Lustful Sunday

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Double Penetration

Author’s Note:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw up a short story here. I haven’t decided if I will continue this storyline, but if there’s enough requests or good feedback, I definitely can.

I am still working on “My Mother Reiko” with new chapters coming soon. I’m also thinking about a Christmas themed short story, maybe mommy had a little too much spiked eggnog?

As always, thank you for reading my story,



“Ricky, can you grab me some sugar from the pantry?” Elaine shouted.

Tonight was her husband Don’s 50th birthday, and she was going to bake a cake to celebrate the occasion.

“Tiramisu cake. His favourite.” Elaine said to herself. She had been slaving away all day in the kitchen preparing this meal. Don decided to go over to his buddies to watch some Sunday football. Eight hours of men tackling each other over an odd shaped ball. She never understood the appeal of it.

“Where is that boy with the sugar?” Elaine asked herself, “Ricky?!” She yelled again. “What is he doing?!”

Ricky was in his first year at college, and came home to celebrate his dad’s birthday. But what was really bothering him was that he still hadn’t gotten laid. It’s been four months since the semester started and he hasn’t even gotten so much as a hand job. It was frustrating to say the least, suddenly he heard his mom yelling for him from the kitchen.

What does she want now?

“I’ve been calling you to get me some sugar from the pantry.” Elaine said sternly.

“Sorry mom, I was busy.”

“Well go. I gotta get this cake ready for tonight. And there’s so much left to be done.” Elaine said as she went back to preparing the big meal for later.

As Ricky made his way downstairs, he couldn’t help but think his mother was overreacting to the whole situation. It was only going to be the three of them and she was cooking up a storm. She was like that though. He remembered how she was like when he was younger, extremely overprotective. Even at his peewee softball games, she would make sure he wouldn’t get hurt.

It was baseball, for Christ’s sake. He thought.

“Here.” Ricky said as he plopped the bag of sugar on the counter.

“Thank you, dear.” Elaine said as she grabbed the sugar and began adding it to the mixture, whipping it manually.

Ricky noticed his mom’s breasts wiggle as she whipped the mixture. She was wearing an apron but he could make out the outline of her breast as they heaved back and forth. He felt a slight tingling in his pants.

“Uh, anything else, mom?” He asked nervously.

“No, that’ll be all, sweetie. Why don’t you go back to whatever you were doing and I’ll call you down when dinner is ready?” She replied.

Ricky quickly turned around and made his way back to his room.

What the fuck, why am I getting a boner?


“Looks like you’ve still got it, girl.” Elaine said to herself.

She was posing in front of the mirror, holding her blonde hair up with both arms, wearing a black lingerie set she had picked up earlier in the week. She wanted to do something special for Don tonight, as any loving wife would.

“Hmmm, these look good indeed.” Elaine cupped her DD breasts. The bra had pushed them up, making them look even larger. She then turned around to see how her ass looked in the mirror. It looked plump as ever, the garter belt and thong combination was magnificent. She couldn’t wait to see her husband’s reaction.

“Hey, mom, do you think dad-,” Ricky said as he walked in on his mom.

“Ah! No!” Elaine screamed to see her son standing there, she tried covering herself with her hands, “Ricky! Don’t look!”

“Sorry! I just wanted to show you the present I got dad!” He blurted out. He was still in awe of seeing his mother like this. Even though she was covering herself up, Ricky could still make out his mother in her lingerie get up.

Her tits are almost hanging out, and her ass. She looks amazing, he thought to himself. He could now feel the semi erection he had in his shorts.

“Get outta here!” She yelled.

“Sorry!” Ricky said as he slammed the door shut.

“Fuck, damn it,” Elaine sat down on her bed. She was upset with herself for not locking the door. She had gotten used to certain things since Ricky went away for college, such as walking around the house naked from time to time, and not having to lock doors anymore. She now remembered that her son was in the house again.

“Was that? No. Oh god.” Elaine facepalmed as she was sure that she saw something protruding in Ricky’s shorts, and definitely saw it sticking out as he turned to leave the room.

Great job, Elaine. You just gave your own son a boner, she thought.

Elaine threw on a robe. She sat back down on the bed and thought about what had transpired.

“He must be so confused, poor boy.” She said to herself. This was Ricky’s first year at college, having real experiences, maybe even sexual ones.

I wonder if he’s still a virgin. Get a hold of bağcılar escort yourself, Elaine! She thought.

