Large Lifestyle Ch. 06

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In Part 1, Carol and Rick met for drinks… then retreated to a dark parking lot for some extra curricular activities. In part 2, Rick got to take a more active participatory role. In part 3, the couple retreated to Carol’s hotel room for a little more action. In part 4, Carol invited Rick over for dinner and the sex escalated to a whole new level. In Part 5, the couple got in a few more sex sessions before Carol had to leave. Now, Rick is visiting her at school, only he’s having some trouble cumming. Maybe Carol and friends can help?

Rick had tried to remain calm during the long trip, but now that he was finally here he felt his heart start to race. He remembered the last time they had been together, the night before Carol’s flight back to college. He remembered Carol yelling his name one last time as her body quaked all around him. Rick was getting hard just thinking about it.

And now here he was. They had made tentative plans for him to come visit her. Finally, 3 months later he was finally here. The plane had landed and he was getting into a cab. He would be surprising Carol. He’d told her originally that he wasn’t going to be in until much later tonight. They’d been talking frequently over Facebook messenger and FaceTime video. He knew her class schedule. He knew right where’d she’d be when he arrived on campus.

It was a long walk from where the cab dropped him off in the center of the large campus to where Carol’s last class was. He realized as he walked there it was entirely possible that she would leave through one of several exits in the building. Oh well. He figured if he didn’t see her within a few minutes of the class ending he could call her and meet up with her that way. It would still be a pretty big surprise.

Three pm finally rolled around as he waited patiently on a bench outside the Johnson English Building. The campus was pretty nice. Most of the main buildings had been built a century ago and the facades used a heavy dose of concrete and faux marble that lent them a very nice look.

Rick began watching the door as a crowd of students left. After a minute he thought he would have to walk around the building or resort to plan B. Just as he was about to get up, he saw Carol walk out with a friend. Truth be told Rick saw the friend first, a gorgeous tall blonde with firm legs and an apparently huge rack. The blonde opened the door and stepped out into the beautiful sun, Rick couldn’t help but notice her. Right behind her though was the lovely Carol. Rick sat for a moment longer watching Carol practically bounce away from the building. She looked happy. Rick wondered if she looked that happy simply because it was the weekend and classes were over, or because she was looking forward to seeing him later.

Rick stood up and moved to intercept, coming at her from the side so that she wouldn’t see him until he was close. He was practically standing right next to her when he said “Hey Carol.”

A few days before this surprise encounter, Carol and her blonde friend Jessica had been sitting in their apartment, watching TV. “So, is he big?”

Carol laughed, “C’mon Jessica, I thought you said you didn’t want any of the gory details.” Jessica laughed in return and said, “I was just trying to be polite. Of course I want the details. You’ve been talking about this guy all semester.”

Carol smiled, “Yea he’s pretty big.”

“Oh my god, he’s huge isn’t he?” Jessica covered her eyes and laughed. Carol illustrated by holding her hands apart and Jessica buried her face in her hands. “Damn Carol. I wish my last boyfriend had been like that.”

“You never told him he wasn’t, did you?”

“No no, of course not. I mean it was nice. I told him it was awesome. His problem was he would never cum for me.”

Carol looked incredulous. “No its true. He would fuck me pretty good, but he would never finish. I’d try everything. I’d blow him, talk dirty to him, let him put me in whatever position he wanted. He would just never cum, and then he’d just give up. I think he was too caught up in his own head or something.”

“But uhm… you would have orgasms?” Carol asked.

“Oh yea sure. He was a good guy, he just never would go, uhm off for himself. I started to feel like I wasn’t enough. I mean not that many guys have trouble cumming. Anyway, thats not why we broke up.”

“What would you say to him?” Carol was interested to hear.

Jessica laughed, “Well, I’d tell him how big his dick was, how great it felt. How good he was fucking me. I’d tell him to cum for me, to shoot his load deep inside me or all over me. I tried all kinds of stuff. I’d tell him what a good boy he was, he really liked that. He was able to cum one time when I kept telling him how he was ‘such a good boy’ and how ‘good boys cum for their girls’ and I put on a slightly little girlish voice and buried his face in my tits. I’d grab his balls and spank his ass.”

“Thats pretty hot.”

“Yea, I got a lot of practice trying to talk dirty. I thought I’d found the secret that one time. He came so hard, it illegal bahis was incredible. Really just, uhm, everywhere. I can’t even. But he never did again after that.”

