Luke and Amy Ch. 05

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His sister was bouncing furiously on his cock, roughly pistoning up and down. He could see her glorious torso in full view as her hips danced on his lap. Her perfect large breasts swayed and her nipples made small circles in the air.

Luke moaned at the sight and the heat from her cunt that sheathed his shaft. His hands found her hips and he pulled her down even harder onto his dick.

“Fuck me,” he growled. “You love my cock, don’t you, my nasty girl.”

“I do!” she screamed. “More, I want more!”

His fingers dug into her hips, holding her still. He slammed his pelvis up into her as hard as he possibly could. Her body jolted as she wailed in ecstasy with every thrust that felt like he was banging on a door inside of her.

“Oh my god, you know just what a slut needs,” she howled. Her words were choppy as he used her.

He could feel her satin walls clamping down on his erection and her fluids trickling down his balls.

“Luke!” a voice called in the distance. “Luke! It’s ten-thirty, get up.”

His eyes shot open, ripping him from a vivid dreamland. He saw Amy’s dresser sideways in his vision. His body was sunk into the air mattress that desperately needed to be inflated again.

He had dropped Amy off at school and returning for a few more hours of slumber on the uncomfortable air mattress had become the new morning ritual.

He turned his head, rubbing his eyes. His mother was standing in the doorway. He was suddenly acutely aware of his erection. He made sure to not turn over from his side.

“Hey, Mom,” Luke mumbled.

“I just thought you wanted to get up before it gets too late and the day is wasted,” Kathryn said.

“Yeah, thanks,” his scratchy voice answered.

He turned his cheek back into the pillow, avoiding eye contact with his mother. He silently prayed that he hadn’t been moaning in his sleep, and especially groaning his sister’s name.

“You better not fall back asleep young man,” his mother playfully chided him.

His member uncomfortably rubbed into the un-giving mattress as he kept himself curled and hidden from her view.

“I won’t,” he said. He forced himself to keep his eyes open. “Thanks for getting me up.”

“No problem,” Kathryn replied, and then returned to her office next door.

When he heard her take a seat in the office chair, Luke pulled himself out of bed. He went straight to Amy’s laptop and turned it on. He waited for it to boot up, and then logged into his e-mail.

Besides the standard junk mail, he received an e-mail from Amy half an hour ago. He clicked it open.

He read it silently, “Hey you sleepy head. I wanted to tell you my panties have been soaked all day. I’ll see you at 12:15. Do you remember the place I told you to meet me? Love, Amy.”

Luke smiled to himself. All day yesterday, he and Amy had sent each other dirty e-mails while she was at school. She would tell him about the random filthy thoughts that crossed her mind in class.

Luke typed a reply, speaking the words in his mind as he wrote. “I just woke up from an amazing dream of you and I. The real thing is going to be a zillion times better in just a little while. I remember. I’ll see you then. Keep those panties wet for me and your pussy wetter. I miss you.”

He clicked send, and then made a special folder titled “Teaching Stuff,” for the e-mails that were clogging his inbox. He didn’t want to delete them and knew there would be plenty more to come. After moving all of the messages, he returned an e-mail to his roommate.

Amy felt her phone buzz in her backpack. It vibrated against the railing of her desk that her foot was wrapped around. She smiled, knowing who it was from.

She kept her eyes on her teacher, taking notes in a spiral notebook. She was one of the only students who still took handwritten notes. She had a firm belief that you absorbed more information through writing by hand.

Fingers pounded away on keys around her, background noise to the thoughts of how delicious her brother’s semen tasted on her tongue. Her mouth watered at the thought of his hard flesh diving in and out of her mouth and the exquisite flavor of his spunk.

Amy realized she was drooling. She blushed and quickly wiped her mouth.

She shook off her thoughts for a few minutes and focused on the white board and her English teacher who was rambling on about Albert Camus’ “The Stranger.”

She diligently continued taking notes, but couldn’t help her mind wandering to her brother. She squirmed in her seat and fought with herself to keep focus. She never had a problem paying attention in class until this week.

“I should have blown him this morning before we left,” she thought. “Maybe, I should start doing that every day so I wouldn’t feel so fucking horny like I do now.”