“My little boy.” Elaine suddenly became emotional. She remembered taking him to softball games, how they would spend Sunday afternoons at the park, and then coming home to bake cookies. And now he’s becoming a man. She picked herself up off the bed and decided that they would need to talk about what just happened.

Ricky laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was still trying to process what happened. All the images of his mom were running through his head. Her long blonde hair dangling on her large breasts, the way her round ass reflected in the mirror in the thong when she turned around.

Dude, this is my mom. I can’t think of her this way! He thought.

He could feel an erection building up again as he thought about her more, just then there was a knock on the door.

“Ricky? Can I come in?”

Ricky quickly pulled the blanket up to cover his erection. He didn’t want his mom to see it again.

“Y-yeah, sure mom.” He shouted out.

Elaine opened the door to see her son laying in bed, tucked under the covers. She closed the door and sat down on the bed next to him.

“Hey, sweetie. I wanted to talk about what just happened.” She said calmly.

“Sure mom.” Ricky never realized how beautiful his mom was. He wasn’t sure what was happening or why he was feeling this way. But he could feel his heart beating faster and faster.

“Look, I understand it’s been a while since you’ve been home. But you can’t just barge into mommy’s room like that.”

Mommy? I haven’t called her that in years. Ricky thought to himself.

“I’m sorry, mom. I was just excited to show you dad’s present.”

“I know. You’re such a good son,” Elaine said as she reached down and ran her hand through his blonde hair, “Now, did something else get excited when you walked in on me?”

Ricky started to blush.

“Uh, what do you mean?”

“Ricky, I saw it. And it’s ok. You’re still a young man. I don’t want you to think that it’s wrong or anything. It’s perfectly normal.” Elaine reassured him.

“Really? I mean, I thought you were mad at me.” Ricky replied.

“You’re my sweet boy, I could never be upset with you.” Elaine leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. As she did this, her robe opened a little and Ricky again saw his mother’s breasts peeking out of the black laced bra. He reached down immediately with both hands to cover up his erection as it formed a tent.

Elaine noticed him squirming and looked down to see him covering up, she chuckled.

“Awwww, sweetheart. Listen, your father is going to be home soon. Why don’t you take care of that,” she pointed to his covered up erection, “then get dressed and come down for dinner?” She got up from the bed and made her way to the door.

“Uh, mom?” Ricky asked.

“Yes, dear?” Elaine replied as she stood by the door.

“Could you…I mean, could I have a look at you again?” Ricky shyly asked.

“A look?” Elaine knew what he meant. She was hesitant but then looked at her yearning boy.

If it will help him, then of course. That is a mother’s job, she thought.

Elaine untied her robe and opened it up. She wasn’t naked after all, and he had already seen her. This couldn’t hurt. Ricky’s eyes widened as he witnessed his mother’s gorgeous body. She was fit for being in her mid 40s.

“There, happy? Now, I don’t want a word of this getting out to your father. Understand?” Elaine said as she stood there still holding her robe open.

“Y-yes, mom.” Ricky moved his right hand under the cover. He grabbed hold of his cock and started to pump up and down, as he looked at his mother.

Elaine wasn’t sure if she should have left the room or continue to stand there. Her son was masturbating right before her eyes. This was something a mother should never see.

“R-Ricky, I think I should leave.”

“No, please stay, mommy. Please.” Ricky begged as he continued to pleasure himself.

Elaine’s heart swelled up when she heard him call her that. He hadn’t called her that in years.

“Ok, mommy’s here for you, sweetheart. Finish for me.” Elaine encouraged him.

Ricky started to pump harder hearing his mother say that. It sounded so naughty. He knew he was going to cum soon.

“Mommy! I-I-I’m gonna…!”

Elaine watched as her son let out a moan of ecstasy. She could see the motion slowing down from under the covers and a wet spot starting to form where his erection had been.

“Good boy. Now clean up and be downstairs in 20 minutes.” Elaine tied her robe back up and closed the door.

Ricky laid there breathlessly. All he could think of was how he could get his mother to join in next time.


“Where is he?”

Ricky asked his mom. It was a quarter past 8 and Don was supposed to be home over an hour ago. His wife and son were sitting in the dining room, waiting bahçelievler escort as the food got cold.

“I’ll try calling him again, dear.” Elaine left the room to make a call. This would be the 5th time she would be calling him.

The phone started ringing and after the 11th ring, he picked up.

“Helllllooooooo?” Don slurred.

“Where are you right now?! We have been waiting for you for over an hour!” Elaine said sternly but quietly to make sure Ricky didn’t hear her.