“Poor guy.”

“Yea, it sucks for him. My boyfriend before that came all the time. He’d get inside me, get one good look at my huge chest and blow his load.”

“Your chest is huge. Didn’t it bother you that he came so quick?”

“No, I loved it. I love it when guys cum. He’d uh… get me off first and then do it. He’d get back pretty quick too and we’d do it again. God… its been a while since I’ve seen some good dick.”

The girls talked for a few minutes and came up with something to cure Jessica’s need to see dick. Carol got up to go to bed. Jessica said, “See you in the morning… slut,” and then gave Carol a spank on her short shorts covered butt.

Walking out of her last class on Friday afternoon, Carol smiled as she walked out with Jessica, looking forward to seeing Rick later. Jessica walked out of the building first and Carol gave her a spank on Jessica’s ample rear, in return for the one she got last night and in response to Jessica calling her a slut again.

“I’m not a slut just because I want to get fucked tonight,” Carol said. They walked together towards their apartment, when out of nowhere she heard his voice say, “Hey Carol.”

Carol stopped dead her tracks and looked at Rick, speechless. Then she dropped her bag and jumped into him, giving him a big bear hug and laughing. They kissed for a few moments until Carol broke it off.

“Rick, this is my friend Jessica. She and I share an apartment on campus.”

Rick shook her hand and tried not to look down the V of her tank top. Jessica spoke first, “Are you hungry Rick? We’ve got some food at our place.”

“Oh yea, I’m starving. I barely ate breakfast and then the food on the plane was no good.”

“Hey Carol, I haven’t had any caffeine today. I’m uh… gonna go get some coffee. I’ll catch up with you in an hour or so…”

With that, Jessica turned and walked the opposite direction from their dorm room. Carol knew what Jessica was doing, she was giving her and Rick some time alone. Which is what Rick probably guessed as well. But she wasn’t going to clue him in to all of Jessica’s motives.

“I guess Jessica wants to give us a few minutes alone…” Carol said, smiling at Rick.

“Alone time? What do we need that for? Does she think we’re going to kiss or something.” Rick laughed and walked with Carol as they made their way across the campus to the dorm, which in this case was really a two bedroom apartment. Only the newest of freshman had to stay in a traditional dorm room.

As they walked, Carol pointed out the buildings and explained which type of classes went where and tried to give him some idea of how the campus was laid out. By the time they’d arrived Rick had gotten a short primer about the school.

The talking ceased as they got to her hallway. Both their hearts started racing as they began to realize the waiting was over. They were excited, but also nervous that maybe some of that fire that had been present before was all gone. Used up, like a jet engine that ran out of fuel.

Before opening the door, Carol kissed Rick again, testing the waters. Trying to feel the fire. When Rick’s arms wrapped around her and pulled her close, she could feel the bulge in his crotch. The fire was definitely there. Carol broke the kiss and opened the door, quickly shutting and locking it before putting her books down in the kitchen.

Rick’s hand gave her a light spank on her ass. Carol decided showing him the apartment could wait, the only thing he needed to see right then was her bedroom. She opened the door and pulled him through and gave him a shove towards the bed. “Take your clothes off.”

Foreplay was not what the doctor ordered today. Carol wanted his dick. Rick quickly stripped off his clothes as she watched, mesmerized. He looked like he’d lost a little weight. She knew he’d been hitting the gym more, said he did it to take his mind off of obsessing about her. He looked a little stronger and had definitely shed a few pounds. He looked ripped. Gorgeous. The muscles in his lower abdomen and legs were busting out of his skin. His abs formed a V pointing to his exposed, rock hard dick. Her mouth dropped open as he climbed on top of her and pinned her to the bed.

Ricks hand’s moved down her body, quickly removing her pants and underwear in one, rough motion. Clearly, he wanted it as badly as she did. Before she could get another word out he plunged himself inside her and began bucking into her. The shocking force of his thrusts made Carol cry out in surprise and lust, grabbing onto Rick’s shoulders and holding on tight as her body learned to accommodate the size of his cock again.

After a few moments of shock, Carol settled in and enjoyed the aggressive rhythm that Rick had set. His arms wrapped up underneath her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her down towards his dick as he thrust it into her, the top of his dick illegal bahis siteleri smashing into her cervix with each thrust. “Oh baby, god you feel so good inside me.”

