Levi Ch. 02: The Working Boy

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All usual disclaimers apply.

This is the second installment of the Levi series. “Levi, The Abandoned” is the first part.

Levi had donned the clothes I had laid out for him and had returned to the sitting room. I was sipping coffee and reading over the front page of the paper. I put down the paper and looked right at Levi’s pale face which really accentuated his dark eyes and black hair. Wow, this was one gorgeous kid. “Have a seat, I have a proposition for you.” I said. Levi hesitantly took a seat across from me and his face was full of nervous tension. “I want you to live here with me. Of course, there will be rules, chores, and boundaries but I think you will enjoy it.”

“No.” Was Levi’s incredible response. I had to look like an idiot for half a second because I was shocked. Not shocked he didn’t readily agree; I was shocked he answered me with one word.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know you and furthermore I am not a charity case.” Was his reply.

“It is not charity. You will be helping me out a lot and paying me what you can afford. This is just one homo giving another homo a helping hand. I will require you to get a job. I already have a couple in mind from which you can choose.”

“Christian, this is crazy. You don’t know me. What if I am a meth head and I rob you blind?”

“I am a pretty smart guy Levi, and I have sized you up. I know that won’t happen. You need to stop worrying about my interests and focus on your best interests.”

“Let’s just say I do take you up on this offer; what are the rules and chores you have in mind? I don’t want to be like some sex slave for the rich guy that thinks he can just buy people and use them until he gets bored.” Levi said.

I busted up laughing and answered young Levi, “I promise that isn’t my thing Levi. The rules are simple. Curfew is 2 am, no tricks here, respect my privacy and possessions, no drugs at all, and I want you to go to college. It can be community college part-time or whatever you want as long as you do something to further your education. As for the chores involved, that is simple stuff. I have a cleaning lady so you won’t have to do a lot just clean up after yourself and wash my car when I want.”

Levi said, “I want some time to think about all this. Can I have your phone number?”

I gave Levi my number and told him I would be home all day so he could call me or just come back. I watched him walk out the door and I knew he would be back when he turned and looked at me before closing the door behind him. I used the day to catch up on some work. Nathan had sent me a text message thanking me for ‘going back for seconds.’ I laughed a little and replied that he should consider himself lucky and thirds was out of the question.

The day was winding down and coming to an end when my phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize but was a local number. I smiled thinking it was Levi and I answered with a jovial, “Hello.”

“This is Officer Jarvis with the St. Louis City Police. With whom am I speaking?” said a deep voice.

“This is Dr. Christian Teach. How can I help you officer?” I replied. Bad thoughts about Levi crossed my mind but it wasn’t completely odd for the police to contact me. It was usually about a patient that had passed away or been involved in an accident, but they usually announced themselves as detectives, not officers. His next words solidified my fear of Levi’s possible decline in health or wrongdoing.

“Dr. Teach, I have a boy here that was hit by a car on Manchester and Hampton. He isn’t hurt badly but he is refusing medical care and he asked me to call you to pick him up. Would you like to speak to him?”

“Yes, please officer.” I heard the phone get passed over and Levi was on the other end greeting me. I asked him if he was okay and he replied yes but he couldn’t put any weight on his left leg but he wasn’t going to the hospital because he couldn’t afford it. I told him to wait with the officer and I would be there in less than ten minutes.

I found the scene in less than 7 minutes and I walked up to the sidewalk where Levi was sitting and I asked him what happened. He told me he just didn’t see a car that was pulling into a drive he was walking across. I said, “Well, I’m going to talk to the officer, then I am going to take you home.” I immediately realized what I had said was a mistake. He hadn’t even agreed to stay with me yet let alone had Levi grown comfortable enough calling my loft ‘home.’ Levi noticed that I had realized my faux pas and he told me understood what I meant.

My discussion with Officer Jarvis as to who was at fault was interesting. The motor vehicle operator was at fault of course but Levi refused to seek medical care and didn’t plan on suing the motorist or collecting any form of compensation. All was settled. I urged Levi to go to the hospital to get checked out and get some x-rays and get the insurance information from the motorist. He refused and he was eighteen and it made the officer’s job easier so we all parted ways. I helped Levi into my car and drove him to my loft and helped him in.

