Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 01

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I had been married to Liz for almost twenty years, for almost twenty years I had wanted to fuck her in the ass, and for almost twenty years she had said no, very firmly. We’d read some Penthouse Forum stories before, and they would get her hot and wet, but it didn’t matter how hot and wet she got, the back door remained off limits. I tried some anal stimulation on her, and she sort of liked it when I was eating her, and she was getting close, and I’d stick a fingertip up her butt: if she didn’t push me out, I could feel her ass spasm around my fingertip when she came, but I never got any further than that.

A couple of our friends knew about my frustration and Liz’s refusals, and two couples we knew did do anal. Cheryl would let her husband Danny fuck her butt on (apparently) rare occasions, and I had overheard her complain that she always got diarrhea the next morning from it, but Lori let it be known that Rich fucked her ass a lot, and that she liked it. Still, Liz remained unmoved: her butt would remain a perpetual virgin!

Well, one day, we were at Rich and Lori’s apartment, eating dinner and drinking a bit too much alcohol. One of Lori’s sore points with Rich was that he was completely, totally, thoroughly uninterested in going to either the nude beach – at the time, Liz and I usually went to either Pea Island or Okracoke Island, in the North Carolina Outer Banks, which have some sparsely used, completely unofficial nude beaches – or the nudist resort in Ivor, Virginia, where Liz and I were members. Lori had gone to the beach with us a couple of times, so I had seen her naked, but Rich adamantly refused to go.

Somehow, with the wine flowing, a game of strip poker got started. If it proceeded long enough, Rich would wind up naked in front of us, and I guess that he was OK with that idea, even if being nude in public was a definite no-no for him. Naturally, the game (being played on their glass-topped dining table!) started out slow, with shoes and socks being lost first. Then, Lori took the initiative when she lost a hand: she still had a sock on, but instead stood up and shucked off her sweater, to heat up the game. Sitting there in her bra kind of pushed things forward, in a very good way.

Eventually we were all naked, and that’s when the other stuff started: Lori said to her husband, “Rich, I dare you to kiss Liz.” Both Rich and Liz were surprised, but they both stood up, and kissed. It was going to be a fairly quick kiss, but Lori intervened and said, “That’s not enough; kiss each other like you really mean it!” Liz reached up and put her arms around Rich’s neck, and they wound up in a long, hard kiss, with their naked bodies held tightly together. Every time it looked like they were going to break apart, Lori kept egging them on to keep kissing.

“C’mere, you,” Lori said to me, and she started just as hot a kiss with me as Liz and Rich were sharing. I don’t know if Rich was getting harder at the time, because he was pressed so closely to Liz, but my cock was certainly reacting to kissing Lori! It was pretty obvious where this was going, as Lori pulled me over to the couch. Fortunately, it was a big, soft couch, because Rich and Liz followed us over, and all trace of reluctance foça escort had vanished; we were all making out like mad.

Liz and I had been nudists for many years, but we had never swapped before, and when Rich pulled her around onto the couch into a position where he was going to eat her, Liz looked at me questioningly, silently checking to see if this was OK. I smiled back a silent permission, just as Rich buried his face in her pussy. If there is one thing Liz loves, it’s to get her pussy licked, and Rich demonstrated that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Well, I’m pretty good at eating pussy, too, but when I started going down on Lori, she said, “If you’re going to do that, turn around so I can do you, too.” We wound up in a side-by-side 69, and I was in heaven: Lori was a deep-throater (something Liz can’t do), and was giving me as good as I was giving her. I’m not sure how long it took, but it didn’t seem like long, and Lori was grinding her pussy into my face, hard, and started coming. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I filled her mouth with my cum.

By now, everyone had come except for Rich, and he was sitting on the couch with Liz giving him a blow job. Lori was back to kissing me, and I could taste just a bit of my own cum in her mouth. Yeah, she had swallowed it, but there was still a hint left. Lori and I started cheering Liz on, and pretty soon Rich’s whole body stiffened up and he emptied his balls into Liz’s mouth. Liz then did her usual trick: she stood up, and kissed Rich, giving him back some of his cum, then came over to me and did the same thing, pushing some of Rich’s sperm into my mouth before she swallowed the rest. I’d tasted my own many times before with this trick of Liz’s – and if you’ve never had a woman do that to you, it’s way hotter than you’d ever imagine – but never another man’s.

We had all come down from our sexual highs, and were cuddling with our own spouses back on the couch, drinking a bit more wine and laughing, when Liz surprised me, and I mean really surprised me, by getting things started again. While Lori and Rich were still sitting/cuddling on the couch, Liz got down on her knees and said, “I want more,” and started sucking Rich’s cock again. “Time to put this bad boy back to work!”

Rich’s cock started expanding, while Lori kept kissing him, both rubbing his chest and occasionally caressing the shoulders of the woman sucking her husband’s cock. I was taking matters into my own hands, slowly stroking my cock back to life, watching my wife suck off another man, when Liz stood up and climbed onto Rich’s stiff cock. Lori pulled away to give Liz room, and I got up and came over to her. She was still sitting on the couch, beside her husband, when I got on my knees and pushed my dick into her pussy.

Well, this was one of the wildest things I had ever done in my life. I was on top of Lori, fucking her, while Liz was on top of Rich, fucking him, when we leaned to the side and started kissed: I was kissing my wife while she and I were screwing our friends! That was about the most awesome feeling I’ve ever had.

