Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 08

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My mind was on Shera constantly after that weekend. I had myself on high alert for anything that might be another opportunity to get her alone but as the week went past I never saw her once. Friday came around and I saw no car in the driveway at Shera’s place. I was a little deflated thinking that it would be a dead weekend. It still popped up in my mind that Shera and Jann might discuss their experiences with me and it would ruin everything but most of the time I was able to keep those thoughts out of my mind.

Later in the evening, I saw lights on at Shera’s and wondered if she was home but their car wasn’t in the driveway. I checked every few minutes and noticed that a car drove down and a few minutes later left with Jann and Debbie. I couldn’t see the driver but that didn’t matter because at least I knew that Jann was home from university this weekend. I started thinking of the possibilities and my penis stiffened a little.

I was wondering if they were gathering at their usual spot so I watched some TV and occasionally checked to see if any lights were on at their house. By 11 pm there was still no lights so I walked up to the corner. Nothing. I walked up every 15 minutes and nothing. At midnight I was at the corner and just about to head back home when I thought that I heard someone coming up the street. I listened intently and it was completely quiet so I took 2 steps and stopped. I turned and saw 2 figures coming up the street. I could hear faint bits of conversation and as they got closer, I could see that it was Jann and Debbie both stumbling a bit and laughing occasionally.

As they got to the corner Debbie said “You’re here every time we come by!”

“It’s an odd coincidence isn’t it?” I joked.

She and Jann laughed and Deb said “I will make the hand off to you again then.”

I laughed and said “Yes. Sure thing. Have a good night.” And she continued around the corner and up the street.

Jann had my arm and was pretty tipsy which was obvious by her stagger. “I’m pretty lucky running into you here again.” she stated, slurring a bit.

“Well yeah, it’s safer to walk home with me here.” I said with a faux tone of authority.

“I guess so.” she replied “You know, nobody is at our place this weekend except me…and I could use someone to get me safely in the door and right into my room.”

My cock swelled. “I could help with that Jann.” I said sounding somewhat serious and we continued down the lane to her house. Jann gave me the key as we got to the step and I unlocked the door. Opening it and standing aside a bit, she walked unsteadily past me brushing against my torso with her arm and a very light bump of her hip into my leg. I was still just a little under half stiff and I couldn’t really tell if there was anything to all of the innuendos but that didn’t curb my excitement. She went into her room and I heard her turn on the lamp and saw the light filter dimly out into the hall.

“Kev…I am drunk.” Jann declared. I laughed a little and a minute or so later, she said “Didn’t you say that you would help me to my room?”

As I walked into her room I said “Yes, you are in your room.” and saw that Jann was in her bed and under the covers right up to her neck. I noticed that her clothes were on the floor. “Can I do anything else?” I asked as I approached her.

“Anything.” she answered and repeated “Anything.” and she lazily looked up at me from her pillow. Well, I wasn’t really about to turn down this opportunity. My fire was lit and I felt my cock swelling fast. I was starting to feel the adrenaline and my heart rate was increasing.

“Anything Jann?” I asked.

“That’s right.” she slurred and laughed a little. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my underwear down, freeing my erect cock. “Wow. What are you going to do with that?” Jann teased as I leaned toward her and waved it right in front of her face. “Ooo” she cooed just before I stifled her by pushing the swollen head past her lips. I pushed my stiff member into her mouth a little roughly and a few muffled sounds came out of her. I had a hand on her head as I was pushing into her mouth and pulling back a bit feeling her tongue pushing against and swirling around my tool. I reached for her covers and pulled them back a bit, seeing that she was completely naked.

I pushed my hand between her legs pendik escort bayan and felt her already moist pussy as my other hand guided her head on my engorged penis. I fingered her snatch a couple of times and she opened her legs a little. By the third time I ran my finger into her she was fully lubricated. What a wet cunt! I pulled my cock from her mouth and stepped out of my clothes, climbing into her bed and directly between her legs. I placed my cock head against her wet flesh and pushed it in firmly, sinking in about 4 inches and Jann gasped a sharp inhale as she threw her arms around my neck. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth hard as I pulled my rod back and pushed it firmly back into her, holding it still in her for a few moments.

As our lips and tongues grappled, I tasted the alcohol and her hot breath was on my face while my throbbing cock felt her warm depths, slightly moving from her deep breathing. She was pretty drunk so her movements were subdued and slow. Jann had both of her hands on my face and between kisses said in a stern tone, ” Don’t pay attention to anything that I say OK?”

“OK” I assured her, “You want me to ignore anything that you say.”

“That’s exactly what I want.” she confirmed.

I pulled my cock almost out of her and planted it back in her a couple of times with wet smacks before I pulled it right out of her and started turning Jann over. “What are you doing?” she whispered as I arranged her face down and struggled to spread her legs. I stabbed at her ass hole with my rock hard tool, which was covered in her pussy lube, and pressed against it firmly. “Hey!” Jann protested as I pressed my chest against her back, pinning her with my weight. “Don’t…just…” she blurted as she wiggled against me. “I just want…” I heard her complain just before a couple of inches sunk into her ass.

