Latina Granny Ch. 02

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A big thanks to those who made comments. You helped me realize how important Trent is to the story.


“I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control.” I kept repeating this over and over to myself. It was my mantra. I was in control. I knew what I was doing. I would not lose control.

“Then why,” I asked myself, “Am I dressed in one of my perfectly gorgeous new outfits and standing in the center of Trent’s dorm room modeling for Trent and one of his pledge brothers?”

Monty, the good-looking young man I had kissed at the dance Saturday night and Trent, my granddaughter’s boyfriend who I had – well borrowed from my granddaughter for an entire night, were seated on the bed, their eyes fixed on me as I modeled the new businesslike suit I was wearing. The suit consisted of a matching light pink jacket and skirt that went almost to my knees. It was form-fitting and did a wonderful job of showing off my trim waist, the flair of my hips and, what I thought of as my best assets – my legs encased in shimmering gray stockings. My new pink stilettos accentuated my slender ankles quite nicely too. Still, I looked very professional in the outfit, I thought – until I took off the jacket or sat down. That’s when my sheer blouse and lacy, see-through bra changed my look considerably. When I sat down, I was pretty certain the slit running up my left thigh would reveal the dark gray band at the top of my stocking. I was pretty sure I looked great now and I’d look even better the more you saw of me.

Both young men were happily watching me, their eyes following my every move – only I wasn’t moving very much. I am not a model and I don’t have experience showing myself off or making dramatic moves. I’m a sixty-one year-old grandmother, for god’s sakes! I did dearly love the attention I was receiving, though. The two of them looked adorable sitting there gazing at me so appreciatively. If I needed any convincing about how good I looked or whether I was a GILF, Trent and Monty were piling it on in spades just with their eyes and their smiles.

I need to explain how I came to be standing here. I did indeed pick Trent up and we spent two whole hours at the mall shopping. It puzzled me that he would want to spend so much time shopping with me but then I reminded myself that half our time had been spent in a couple of lingerie shops and the other half had been spent in one of the department stores trying on dresses and shoes that quite honestly most women half my age would be afraid to wear. The young girl in the first lingerie shop was shocked at first when she saw what I was shopping for but she seemed to change her mind when she saw how Trent was reacting. I think she was a little envious.

For the most part our shopping expedition went as I had hoped. Trent took every opportunity to hold my hand as we shopped and touch me, stroking my arms and my sides as I picked up a bra or browsed through dresses. You can imagine how distracting his knowing touch was for me. I managed to push his hands away every time they became too distracting and even managed to gauge many of my purchases by how and where he touched me.

I bought the lovely silvery gray lingerie ensemble I had on now on the spot because of his response to it. I was standing at a table filled with lingerie when I picked up the bra. It consisted of a satin half-cup with tiny spaghetti straps and the sheerest lace to cover the upper half of the breast. I slipped my hand into the cup just to see how sheer it was. It was clear that my dark Latina nipples were going to stand out nicely and ever so distinctly in this little number. That was when Trent’s hand rose to my back and his fingers hooked my bra in back. It was all I could do to wriggle away from his hand. For a second I thought he was going to take my plain-jane, cast-iron bra off and make me try this hot little zinger on right there in the store .

“I think I’d better get this one, don’t you?” I asked him.

Trent just grinned like an idiot and said, “Yes” excitedly. The outfit also included a thong that dipped down in the shape of a ‘V’ in front that I suspected might expose the crest of my opening, a lacy little garter belt and the loveliest shimmering gray stockings I had ever seen. The entire ensemble cost a small fortune but I had a feeling it would be money well spent if I got the same reaction from other young men that I had just gotten from Trent without ever trying it on.

Trent had been a real help throughout in spite of having to remind him of my promise never to commit any of those dirty misdeeds of the past weekend again with him. He seemed to be getting the message. He had wonderful taste and knew even before I did what I would look good and sexy in. It was exhilarating to think I was going to turn on young men in these outfits. It was such an exciting thought that I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and asked Trent if I could try on an outfit as soon as we got to his dorm room just to see if I looked as good as I felt.

“Sure!” casino oyna he answered.