I put him on my bed and told him I was going casino siteleri to examine him real quick. I was not thinking sexually at all until I saw him on my bed undoing his belt. As a physician I had seen plenty of guys get undressed and I have had my hands on plenty of private parts without sex crossing my mind at all. However, watching Levi get undressed on my bed made me a little horny. I just thought to myself it was because we weren’t at the hospital, he was in my bed. I made it a point not to help Levi undress at all. I was worried I would get hard if I were too involved. He stripped down to his underwear and I walked over to him and told him they had to go but only for 10 or 15 seconds at the most. I put on a pair of examination gloves and I told him I was going to put a finger in his rectum just to make sure there was no bleeding. He looked concerned. I told him it was either here or they were going to do the same at the hospital but one way or another he was getting some sort of once over. He nodded his head and closed his eyes. I pulled his boxers down and pushed a lubed and gloved finger in his rectum. It got me hard.

I pulled my finger out and sighed. No blood in his rectum. I pulled his boxers back up and covered his exposed four and a half inch soft cock and huge balls back up. Levi had trimmed pubic hair and was circumcised. I was really hard thinking about fucking him. It was too bad he was injured. I continued with my examination and I found no debilitating or life threatening injuries although I wanted x-rays. I told Levi he needed to rest and stay off his feet and he was going to bruise out something terrible.

“That’s okay. I am used to looking at bruises on myself.” He responded sounding defeated.

I thought to myself about how miserable he must feel. I couldn’t begin to understand what he was going through psychologically and emotionally. I just wanted to grab him and lay there with him in a tight hug. I must be losing my damn mind. I am not hugger. I hate physical contact unless I’m getting off or getting paid. I am the most emotionless person in the city. Although what I was feeling was new and foreign I knew it was real.

I helped Levi move around over the next few days. He was definitely strong willed. He refused to say he was in pain and only acknowledged he needed help when I forced him to. He also bruised out something fierce. From his left hip all the way down to his foot was colored. Just under his left scapula was also discolored along with his anterior left shoulder and pectoral muscle just above his nipple. He was a sight to see. He was able to walk freely and pain free after about a week and he had accepted my offer. I was happy.

Eight days after Levi’s accident I got home from work and he was positively beaming. He had a folder of papers sitting on the table and he told me after I took a shower he wanted to talk to me about some stuff. I got cleaned up, poured a bourbon, and sat across from him in just a pair of Armani briefs and a black t-shirt. He was eye fucking me hard. I could tell he was somewhat uncomfortable because he was aroused. I forgot this is an eighteen year old kid that has never had sex. It must be hard for him to focus. He was trying his hardest to maintain eye contact with me but his eyes kept lowering to my crotch. I took a couple sips of my bourbon and asked him what was in the folder.

“It’s information on SLU (St. Louis University) I was thinking I might go there. I also wanted to know if you still had some jobs you could help me get. Other than the bruising I am all healed up now and I want to start earning money for college.” Levi said.

“I have heard good things about SLU. It’s not my alma mater but I’m sure you will love it. As for getting a job. I can get you one in the Emergency Department as a technician or registration probably or I can probably get Nathan to hire you as a server at the club. I would love to have you at the hospital but to be honest you would probably make more money at the bar but you would have to wait another week to start because no one will want to look at a beautiful body like yours that is covered in bruises.”

“Well, that sounds awesome. I can never thank you enough for what you have done and are doing for me Christian. Just tell me when to show up at the club and I won’t let you and Nathan down.”

Over the next week Levi had continued to do all the house work so as to put my cleaning lady out of business. Levi took the initiative and scheduled a time to take his ACT (college entrance exam) and talk to an advisor about tuition and scholarships and what not. Levi had a big problem. He couldn’t get any money from FAFSA because he had to have a bunch of information about his parents’ income and unlike most kids Levi’s parents never wanted to see him again and certainly didn’t want to help him. Levi had certainly not told me all of this or asked for any money. But I made it a mental note to work on how to pay his tuition and make it look like a scholarship. He had to get accepted first and he was going to miss the next semester anyway.