“Baaaabe. Honey. I’m not gonna make it.”

“What?! What do you mean?! How much have you had to drink?!” Elaine was fuming. She can’t believe he was doing this.

“It’s my birthday! I can drink whatever how much I want!” Don screamed into the phone. He was clearly inebriated.

“Fine! Don’t bother coming home then! Stay there with your buddies, you fucking asshole!” Elaine hung up and slammed her fist onto the counter. Ricky walked into the kitchen.

“Mom? Is dad coming home?” He asked.

“He’s not, baby.” Elaine replied sadly. She walked up to her boy and hugged him. He was still a bit shorter than her. Especially since she had heels on. She could feel him hug her tight. His head resting on her bosom.

“It’s just gonna be us tonight. Ok? We don’t need your father.” Elaine looked down at Ricky.

“Sounds good, mom. Can we eat now? I’m starving.”

“Yes! Of course. Let’s eat.”

They sat down and enjoyed the spread Elaine had prepared. Everything from a lobster bisque to roasted prime rib. She had made all of her husband’s favourites, and he was too busy getting wasted with his buddies. She took another big gulp of red wine.

“Hey mom, can I have some?” Ricky asked.

“Wine? No, you’re 18.” She laughed.

“Come on, it’s not like I haven’t had alcohol before.”

“Oh really? Well, I guess a little won’t hurt. We are celebrating.” Elaine poured him a glass.

“Let’s make a toast. To you, mom.” Ricky raised his glass.

“To me?” For what” Elaine chuckled.

“For always being there for us. For being the heart and soul of this family. I am so lucky to be your son. I love you, mom.”

“Ohh, I love you too, baby.” Elaine could feel some tears swelling up in her eyes. She had felt extremely down for what happened tonight with Don. But her spirits were picking up. She couldn’t believe how sweet her son was. She felt truly loved.

After dinner, the two made their way into the living room and sat in front of the fireplace on a sofa. They had both dressed up for the occasion. Ricky wore his graduation suit, while Elaine wore a black low cut dress with spaghetti straps that matched the lingerie from earlier. She actually decided to ditch the bra, and only wore the garter belt and thong. But since Don wasn’t going to be home tonight, it was all for nothing.

“Is something wrong, mom?” Ricky noticed his mother staring into the fire solemnly.

“Oh, it’s just your father. How could he do this? It’s so like him.” She replied.

“Maybe he just wants to have some fun.” Ricky took another sip of wine. They had polished half the bottle.

“Are you saying I’m not fun?” Elaine nudged her elbow into her son’s side.

“Ah, no no. I didn’t mean that. I’m just saying, dad works pretty hard. And yeah it does suck that he’s not here. But maybe it’s ok for him to just have some fun with his buddies. We’re doing ok on our own.”

“You’re right. We don’t need him. We can have some fun on our own!” Elaine got up and went over to turn on the wireless speaker. She synched up her phone and put on some music.

“Come! Dance with me, Ricky!”

Ricky sat and watched his mother move to the sound of the music. She looked so sexy tonight. She put her hair up and wore that tight fitting dress that hugged her every curve. He was so lucky to have such a gorgeous mother. He meant what he said about not needing his father here tonight. Because it meant he would have her all to himself.

“Come to momma!” Elaine walked over with both hands and pulled Ricky up to dance with her.

“Oh mom.” Ricky chuckled as he started to jive with his mom. He wasn’t sure how drunk she was.

“Like this.” Elaine wrapped her son’s arms around her and she did the same. Then they started to move to the beat of the music. Their bodies motioning as one.

The next song slowed down and the mother and son found themselves embraced in a slow dance. Ricky rested his head onto his mother’s chest again, her soft bosoms providing a comfort like no other. She held him close and ran her hand through his hair. She knew he liked that.

“Mom?” Ricky looked up at Elaine.

“Yes?” She looked down at Ricky.

“You look so beautiful tonight. And I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now to be here with you.”

“Oh, my sweet boy.” Elaine pulled her son up and kissed him on the lips. She didn’t know what came over her but she wanted this.

Ricky kissed her passionately. He felt his mother’s tongue work it’s bahçeşehir escort way into his mouth. He moved his hands from her waist and gripped onto her firm ass.

“Oh!” Elaine yelped as she felt his hands gripped her ass.

“Mom, I-” Ricky tried to get a word out but his mother kissed him again. Their tongues wrapped around one other, saliva seeping into their mouths. Elaine suddenly broke off the kiss.

