M Club Ch. 02

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Note from the author: This story is best read in order. The titular M Club will appear in a few chapters, after the cast has been established.


The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.


“Holy shit! And he just whipped it out?” Lisa, on Denby’s computer screen, sat there with a jaw-dropping grin.

Denby usually shared everything with Lisa and had promised to do so following her afternoon with Sean, but the masturbation bit was something she hadn’t decided to share until everything else started spilling out. It almost seemed too personal, like it could come back to embarrass her boyfriend or be held against her for violating his confidence. Like usual, Lisa managed to drag the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of her.

“Well, no. I pulled his shorts down.”

“Oh, well in that case…” Lisa burst into giggles. “That’s awesome! I can’t believe he suggested it and then followed through. He did follow through, didn’t he? Please tell me he did.”

Denby could feel her face getting a little flush, partly from embarrassment and partly

from the fond memories. “Yes, he did. Just laying there on the blanket. Didn’t take long.”

“And? Details! C’mon. You know how this works. How big is he? How’d he do it?”

Denby buried her face in her pillow and then sat back up. “Fine. Yes, he’s pretty good sized, I think. Certainly was when I saw it. And he just, I don’t know, rubbed his hand up and down. Like usual, I guess. A minute or two later…boom.”

“Boom?” Lisa’s expression made it clear that wasn’t going to suffice.

“He squirted,” Denby said, unsure how to phrase it. “Like, all over himself. White, like we’ve seen in porn.”

“Jizz! Cum!” Lisa practically gushed.

Denby buried her face in her hands. “I know. Fine. Call it whatever you want.”

“Did you taste it?”

“What? No! Ewww.” Denby stuck her tongue out.

“Oh come on. You know if you’d dipped a finger in it and then licked it off, he’d have probably come again right then and there. Guys get off on that sort of thing.”

Denby shuddered. “In porn, maybe.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “I think porn is pretty well targeted at what guys actually do like.”

“You’re the expert,” Denby fired back, subtly reminding her friend that between the two of them, she was the only one who had any real experience with an actual living, breathing boy.

“Well, at least tell me you returned the favor.”

Denby cocked her head. “What do you mean?”

“You know…played with yourself so he could watch. Only fair, right?”

“No. I wasn’t the one who was gonna get blue balls or whatever.” She distinctly recalled Sean’s suggestion that she could, though, and now she wondered whether she’d let him down. He didn’t have reason to be disappointed after what they’d done, but…

“Chicken.” Lisa said jokingly, but Denby knew her friend well enough to detect that hint of genuine disappointment.

“Oh, like you’d have done it in my position.”

“Maybe. He’s cute enough.”

Denby sighed. “I’m calling bullshit. The idea of kissing creeps you out.”

“That’s not true,” she said, sounding genuinely hurt. “I just haven’t found the right guy. You know I don’t have anything against kissing or sex or…taking care of my own needs.”

“I bursa escort know,” Denby said, softening. “And someday you’ll find that guy.”

Lisa finished their familiar refrain. “…and until then, I’m going to tell you how to live your sex life.”

“Or non-sex life, you mean.” Denby frowned.

“Two months, champ. You can make it. And in the meantime, watching your boy wank off while staring at your titties sounds like fun to me. I bet it’d be even better if you played along.”

“Okay, this conversation is officially over,” Denby said, reaching for her laptop to kill the call. “I have homework to finish. See you tomorrow.”

Lisa smiled. “You’ll be thinking about it. I know it.”

“Goodbye!” Denby killed the call, but was smiling as she did so.


The good weather held to the following day and Sean hinted around all morning that they could go back to their private spot in the park that afternoon after school. Denby gave him a coy “maybe,” but she was already looking forward to making out with him again. It was difficult to focus in class between imagining the feel of his lips around her hard nipples or, increasingly, getting to watching him play with himself again. She was surprised at how much that image was burned into her mind and now her fantasies.