Levi was to show up at the club for his first night slot oyna in just a couple of hours. I told him to pull his shirt off and let me have a look at his bruises. They were all cleared up and he was so gorgeous. I ran my hand over his pale shoulder and pushed on the skin that once held the ugly colors of a bruise and he just smiled and told me it didn’t hurt at all. He took a step towards me and had put his body up against mine. He put his arms around me and held me in a hug with his head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him and embraced him tightly. We stood like that for a minute and I felt his hand move down my back to my butt. I wanted to fuck him badly but I knew it would make it more complicated for him to live here so I let him go and took a step back.

“Levi don’t look at this as rejection. I’m not getting involved with you sexually because I like you too much. If we make this intimate it will be very difficult for you to live here and on our or friendship.”

“You and Nathan had sex and you are still friends.” He said sounding a bit angry.

“Nathan and I have been friends for a long time and don’t take this the wrong way Levi but Nathan is a very mature guy. I think you are very mature for your age and situation but I think after the fact you would develop strong feelings for me and I don’t want that. It isn’t as easy to just have random meaningless sex as you think, especially for a virgin, and trust me with our situation it would be even harder to accomplish. You are going to be in a thong in a gay club in two hours. Trust me if you want to get laid you will. Just please, Levi, please be safe.

I got a call from Nathan two hours later and I quickly answered. “Hey Christian I have a question for you.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“Do you have anything going on with Levi? I mean like, if he is up for it, do I get to put him through all of the normal new server trainings?” Nathan asked.

I chuckled a little and replied, “Well, Nathan, I have no hold or say over the kid. It is entirely up to him but if I were you I would be careful he is a virgin.”

“Thanks, Christian. You want me to bring him home when we close up tonight?”

“That would be great I would hate for him to get mugged or something and you should come up to and have a drink.”

The night went by quickly while I was working in my study. I did think about Levi in a thong serving St. Louis’s gays and I got a little turned on. Then I thought about Nathan popping Levi’s cherry and I got cold. I felt jealous. I wasn’t sure which one I was jealous of though. I definitely didn’t like the idea of Nathan taking Levi’s virginity but I also didn’t like the idea of Nathan getting off with someone else. I thought I was going crazy; not only was I developing feeling for one person I was developing feelings for two people. What ever happened to the emotionless, sex-god I was just three weeks ago?

I was asleep in bed when Levi and Nathan showed up. I heard them come in and I met them in the sitting room. Levi just said good night and went straight to the partial upstairs that we turned into his bedroom. I looked at Nathan quizzically and he poured us each a bourbon and followed me into my bedroom. I was waiting to hear about his night but more importantly I wanted to know if he and Levi had fucked. Finally I broke the silence, “How did he do tonight?”

That witty asshole Nathan replied, “Are you asking if he is a good server or a good fuck?”

“So you did pop the little guy’s cherry?”

“Yes and no.” Nathan said, which was definitely an answer that required an explanation. Nathan could tell I wasn’t pleased with his cavalier attitude and his verbal games. I think it was Nathan’s little way to piss me off for my comment about ‘going back for thirds.’

“Well tell me what happened.”

Nathan smiled and turned towards me, “Well he showed up and found me and I told him I would show him around and tell him what exactly he would be doing and during me giving him the tour he asked me about you. I told him you were a great guy but didn’t like to get emotional with people. He asked me about us fucking and being friends. I told him we were both mature guys that have been friends for a long time and we have fucked out of convenience twice.”

I wondered to myself if Nathan believed that. I mean last time we had sex I had kissed him and he knows I don’t kiss. We even cuddled and slept together the whole night and I know that Nathan knows that is strange behavior for me. I asked Nathan, “Then what?”

“Well, after we were done talking about you he asked me if I wanted to see him in his uniform. We went to my office and he got undressed and pulled the thong on. I told him to walk to me and I started rubbing his shoulders. He has such beautifully white and soft skin. He didn’t seem to mind so I moved my hands to his front and started playing with his nipples and pushed up against his back. He noticed I was hard. He slid a hand behind him and grabbed my dick. I took that as a sign he was good with it. I started kissing that long graceful neck of his and moving my hands all over his abs. His cock was rock hard canlı casino siteleri and I pulled his thong to the side and that gorgeous teenage dick of his bounced out and straight up. I started stroking him slowly while kissing his neck and he is just so overdue for any sex he blew his load after about two minutes of that. I was very nice an understanding about it. I know he was embarrassed and most of all I know he wanted to get farther but with all the gays that come into the club it won’t be anytime at all before your little boy is in love with one of them and they can take him to pleasure town.”

