Kevin and Trent’s First Time

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Kevin and Trent were lovers. They met in English class back in 9th grade. They are now both 18, juniors, and their love has blossomed into something magical. Every day they held hands as they walked each other to class, ignoring everyone’s rude glares; They sat next to each other on the bus ride home and on sleepovers they slept next to each other in bed. Everyone who knew them said they were meant to be together.

Kevin and Trent had a long day of school. “Thank God,” they thought as they got up out of their seats on the bus and walked down the isle. Most people had learned to ignore them by now, but a few still glared at them everyday, calling them names as they got off the bus. Stepping off though, they were free of everything. No one ever actually came to either of their houses to harm them, and no one ever vandalized anything either so the two were able to ignore it.

As they walked to the door, Kevin opened it up for Trent and let him in. He closed the door then kissed his lover on the lips, with Trent kissing back. The passion become intense as the two boys put their arms around each other; Trent’s arms around Kevin’s waist and Kevin’s arms around Trent’s neck. They opened their mouths and licked each other’s tongues for a few minutes until the heat became unbearable. Trent pulled Kevin’s shirt off as Kevin did the same. Now standing shirtless, they stopped kissing and looked at each other for a moment before running upstairs to Kevin’s room. After locking the door, the two quickly kicked off their shoes and socks and Kevin rolled on top of Trent, pressing his arms against the bed and sticking his tongue deep in Trent’s mouth again.

Kevin’s hands roamed up and down Trent’s chest and stomach, feeling his muscle and pinching his nipple causing Trent to let out a moan each time he did so. Before long, the two had to stop kissing for a few moments and catch their breath when they noticed a growing bulge in each other’s pants. Looking at each other, Kevin pushed Trent back on the bed and put his hands in Trent’s pants. He made sure to grab the boxers too and then pulled them completely off. Trent’s cock immediately sprang out in the air, pointing stiffly towards the ceiling as Kevin looked in amazement after seeing his boyfriend naked for the first time ever.

“Trent… You’re so big,” Kevin said in astonishment as he looked at Trent’s still-growing cock. Kevin licked his lips and dove in with his mouth open, casino siteleri but was stopped by Trent.

“Nuh uh! You have to let me take your pants off first,” said Trent with a mischevious smile. He sat up and put his hand’s in Kevin’s pants and then yanked them down, causing Kevin’s cock to spring out and hit Trent’s lips. Kevin gasped at the pleasure he felt for a split second that jolted his body. He looked down at Trent as his cock started dripping cum. Trent put his tongue under the head and let it drip onto his tongue and then tasted it in his mouth.

“Mmm… I want more of that right now!” he said as he dove in towards Kevin’s cock while at the same time grabbing his boyfriend’s ass and pulling him forwards. Kevin’s cock went into Trent’s mouth and hit the end of his throat causing him to gag for a bit. After a moment of adjusting, he started sucking it and Kevin moaned loudly in pleasure. Had anyone been walking in the hallway right then they would’ve heard the two as Trent made love to Kevin.

Trent’s sucked Kevin’s cock with enthusiasm. He licked Kevin’s cock up and down as he bobbed his head back and forth, then licked the sides to make sure every bit of it was dripping with his saliva. He then took all of it out and gave all his attention to the head as more cum leaked out. Kevin moaned even louder in pleasure now and sweat was all over his body. With every lick, Kevin would squeeze his toes tight together and slightly twitch as the jolts of electricity went through his body. Without him even noticing it, Trent’s cock started dripping cum onto the floor.

After a while, Trent took Kevin’s cock out of his mouth all together and pulled Kevin onto the bed. Pulling him by the feet to the edge, Trent kneeled on the floor and continued by licking it up and down as if it were a lolipop. Cum started leaking out even faster now, and Kevin started panting harder now, moaning even louder. His cum was leaking so fast that Trent couldn’t lick it all up and some of it went into Kevin’s pubic hair, while some of it when down his inner thigh. “I’ll have fun licking him there later,” thought Trent as he went back and took Kevin’s cock into his mouth. Without thinking, Kevin put his hands on Trent’s head and put his feet on both sides of the bed and rocked his hips up and down with Trent’s head.

“Ohhh.. Trent I think I’m gonna cum soon!” moaned Kevin as he still unconsciously rocked his hips up and down, going slot oyna faster now to keep up with Trent. “Ohhh.. Trent!” he moaned. “Trent!” he moaned even louder.