Lisa, of course, didn’t help matters. Between classes and again over lunch, she teased Denby about what the two of them would be doing that afternoon and if Den would participate as well this time. Denby refused to commit to anything, but neither did she reject the idea out of hand.

After school, Denby hooked up with Sean and without a word they started heading toward the park. She could feel the wetness already growing between her legs and she could hardly wait to reach their destination.

“Catch a movie tonight?” Sean squeezed her hand. He was practically floating, looking just as eager as she felt.

“Can’t. Lisa’s staying over tonight. Unless you wanted to bring her along.”

“Oh, right, forgot about that. Nah, that’s okay. Don’t want to intrude on girls’ night.”

Denby could sense the disappointment in his voice, even though he was going to be getting some happy attention this afternoon.

“Mom won’t let you stay the night, of course,” Denby said, “but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t come by for a little bit. Watch a movie on TV or something?”

Sean nodded. “Okay, I’ll keep it in mind. Might see what Andy’s up to first. Been a while since I hung out with him.”

“Wish we could get Lisa interested in Andy,” said Denby for perhaps the fiftieth time. “I think they’d get on well. I know he’s interested. Just can’t figure out what’s holding her back.”

“Lesbian.” Sean tried to say it with a straight face. Denby just punching him on the shoulder.

“Pretty sure that’s not it.”

Sean shrugged. “I just think she doesn’t like the idea of being set up. Like it’s charity or not organic or something.”

“That I’d believe. Maybe someday.”

Sean nodded and they finished the remainder of the short walk in silence. Once in the clearing, and assured that no one had seen them take the nearly invisible game trail back to it, Sean set about laying the blanket out on the grass. Denby peeled off her shirt, eager to get on with some serious making out. She figured he wouldn’t mind a little head-start, especially if she left the yellow push-up bra to him.

They embraced and began kissing, much less tentatively than yesterday. Within a minute, their tongues were dueling while hands were all over one another’s bare chests. Denby bursa escort bayan led him down to the blanket and pulled him atop her, wrapping her legs around him while he ground his erection into her crotch. Things slowed down for a little bit when he turned his attention to her breasts, lavishing her nipples with kisses and gentle sucking, but then they were soon back to grinding through their shorts.

Between gasping breaths, Denby whispered in Sean’s ear, “I want to watching you again.”

She could feel Sean smile against her cheek. “Oh really?”

“Uh huh.” She pulled him tighter into her crotch.

“You liked watching that then, huh?”

“I kept thinking about it last night. It was hot. Really hot.”

Sean sucked on her neck, sending a tingle down her spine. “I could do that,” he said when he came up for a breath. “Any chance you’ll join me?”

Denby felt a thrill of nerves and excitement. Would she? Could she? It still seemed like too much of a jump. But if he started…

“Maybe. I’m not sure yet.”

Sean kissed her on the lips, and then once on each nipple. “Okay. No pressure. Just know you’re always welcome to.”

Denby nodded. Sean pulled away until he was kneeling between her legs. He reached down and unzipped his shorts. Slowly, teasingly, he lowered his shorts and underwear until his fully-engorged cock popped free and bounced.

He gave himself a couple strokes. “I could do it right here…” The unspoked implication being he’d shoot all over her bare chest. She wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

“Not this time,” she said, at least giving him the hope that someday she’d be willing to let him cum on her.

Sean just shrugged and stood up so he could get completely free of his clothes.

Denby, still laying on her back, loved seeing him standing over her like that – his long, lean body conveying strength and confidence. His cock jutted out prominently. It was a mouthwatering profile.

“Think you could do it standing up like that?” She bit her lip after asking. “I’d like to see how far you can…you know…shoot.” She felt herself blush for asking.

Sean just grinned. “Sure thing. And I’ll aim for the grass.”

Denby felt the heat in her face, but she didn’t dare look away. Sean just stood there on the edge of the blanket, legs parted slightly, slowly stroking his long shaft. His eyes were frequently locked with hers but would also occasionally wander down to her breasts. When Denby realized this, she reached up to massage them, tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefingers. She found the exhibitionist act to be highly arousing and wondered at how much Sean was getting off on the same thing.