Feeling the heat of Rick’s body on top of her, the sound of his grunts in her ear and most important, his incredible dick moving in and out of her was too much for Carol after so long without it. Her pussy flooded with wetness and she grabbed onto Ricks ass, pressing down, desperate to keep his dick deep inside her. It didn’t take long for her to cry out as an orgasm rocked through her body. One hand grabbed onto Ricks ass as he jammed his cock all the way in and held it there for her as her orgasm clamped down on his meat stick. The other hand flew over her clit, sending more shockwaves through her brain. Carol didn’t even realize she was screaming.

Before giving her a chance to rest and come down from her high, Rick flipped her over, grabbed her waist and pulled it up to his body and jammed his cock back in her, bucking into her wildly from behind. Carol shouted again in surprise, and looked back at Rick, mouth open and eyes wide as she watched him thrust into her like a wild animal.

“I need to cum for you baby,” Rick practically shouted in her ear as his dick hammered away at her and his hand gave her another hard spank on the ass. “I haven’t in so long.”

Carol moaned loudly and said, “Please give it to me baby, I want it all.” Rick continued to thrust into her, slowing down. Now he pulled his dick almost completely out before shoving it back into her, and continued like that. Slow in, slow out, driving Carol wild. She knew she could cum again but wanted to wait for Rick. It all felt so good it was almost like she was continually coming the whole time anyway.

Jessica figured she had given them enough time. She’d said an hour, but… she hadn’t really meant it. She’d given them a solid half hour to get back to the apartment and start doing… whatever it is they felt like doing. Jessica assumed they wanted to fuck and considered the possibility that they might be done by now. But, she’d heard Carol talk about the sex she’d had with Rick enough times to feel pretty confident they weren’t done yet. Which is why she was returning early.

Jessica and Carol were avid Skype and Facetime users. They video chatted with friends here at school and with each other, even though they shared an apartment. Sometimes they would be doing homework with a Skype window open and chatting from their rooms during short breaks in their studying.

Because of this, Jessica figured there was a pretty good chance that her last video chat window with Jessica was still open. All Jessica would have to do is open her’s up and hope Jessica hadn’t closed the lid on her laptop and she’d be able to get a peak at Carol and Rick fucking. She and Carol had discussed it briefly and Jessica didn’t think she’d mind if she looked for a few minutes. It was Carol’s idea, since Jessica was so dick deprived. Jessica hadn’t had a boyfriend in a little while and hadn’t been hit on too much recently either. She chalked it up to her relatively good looks and her large bosom, it attracted many guys but scared just as many, if not more, away.

Jessica quietly entered the room and knew that at least one part of her plan was still good to go. She could hear Carol moaning from the hallway. As she entered her room she could hear Rick’s grunts and the distinct sound of their bodies coming together over and over. Jessica was already getting turned on at the thought of Rick ramming into her friend with his supposedly massive dick.

Jessica tip toed to her bedroom and sat down at her computer, making sure to hit the mute button. It wouldn’t be good for Rick and Carol to be able to hear themselves from the next room. Jessica couldn’t believe how vocal Carol was being, loud moaning and the occasional scream. Then she heard Carol yell, “Please baby! Please give it to me.” Jessica quickly clicked the Skype window and brought up their chat from the night before.

What she saw drove her wild. Rick was behind Carol, his hands planted on her ass and sawing his dick into her over and over. Carol’s head was buried in the sheets, moaning and moaning, which Jessica could hear clearly through the walls. Rick reached one hand around and played with Carol’s pussy, causing Carol to throw her head back and scream, deep and gutteral, her hair flying wildly. “I’m coming baby!!”

Jessica immediately shot up and locked the door to her room, tearing her bottoms off and laying down in bed, shoving her fingers into her crotch. She felt electricity rush through her as she saw Carol’s body quake.

Carol felt possessed. She screamed “Oh god yea, put that big fucking cock in my pussy! Oh uhhhh Yes. I can feel it so deep inside me, fuuuuuuuck.”

She’d tried to hold back as long as she could. But Rick had been drilling her in this position for 15 minutes. She’d wanted to explode again after only a couple. When Rick put his fingers on her clit while still fucking her, she couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri take it anymore. Her orgasm exploded in the center of her body and shot through her like a knife. “Yes, Yesssssss, shoot your cum into me baby… fuuuuuuck.”