Since both Rich and I had already shot a load, we were good for the foça escort bayan long haul, and our wives were enjoying the capacity of women to have orgasm after orgasm. Finally, Lori smiled and said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass. Fuck me hard!” She got up, ran to the bedroom and grabbed a tube of lube, came back, handed it to me and said, “Here.” Lori put her knees on the edge of the couch, and her elbows on the back, waiting for me to lube up and take her butt.

OMG, her ass was amazing! Lori was used to getting cornholed often enough that her asshole opened up easily, and if I didn’t just slide right in, it didn’t take that much effort to open her up and inch my way balls deep. It was the first time I had ever fucked a girl in the ass, and it was about the best thing ever. I was standing up, fucking my buddy’s wife in the ass, when my wife climbed off of Rich, and stood up and kissed me. “Glad you’re having fun,” she grinned at me.

I was still fucking Lori’s brown eye when I heard Rich say to Liz that he wanted her ass. “Nope, that’s not happening. But if you want, you can fuck Reed in the ass.”

“What?” I half-yelled. Had I been a little less close, I might have lost my erection right then, but I was already past the point of no return. I was using my hands to keep pulling Lori’s ass back on me, and a few strokes later I emptied my balls into her bowels. When I cum, I just stiffen up like a board, and was holding my dick as deeply as I could, hard, into Lori for about twenty or thirty seconds.

As I started to come down from my high, the other three were giggling and laughing. Liz came over and hugged me and kissed me, saying, “If you ever expect me to give up my ass to you, you’re going to have to know how it feels for me. And Lori and I think it would be hot, hot, hot! to see that.”

“Yeah,but I’m not gay and Rich isn’t gay,” I objected.

“Actually,” Lori said, “Rich has fucked a couple of guys in his lifetime. He’d never have told you himself, but I knew. He hasn’t done this for a long time now, but I know I can entice him to try it again.” Then Liz handed me another glass of wine. “We’ll make it worth your while,” Lori purred.

“Yeah,” Liz chimed in, “we’ll both make it really worth your while.” Then she used a warm, wet washcloth to clean my cock – which had last been in Lori’s ass – and kissed me.

I pretty much knew that I was whipped – in more ways than one – in this discussion, and the girls both pushed me down on the couch. First Liz, and then Lori, got down on their knees and started sucking my cock. After having already cum twice, he was taking his time getting all the way up, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to cum a third time just from head. “You’ve got to teach me how to do that,” Liz said to Lori, as Lori took my cock all the way down her throat.

“How ’bout it, Reed? If you let Rich fuck your butt, not only will Liz let you try it on her, but later on, I’ll teach her how to deep throat you!”

I surrendered. “How do I do this?” I asked?

“Just like you had me,” Lori said. She guided me over to the couch, and had me kneel down on the edge, with my arms on the back for support. Then escort foça I felt some cold fingers, slick with lube, pushing into my ass. It was Liz, lubing me up and stretching me out a bit, and lightly scratching my butt with her other hand. Lori started kissing me on the cheek and on my face, and while I couldn’t see him, I knew that Rich was lubing up his cock. Liz added a third finger, prepping me even more, before I heard her tell Rich, “Take it easy on him.”

Lori was still on my right, kissing me, when Liz moved onto my left side, kissing my cheek and reaching down to play with my cock. I knew what was coming next, as Rich stood behind me, and moved the head of his slick, hard cock up against my virgin asshole. He pressed in slowly, but firmly, and I gasped as I felt the head of his dick slide past my anal ring.

“Oh, my God,” I gasped, as Rich kept up the slow pressure. He was just inching his way in, and I lowered my head to rest my forehead on the back of the couch. My forehead broke into a sweat, and I felt over-full, like I had to take a monster dump, but while the pressure was intense, there really wasn’t much pain, certainly not the pain I had expected. He bottomed out, with me feeling like his cock had grown from seven to fourteen inches, and must be as big around as a beer can. Liz could feel the tension in my shoulders and back, and was massaging me gently, trying to help me take it.

“How is it? Is it OK?” she asked me, sounding really concerned over what she had gotten me into . . . or what she had gotten into me, to be more accurate.

“Yeah, it’s OK,” I half said, half grunted, while Rich was just holding himself there, balls deep, letting me get used to his cock.

Then he started to move, slowly but steadily, pulling maybe half way out and then fucking my ass all the way back in. I exhaled loudly, a kind of “Whew” sound, but I was taking it, and doing OK. Rich started to speed up, and that cranked the pressure up more, but it settled down from being a pressure I tolerated to a feeling I was starting to like. Rich was fucking me steadily now, at maybe half-speed, when I gave into the feeling, looked around and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

OMG, I had never felt anything like this, never in my lifetime, and Rich started slamming into me. The girls were clapping now, and cheering us both on, when Rich roared and emptied his balls into my bowels. His orgasm was a lot like mine: he held my ass tight against his body, his cock as deep in my butt as it would go. I could feel his cock twitching as he unloaded into me, and if one of the girls had had her hand on my cock, I think I would have shot another load right onto the couch.

Once Rich released the pressure on m hips, I pretty much collapsed into the couch. Liz cuddled up next to me and asked, “How was it? Was it OK? Did you like it?”

I could only tell the truth at this point – having a dick up your ass is a very truth-inducing experience – and replied, “It was a weird feeling at first, but I got used to it. Yeah, I did like it.”

“Would you try it again?” Lori asked.

“Yeah, I think I would.” It might not even take alcohol next time, I thought to myself.

By now, we were all down from our sexual highs, and were drinking more and laughing. Lori brought up the obvious subject: “Next weekend, is it time for Liz to lose her butt virginity?”

Liz smiled, and giggled a bit, and said, “Yeah, I did agree to try it, didn’t I? Next Saturday at our place?”

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