Sean continued to stroke, occasionally speeding up or slowing down. She got the impression he was taking his time, putting on a show. That suspicion was reinforced when he reached down with his other hand and tugged at his balls. She didn’t know if that added much to his experience or not, but it was interesting to watch.

“Are you close?” She couldn’t really read his face, though she was pretty sure he wasn’t right on the brink.

He shrugged. “Not that far. Depends on how fast I want to go. Why? You in a hurry? Hot date?”

Denby rolled her eyes. “No, just eager.”

She reached down and slid her shorts to her knees, revealing the semi-sheer blue thong underneath. That got Sean’s attention and she could tell he was trying to make out just how much or how little hair she might have down there. Before he could figure it out, though, she covered it with her hand.

“Tease,” escort bursa he said, smiling.

“Who said I was doing this for you?” she fired back, winking. She curled her hand down between her legs and let her fingers gently press up against her pussy. The thong was very damp and the touch electric.

Sean clearly saw the reaction on her face. “Decided to play along, huh?”

Denby had intended to only tease, to cover herself up and hint at playing along. That touch, though, set her on edge and she couldn’t help but to start rubbing gently. “Maybe. Just a hint.”

“Your panties look like they’re kinda in the way.”

Denby opened her eyes back up after a brief flutter of pleasure had prompted them closed. Sean was clearly stroking harder and faster now, his eyes wandering all over her body.

“They’re right where they’re supposed to be, big guy.” It was easy to say, but the more she rubbed, the more she wanted to shove her hand underneath the thin fabric or just strip it off altogether. She just didn’t entirely trust herself yet – a small part in the embarrassment for showing that private act and a larger part that was afraid she’d just let Sean touch her or more.

“Uh huh.”

Denby stuck out her tongue. “Do I get to see you shoot or not?”

Sean smiled and upped his pace dramatically, his hand sliding up and down along his shaft almost so fast it became a blur. Denby was surprised he didn’t get raw skin from the act, but it was clearly causing far more pleasure than pain based on the expression on his face. He was trying to keep his eyes on her, but the closer he got to climax, the more his eyes closed and the heavier his breathing became.

Denby rubbed herself harder but knew she was nowhere as near to climax as her boyfriend, so she just eased back and maintained a pleasurable vibe while watching the show. The wait didn’t take long as moments later he took in a sharp breath and turned slightly to make sure he was pointing away from the blanket. The first spurt launched much further than she’d expected, landing in the grass probably a good six or seven feet away. A small gasp escaped her lips at the sight. The second and third shots of cum were considerably less forceful, but still impressive.

“Wow,” she said. “Very impressive.”

“Thanks.” He was still breathing heavily, but clearly calming down. He squeezed a few more dribbles out the tip of an already-softening member. “Not sure what’s normal, really. I don’t do this for distance.”

“Not the sort of thing that really needs distance.” Denby smiled, enjoying the sight of Sean as he came down off his high. Watching the intimate act had gotten her even more aroused, but her sensibilities kept fighting back the urge to follow suit. How long she could resist that, however, she didn’t know.

Sean knelt beside her and leaned over to give her a long, heated kiss. “Thanks for giving me a bit of inspiration there.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, even as she pulled her shorts back up over her panties to remove temptation – from her and him. “And thank you for that wonderful show.”

They kissed and cuddled and chatted for a little bit longer, savoring the company and the weather, but eventually had to get dressed and head home. Sean walked Denby to her house and gave her a goodbye kiss – nothing too crazy in case one of her parents happened to be looking outside.

“You gonna let me know about tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll check with Andy and get back with you.”

She kissed him again. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Denby couldn’t help but stand on her front porch for a minute and watch as he walked away, picturing that tight ass as it had been not long ago – bare, clenched, and hot. Well, that and his other bits. Lisa, of course, would want all the details tonight.

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