“Sit down.” She pushed Ricky and he plotted onto the sofa.

Elaine reached up and untied her hair, letting the long, blonde locks free.

“Ricky, you know that I love you and that you mean more to me than anything in this world? More than your father, more than this house, more than anything?”

“Yes, mom. And you mean the world to me.”

“Good. Now watch mommy, dear.”

Elaine reached for the straps to her dress and undid them. She then slowly pulled them down with the dress, her large breasts revealing themselves. Her pink nipples were hard with anticipation.

“What do you think, baby? How does mommy’s tits look?” Elaine said as she cupped them and then worked her fingers around the nipples.

“Incredible. Mom, I can’t beli-“

Elaine turned around and pulled the rest of the dress off and bent over. Her ass a mere feet from her son’s face.

“What about mommy’s ass?” She giggled.

“Amazing.” Ricky could feel his heart pounding and his cock stiffening. He couldn’t believe what was happening. His mother didn’t seem drunk anymore, and was doing this on her own free will.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Elaine said as she turned her head around and looked at Ricky. “Go ahead, play with my ass, son.”

Ricky immediately reached out and grabbed his mother’s ass. He fondled each cheek, grabbing as much ass flesh as he could. Then he kissed them, licking the cheeks and groped them.

“Mmmmm, that’s it. Mommy’s ass is for you.” Elaine moaned. She reached back and grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to the slit between her legs. Ricky moved the thong aside with his finger and started licking his mother’s wet pussy.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Taste me. Lick your mother’s pussy.” Elaine screamed.

Ricky lapped his tongue back and forth. He spread her ass cheeks out and finally jammed it right into his mother’s hole.

“Oooohhh, mommy’s gonna cum!”

She let out a big yelp and Ricky could feel her juices leak into his mouth. Elaine then turned around and kissed her son. She was amazed at how hard she came. He then grabbed her tits and sucked on the erect nipples, lathering his tongue over each one, covering them in his spit.

“Yes, suck on mommy’s tits. Like when you were young.” Elaine grasped her son closer as he ravaged her breasts. He gripped them tight and sucked hard on the nipples, sending a wave of pleasure throughout her body.

“Your breasts. They’re so amazing, mom!” Ricky yelled out as he smothered his face between her tits.

“Mmmmm. Ricky, lie back dear. It’s mommy’s turn to play with you.”

Ricky sat back on the couch and slid down. His mother grabbed a pillow, placed it on the floor and knelt down on them.

“Let’s see what my boy has for me.” Elaine undid the belt and unzipped Ricky’s pants. Then she reached in.

“Oh my!” Elaine gasped as she could feel the erect cock under his boxers. She then took her hand out and reached up to pull down his pants and boxers.

Ricky’s penis flung out, fully erect. There was already a bit of precum leaking from the tip.

“My, my, my, son,” Elaine grabbed her son’s cock with her right hand and started stroking him.

“Ohhhh, mom.” Ricky moaned.

“That’s my sweet boy. Just relax, mommy is here.” Elaine said as she spat into her left hand and stroked him off with both hands.

“That feels so good.” Ricky said as he watched his mother stroke him.

“So much precum,” Elaine rubbed the head of Ricky’s cock as the clear liquid oozed out, “Let mommy have a taste.” She licked the head where the precum had been leaking, each lick making Ricky’s moans louder. Then she took his entire cock into her mouth.

“Oh! Mom!” Ricky yelled.

Elaine sucked on her son’s cock. She twirled her tongue around it as she bobbed up and down. Switching between jerking him off, she would lick his balls, each of them engorged, waiting to be released. She licked up and down the shaft, his cock twitching and pulsating, as she sucked harder. She would deepthroat as much as she could, which built a slimy mixture of saliva and Ricky’s juices around his balls.

With all the lubrication, Elaine placed his cock between her tits and started to tit fuck her son.

“Yeah, come on! You like your mother’s tits wrapped around your cock, you naughty boy?”

“Y-yes! It feels so fucking good!”

“Then show me! Fuck them harder!” Elaine started to move her heaving breasts up and down faster, as they enveloped Ricky’s cock. They were wet and slippery from all the spit and precum. She would grab his cock and slap them against her tits, sucking on the head as soon as she saw any juices leak out.

“Mom, oh mom! I think I’m gonna cum!”

Elaine still had her son’s cock in her mouth when she heard him scream. She moved her left hand down to massage his balls, while she stroked and sucked him. She could feel his balls tense up. She lifted her head off the cock and jerked as hard as she could with her right hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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