I was busting up laughing at Nathan’s last words. We had an inside joke involving the use of the phrase ‘pleasure town.’ I couldn’t help but be glad that all that happened was Levi got a two minute handjob from Nathan. I was very relieved and sipping my bourbon my eyes found Nathan’s eyes. They weren’t a normal color, I called them blue usually but they were brighter than blue; I thought to myself at that instant that they were cerulean. Dark eyes are my normal lust but looking into Nathan’s eyes right now I couldn’t help but to find him gorgeous. My eyes wandered down to his crotch and I could see the bulge in his tight jeans. I said to him, “You poor chickenhawk. You got Levi off but you didn’t get anything in return.”

Nathan replied, “Does this mean you are going to have thirds?”

“Only if you want to.” I replied. I wished I had something wittier to say but I was horny and Nathan looked hot. I went for his pants while he took his shirt off. I was pulling them down his beautiful legs and staring at his half erect perfect cock. He was completely naked when he started pulling my briefs down. Now I was naked and he started sucking my dick. Just like last time Nathan was doing an exquisite job sucking my peter. I had to get a taste of his hard dick again. I backed away from him and I leaned down and took him into my mouth for the third time since I had known him and he tasted even sweeter this time. I don’t know what was going on but I was really lusting after Nathan’s dick. I wanted his cock in my throat for the rest of my life. It just felt like such a perfect match. Nathan told me to slow down or he was going to cum. Nathan knew I was a predictable sex partner in that I always followed the same pattern: I get blown, I blow and finger the other guy, then I fuck the other guy. The only variable was sometimes I helped the guy jack off till he blew while I was fucking him or the other was if I came while he was still stroking his cock I would suck him to completion.

I wasn’t ready to fuck Nathan tonight though. I was still enjoying using my mouth on him for his pleasure so much I didn’t want to stop. I also didn’t want Nathan to cum yet either so I let his delicious member fall from my mouth and he immediately put his legs up in the air giving my dick access to his sweet ass. I looked into the gorgeous tight little ass and I dove in face first. I just wasn’t done with tasting Nathan yet. I wasn’t ready to just fuck him and call it a night so I started rimming him. Now I must admit as good as I am in bed I am probably lacking in the rimming department…I hadn’t rimmed anyone in ten years. My tongue immediately found his puckered asshole and I started circling it. Nathan shouted something like, “What the fuck, Christian” but he didn’t seem to mind my new course of action. I was completely tonguing Nathan’s perfect ass and relishing in the taste that was pure Nathan, a hot guy with whom I was falling in love. Nathan was stroking his dick and grinding his ass into my face and I came up for air. Nathan took it to mean I was ready to fuck him now but I wasn’t. I pushed Nathan’s legs down and he was laying completely flat on the bed and I was straddling his knees. He opened those penetrating eyes and looked into my face. He knew what was going to happen and I could tell he was completely ecstatic about it and knew he was going to be the first one in ten years to fuck me. After rolling a condom onto Nathan and lubing him and my ass up I positioned myself above Nathans hard cock and guided the swollen knob to my ass. I slowly eased my ass down onto his dick. Nathan’s closed his eyes and started to let out a long moan when I stopped and said, “No, open your eyes. Look at me while you fuck me.”

It took about 3 or 4 minutes before I had all of Nathan in my ass that hadn’t been fucked since I was 18 years old. Nathan was shocked; I knew he wasn’t going to last long. I was stroking my dick while riding Nathan’s fuckstick and we never broke eye contact. It was easily the most intense moment I have shared with a sexual partner in ten years. Looking into those cerulean eyes while being penetrated by my best friend and all of a sudden I came. As soon as my first rope of flying jizz hit Nathan’s adam’s apple he came too. He thrusted his dick in and out of my ass five times with such force I could swear he was going to throw me through the ceiling. He screamed as he orgasmed. I remained in the cowboy position with him for a minute or two before I let his dick slide from my satisfied ass and I laid on top of him with all my weight. I kissed him again and we slept entwined together and sticky all morning. When I woke up I thought to myself, it smells like sex in here. I took a shower and when I got out Levi was sitting on my bed talking to Nathan about the club.

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