Then, as we rode along towards campus, he asked, “Would you like me to invite Monty along? He lives just up on the next floor above me. A second opinion couldn’t hurt and you already know what I’m going to say about the way you look.”

He had a point. He had helped pick out most of my outfits and almost all of my bras, panties and stockings. It certainly might help if I got a second, more impartial opinion.

There were a couple more reasons for including Monty. He was handsome as the dickens and I reasoned, Trent might not try anything with me if there were someone else along to sort of act as a chaperone. Trent’s gentle, knowing touch during shopping and his hand holding had taken its toll on me whether I admitted it or not. It turns out I was wrong about the chaperone part.

We got to Trent’s room, I ducked into his bathroom, shopping bags in tow and set about doing my makeup and changing. I dressed quickly in order to make sure my makeup – the hard part for me since it had been so long since I’d worn any – looked exactly right. Trent hastily trotted upstairs to fetch Monty for my ‘showing.’

Dressed now, I drew a deep breath, admired myself in the mirror, carefully repeated my mantra, “I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control,” before opening the door and stepping out into the dorm room to greet my audience.

Monty was just as handsome as I remembered. “I am in control. I know what I’m doing,” I chanted to myself.

“Febe!” Monty called out at first sight of me, “You look magnificent!”

He remembered my name, I thought with a start. It surprised me that he would, unless Trent had reminded him.

“Thanks for the compliment – and for remembering my name, Monty,” I told him, smiling.

“Oh, everybody knows your name at the house now,” he beamed.

Trent added quickly, “That’s just one of the blessings that come with being a GILF.”

I smiled at that and began to realize I must have made quite an impression at the dance.

“So you both like?” I asked.

Both heads nodded gleefully and Trent spoke up, “Turn for us. Do the model thing so we get the whole effect.”

I turned a slow full circle before facing them once more, putting my hands on my hips for dramatic effect.

“How about taking the jacket off and throwing it across your shoulder like a model?” Trent suggested and then added, “You could definitely be a model.”

“I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control,” I repeated my mantra once more. This is where it gets difficult, I fretted. I knew exactly what Trent wanted and it wasn’t a model.

“I don’t know if that would be such a good idea,” I said.

“Oh, Febe, please! One of the things that makes you such a fetching GILF is the courageous way you challenge your own fears and take the important risks. Are you afraid we won’t like what we see?” Trent asked.

Fetching I thought to myself. I liked that word. It suited me. I had never been called fetching. Trent always seemed to know just what to say to help me understand better. I loosed the first button slowly with my eyes fixed on the two young men ogling me. I undid the rest of them slowly too and then spread the jacket open with my hands and put my hands on my hips in a rather defiant posture that held the jacket open wide.

Both young men let out little murmurs and straightened a bit on the bed. My little maneuver – and the sight of me in a very sheer white top over an equally sheer lacy gray bra seemed to have captured their imaginations. The bra turned out to be an even lovelier wonder than I expected. It lifted my breasts up slightly and took away that tiny bit of sag in them and pointed the nipples ever so slightly upward. My nipples looked so naughty peeking through the thin lace. I knew the top and the bra were both sheer but since I had hurried so in getting dressed I wasn’t sure just how much I was revealing. Without looking down to see for myself but judging by their slack jaws and the deer-in-the-headlights look in their cute young eyes I was pretty certain my dark, round nipples were staring them down.

“Do you like? It’s not too much, is it?” I asked.

“Magnificent . . . fantastic. They’re wonderful – both of them,” Monty mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.

Well, at least I knew where his mind was.

“Definitely a GILF,” Trent announced in a deep, almost confidential tone, “You definitely dress the part and you sure know how to strut your stuff. What do you think, Monty?”

Monty had a serious look on his face now. “I think a real GILF finishes what she starts,” he said, sounding almost defiant.

“W-Whatever do you mean, young man? I asked, startled by this new look on his face and the defiant tone of his words.

Monty seemed to have recovered from being stared down by my second set of eyes. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking right now.

“Saturday slot oyna night at the dance we kissed,” I nodded, definitely remembering that incident. It was one of my more brazen moments.

