Loving in Italy Ch. 02

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Part 1 – Loving in Italy – We Move to Italy . . . and Meet Tessa: started with Jim’s and my arrival in Italy. Tessa picked us up at the airport and left us at our private villa on the beautiful Italian Amalfi coast. We’d played and made love in the pool and then discovered Tessa watching . . .


I wasn’t sure what to think – or do – with Jim and I naked and sated in the pool, and Tessa standing there for who knows how long! I looked at Jim, who smiled and shrugged, and I decided to pretend it was no big deal. I told her we just needed a few minutes to dry off and dress for dinner. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the pool and towards my towel. I felt Tessa’s eyes on me as I walked and couldn’t help feeling self conscious – as usual, my concern centered on my ass. I always think it’s too big, but Jim assures me it’s just right. (Thank god for ass men!)

I grabbed my towel and quickly began drying off and trying to cover-up. Tessa walked over and quietly apologized, saying she hadn’t meant to interrupt. I mumbled something about it being alright and ducked my head to dry my hair. I heard Tessa say, “let me help you,” and she reached for another towel, stepped behind me and started to dry my back.

I looked up to see Jim, still in the pool, watching us . . . . his smile became a grin when my surprised eyes met his. I quickly motioned for him to get out and stepped away from Tessa’s hands. I wrapped my towel around myself, reached for the one in Tessa’s hands, and said, “If you’ll just give us a few minutes we’ll get ready.”

I watched as Tessa’s eyes followed Jim when he got out of the pool. I walked over, handed Jim his towel and practically dragged him into the villa with me, feeling Tessa’s eyes on us every step.

As soon as we were alone, I turned to Jim, angry and confused. “Okay, what’s the deal – did you and Tessa have a thing when you were here before?” Jim started laughing, which of course didn’t go over well with me.

“Fine, go have dinner with your Italian girlfriend – see if I care!” And I stalked off into the bathroom.

Jim quickly caught up with me, and still laughing, grabbed me from behind in a big bear hug. I struggled a bit but he held on and quit laughing long enough to whisper in my ear, “She’s far more interested in you honey, than me!” I twisted in his arms to see him, and he grinned as I realized what he meant.

“Word around the office is that while Tessa dabbles now and then with men, it’s women she’s really into.” casino siteleri Now some things made sense – Tessa touching my breast at the airport, her eyes watching me, drying me off . . . .

With a quick move of his hand, Jim grabbed the end of my towel, whipping if off me. He slapped me on the ass and said, “So go get dressed for dinner with your Italian girlfriend!”


Later, at the end of dinner, I sat quietly drinking a glass of wine, listening while Jim and Tessa talked over his schedule for the next day. I was watching Tessa and thinking about what Jim had told me about her. While I’d never been with another woman, I’d been curious at times and now let myself wonder. Tessa was very attractive and expressive; she used her hands a lot when she spoke, and I found myself wondering how those long thin fingers might feel . . . . touching me.

I was startled when Tessa turned to me and said, “And you Katrina, what are you interested in doing tomorrow?”

I told her I’d probably sleep in and then wander around our new neighborhood a bit. In addition to just wanting to get my bearings, I was hoping to find a gym to workout at. Tessa said her gym wasn’t far and she’d be glad to pick me up tomorrow afternoon and take me there. I agreed . . . . and practically rolled my eyes when I saw Jim wink at me.


I slept in the next day and then spent several delightful hours wandering the streets near our villa. There were several little shops and restaurants that looked interesting. I made a note of a couple outdoor restaurants I thought Jim might be interested in.

Tessa picked me up around three that afternoon in a little sports car and we zipped down a few streets before pulling into a luxurious looking old building. The inside was surprising – a fully modern gym with several rooms with weight machines and work-out equipment.

After signing in, Tessa led me to the locker room. I couldn’t help but notice her body as she undressed – Tessa’s breasts were small and the nipples stood out proudly. I smiled to myself as I thought about Jim’s preference for women with small breasts – I could totally see the turn-on. Mine were bigger than Tessa’s but still not large by anyone’s standards.

Tessa was slender all over, with a flat stomach and lean thighs and ass. I envied that ass . . . . and then wondered as I dressed, how it would feel to slide my hands over it.

