Kiki Loves His ‘Coffee’

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Shortly after my wife passed away, I sold our home and moved into a retirement community, not a condo but a community of single homes. One of the requirements; you had to be over 55. At 60, I qualified.

As had always been my custom, I arose early every morning and, after putting the coffee maker to work, would take a long walk. Several times I passed a very attractive woman of about five foot ten, or so. Most of the time we were on opposite sides of the street and merely nodded to each other. Once in a while we passed each other on the same side of the street and mutter a “Good Morning” to each other. I judged her to be about my age, well tanned, with only a few laugh wrinkles on a very pretty face. She wore her snow white hair cut short, only a little longer than my own.

One morning, just as I was returning to my house, it started to rain, not a gentle sprinkle but a down pour. As I dashed up onto my front porch, she came running down the street. I yelled at her to come up out of the rain and she swerved to run up my drive and to stand beside me under the front window awning. She was already panting from her running and was pretty well drenched from the rain. I smiled at her and said, Hi, my name is Jonas and I was afraid you’d drown if you had to go much further in this weather.” She smiled back at me and said, “I’m sure you’re probably right. My name is Katharine, but my friends call me Kiki. I guess that’ll do for a formal introduction.”

We stood there for a couple of minutes with no further conversation, waiting for the rain to stop. When it became apparent that it was going to last, I said to her, “If you’d care to come inside, I’ve got coffee waiting and we can sit down.” She glanced skyward at the still ominous storm clouds and decided that it might be a good idea. I maneuvered under the overhand and opened the front door. She slipped past me and into the house.

I led the way to the kitchen and, as I got to mugs from the cabinet, Kiki asked, “Do you suppose I could use a towel? I’m soaking wet and I would like to dry my hair and I wouldn’t want to sit on your furniture without a towel under me.” I laughed, “As you can see, most of the furniture is leather and I don’t think a wet backside would harm it. But I’m sure you’ll find a towel for your hair in that bathroom,” pointing towards the guest room bathroom. “How do you take your coffee,” I asked as she left the kitchen. “Hot and black,” was the grinning reply.

I took the two mugs of steaming coffee into the living room and put them down on the cocktail table, just as Kiki emerged, vigorously rubbing a towel through her hair, then fluffing her hair with long, red tipped fingers. We sat opposite each other, across the cocktail table and picked up the hot mugs. As she grasped the mug in both hands, I noticed she was shivering, apparently cold from her wet clothing.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said. “Why don’t we put your wet things in the dryer for a few minutes?” She looked at me with a shocked expression on her face. “Oh, I can give you my beach robe to wear.” Her look of shock turned to a smile. “Oh, okay. For a minute I thought you just wanted to see me naked.” I grinned at her. “Well, that might have been in the back of my mind, but we hardly know one another.” I got up and went into my room and came back with my illegal bahis shortie beach robe. On me, at a little over six feet, it came down to my hips, but I was sure it was long enough for her. Kiki took it and went into the guest room.

When she emerged a few minutes later, the robe was wrapped around her and came down to mid thigh. She handed me her wet clothing and I took them to the dryer. When I returned, she was seated again and, with one leg crossed over the other, was showing much more leg than she realized. Since her bra and panties were in the dryer, I knew she was naked under the robe. The thought caused a stirring in my crotch and I tried to think of something else.

We made small talk for a while and I found out, that like me, she was a single living in the community, her husband, Joe, having died about nine months ago. “Right after we moved in here,” she said. And, like me, she had avoided getting involved in the community activities. She did spend a lot of time on the phone with her sister-in-law and had taken a couple of trips up north to visit her. “She’s been telling me that I have to get out and meet a man. Now I can tell her I’ve met a gentleman,” she said laughingly. She uncrossed her legs then recrossed them, showing even more leg. I found it almost impossible to keep my eyes away and ended up saying, “I can’t help but notice that you have very attractive legs.” Still laughing, she said, “Why, thank you. Joe always said they were one of my better features.” I stood up, “here, let me refresh your coffee. There’s still a lot in the pot.” That was a mistake, she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in my shorts. I grabbed our mugs and hurried to the kitchen.

After I refilled the two mugs, I tried to rearrange my cock so the bulge wouldn’t show but, as I walked back into the living room the bulge reappeared, more noticeable than before. I put the two mugs down on the table and quickly sat down. Kiki had a broad grin on her face, while mine turned crimson. “That’s sweet,” she said, “I’m glad I can still get a ‘rise’ out of the opposite sex.” Then she leaned forward to pick up her coffee, the robe, which somehow had loosened at the top, fell partially open, giving me a view of one of her tits. Though not of a young woman had very little the sag of an older woman. My cock, which had only been acquainted with my right hand for so long, was now fully and painfully erect.

Good god, woman, you’re driving me crazy,” I muttered to her. “Good,” she replied. “Do you want to take me to bed?” I was flabbergasted. “I haven’t been with a woman for almost a year. Of course I want to take you to bed,” I said huskily. “And I haven’t been with a man for almost a year,” she replied. “Let’s finish our coffee and then see if we’re compatible.” I didn’t know whether to gulp my coffee down, or to just sip it. I followed her lead, just drinking as I normally would

When Kiki finally set down her empty mug, she stood up saying, “I’m going to use the bathroom. Why don’t you go turn the bed down and get out of those clothes. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I took a last swallow and put my mug down. I had pulled the comforter off the bed and was just getting rid of my clothes when she came into the bedroom. The robe, now, hung open on her body. “I only hope that neither of us is disappointed,” illegal bahis siteleri she whispered, as I turned to face her. One glance at her still partially covered body and I blurted out, “I know I won’t.”