“Oh!” she groaned and as I pulled back a bit then pushed in a little deeper, “Don’t do it.” she grunted and then almost whispered “my god.”

“Yes Jann. That’s it.” I said as I pushed bit by bit into her tight ass. I pulled from her tight hole and pushed into her soaking wet cunt as she inhaled sharply.

“No!” she said as I stroked into her twice before placing my cock head against her anus again.

“Wait…can’t you just…” she complained as I pushed into her ass, her slippery pussy juice helping me get into her tight tunnel. “Oh my god.” she whispered as I began pulling back and pushing in again. “Don’t fuck my ass.” she whispered. After a dozen strokes I had my cock in her all of the way and as I moved inside her, Jann was whimpering “Not my ass.” every few thrusts. I wrestled one hand down under her, between her legs and started stroking her pussy lips and circling her clit. I pushed my other hand in under her soft tits and pulled at them a little. Jann was saying “You can’t fuck my ass.” in a whimper once in a while as I slowly sawed my hard cock back and forth through her tight anus.

I slowly pulled from her ass and struggled to turn her on her back again. She gasped and moaned loudly as I repositioned her and my dick throbbed as it waved back and forth while I moved her. “No! No! You can’t do this.” she protested as I pushed slowly into her cunt until I was buried completely. I felt wetness on my pelvic bone and my balls. Jann threw her arms around my neck as I pulled back and started pounding long strokes into her which sounded like a wet clock. “Nobody has ever done this to me before.” Jann gasped as I fucked her wet cunt.

She was obviously getting off on her fantasy of being forcibly taken and I was rather enjoying it too. Her breathing was heavy and gasping as if she was struggling for air. “Stop it right now.” she pleaded “Take that thing out of me!” Upon hearing this I pulled my slippery shaft from her wet cunt and stood beside her bed again taking her hair in my left hand, I guided her face toward my fat shiny wet cock head. “Don’t make me do this.” Jann whispered as she took the swollen head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and sucking. As I pulled it from her mouth she panted and said “Please stop!” just as I pushed it into her mouth again. God it was hot.

I pulled my meat from her panting mouth and climbed back in bed between her legs as she continued protesting “What are you doing now?”. I placed my rod against maltepe escort her warm, wet cunt and just put half of the head in.

“I’m going to fuck that cunt Jann.” I told her.

“No. No. Not my cunt…” she exclaimed “I don’t fuck.” I pushed into her slippery, warm pussy all of the way to my balls. “Oh!” Jann groaned. “Please. Please stop. Let me go!” she continued. I moved my hands under her ass and put the middle finger of my right hand directly on her slippery ass hole. “No! Don’t do that!” she complained as I pushed on it gently while I kept fucking her wet cunt. “You can’t touch my ass hole.” she hissed and I could feel her pushing her ass against my finger, trying to make it penetrate her.

I pushed my finger in her ass and Jann continued, “No, you can’t take my little pussy and ass.” as I fucked her with my hard pole. She had her legs spread wide and I was pulling my cock completely out of her about a half inch away from contact. A loud smack sound accompanied each time I pulled my hard rod from her hot, wet hole. Then I would thrust my hips forward and bury my pole again with a loud squish. Jann started saying “No, not my pussy!” every few strokes or “Don’t fuck me!” as I slapped my cock into her.

I felt her muscles flex a little contraction so I quickly pulled my hard rod from her pussy with a wet pop and pushed it into her hot ass. “Oh!” Jann blurted as her ass began flexing firmly on my cock and she wrestled her hands down to her pussy. “You can’t fuck my ass!” she repeated over and over in a whisper, gasping as I moved in her in tiny strokes. She frantically worked her pussy while her ass pulsed, squeezing my throbbing member. As she came down from her climax, her ass stopped flexing on my cock and she dropped her hands to her sides. “You can’t fuck my ass.” she moaned again as her head fell to one side.

I was going to come so I lifted Jann’s legs up and mashed them against her breasts while I fucked her little hole a couple of hard strokes as she grunted. I pulled from her tight ass and pounded my rock hard cock into her wet cunt as I planted streams of seed into her depths. I kept pumping in and out of her as I reached down and buried my finger into her ass again. Jann was gasping “No. No. Don’t fuck me.” as I continued squirting in her. I pulled out of her hot cunt and moved quickly up to straddle her face and put my cock in her mouth. “No.” she said just as my jerking pole was tossing a small squirt onto her tongue. She sucked and gasped as small squirts continued pulsing out of my fat cock head. “Don’t make me eat your cum.” she whined around my knob as she sucked and swallowed every drop.

I pulled away from her lips after the last of my load had been released into Jann’s mouth and got down between her legs again. I pushed my cock into her soft warm pussy and laid against her soft breasts as both of us breathed deeply trying to recover. I pulled the covers over us to rest a few minutes.

