Losing My V Card

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First time of having sex can be scary and a wonderful experience. I never had a girlfriend until my Senior year in High School. My main sport was wrestling. I was a State Champion at 119 lbs my senior year. I was also 5’9″ tall. So when you think about it, not many girls wanted to date a skinny guy that weighed less than them. My facial feature were chiseled and was told once you put on some weight you will be a very handsome man. Anyway, my girlfriend wouldn’t go all the way with me because she was afraid of getting pregnant like her older sister did. At the end of my Senior year I broke up with my girlfriend as I wanted the summer free and was looking forward to meeting new girls in college.

It was July 26th, a week after I turned 19. We lived on the lake and I loved to water ski. With wrestling season long behind me I concentrated on putting weight and muscle on for college. In 4 months I put on 20 lbs. With the extra weight and strength I could put up a 20 foot spray when water skiing. I asked my Mom if she could give me a pull around the lake.

As we were coming back to our dock I saw Candy laying on her dock tanning. Candy lived two doors down from us. She was a 36 year old, ¾ Native American. She was 5’9″, slender build with a gorgeous face and short black hair. She was married with 2 kids. At adult parties at our house I could hear the other dad’s comment on how hot they thought Candy was.

As I approached her dock I put up a big spray and drenched her. She sat up and gave me the finger! I dropped off at my dock. My mom pulled up the boat and said, “That was a terrible thing to do Brian. You put the boat away then go apologize to Candy. I got the boat on the lift and went down to her dock. She was just lying down from toweling off. She looked at me and I said, “Candy I am sorry I sprayed you. I didn’t think you would get mad at me.”

Candy laughed and said, “Brian, I was joking when I gave you the finger. I needed to cool off anyway!”

I sighed a relief that she wasn’t mad at me. I said, “I ok Mrs. Flank (last name is not real) glad to be a service to you.”

I was about to leave when Candy said, “Call me Candy. I could use your service again if you wouldn’t mind?” I said, “Sure what do you need?” Candy said, “I want to tan my backside. Could you put sunscreen on my back and legs please?” She didn’t have to ask me twice.

She laid down and undid the strap to her bikini strap. I could see the side of her breast. They were small but I felt myself getting aroused. As I rubbed the tanning oil on her back I gave her a bit of a massage casino siteleri which she seemed to enjoy. My hands put lotion on her sides and I was able to sneak a little feel of the sides of her breast.

By now my cock was rock hard. Back then we wore short swimsuits and I could see the tip of my cock poking out the bottom of my shorts. I then moved down to her long lushes legs. I was afraid she would look back at me and see my cock poking out of my shorts. I started to squeeze the tip hoping it would go down as I applied lotion to one leg with the other hand. As I moved up her to her thigh she parted her legs. I could see a few black pussy hairs hanging outside her bottoms of her bikini bottoms. This was my breaking point and I came in my hand. Not knowing what to do with it I added the tanning oil to it and rubbed it into her thigh now using two hands. Candy said, “Mmm that feels so good, the oil feels warm and relaxing.” I knew I had to get out of there before I got hard again, so I quickly did her other leg. She thanked me and I went back to my dock.

I sat in the boat and looked over at her thinking how wonderful she looked and felt. I started to get hard again. I looked around and no sight of my Mom or other neighbors so I released my cock and jerked off while looking at Candy lying on her dock. I finished off a quick load and put my cock away and then dozed off for a bit.

I woke up about 30 minutes later to see Candy about to leave her dock. She looked over at my direction then called out to me, “Brian, can you come over for a bit, I need your services again!”

Without hesitation on said, “Sure, I will be right there.”

Candy waited for me by her backdoor. When I got up to her she said, “Come on in. I want to take a shower and would like you to aloe lotion on my backside afterwards.”

I told her I can handle that. I sat on the edge of the bed in her bedroom while she showered. She had left the door open a bit to the bathroom and I could kind of see her in the mirror but it was a bit cloudy. I forced myself to look away because I didn’t want her to come out and catch me with an erection.

When she came out she had a towel wrapped around her body. She handed me the bottle and laid down on the bed. Then she pulled the towel off from her revealing her entire backside naked to me. I said, “Wow”.

Candy turned her head towards me and said, “Brian you must have seen a few naked butts before.”

I told her, “Actually not really.”

