Lesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 04

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Two gorgeous ladies were sitting next to each other, holding hands, smiling, and flying first class, something that one of them never experienced before. For the delicious and delectable Sophie, she felt like she was in a fantastic dream, never wanting to wake up: she was accompanied by a hot celebrity, the greatest adult film star in the industry. Sophie became the luckiest gal for being matched with her and spending an entire week alongside the legendary curvaceous star.

The weather was cloudy that late afternoon on Sunday when they left Montreal after the amazing and unforgettable Lesbian Couples Matching Party. What a weekend it was, filled with excitement, an immense abundance of love, and mostly unexpected surprises.

Who could have imagined that the star attraction of the party was going to be the famous, incredible, and curvaceous adult film star Sara Jay? All the other ladies wondered how in the world did Mrs. B pulled that one off? The women at that Five-Star luxurious hotel that weekend were all superstars. They had the time of their lives and perhaps they will never experience this once in a lifetime event again.

While Sara was sound asleep, Sophie shut her eyes and wondered. It was just pure luck for her being matched with the porn goddess by playing in that unique game. In her heart, she was the most privileged woman on earth. Nobody would take that away from her.

During her youth, Sophie has always been mocked by other boys, girls, and adults alike for being short stature, and especially for having quite a gigantic butt. For some of these ill-mannered people, she was just fat and ugly. She never stepped foot into the neighbouring town’s small grocery store again after a traumatic incident because the owner, a paranoid lady who never wanted her oldest son to have a girlfriend, pointed fingers at her laughing at her big derriere. The son admitted to one of his friends that he would have been thrilled to ask Sophie out, to be her boyfriend, and protecting her from these bullies. But because of his no-good overbearing mother, he became sickly timid and totally withdrawn, his self-esteem shattered becoming non-existent. Fast forward many years later, Sophie was the one enjoying these precious moments. She was the star.

The plane landed at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The weather change did not affect the ladies. It was a very hot day in Sin City. For a moment, Sophie was overwhelmed. However, Sara was constantly by her side making sure that everything was going to be just fine. She planned everything. Her attention to detail and her timing were impeccable.

A long stretched black limo with a young chauffeur were there to greet the dames. Sophie and Sara entered the limo as the chauffeur held the door for them. Both women held hands again as they rode the famous Strip all the way to the Bellagio Hotel.

After checking in, the Concierge casino oyna accompanied the women in the elevator, going all the way up to the 34th floor. As Sara opened the door, Sophie was deeply mesmerized by the beauty and splendour of the vast penthouse. She felt like a kid in a candy store. She just realized that she will be spending an entire week in that place with Sara Jay.

“Go to our bedroom. There are things just for you. I will wait out here in the living room, Baby! Hope you like them.” Sara said smiling and winking at Sophie as she sat on the couch.

When Sophie entered the bedroom, her big beautiful green eyes behind her glasses widened as she saw a short white dress with grey strips around the waist and the bottom hung up on a hanger with white high heels on the floor. On top of a dresser in a vase, twelve fresh red roses brighten the décor, along with a love note from Sara, putting a big smile on Sophie’s face.

After taking a quick shower, Sophie put her white dress on and stepped her feet into her high heels. Like Cinderella, they fit her feet perfectly. That white dress revealed her hot gigantic booty. She got out of the bedroom, marched a seductive walk all the way to the living room where Sara was waiting for her, all dressed up herself. The adult star wore a dress identical to Sophie’s, covering her huge bulging boobs, flaunting her sexy curves, and showing her naked shoulders, but in black with grey strips around the waist and the bottom, and wearing her shiny black high heels.

Sophie hugged Sara, kissing her luscious lips repeatedly, thanking her so very much for the beautiful gifts. Both ladies were on their way to Picasso, the French and Spanish restaurant at the hotel where the ladies are dressy and elegant and the French Cuisine is quite exquisite.

After sipping several glasses of red wine and degusting Foie Gras au Torchon as their first meal course of their romantic dinner, Sophie and Sara were on their way to their penthouse. They were smiling and holding hands as the elevator kept climbing up, which felt like forever. They walked holding each other after getting out of the elevator. When Sara opened the door, both ladies went straight to their bedroom.

Standing up next to their bed, both women began cramming their faces with their hot tongues for some astonishing deep French kissing. Sara stopped for a quick moment.

“Hold on, Baby!” Sara said as she slowly removed Sophie’s glasses from her face, putting them on the stand next to the bed.

Sara resumed her sensual making out session with her French lover while caressing her long blonde hair. Sophie felt like she was on cloud nine. Around two inches shorter than Sara, Sophie easily kissed and licked her huge boobs avidly while pulling down her tight dress slowly. The French lesbian lover made Sara turn around gently, her tattooed back facing her. Sophie’s slot oyna eager hands caressed and grabbed Sara huge breasts. The porn diva could feel Sophie’s flaming lips kissing the back of her neck, and each single one of her tattoos from top to the bottom of her spine.