She screamed wildly, to her ears she sounded like a demon. Rick grabbed her left tit and twisted, sending more shockwaves through her. Her body collapsed on the bed, shaking, trembling. She cried out when Rick pulled his dick out. She wanted more. Wanted him to cum so bad, fill her up and have it leak out of her.

Rick sat back on the bed, glistening in sweat, clearly out of breath. “I’m sorry baby. I’m not sure if I can. I’ve been having… a problem finishing. I haven’t been able to at all since the last time I saw you.”

“Rick? That was three months ago… you haven’t uhm… at all?” Carol herself, truth be told, had only had a few self induced orgasms since the last time she’d seen him. But, she knew it was different for guys. Rick told her when they were together that he routinely beat off at least once a day and that most guys did, and needed to.

Rick looked embarrassed. “I’ve tried. I just haven’t. I thought being with you, would finally fix this issue. Now I don’t know what to do.”

Rick looked defeated, like he was no longer himself.

Carol laid down and spread her legs, and did her best to give him a sultry smile. “Baby, I know we can do this. Get on top of me and give me your dick. Go nice and steady, there’s no rush.”

Rick laid on top of her and pushed his still rock hard dick inside her warm body. Carol moaned as he did so and pulled his head down into her chest. “That’s it baby. Fill me up.”

She took a page out of Jessica’s playbook, played with his hair and said, “You’re a good boy, pump my body full of your jizz.”

Slow and steady, lovingly, Rick fucked her and sucked on her tits. “God, you feel so good baby. I want to come for you so bad.” Carol’s body was on fire, everywhere Rick touched her felt electric. She kept talking to him, urging him on, begging for him to give it to her.

“Rick, you’re fucking me so good, God you’re so big baby, I can barely take it. Keep giving it to me baby, fuck me, fill me up. Use me baby, do whatever you want to me…” Carol trailed off into a scream as Rick pushed into her, hard.

Jessica was mesmerized as she continued to watch the video and listen to the sound of Carol and Rick’s lovemaking. She heard Carol say “fill me up…” followed by a scream and saw Rick increase his tempo. Rick removed his dick completely before jamming it back inside Carol. Seeing Rick’s huge, throbbing dick drove Jessica wild. Jessica grabbed her right tit and squeezed and came all over her fingers, doing her best to muffle her own moans in the pillows of her bed.

She took a few seconds to regain control of herself, her body was flushed and she saw her face was red in the mirror. She closed her computer, hoping that would hide the evidence of her spying for now. She quietly got dressed and exited the apartment, intending to go get coffee and give the love birds a little more time. She desperately wanted to see Rick explode, but didn’t want to risk making a lot of noise and ruining it for them, so she left.

Carol lost it again and yelled “Oh shit baby, fuck, fuuuuuck, I’m-“, her last words cut off by a growl from deep in her chest as her body was rocked by another orgasm that made her clamp onto Rick for dear life. Her arms wrapped around his back and pulled him close, pressing his whole weight on top of her. Her pussy convulsed around his dick, desperately wanting it to cum in her. Finally she stopped. When she came to her senses again she realized Rick had stopped drilling her.

“What’s wrong baby,” Carol asked.

“Nothing, you just held on to me so tight I couldn’t move,” Rick said. Rick got up, breathing heavily and sat on the end of the bed. In between breaths he managed to say, “I’m sorry baby. I just don’t think its going to happen right now. There were a couple of times I thought I was close, but the feeling passed.”

Carol sat next to him, her body still tingling from her most recent explosive orgasm. Overall she felt exhausted, used, and spent, but also eager to please Rick. She ran her fingers through his hair and said, “Are you okay babe?”

“Yeah, I think so. I don’t know. I think we’ll just have to try again later. I’m sure you won’t mind right?”

Carol laughed and said, “Hmmm… I’ll have to think about it…”

Rick playfully hit her with a pillow and laughed. “C’mon. Let’s catch our breathes and see if your friend Jessica wants to meet for coffee or something. I haven’t had any all day.”

Jessica hurried as much as she could to the quickest coffee shop, an independently owned place called “University Bean” a half mile from their place. She got in line and was still catching her breath from her activities in her bedroom and the walk over here. Her mind whirled as she processed some of what she’d seen. Remembering seeing Rick behind Carol, pumping her with his massive dick and grabbing her, seeing Carol’s body rocked by orgasm. Jessica started to get flushed again thinking about Rick’s dick and remember how his muscles looked as he pounded in Carol. She had to admit, she wanted Rick really bad.

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