She seemed surprised, and then said, “Well now you have seen one. Now put some lotion slot oyna on me please and do my legs and butt”

I started with her back and again added a bit of a massage to it. Once again I felt a little bit of side boob. I was fully hard but was able to move my erection sideways so it wasn’t sticking out the bottom of my shorts. If she looked she would still see a large bulge though. I then moved to her legs starting with her calves. My hands traveled up to her thighs and she spread her legs. I now had a great view of her hairy little pussy. I could tell she was wet with excitement. Finally I moved up to her butt and started to massage it.

As I massaged her butt her hips were ever so slowly moving. I let my finger brush against her pussy lips. I could feel the heat and the wetness coming from her pussy. She let out a soft quite moan whenever I brushed my fingers across her wet lips. I decided to a bit bold and I started to slide a finger inside her. Suddenly she turned over and sat up. I figured, oh boy she is pissed and I went too far. But then I was too shocked to say anything as now before me was this beautiful naked woman and I was starring at her dainty breast with small hard nipples. I wanted to suck and lick her nipples so bad.

Candy was starring at into my eyes then said, “So Brian, I take it you are a virgin?” As she said this she slid her hand up my shorts and found my hard cock. All I could do was nod, Yes. She stood up and pulled me up out of the bed with her. She then kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced and I enjoyed her taste.

She broke off the kiss then worked kisses down my body until she got to my shorts. She then pulled down my shorts and I stepped out of them. She said, “Mmmm very nice young cock you have Brian.” Then she took me into her mouth. She sucked and stroked my cock and played with my balls. I was ready to cum. It was if she knew it and she stopped.

She pushed me back onto the bed. She said, “Brian, I want you to fuck me. I want to be your first.”

I replied, “Do you have any condoms? ”

She said, “Brian, my tubes are tied. I can’t get pregnant if that’s what you are worried about.” With that we got into the missionary position. She guided my cock into her hot wet pussy. Never before had I felt so much pleasure. It felt like her pussy was a hot inferno sucking me in. I couldn’t hold back and I thrust hard deep inside her. I felt my balls tighten up and two more deep hard thrust I came.

I collapsed on top of her and laid there on top of her with my cock throbbing inside her. I could feel her vaginal canlı casino siteleri walls squeezing and releasing my cock draining me more. I was still hard and she began to rotate her hips. Candy said, “Let’s see if you can last a little longer this time.” I slowly started to pump her pussy. She told me to take long slow strokes. I followed her directions as she instructed me what she liked. The intensity built up until I was ready to cum. She ordered me not to cum yet. I held back as best as I could and she finally had a body shaking orgasm. With that I let myself go and erupted inside her.

I rolled off from her and I looked into her eyes. I wanted to tell her I loved her, but I knew she would not say it back so I kept it to myself. She pulled me into her and we kissed passionately again. My hands explored her body. As I did this I felt myself getting hard again. Her hand found my hardness. Candy said, “I like this young hard cock. It’s ready for action again.”

I told her, “I am ready when you are.”

Candy smiled at me and said, “I am ready, I think you need to learn another position.” With that she got on all 4s and told me to take her from behind in doggy style. Looking at her long body in front of me with her ass up in the air was hard to even to describe how hot and sexy that was. I slid easily inside her. I matched her motion as she ground back into me. The tempo started to pick up. She looked back at me and said, “Grab my hips and pump me harder Brian.” I did as I was told. She then told me slap her ass. I gave her ass a light slap. She said, “Harder”. I slapped it harder. She moaned. I continued to pound her hard and occasionally slap her ass. She came hard. However, I was not even close to coming yet.

I definitely liked this position the best because of the view and it felt better. I continued to keep pounding harder and harder. Candy kept moaning and saying, “Fuck me Brian, keep fucking me.” Candy came again and I came just a few seconds afterwards. I pulled out and then kissed the back of her neck. She said, “You are so nice. Thank you.” She looked at the clock and said, “Oh shit, my kids will be home in 15 minutes. I need to shower again.”

As I was leaving she kissed me one more time then said, “Brian, I want to do this again. There is so much more I want to teach you.”

For the next month I went to Candy’s house practically every day and sometimes twice in a day. She taught me how to eat pussy, a bunch of new sexual positions and even arranged a 3 some with a lady friend of hers she had told about me.

After I went to college my parents moved to another city. I never went back to that town until my 5 year class reunion. I wanted to look her up but I brought my girlfriend with who always said I have amazing love skills.

Thank you, Candy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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