As she kneels, Sophie’s hands gripped Sara’s marvelous ass cheeks, kissing and licking them with immense content. Sara rejoiced by her lover’s erotic touches, inciting her to fondle her thick booty even more. Her pretty face buried into Sara’s curvy butt, Sophie let her tongue out, tasting Sara’s warm pussy.

Smoothly, Sara instructed Sophie to sprawl in bed on her back, but sideways. Still standing up beside the bed, Sara placed her wet cunny right onto Sophie’s hot mouth. Touching and caressing her soft legs and huge booty, Sophie could taste Sara’s hot juices and squirts as the diva danced all over her face, coming intensely, screaming her pure satisfaction. Sophie enjoyed that pussy eating session accompanied by her lover’s explosion of lesbian love.

Once more, Sara commanded Sophie to get on her hands and knees on the bed. Sticking her humongous booty out, Sophie smiled at her lover, begging her to worship her huge flesh. Sara knew exactly how to make Sophie beg for more, by simply peeling her dress up, slowly caressing her huge cheeks.

“I want you to beg for it, Baby!” Sara said as her face stuck just a few inches from Sophie’s jiggly booty.

“Oh, please Sara! Please! Give it to me!” Sophie said as she burst out screaming.

Sara’s hot tongue relentlessly licked her butt hole while she shook her huge cheeks at the same time with her hands. Sophie loved feeling Sara’s lips kissing her gigantic ass incessantly.

Sara made sure that Sophie spread her huge short legs very slightly, so that she could lie in bed right under her lover’s wet twat. The lesbian lovers’ eyes looked at each other as Sara sucked and licked Sophie very hard until she came all over her beautiful face.

Both lovers stood in front of their bed, kissing repeatedly, and tasting their hot juices. They both removed their tight dresses showing their nakedness standing on their high heels. Sara whispered into Sophie’s ear to sit on the bed with her thick legs spread out. Eagerly waiting, Sophie watched her lovely diva sitting on the bed facing her. With her own legs spread out, Sara approached her lover rubbing her hot pussy against Sophie’s.

Holding each other’s hands tightly, both lesbian lovers began an intense game of pussy rubbing. Their naked soft beautiful bodies were shaking as they were tangled into their scissor of love. They kept on massaging their pussies by their hip movements, their clits getting damped by their juices.

Both women screamed, yelled, and breathed harder, getting into a crescendo of immense moaning as they reached their ultimate climax. The satin sheets on their king size canlı casino siteleri bed were all soaked with their love squirts, and they did not care. They kissed gently as the adrenaline of their powerful orgasms wind down. Sophie cried tears of joy. Sara could not stop kissing her, holding her close to her heart, hugging her, happy to know that her date had her world rocked like she never imagined before.

After their intense and passionate lovemaking, Sophie and Sara, still naked with only their shiny high heels on, walked to the window. Standing there, they could witness the hotel’s most amazing spectacle. The Fountains of Bellagio were dancing in front of the lovers’ sparkling eyes. The one thousand fountains enhanced by the smoothing melodies and bright shining lights enthralled the nude women.

Fulfilling the romantic encounter, Sophie and Sara were enlaced into each other’s arms, kissing their wet lips tenderly as the Fountains displayed their dynamic performance set against the backdrop of the Las Vegas lavender sky. One night to remember forever.

After playing blackjack, roulette, and the slot machines at the casino, and winning big, Sara brought Sophie to the nicest restaurants on the Strip. One evening, they went to Caesar’s Palace to get a glimpse of the Absinthe Vegas show, which captivated Sophie as her and Sara stood about three feet from the performers. The insane acrobats and displays of athleticism did not scare the short French lady. She felt safe with Sara everywhere she went in Sin City.

During that week, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino hosted the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Sara had to be there for one day as she held a booth selling some of her merchandise, meeting adult film fans for pictures and autographs under the watchful eye of her date Sophie. The other adult performers made Sophie feel right at home. She could not remember everyone’s names as she met so many of them. Only after going through her collection of pictures that she took with them that she could remember who they all were.

However, the best night of that week happened at the AVN Awards, the adult movie industry’s greatest night of the year. Dressed in their magnificent night gowns with diamond necklaces flashing into the spotlight, and walking on the red carpet, Sara and Sophie attended the ceremony together. The biggest announcement came after a drum roll when the curvaceous Sara Jay was officially inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, cementing her legacy as one of the greatest adult film stars in the entire world.

Sophie was so proud of Sara, idolizing her, showing her love and support as Sara accepted the induction. Sadly, like all good things, they must come to an end.

After big hugs and tender kisses at the airport, Sophie boarded a plane to go back home. Sara and Sophie promised each other to keep in touch even though the porn diva had a busy schedule. For the French lady, being with Sara motivated her to do some positive changes in her life.

Sophie keeps her wonderful memories to herself. And Sara Jay will always have a special place in her heart.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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