Kelly Pt. 02

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This is a work of pure fiction. It has a heavy content of adult breastfeeding, lactation and milk play so if that is not your thing then I suggest you read no further. For those who do enjoy that stuff, please sit back, read and enjoy. For the full story I would suggest you read Kelly – Part 1 before reading this. Comments, favourites and ratings are appreciated but please don’t feel obliged. H 🙂

Chapter 1:

“What do you mean you’re out all day?” Sophie pouted sulkily.

“I mean I won’t be here from about 5 minutes time until about dinner time tonight.” I replied to my sister.

She had come back from Crete with her friends the day before yesterday and now, like me, she was bored out of her mind. However, today I would not be bored because I had arranged to go around my friend Kelly’s house to suck on her massive lactating tits again, but I wasn’t about to go and tell Sophie that. I should probably explain: Last week I bumped into my friend Kelly after not seeing her for over 5 years. I discovered that she was on maternity leave after giving birth to a baby girl and now, like me, she was bored out of her mind watching daytime TV when not looking after her child.

We had arranged for me to go around and spend some time with her, completely innocently, just to keep each other from going insane. However, when her breasts started leaking after feeding her daughter, she asked me to help her express and well… one thing led to another and she ended up giving me the best hand job of my life while I suckled her tits dry.

Today, we had arranged for me to around again and we would spend the day together during the hours that her mother was out at work. Also FYI, it was also now only 2 and a half weeks until she could have sex again and she was adamant that I was going to be her first cock after waiting the three month period after giving birth so I was all too happy to go and spend time with her.

“But what will I do?” My sister grumbled.

I shrugged. “You’re welcome to play my PS4.”

“Great. Thanks.” She said sarcastically. “What games have you got?”

“Some pretty decent ones. I have the new Battlefield and the latest Call of Duty.” I said enthusiastically.

“Oh yeah, awesome.” My sister said, deadpan. “I just love war games.”

“Look, all my games are stacked in the cupboard beneath where my PS4 and TV sit in my room. Look in there. If you can’t find anything, watch a DVD or something or go out and get some exercise, it’s a lovely day out!”

“Are you calling me fat?” She glowered at me accusingly.

“What?! No!!” She glared at me. Clearly I wasn’t winning my sister over so I sighed and dismissed her. “Fine, whatever. I’ll see you late this afternoon.”

I opened the front door before she could say another word and quickly hopped outside, closing it swiftly behind me. I sprinted to my car and locked the doors as soon as I got inside but as I checked I saw that my sister hadn’t followed me out. She was probably calling me every curse word under the sun as she stomped through the house but I can all but guarantee that when I get home tonight she’ll be glued to my PS4.

The drive to Kelly’s house was uneventful and I pulled up behind her car on the drive. I knocked and she opened the door almost instantly. She stood there beaming at me. It was immediately clear that she had gone to some effort for me today. She’d straightened her long blonde hair, as opposed to just throwing it back in a scruffy ponytail and it now hung right down her back. Also, she wore a small amount of make-up, just around her eyes and lipstick but still it was nice to see that she had gone to this effort just for me. She had gone from merely looking stunning to now looking drop dead gorgeous. She wore her pink dressing gown and it was tightly fastened around her waist.

“Oi-oi handsome!” She beamed.

“Hiya beautiful.” I retorted. “How’s it going?”

“So-so.” She muttered, her dazzling beam falling to a slight smile. “Claire kept me awake from 1 ’til 3 last night so I’m still a bit tired.”

She turned to let me in and I stepped up through her front door. “You don’t look it!”

She laughed at me, “that’s the magic of make-up, honey. Beneath all this I can assure you that I have massive fat black bags.”

“Well, why the hell am I here then?” I asked. “You should be sleeping!”

She shrugged. “I’ll sleep later. I wanted to see you again. Last week was so fun, it’s all I’ve really been thinking about.”

“Yeah me too.” I grinned at her as I took my shoes off. She then led me through to the living room and pointed at a sofa for me to sit.

I sat.

“Could you lie across the sofa for me, James?” Kelly asked. Her features were masked with indifference as she stood in front of me, not giving anything away.