She dropped the robe and then, from each side of the bed, we got in under the top sheet. I stretched my arm out and she nestled her head in the crook of my shoulder. “Lets go slow, okay,” she whispered. “Of course, I whispered back and we lay like that, in each others arms for some time before we began to explore each others body. When I cupped her right tit in my hand, she gave a small gasp and her body gave a little jerk. Against the palm of my hand, I felt the nipple slowly become erect and hard. After another minute, I trailed my hand down over her belly, carefully avoiding her pussy and moving further onto her thigh. Gently, I traced a line up and down, first the inside of one leg, then the other, still avoiding her pussy.

She too had been exploring, running her hand over my chest, down over my belly and then I felt her circle my cock with her thumb and fingers, as though measuring it. My prick was straining under the sheet and my hips jerked involuntarily and I groaned aloud with the pleasurable feeling. She parted her legs slightly. “Touch me, Jon, I want you to touch me,” and I finally moved my hand to cup her pussy.

I moved my hand over her pussy, letting my middle finger trace its way along her nether lips until, at the top, I found her clit peeking through those puffy lips. After wetting my finger with a little saliva, I gently rubbed the hooded nub. “Oh god,” she gasped and clasped her hand over mine, then with two fingers, she pulled the hood back, exposing her love button and I continued to gently rub it.

“Oh god, Jon, that feels so good, so damned good,” and her hips began working back and forth. With my free hand around her shoulder, I pulled her face to mine and we kissed for the first time. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and began fucking her mouth with my tongue. We were both breathing more heavily as our bodies responded to each other. Kiki opened her legs wider and her labia lips parted. I moved my finger from her clit, through the petals of her cunt to her love tunnel, and finding some moisture there, slipped my finger into her. She moaned and thrust her hips upward with such force that my finger was buried as deep as it could be.

Kiki wormed her hand under mine so that her finger tips were on her clit and she began rubbing the button furiously. She threw her head back, her mouth forming an ‘O’ as she began panting. She maintained that assault on her clit for several minutes, then, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum, Jon, I’m gonna cum. Fuck my cunt, fuck me,” I pumped my finger in and out as hard and as deep as I could and in a moment I felt her body stiffen and a long, “OOooooaaaaaaahhhh,” escaped her lips and my hand was suddenly flooded with her love honey.

After several minutes her body began to relax and she again clasped my prick in her hand, stroking it up and down. “Fuck me now, Jon,” she whispered. My answer was to lean over her and suckle on first one and then the other nipple. When I was satisfied that they were again hard and erect, I kissed my way to her navel, pressing my tongue into the dimpled indentation, before moving further canlı bahis siteleri across her belly. Kiki suddenly realized my destination and sobbed, “Oh go, Jon, Please, please, yes, yess,” and she moaned as my tongue probed thru the sparse hairs above her pussy. I threw the sheet to one side as I moved between her now wide spread legs. She raised up slightly to grasp my head in her hands, pulling me to her pussy and my tongue slipped into her cunt briefly, then I moved up to her clit. Again she pulled its hood back to expose the pink nubbin and I gently tickled it with the tip of my tongue.

With some difficulty I managed to press two fingers into her cunt to stroke while my tongue circled her clit. “Oh jeezus, oh god, yes, yesss,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh god, Jon, I’m gonna cum again.” I looked up over her softly rounded belly to see that her free hand was alternately pinching and pulling her distended nipples. “Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh god, oh god.” Once more her body stiffened and her legs clamped my head, holding me tightly to her pussy. “Oooooaaaaaahhh,” she moaned, over and over again as I continued caressing her clit with my tongue and stroking my fingers into her cunt. Her whole body was straining to maintain her orgasm which seemed to go on and on.

It was several minutes after I removed my tongue from her clit that she finally began to relax but she was still breathing heavily thru her open mouth. “Oh..god..Jon..oh..god,” she gasped.

Kiki had released her leg-lock on me and I struggled to my knees. As I looked down at her, she smiled, “Jeezus, Jon, you sure know how to get me off.” I took hold of my cock and smilled back at her. “Now, I’m gonna get myself off in your beautiful cunt.” She laughed. “I never thought of it as beautiful but it’s all yours.”

I leaned forward, supporting myself with one arm on each side of her body. As she felt my prick probing for her tunnel, she reached down and guided it. “God, but I’m wet,” she murmured as I slowly penetrated her. When I was fully embedded, she began moving her pubes against mine. I grabbed her waist and rolled over so that she was on her knees, ontop of me. She leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders as she continued the back and forth motion, with my prick buried to the hilt in her cunt. “You feel so good in me Jon, I love the feel of your cock filling me.”

I reached up, grasping her tits, massaging the nipples with my palms. Fuck me, Jon, fuck me, baby,” and I began thrusting as best I could, while she at the same time was rising and falling on me, impaling herself on my cock. “Jeezus, Jon, I’m gonna cum again, I’m gonna cum again..oh god, lover, what you do to MMMEEEEEEEEE! OOOOOOOAAAAAHHH,” and her cunt began convilsing on my prick, enhancing my own pleasure and driving me towards my own release. My ball sack contracted, seeming to force my jism up my cock. “Here it comes, baby, Oh baby, it’s cumming NOW!” I gave a tremendous thrust upwards, grabbing her hips to pull myself deeper until my prick head was right at her cervix as my seed exploded into her. My cock throbbed with each spurt as I pumped and pumped my juices into her cunt. Finally I was drained.

Kiki leaned down and we kissed passionately while my prick shrank and finally slipped out of its hot, wet nest She fell off to one side of me and we lay there in each others arms. After several minutes, Kiki raised up on one elbow and, looking me in the eye and smiling, said, “That’s absolutely the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. I hope I get invited back for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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