Amy rested her cheek against her left hand, her other hand still writing in her spiral notebook. She rubbed her thighs together in attempt to release some of the tension in her body.

Her babbling mind continued its distraction, “Well bostancı escort no, that wouldn’t help. I’d probably just want to lay in bed with him all day if I did that, needing more and more of his delicious seed. But, I should blow him in the mornings. I know he would love that. Well, if he could keep quiet while I did it.”

She giggled to herself. When she realized she had done so out loud, she quickly covered her mouth.

Amy felt the eyes of her best friend, Kristy, on her and she looked over. The freckled redhead raised a brow and gave her a curious look. Amy shook her head and waved her hand slightly in front of her mouth.

Kristy didn’t appear to be satisfied with that response. She kept her brow raised as she returned her brown eyes forward.

Amy forced herself to pay attention. She sat up straighter and pushed her glasses up on her nose. She quickly copied down the notes she had gotten behind on.

Her inner voice had other plans. “I need to suck his cock as much as possible in the next few weeks. God, I’m going to miss his cock. I’m going to miss him too, so fucking much. But, his penis is part of him, and goodness is it perfect.”

Amy closed her blue eyes for a moment. She clearly saw her brother’s manhood, making out every vein and ridge. She loved how soft his flesh was when it was thick and rigid. She imagined running the tip of her tongue ever so slowly up and down his length, teasing him until he was begging her to wrap her lips around it.

Amy imagined the adoring, loving, lustful, and amazed expression he had while she was servicing him. His eyes were glazed over and wide, always looking down at her. His mouth was open and groans openly escaped from it. The skin around his nose crinkled when he grunted and his nostrils flared. His hand softly petted her head. She loved seeing how much she pleased him and it was written all over his face.

She opened her eyes again once she felt fresh juices stain her silk panties. Her cheeks were hot and she quickly glanced to her friend sitting on her right. Kristy’s eyes were still forward.

“Thank goodness,” Amy silently said. “I need to keep myself under control, especially around Kristy or she’s going to start asking me questions.”

She forced any dirty thoughts to the back of her mind for the rest of class, even though her nectar continued leaking into her panties.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the period.

Amy slid out of her desk, and then squatted down to put her notebook into her bag. She pulled her phone out and kept it in her hand as she slipped her arms into her backpack. She smoothed out her green and blue plaid skirt and tugged her sweater vest down before she began walking.

Kristy was waiting for her by the door. Amy joined her, and then they joined the herd of teenagers in the hallway on the way to their lockers.

Amy kept quiet, partially from embarrassment, as they walked together. She could tell her friend had something she wanted to say.

Amy spun the lock and turned it to the proper numbers before it opened for her. She grabbed her calculus book, and then held her hand inside of her locker as she opened her e-mail on her phone. She quickly read her brother’s response and her lips curled into a smile.

Kristy fished her book out of her locker, and then closed it up. She stepped over a few feet across the brown and white tile floor until she was next to her friend.

“Hey woman,” Amy said as her thumb quickly typed a naughty reply to her brother.

“What are you doing?” Kristy asked, peeking over to the light shining inside her friend’s locker.

Amy quickly turned the screen off before sending the message, and then brought her hand back.

“Nothing, Luke just asked me if we needed to pick up anything to make dinner while I was taking care of Timothy and Hunter tonight,” Amy said as she closed up her locker, and then gave the lock a spin. She gave her friend a convincing smile.

Kristy looked up a few inches to her friend, and then scrunched up her freckled nose. Amy knew that was Kristy’s look when she was trying to read her mind.

They started walking down the crowded hallway side by side. Amy tucked her calculus book between her arm and chest.

Kristy looked over to her friend a few times before she spoke with a hint of curiosity in her tone, “Something is up with you.”

“Something is up with me?” Amy repeated, raising a chestnut brow.

“Yes,” Kristy replied quickly, and then stepped around a student who was using the water fountain.

Amy turned her head to her when she was back at her side.

“You seem distracted,” Kristy continued. “You’re the queen of focus.”

Amy chuckled and dismissed her, “Trust me, I’m not distracted. You can’t tell me that your mind has never trailed elsewhere during class?”

“Well no, it’s more than that. I can’t seem to put my finger on it.” Kristy playfully wagged a finger in the air, “But, don’t you worry, I’ll figure it out.”