“Just as I started getting into our kiss you broke away. To my way of thinking, a GILF, well if I can be frank – a GILF isn’t a cocktease. You started to kiss me and then, well, you left me hangin’. . . . and then you smirked about it!”

He had a point. I mulled it over in my head for a moment. I had pulled away from him just as our tongues had begun to get acquainted and I had left him abruptly to go and stand beside Trent. In all the exhilaration of that moment it probably had appeared to him that I was grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. I began to think I had led him on. Yet another instance of my selfishness during that long wonderful night, I thought with a twinge of guilt.

“I’m sorry, Monty. That was pretty heartless of me,” I told him. I worried that my reputation was at stake here. How many more of Trent’s frat brothers might think I was a ‘cocktease,’ as Monty put it. I wanted to correct my oversight. After all, I had been pretty selfish during that whole night. Discovering that there was such a thing as a GILF and that I was one and that young men could find me desirable had sort of made me a little crazy. I was suddenly convinced I had been selfish and Monty was right. I quickly decided to try and fix my mistake.

“You’re right, Monty. Can I make it up to you? I’m not really that inconsiderate,” I offered, biting my lip.

“Well, what do you mean?” he asked.

“What if we finish that kiss? I mean, let me show you the kind of kiss you deserve. Would that help?” I offered.

For an instant Monty looked just as startled, just as shocked as he had when I kissed him Saturday night. “W-well, sure. I guess that would make up for – for the disappointment,” he answered at last.

I smiled and slowly, gracefully made my way to the bed where Monty and Trent were seated. Modeling my outfit was completely forgotten now. My job was to convince Monty that I was indeed a GILF. I sat between the two young men, ignoring Trent for the moment. I could feel their warmth, smell their maleness on either side of me and suddenly I grew worried. “I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control.” I repeated to myself. I was in control. I did know what I was doing.

“Now, let’s finish that kiss,” I told him as I gazed into his eyes.

I surprised him a second time by hooking my arm around his neck and pulling his lips to mine. This time however, Monty was a little more prepared. It wasn’t long before our tongues were struggling with one another as if they were trying desperately to trade places.

I think the university must offer a course in kissing. The handsome young stud tickling my tonsils was making me forget all about Trent’s kisses. Maybe it was something they put in the water on campus but goodness could this boy kiss too! It wasn’t long before I was completely and blissfully lost in our embrace. Monty was exciting me in so many marvelous ways all at once that I feared I might boil over in a wondrous, startling climax at any moment – and he wasn’t even touching my pussy – yet! Under his twisting, softly kneading hands my nipples were hard little pebbles that tingled and seemed to quiver now in the loveliest way.

I was sure I was about to have an out-of-body, mind-blowing experience. As I sat between them, my knees and hips began to quiver. I could feel my clit pressing against my lovely new thong and I just knew all glorious hell was going to break loose in a few seconds in this sixty-one year-old body and mind. It was at that exact moment that Monty broke from our kiss. His hands however, never left my tits.

“Damn!” he almost yelled, “I take it back! You’re definitely not a cocktease!”

He was out of breath and grinning when he said this. He had no idea how close he had been to launching me off into some new state of ecstasy. I looked back at him in shock. My breath was coming in short, sharp excited gasps.

“Shut up and kiss me!” I snapped and thrust my tongue into his mouth once more, eager to regain that feeling.

The boy could kiss like the devil but he had certainly spoiled the moment for me. Our kiss resumed but my moment had passed. My nipples were still standing out hard and proud and my clit was still all atingle, but that tempting sense of reaching some new plateau of spiritual enlightenment was gone now.

That’s not to say I wasn’t still really, really excited. But I had been so close! When the quivering did not return to my pussy in the next minute or so, I decided to take another approach. I broke from our kiss, stood to look both young men in the eye and announced while still catching my breath, “I’m going to go get something. When I get back I want you to have your cocks out. Both of you.”

One of my wiser purchases during my shopping spree was a large bottle of lubricant. I had canlı casino siteleri selected this larger size for two reasons. First, I had a feeling I would be needing a lot of it and second, it came with a purse-sized bonus bottle. I suspected I wouldn’t always be in my own bed when I needed it. It turns out I was right on both points.