We went our separate ways in the gym and concentrated on our own workouts. I caught slot oyna glimpses of Tessa, bending and stretching between activities and couldn’t seem to get her out of my mind. I finished up and headed for the showers. The warm water felt good on my tired muscles and I stood for a long time under the water, relaxing . . . . and, thinking about Tessa’s hands with their long, thin fingers. When I felt my nipples harden and tingle, I stopped myself and stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself off as I walked to the locker area and then laid my towel out on a bench. I reached into my gym bag, pulled out a bottle of body lotion, and sat astride the bench to apply it. My body was warm from the shower, but the air was a little cool. I rubbed lotion on myself – legs, then arms and shoulders . . . . . reaching to get some on my back.

I heard Tessa approach and then say, “let me.” I felt her sit down behind me on the bench and I was a bit self-conscious as she put lotion on her hands and started rubbing it on my back with long, firm, smooth strokes.

At some point, her touch became more massaging and I relaxed a little and said, “That feels good . . . .”

She then said, “Lean forward a bit,” and I did, bracing myself with my hands on the bench in front of me. She continued to massage my back, stopping every now and then for more lotion. She rubbed from the base of my spine, up to my neck and then worked her way out from there. Up and down . . . up and down . . . .until her hands were rubbing slowly up and down my sides. Her hands were at my hips, with her thumbs rubbing the base of my back. Then her hands started moving sideways . . . and her fingers moved forward and around to my hip bones. I sighed and relaxed a bit more, clearly aware of where this might go, but not really thinking.

She continued like that for a few minutes and then started to move her hands upward, over the curve of my waist . . . . higher . . . until I felt her fingers brush the sides of my breasts. I must have tensed a little, because she moved her hands back down and started again. This time when her hands rose on my sides, I was ready . . . . and more than a bit curious – I wanted to feel her touch me again. I held perfectly still as her touch became lighter and more gentle as she caressed the sides of my breasts again.

Just her touch there excited me . . . . I could feel my nipples harden as I waited to see what she’d do next. I felt her move forward on the bench . . . . closer behind me. Her hands moved canlı casino siteleri down a little, to the sides of my ribs . . . . and then forward. She caressed my ribs and then down to my stomach, rubbing softly.

Again, I felt her scoot closer to me, and her legs moved alongside of mine. Her hands pulled gently back on my ribs and I sat up again. My hands came off the bench and rested lightly on my thighs. I could feel the warmth of her behind me, but her hands were the only thing really touching me. I felt her fingers spread wide and her hands moved upward. I was hardly breathing, waiting for her touch on my breasts. Her hands skimmed up over my ribs, barely touching . . . . she lifted her hands slightly and with just her palms, rubbed them gently over my hard nipples. Oh my god . . . . it was so intense . . . . just that light rubbing motion . . . . it made my thighs tighten, my pussy clench, and my clit throb!

She curled her hands and then I felt each of her fingers searing into my breasts. With an inward movement, her fingers squeezed gently and then released. I squirmed and my head tilted to the side. She leaned forward and lightly placed her lips on the exposed curve of my neck and stopped . . . .not moving, just breathing warmly.

I was about to relax back into her, when her fingers, sharply and painfully pinched my nipples! I tensed with the quick pain, but at the same time, noticed that the feeling went right to my clit and it pulsed!

I sat very still, waiting to see what would happen next, and then heard voices approaching. Embarrassed, I pulled away quickly and stood up. I moved to my locker and reached for my clothes, not looking around. I heard Tessa sigh and move away and the moment was gone. My cheeks were flaming, but I was disappointed as well. We quickly finished dressing and left the gym without speaking.

The ride home was short and quiet and when we arrived, I moved quickly to get out of the car. Tessa stopped me with a hand on my arm, and waited until I looked up at her. She smiled, leaned in, and softly kissed me on the lips. I stumbled getting out of the car and was halfway in the door to the villa, when I heard her drive away.

As I crossed the living area into the bedroom, I heard the shower running and realized Jim was home. I lay down on the bed, wanting a few minutes to collect my thoughts before seeing him. I closed my eyes . . . . . and couldn’t help but see – and feel – Tessa’s smooth fingers touching me. I was lost in my thoughts when Jim entered the bedroom and sat down beside me.

I could feel his gaze and opened my eyes to look into his . . . . I don’t know whether he saw the passion or the confusion in mine, but he smiled gently and said, “So, how was Tessa?”

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