“Sure büyükçekmece escort you will.” Amy teasingly rolled her eyes before following Kristy down the stairs.

Her tits wobbled against her book as she bounced down the steps. Her skirt billowed against her ass. She tried to wash the silly grin off of her face from the silent warm thoughts her brother brought her.

Amy hopped off of the bottom stair, and then returned to Kristy’s side. They both waved to a friend they passed in the hallway.

“Or maybe, it could be something as simple as you need to get laid,” Kristy laughed.

Amy shook her head, causing her loose brown pigtails to sway on her shoulders. Her voice was filled with sarcasm, “Oh yeah, that’s exactly it. Sex. Sex. Sex. That’s all I ever think about.”

Her friend playfully slapped her arm. “Hey, well when you were with Derek, you did talk about it all the time.”

“Oh! Well, that’s a great thought to put in my mind right before I have to sit next to him in class,” she retorted with an eye roll.

“I’m just saying, maybe we need to find you a replacement penis,” Kristy playfully chided her. “You need a nice big one and you’ll feel all better.”

“I don’t need a replacement dick,” Amy said more defensively than she meant to. She stopped herself from continuing her statement.

“Well, you need something.” Kristy shot her a smile. “I bet Derek wouldn’t mind having some more time with you. Don’t get back together with him or anything, just let off some steam. You could even leave him before he’s finished as long as you already got yours.”

Amy just shook her head again. “You’re a nutcase,” she chuckled.

Amy continued their playful banter, “I don’t know why I’ve been friends with you since we were nine.”

“That’s cause you love me,” she said, batting her lashes. “Or maybe because I’m the only one who can put up with you.”

“Actually, I think I’m the one who puts up with you, if I remember correctly.” Amy winked.

“Ah yes, my sweet best friend. What would we do without each other?”

Amy shrugged and grinned. “Die?”

“Sounds about right.” Kristy smiled.

They both passed by the restroom. They looked at each other, and then turned back around.

Amy closed the stall door and did her business. She lingered for a few moments and quickly finished the e-mail to her brother.

“I’m literally aching for you. I’m desperate for you to be inside me again. I miss you heaps! I’m going to work up a formula to make the school days pass quicker.” She sent it, and then stuffed her phone back into her bag.

After washing their hands, the girls went a few doors down to their next class. They filed in behind other uniformed students.

The room was stark white with headache inducing fluorescent lighting and windows lined the back wall, like every other classroom in the school.

Amy slipped into her seat in the middle of the room. Kristy sat on her right. As Kristy opened her book, she looked over at Amy. She grinned, and then shrugged. Amy watched her eyes move to the door where her ex-boyfriend was coming in.

Amy shook her head to her friend. She made a mental note to declare to the entire school that you should never choose to sit next to your boyfriend at the beginning of the school year and accept that as your assigned seat.

“Hey,” Derek said as she slipped into the desk on her left.

“Hey back,” Amy said, opening her book to the page number on the white board.

She glanced over at her ex-boyfriend for a brief moment and wondered what she was so head over heels for not that long ago.

He wasn’t unattractive, nor was he handsome. His hair was blonde and messy, as most guys his age wore their hair. She always liked his green eyes, but now they looked so plain and lifeless compared to her brother’s. He wasn’t boring or a jerk. He was just a guy, and he definitely didn’t realize what he had left behind.

Amy bent over to pull her calculator, pencil, and spiral notebook from her bag, and then sat back up. She quickly placed all the materials on the small desk.

“I heard Luke’s back, are you happy?” Derek asked, going through the same practice she just did.

“Yes, very happy. It was a really nice surprise,” she said briefly.

“I’m glad, you deserve to be happy,” he commented, and then smiled.

A week ago, she might have said something a quite crude at a statement regarding her happiness from the guy who out of the blue ripped her heart out and drove over it with spikey tires.

Today, she just smiled. Nothing about Derek mattered anymore. Anything before her brother was washed away with his deep unconditional love. He was all she needed and wanted.

“Thanks,” Amy said softly, and then crossed her legs tightly to her left.

She smoothed out her skirt over her thighs as class began.

Amy took notes along with the rest of the class, working through the sample equations with the teacher.

