Kyle Ch. 02

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2. My Master

This is a true story and all normal disclaimers apply. All sex is between people of legal age.

Kyle went about a week of not mentioning the night that I had sucked his dick before he brought it up. It was just the two of us drinking in his room and watching Bad Santa when he made the first mention of it. I had been taking my cues from him and didn’t want to bring it up. He hadn’t acted weird at all so I was ignoring it also. Very casually Kyle asked, “Remember last weekend when I came in your mouth?” I almost choked to death. How on earth was that an opener to discussing your friend blowing you for the first time? I replied, “Yeah man I’m sorry about that whole thing. I wanted to talk to you about that. I was just really drunk and I don’t know what the Hell happened.” He didn’t believe that at all.

He said, “Now, now let’s not add lying to being gay…those sins together are a direct ticket to hell.” He was laughing and smiling as he said it so I knew he was joking.

“But seriously, Levi, I know you liked it. Just to make it easier for you I’m going to tell you that you’re gay so you don’t have to tell me.”

I was super relieved at this. I just looked at him and I knew why he was my best friend and I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just sat there and held my breath.

He asked, “You want to suck my dick again because I would love to cum in your mouth again?”

I replied, “I would really like to try again. I know that I wasn’t very good and I think a lot of that was nerves. With you awake and knowing everything I think I could do better and I really did love it. Honestly, I didn’t plan it or anything. It just happened but I am really happy it did and really happy you are so cool with this.”

He said, “I think you did just fine the first time but there is all kinds of other stuff I would love to try.”

I asked, “Like what?”

He said, “I have always wanted to try a role-playing thing. You know like you would be my slave and I would be your master.”

I casino siteleri just looked at him for a minute not really sure what to say before I asked, “What kind of stuff? You want me to like do your laundry and shit?”

He replied, “You are such an idiot. No, that’s not what I mean. If you trust me just say yes master.

Always refer to me as master when we are playing and just do everything I tell you.”

With a big smile I got on my knees in front of where Kyle was sitting and said, “Yes, Master.”

Kyle said, “That’s a good little bitch. Take off your master’s shoes for him.”

“Yes Master.”

Kyle put a big size 13 foot on my face. I felt the bottom of his sock rubbing the right side of my face and I could smell his foot. It didn’t smell rank at all. It was a light smell of sweat. I was in heaven as my master Kyle’s foot smell was filling my nostrils. I had immediately fallen in love with this master-slave role-playing thing.

Kyle said, “Take off your master’s socks and rub his feet for him. Suck his big toes like they were his cock.”

I pulled off each sock slowly and revealed those long slender feet and toes. For the first time I viewed feet as sexy. I took master’s left foot in my hand and with my thumbs in his arch and my fingers on the back of his gorgeous foot I started to massage Kyle’s foot. I took his long big toe into my mouth and started slowly sucking it softly. I couldn’t believe I had my best friend’s toe in my mouth and loved it. I moved onto his right foot and Kyle was lying on his back breathing heavily.

Kyle said, “Undo your master’s belt and pants and slide them off but leave your master’s boxer briefs on him. Then take your master’s shirt off of him and lick his arm pits.”

I was all too happy to oblige. I removed Kyle’s clothes as slowly as I could, wanting to savor this forever. When I slid his pants down I ran my open hands down his perfectly shaped ass globes stopping for just a moment to cop a feel of his muscular ass. I got his shirt off slot oyna and started inhaling and licking his right armpit. I heard, “That’s right you nasty bitch, lick your master’s dirty armpits.” His pits weren’t nasty at all but I really wanted to make Kyle happy so I started to moan softly as I lapped at his mildly hairy armpits. I started to rub his nipple while I was licking his left armpit. Kyle said, “You stupid little bitch, master never said you could touch his nipples. Master is saving them for next time. Master has all kinds of things planned for you over the summer and you will do as told.” I was so disappointed in myself. I wanted to serve him completely and I was angry with myself. I got off the bed and dropped to my knees. “Master I am so sorry. Please let me make this right for you. I want to only serve you.”

Kyle replied, “We will try again with the master/slave game some other time. To be honest I wasn’t totally into it and hearing you beg kind of ruined it. You did well with the character but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.”

I was in front of him on my knees now feeling totally stupid so I did the only thing I thought was appropriate. I asked, “Can I still suck your dick?”

Kyle laughed and lied back down on the bed and said, “Go to town Levi. Just do it real slow and try to swallow all of it as often as you can.”

I took those words to heart. I went to the foot of the bed pulled his underwear off and laid on the bed between his calves with my mouth positioned right over his swollen dick. His dick was lying on his stomach and I grabbed it and pulled it down so it was pointing straight up. I started to stroke it real slow and began licking his ball. He must not have expected to feel my tongue on his balls because he kind of jumped. I was getting his big beautiful balls soaked in my spit. They tasted so good. I could taste a little sweat and smell the faintest aroma of piss in his beautifully trimmed mane of pubes. When I couldn’t wait any longer I started licking his piss slit. canlı casino siteleri I could taste his delicious precum and I wanted more. I was still stroking him really slowly and now I was tonguing his whole mushroom tip and savoring every bit of it. He was semi-circumcised and I loved the old musty smell of his big dick. I slowly moved from licking his big purple cockhead to sucking it. I loved the feel of Kyle’s dick in my mouth. It was the softest skin in the whole world and it tasted so good.

I was now in full swing. Slowly moving my lips down his pulsating shaft until his dick was at the back of my throat. I swallowed the whole mushroom tip at once and kept advancing. My nose was now buried in his pubes and I had his whole dick in my mouth and throat. He was really moaning. I was massaging his balls while deepthroating him. I was in heaven smelling his bush and having that huge dick in my throat but I had to come up for air. I popped his crown out of my throat just long enough to take a breath and I swallowed it again. Kyle had started humping my face again. But this time he was thrusting really slowly. I loved the feel of his huge hand on the back of my head. I felt so safe with Kyle’s hand on my head and dick in my mouth. His smell and taste were so inviting and after all he was my best friend. Just like last time Kyle warned me he was going to cum. I wanted it in my mouth and knew that this time. His thrusting had quickened and I was sucking even harder. Then wave after wave came with a load groan from Kyle. His cum was so hot in my mouth. It tasted even better than last time. I didn’t want to swallow it. I wanted to hold it in my mouth forever. Kyle was laying there breathing heavy with his dick in his hand and I was lying between his legs using his right thigh as a pillow when I swallowed my second load of cum ever. I will never forget that night. It was perfect. Then Kyle propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me and said, “That was really, really good. I would never have guessed having a gay guy for my best friend would have turned out so awesome. There is some stuff I really want to try tomorrow night if you are up for it.”

To be continued…

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