inside the mana pool after it reaches the maximum value for a particular awakened


· After the mana pool of an awakened is filled to the peak, they can try to evolve their mana pool

· Successful evolution of the mana pool qualitatively changes it and increases the maximum limit of mana that can be filled up inside it

· Nature’s mana plays a crucial role in this process

· Extremely dangerous and life-threatening process

· More often than not, ceiling of evolutions is determined at birth and based on pure luck, regardless of the talent and ability level of an individual

Magic Spell

· When an awakened warrior uses their mana to interact with nature’s mana and/or perform supernatural acts

· Each spell has a certain way of mana circulation and gives off a certain vibration inside mana pool

· In general, repertoire of spells increases linearly with the advance in star levels

Magic Stone

· Can help in refining mana pool, also can quickly replenish mana after a fight

· Most beneficial if the magic stone used is of the same type as the attribute of the awakened

· A fire type magic stone is obtained only from a fire type magical/evolved beast, so on and so forth

· Graded by the purity of mana contained as well as the size

· Extremely expensive, only the richest can buy the high-grade magic stones

Mana Ore

· Similar in nature to magic stone and not so rare

· Big reserves in the southwest kingdoms of the continent

· Not found in Gelodesh Kingdom

Magical Beasts

· Domestic and wild beasts that have mutated due to mana

· Vicious in nature and stronger than their non-mutated counterparts

Prime Beasts

· Further mutated form of Magical Beasts

· Can use primitive magic of a particular type

· Extremely dangerous and incredibly resilient

· A single evolved beast can easily wipe out an entire village of humans


This document will get updated as the story progresses

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