Amy’s çağlayan escort mind wandered when the student who would constantly ask questions raised her hand. She knew she had a few moments to be alone with her thoughts.

She rested her cheek against her closed fist and closed her eyes. She thought about her brother’s lips against hers. They shared the most intense kisses she had ever felt.

She would kiss him every moment of every day if she could. She loved how his lips melted into hers and their tongues always seemed to dance with a perfect mix of decadent love and carnal lust.

Her eyes opened again when she heard the sound of the dry erase marker on the board. She nudged her glasses up on her nose and returned her attention to calculus.

As she was taking notes, she felt eyes on her. She glanced over to her left from the corner of her eyes.

Her ex-boyfriend was staring at her legs. This wasn’t the first time.

Amy felt an odd combination of anger and arousal. She would never in a million years consider giving herself to him again under any circumstances. But, she thought it would be fun to tease him and remind him of what he walked out on.

She continued scribbling in her spiral as her other hand moved down to her lap. Her fingers drifted under her plaid skirt, pretending to scratch an inch on her thigh. Her skirt bunched up against her wrist as she scratched herself. She moved her fingers down to her knee, and then scratched inside the top of her knee highs.

Derek’s eyes became wide as they followed her movements and he licked his dry lips.

She withdrew her hand and her skirt remained high on her creamy thighs, just barely hiding her panties.

Amy glanced over again to see that his gaze was still fixed on her lower body. She smiled inwardly, thinking that her brother would be proud of her.

The annoying student raised her hand again and Amy quietly sighed. Kristy looked over at her and rolled her eyes. Amy giggled softly as her friend mocked their classmate, flapping her hand with every one of her words. Her other hand came up and slapped the mimicking one. Amy covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

She shook her head and playfully raised a finger to her mouth.

Her eyes closed again as blabber mouth continued asking questions.

She thought about Luke’s playful test he put her through last night. He was curious to see how bad of a thing he could make his sister do. He told her to flirt with David, the father of the children she babysat for, when he arrived home. Amy gasped and punched him. She told him that she would never do that. Luke chuckled and admitted that he was glad she wouldn’t. He just wanted to check and make sure she was still his level headed sister, even though she was his filthy slut.

He did however, try to get her to make out with him after the kids had gone to sleep. Amy told him that besides the consequences that would occur if one of the children woke up and found them, she had earned her reputation as the trustful sitter who never invited boys over to play tonsil hockey.

Luke laughed at her about the second comment, but accepted it. He told her he loved her for being her, and then she rested her head in his lap while they watched television until the father returned home.

Amy smiled to herself, feeling warmth throughout her entire body from the love she felt for Luke.

She blinked her eyes open when she heard students punching numbers in their calculators. She quickly caught up and returned her attention to the teacher.

“Psst,” came from her left a few minutes later.

Amy turned to Derek. She cocked her head slightly, silent asking, “What?”

He held out a folded sheet of notebook paper and handed it to her. She quickly reached over and took it. Kristy turned her eyes to her friend when she heard the paper unfolding.

Any read the note in her ex-boyfriend’s chicken scratch handwriting, “I do really want you to be happy. I’m sorry about everything. I’m not asking you to forgive me, I know I hurt you. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry.”

Amy sat back in her seat, contemplating a response as she folded the note up and slipped it into the back of her spiral.

A smile curled on her lips as she thought, “Over a month of barely speaking a word to me, and now you’re sorry? Oh Jesus, Derek, you are such an idiot. You’re lucky that I have Luke now or I would be a bit bitchier about this. Also, a note, really? Damn, you’re clueless.”

She turned to face her ex. He looked as if he was waiting a million years for her response.

Amy reached over and lightly placed her hand on his forearm, and squeezed lightly. She liked that she felt absolutely nothing when she touched him. It was the first time that had ever happened. No anger, no emotions, no excitement, nothing.

“I’m okay,” Amy whispered as quietly as she could and he still hear her. “It’s okay. Really. Thanks though.”

She smiled softly as she withdrew her hand. She saw Derek nod with acceptance before she looked over at Kristy who was practically gawking.

“I’ll show you later,” Amy mouthed, and then returned her attention to class.

Daydreams of her brother tried to push their way into her occupied mind. She was successful except for flashes of images that seeped through the cracks of the mental block that she had forced up.

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