I returned half a minute later, lubricant in hand to find two young men with glorious erections standing up proudly in their laps.

“Are those for me?” I asked, smiling and gazing from one to the other of their stiff young cocks, “You’re both so thoughtful!”

Trent spoke and said, “We can’t take much credit. You’ve done everything a GILF can do to make us hard.”

I liked the word GILF. And it made me proud that I had become one.

“Hold this,” I said to Trent and placed the lube in his hand.

“Monty, I want you to undress me,” I announced.

“Are we going to get to see your landing strip?” Trent asked anxiously.

“Landing strip! You have a landing strip?” Monty shrieked.

I looked from one to the other of them, puzzled by Monty’s excitement and not quite sure what a ‘landing strip’ was. “What do you mean? What’s a landing strip?” I asked.

Monty was quick to explain. Clearly he was excited by this. “A landing strip is when your um . . . bush is shaved and trimmed to leave a narrow patch of pubic hair. That’s a landing strip. How long have you had yours?” He said all this in a frenzied jumble.

“Well, just since yesterday morning early,” I answered honestly.

Monty stared at me for a long moment. I could tell his mind was calculating the when and how of it. Finally, it began to make sense to him. His face lit up and he turned to Trent and exclaimed, “Did you do the landing strip?”

I admired Trent for the character he showed in that moment. It’s never proper to ‘kiss and tell’ – and Trent didn’t – exactly. He did grin like the devil and he had been the one to reveal I had a landing strip installed low on my belly but he had shown a great deal of decorum just the same. He could have told Monty all sorts of things like how he’d eaten my pussy until I nearly passed out and how he had abused me so in the shower, but he didn’t and I appreciated that even though it might have been fun to shock Trent’s frat brother with some of the lovelier details about our night together. It might just have given Monty some ideas of his own . . . but, I reminded myself sternly, “I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control.”

Monty didn’t wait for Trent to answer, “You already had a lock on the top pledge honors and now you go and do this too!”

Then he turned to me and asked, “Would it be okay if I saw it – just a little bit of it – at least? – Your landing strip, I mean.”

It didn’t take much for me to realize I had just given Trent’s prestige among his fraternity brothers yet another boost. I was honored to be a part of that and so thankful Trent had helped me discover my inner calling as a GILF. Perhaps I could be of help to Monty too.

“Well, Monty, why don’t you unbutton my blouse and we’ll see about the landing strip,” I told him slyly.

“Unbutton your blouse? S-s-s-ure,” he stammered.

When he was finished unbuttoning it, I straightened, then strutted back to the center of the room and slowly shrugged the sheer blouse off. It suddenly struck me that I hadn’t finished my little modeling pose for the boys so I tossed the blouse casually over my shoulder, threw my hips and arm akimbo and did my best to give the two of them an “eat your hearts out, boys” look.

“You’re not a grandma,” was all Monty could mumble as he stared at me.

This, I thought to myself, is what being a GILF is all about.

“Still want to check out the landing strip?” I asked them. My foolish question got two quick nods.

I undid the button and zipper on my hip and then wriggled and shimmied my hips until the skirt was down around my ankles. I stepped out of it and held my pose to let them appreciate the change in appearance. The thong I had on matched the bra. It was lacy, sheer and dipped down low in a sort of ‘V’ in front that fell almost down to the crest of my opening. One of the reasons I had chosen it was the way it dipped down so low on my belly. The whole landing strip was visible in the space between garter belt and thong top and it looked deliciously inviting even if I do say so myself.

“I thought you couldn’t look any hotter than you did Saturday night. God, but was I wrong!” Trent finally groaned after a long deafening silence.

Trent shouldn’t have been all that surprised at how I looked but it gave me the shivers just knowing I excited him so.

Though he hadn’t actually seen me wear my new lacy gray see-through bra, thong, garter belt and shimmery gray stockings, he had helped pick them out. I drew encouragement from the way my little getup had rendered them more or less speechless. I took a deep breath and chanted my mantra once again, “I am in control. I know what I’m doing. I am in control,” and approached Trent and Monty. I noted with satisfaction that both young men’s cocks had remained in their locked and upright positions throughout my whole show.

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