“Err… yeah alright.” I allowed myself to fall sideways and I lifted my feet up and shuffled around until I was lying on her sofa with my head on the cushions at one end and my feet dangling off the other. It casino siteleri was actually remarkably comfortable.

“Take your top off.” She ordered.

“Are we completely skipping the pleasantries today then?” I asked as I complied with her wishes. I dropped my t-shirt off the side of the sofa and onto the floor.

Kelly then gave me a dirty grin. “Can I get you anything? Some food maybe? Or perhaps…” She untied her robe and shrugged it off of her shoulders, allowing it to fall in a heap around her feet. “A drink?” She smirked at her own joke as she looked at me. My jaw dropped.

Kelly was standing there in a tiny red thong and nothing else. Her toned, lithe legs rose all the way up to the tiny red fabric which only just covered her shaven pussy – I knew it was shaven, or at the very least mostly shaven, because there was no pubic hair anywhere around that beautiful red thong. If there had been, trust me, I would’ve seen it. I allowed my gaze to rise up over her belly. It was almost completely flat again now after her pregnancy. My eyes rose higher and her massive milky breasts came into view.

They were just as gorgeous as last week but my memory did not do them justice. They were pale and perfectly round. Engorged with hints of blue scattered here and there as her veins rose close to the surface. Once again, her pink nipples stood out about half an inch from the pale pink background of her large areolas, which themselves looked strained and bumpy, as if they were having a job keeping all her milk contained in her massive tits. They truly did look like they were at bursting point. I was immediately hard.

“Kelly…” I uttered her name softly as I gazed up from her tits to her eyes and then back again. Once again words failed me so I just said the one word that was on my mind. “…Wow!”

She grinned at me then swung a leg over my waist and sat down on top of my crotch, straddling me. She put her hands on my bare chest and beamed down at me. “I like it when you come and visit me. You boost my confidence in spades.”

I blinked and returned to my senses, forcing myself to look away from her luscious pale, white orbs and up into those beautiful hazel eyes. “Are you serious? Have you seen what you look like? Your confidence should be sky high all the time.” I paused for effect. “You’re a proper milf!”

Kelly giggled and looked away, embarrassed. I gripped her hips and ran my hands over her ass erotically. I squeezed and manipulated her flesh under my fingers and it caused her to groan and close her eyes. “Hmm, it’s been far too long since someone has touched me like that.”

“Well as soon as you’re able to have sex again I’ll do it as much as you want me to.”

She opened her eyes and looked down at me, her lustful gaze was fierce as if she were trying to bore into my very soul. “You don’t know what you’re promising there. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to that. Just being sat on top of you like this has made me soaking wet. It’s so frustrating it is not being able to do anything about it.”

I chuckled and let my hands rise up her back and then around to her massive breasts. I cupped each one gently, only just able to fit them in the palms of my hands. I squeezed each one lightly in my grip.

“Ow!!” She cried out and her hands flew to mine, pulling them away from her tits slightly. “James, be gentle! They are completely full!”

I frowned, “have you not fed Claire this morning?”

She smiled. “Of course I have! What kind of mother would I be if I neglected my child?!” She shook her head and shot me a look of complete disdain. “I pumped like a trooper all yesterday and the day before – remember I said I was trying to wean her off of my breasts and onto bottle feeding? She’s got more than enough supply to last a few days now, all tucked away in the fridge for when she wants it.” She cupped her tits in her hands. Her hands looked so small in comparison that her breasts completely overflowed her grasp. “That means that my tits and milk are all yours today, babe. Usually Claire has fed twice from me by this time of the morning… So my tits are practically screaming at me to be milked. So much so that they’re starting to hurt.”

“Well,” I started with a sly grin, “I’m sure there must be some small way that I can help you out.”

Kelly smirked back at me and released her tits. They dropped and bounced in front of my eyes and my cock twitched at the sight. Kelly must’ve felt it because her smirk morphed into a toothy grin. “Would you mind? They’re so full of milk right now.” She leaned down, pressed her tits to my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me. Her breasts squashed between our bodies and her face was mere inches away from mine. Her eyes danced before mine and I saw her lick her lips erotically. When she next spoke, her voice was a soft whisper full of sexual tension.

