Lanzarote Ch. 01

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Chapter One – The midnight walk.

It all started on holiday in Lanzarote with my girlfriend Emma, her sister Lauren, her Mom Linda and her Moms boyfriend Andrew.

Linda didn’t know me very well and I think she had only really insisted on coming with us to keep an eye on me and her daughter. But on the first day when she, Emma and Andrew were sunbathing near the hotel pool, she had sat up having forgotten she had undone her bikini and it slid off her, revealing a perfect set of C cups and brown pencil eraser nipples.

She was around 38 and had long dark hair with slightly Asian features, a slim body and beautiful dark eyes. At first she panicked and covered up, then she looked over to check if I had saw anything and found me staring, i was quite obviously slightly aroused.

Her look of panic quickly turned into a slight pensive smile as I turned away and splashed about in the pool some more with Emma’s 18 year old sister Lauren.

Later that night, Andrew decided to cook for us while Emma and Lauren were both getting ready for a night out clubbing, leaving Linda and I sat together at the kitchen table while Andrew pottered around.

She kept looking over the top of her magazine to catch me staring at her body. I was 22 years old and my hormones were everywhere, so I just couldn’t stop. I caught her eye once or twice and she smiled. illegal bahis After a while it became apparent that she was posing for me, purposely trying to provoke a reaction.

It started with her sticking her chest out a little and brushing back her hair from her face, but then she began to shuffle around with her legs and touch her thighs, nothing too overwhelming, but quite obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her.

She was still wearing her swimming costume with a skirt and top over it, but as I sat across the table from her, I had the perfect view as she just slightly slid open her legs. I could see her swimming costume squeezed tight around her pussy lips, I got really hard, and i saw her stare at me, before Andrew brought us back to planet earth from behind asking Linda something about the food.

That night Linda and Andrew had gone to bed before we came home. I hard fucked Emma thinking of her moms tits bouncing up and down. Her moms hot wet pussy in my mouth, and her beautiful blowjob lips around my cock.

I woke up at around three thirty AM because I wasn’t used to the heat. I was masturbating for about five minutes when I started to hear it. Sex noises coming the room next door, Emma’s moms room. Emma always slept like a rock so she never woke, I moved across the bed and put my ear against the wall.

She was being illegal bahis siteleri fucked, but I could also hear a vibrator in the background, and from the direction of the bathroom the sound of running water. She was fucking herself in the room next door whilst Andrew took a shower.

As I moved along the wall to find the best and most comfortable listening spot I also realised that she sounded louder the closer I went to the bedroom door. Surely she didn’t have her bedroom door open? When yours truly could have very easily walked past to say, get a glass of water?

My face flushed and I asked myself if I really wanted to do this. Was she really even flirting or was I just imagining it? What I was going to do could turn really bad, really fast.

Without even thinking it through all the way I put my hand on the door handle and very slowly pushed it down. I could still hear the shower going so I knew there was no danger of Andrew walking out.

I pulled the bedroom door very slowly towards me a centimetre at a time, the sex noises and the sound of running water getting a little louder for every inch the door opened.

Finally it was open enough for me to squeeze through the gap, I was dimly aware of Emma’s loud snores in the bedroom as I crept out. Her bedroom door was open just a quarter of the way.

I tried to very casually canlı bahis siteleri take a sideways glance as I walked out of the door… But of course what actually happened was I very obviously stuck my head into her bedroom and even slightly pushed the door open as I did.

The bed was straight at the other side of the room from the door and she was was lying in the middle of it in a black silky night gown, no underwear, masturbating with a bright pink vibrator. She was too busy to notice me and with the way she was going I knew she’d cum any second.

I still had one leg in my own bedroom and my body in the hallway, just my head was looking in her room. She pushed it deep inside her tight trimmed pussy and moaned heavily, faster and faster, then, finally, she came.

Fuck she was hot. I knew I wouldn’t be able to think of anyone else for a long time. I watched as her breathing became more steady. Then the running water switched off and I heard shuffling from the bathroom. I panicked and as I turned my head and threw myself back in to my room I heard the vibrator switch off.

Just a second before Andrew opened the bathroom door I closed my bedroom door behind me, far more loudly than I’d intended, and I could bet Linda had heard it. Emma even shuffled around in her sleep.

I heard Andrews footsteps into his and Linda’s room and their voices in a quiet muffled conversation which I couldn’t make out. I masturbated while they had their little talk, thinking about what Id seen and calmly dozed off to sleep…

Look forward to “Lanzarote – Chapter Two, the taming and the screw”

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