The next thing I knew I was waking up. I was a bit disoriented but a few seconds later I remembered that I was at Jann’s. She wasn’t in the bed but the lamp was on and her clock said 3:24 am. I heard the toilet flush and the sounds of Jann coming up the hall, not very steady. As she came through the door I saw that she was still naked and as she got back into the bed, I got up and had a piss. When I got back to her room and got into her bed she said “I’m still pretty drunk.”

She was on her back and I was on my left side with an arm and a leg sort of draped over her. My hand was right on her nipple and I couldn’t resist fondling it. I nuzzled her neck and as I played with her nipple, it got firm. I moved from nuzzling her neck to kissing her other nipple which was also firm. My dick stood at attention againt Jann’s hip and I heard her breathing get deeper and a little shakey sounding. I took my leg off of her and raised her right leg over my hip as I slid in close to her and put my cock head against her cunt. I rubbed it up and down her slit as I felt the wetness spread over my knob. “Don’t you put that in me.” she said as I sunk it in a few inches. “Oh” she grunted and I pulled back a bit then pushed it back in. “No.” she whispered.

I lifted her leg and moved under it so that I could get between her legs and facing her without taking my cock out of her. I looked right kartal escort into her eyes and started stroking my rod in and out of her wet cunt. “No!” she pouted “Stop.” as I plunged my meat into her hot flesh. I was holding myself up in a push up position on straight arms as I stroked into her in long thrusts each accompanied by a wet smacking sound. Jann was gently pushing her breasts together from the sides with her hands while looking right in my eyes saying “Stop it. I didn’t say that you could.” One hand moved over and rubbed against the firm nipple as Jann pursed her lips. It was a pretty hot view and I suddenly pulled my cock from her fantastic, warm cunt and moved up to her face, putting it to her lips.

Jann still looked me in the eyes and said “Somebody help me.” and kissed the head of my penis. “Stop this guy.” she said and then grabbed my throbbing cock and licked the end. She moved my cock to rub it against her nipple and after circling it a few times bent it over to her other nipple and circled it. Then she put her mouth over it and swirled her tongue around it over and over. She took my cock from her mouth and didn’t suck at all, leaving lots of wet saliva all over it and she stuffed it between her tits and pushed them together. I had never done this before but I didn’t need anyone to tell me what to do.

I stroked forward and my dick stuck out from the top of her tits and she lowered her mouth over it sucking at the head and swirling her tongue around it. I pulled back and she would look me in the eyes again and say “Don’t make me do this.” and I would thrust forward again. She leaned her head down and kissed the head firmly. I pulled back and Jann said “Let me go. I won’t tell anyone.” Then I thrust forward again and she would lean down and let it push past her lips, kissing and sucking at it. I pulled back and she looked me in the eyes again, a long string of saliva was going from her lip to the end of my cock. “Please stop sir.” I pushed forward again between her tits and she lowered her mouth once more and she panted and sucked at my leaking cock. I left it in her mouth as she sucked and licked. Then I pulled it away and got between her legs again.

I looked at her cunt and it was soaking wet. Her juices had run down over her ass and had made a wet area on her bed. I bent my erection down toward her snatch and buried it in one thrust collapsing my chest onto her damp breasts. “No. Stop.” she said as I pulled my hips back and bucked forward into her again. I kissed her sloppy mouth and pushed my tongue in against hers as she continued to try say “No.” I fucked her hard and fast and grabbed her ass with both hands. I can’t hold onto an ass without sticking my finger in it so after circling her anus a few times I pushed my finger inside. “You can’t do this…please!” she said as I kept adjusting my mouth to cover hers. “You can’t. You can’t.” she repeated as she worked her hand in between us and frantically rubbed her clit.

I pulled my finger from her ass and my cock from her wet cunt at the same time then placed my rod against her ass hole. As Jann exhaled loudly and moaned “NO!” I pushed a couple of inches in immediately. Her body started convulsing and I pushed my hard staff in her ass firmly just before I felt her spasms gripping and flexing on my shaft as she continued furiously rubbing her pussy. I held it in her firmly and was trying to wait until her orgasm had passed but I went over the edge as I felt my cock jerk inside her. I held tight and stroked in her ass a few times, then quickly got up near her face again and after one large stream landed on Jann’s neck, I got the head in her mouth just as she said “No!” and I pushed her tits together around my cock to tit fuck the rest of my orgasm.

I no sooner pushed her soft breasts around my jerking, spasming rod when her hands moved under mine and took over squeezing them against it as she sucked my big squirting knob. She said “No. Please stop.” even though my cock head was muffling it as it tossed another squirt into her mouth. I reached back and put my hand on her pussy and applied a little pressure to her clit with a little side to side friction. I felt Jann shudder a little as her mouth covered my pulsing cock head and sucked away squirt after squirt of cum.

After I stopped squirting into her mouth, I let go of her wet pussy and pulled my cock from her lips. She smacked them a few times, swallowing, then whispered “Please sir…” trailing off and I moved down beside her again pulling the covers over us. I don’t know what Jann’s fantasy was all about but it worked out pretty well for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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