Kevin’s hips rocked at a furious pace now, before he jerked them upwards and kept them there as he screamed Trent’s name. His cock inflated inside Trent’s mouth and a moment later he squirted his cum down Trent’s throat as he quickly face-fucked Trent. Kevin’s orgasm lasted about twenty seconds, before he let go of his head and Trent slowly let him down onto the bed again.

“Mmmm..” Trent said as he licked the cum that leaked out of his lips and swallowed the remaining cum in his mouth. “You taste goooood.” Trent dove down and quickly licked the last bit of cum off Kevin’s cock, before licking his pubic hair and then his inner thighs for the cum that leaked out earlier. He looked up at Kevin who lay there motionless, his chest heaving up and down as he slowly relaxed in the afterglow of his orgasm and then crawled forwards on the bed and laid next to him. He put a hand on Kevin’s chest, his other arm under Kevin’s neck, and pulled him in close and kissed him on the lips.

“That was… amazing. I loved it. I love you, Trent. I love you,” said Kevin as he continued kissing. Kevin lay on top of Trent as they made out, with Trent squeezing Kevin’s ass. After a while, Kevin pulled away. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Awww.. Kevin you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to. Besides, look!” Kevin said as he grabbed Trent’s dick. Trent twitched as Kevin grabbed his cock, then looked down and noticed that his cock had been leaking cum for over ten minutes. He suddenly felt warm in every part of his body, and his cock leaked even more.

“Let me take care of this for you, okay?” said Kevin. Trent lay there motionless, his mouth wide open in shock and pleasure. Kevin just smiled, then crawled down and spread Trent’s legs wide open, then opened his mouth and slowly put more and more of Trent’s cock in his mouth.

Trent gasped, then immediately jerked his hips upward shoving the rest of his cock into Kevin’s cock, causing Kevin to gag. He put his hands on Trent’s hips as Trent put his hands on Kevin’s head. He sucked the cock into his mouth as far as he could go, then started bobbing his head up and down.

Trent screamed loudly as he felt oral pleasure for the first time in his life. Feeling Kevin’s tongue licking his cock gave him a feeling he’d never felt before. canlı casino siteleri It was pure bliss. There was no pain involved. He was in Heaven, he was sure of it. Pleasure like this didn’t exist on Earth. Wherever Kevin had taken him, he never wanted to go back.

Kevin bobbed his head up and down rapidly, licking Trent’s cock all over as Trent’s orgasm started building. Putting a hand on his boyfriend’s sack, he slowly rubbed them causing Trent to moan loudly. He wondered if anyone outside the house could hear them, but decided nothing would happen if they did. The pleasure was too intense. As he started the cum started to fill his balls up, the pleasure was instantly gone.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to try and deep-throat you. You’ll pass out from the pleasure, I promise.”


Kevin sank his lips back onto Trent’s cock, and then went further until he gagged. He readjusted, then sank them even further, swalling as he went on so Trent’s cock would go into his throat. Little by little, it went in. Before he knew it, Kevin’s lips were at the base of Trent’s cock. His mouth was now completely stuffed. He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t breathe out of his mouth – He felt like a slut and loved it.And as any good slut would do, he immediately went and continued sucking Trent’s cock.

Trent moaned again, reaching new levels of pleasure he never thought possible. His cock was being sucked and his balls were being gently rubbed. Without thinking, Trent took his hands off Kevin’s head and started pinching and twisting his nipples giving him even more pleasure. The combined stimulation of his cock, balls, and nipples were too much already, and then he felt something in his ass.

Kevin had reached with his left hand under Trent and stuck a finger up his ass. Trent was started to lose his other senses and just laid there as Kevin inserted three fingers in his ass and pumped them in and out.

He rocked his hips up and down, and shortly after screamed as he jerked his hips up into Kevin’s mouth and squirted his cum down his boyfriend’s throat for thirty seconds but didn’t realize any of it except the squirting. He was absorbed in pleasure and after his orgasm, Trent passed out in pleasure.

Trent woke up with Kevin at his side, rubbing his hair and kissing him on the lips. He hugged Kevin and kissed him back, licking each other’s mouths for a small taste of the cum they shared. When they stopped to breathe, they looked at each other in the eye and said,” I love you.” They hugged and kissed some more, then pulled the covers on the bed over them and fell asleep in each other’s arms as lovers.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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