“I need you to milk me, James. I need your lips wrapped around my nipples, sucking the milk right out of my tits.” She kissed me. slot oyna Somewhere in the back of my mind I noted that it was the first time we had kissed, but neither of us made a big deal out of it. “I need you to drink my milk and stop my big milf boobies from hurting. Can you do that for me, James? Please will you do that for me, James?” She ground her crotch down on mine and whispered seductively. “Please will you milk my big mommy tits for me?”

That was all I could take. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her savagely. I felt her body melt against mine and she moaned into my mouth as our tongues duelled together. I then unwound my arms from around her and my hands found her shoulders. I pushed gently and she immediately got the message. Kelly rose up above me slightly and leaned forward so that her massive pale, engorged tits hung down in my face. I remember thinking in that moment that if there is indeed a heaven, it has a lot to live up to if it wanted to beat this.

For a moment I allowed her tits to just drape either side of my face, as if I was squashing up into the two best pillows ever made. But then I started to plant kisses all over her chest, deliberately missing the nipples and only just grazing the sides of her large areolas. I knew I was driving her wild with my teasing and that she wouldn’t be able to take much more so after another five or so seconds I took mercy on her and kissed my way down her left breast, circling her nipple as I licked around her areola before finally opening my mouth wide and sucking her nipple into my mouth.

I was rewarded with a long low moan from Kelly and a thin stream of milk started to flow into my mouth the instant I started to suckle. I swallowed hungrily around her nipple as the flow increased and soon I had to swallow after every time I sucked just to stop my mouth from overflowing. Kelly was still grinding herself down on top of my crotch and my cock was painfully hard in my jeans. I let my hands find her ass and I groped and massaged it as I milked her with my mouth. This went on for a minute or so before Kelly spoke.

“Ahhh this feels amazing, James! You’ve already soothed my left breast so much! It doesn’t hurt anymore. Now swap to the right one for a bit and do the same. That one is still hurting.”

After one long last suck, I allowed her left nipple to leave my mouth and I latched onto the right one, mimicking my movements from before. Again, I was immediately rewarded with a steady stream of milk but this time I could feel my chest getting wet too. I opened my eyes and saw that the breast I had just been drinking from was still leaking profusely. Frequent little droplets were forming on the tip of her nipple and landing on my bare chest then running down over my abs. I needed to do something about this otherwise I’d be soaked in no time.

I let her nipple slide from between my lips – eliciting a disappointed sigh from Kelly – then brought my hands up from her ass and gripped both of her massive tits, one in each hand. I then pressed them together until her nipples were right next to one another, touching and causing them to spray milk all over my face. After gazing at this glorious sight for a moment longer, I opened my mouth and sucked both inside at once. I admit this was harder and it took me a little longer to perfect the art of milking both her tits at once but after I worked out that if I massaged her breasts just above her areola with my fingers whilst sucking gentle on her nipples then I could coax her milk out from both massive tits simultaneously.

At any rate, Kelly seemed impressed, “Aren’t you a clever boy!” She chuckled and tickled my hair.

Now that her tits clearly weren’t hurting her anymore, she was becoming a lot more vocal. “Hmm, I love it when you suck on my tits and drink my milk. It makes me feel sexy.” I wanted to say that she was sexy, but with a mouthful of milk it seemed improbable that she’d understand so I sucked with more vigour to indicate my agreement. “I’ve never had my breasts sucked from this position before… It feels nice though, as if gravity is helping you empty my tits.”

I could feel her looking down at me so I opened my eyes and gazed up into those beautiful hazel eyes. I noticed that somewhere along the line her lipstick had become smudged – probably when I snogged her face off – but she still looked stunning. She held my gaze for a long moment as I continued to suck on her nipples in silence before speaking again. “I have a surprise for you in a bit.” She said seductively. I raised my eyebrows in response. “Don’t worry; it’s a surprise you’ll like. I’ll guarantee it.”

She ground her thong down on my jeans again and moaned in delight. “Once you’ve sucked on my tits for long enough so they no longer drip milk, I’m going to return the favour and suck your cock.” At the mention of its name, my cock jumped in my jeans. Kelly definitely felt it and giggled, “Seems like someone likes that idea a lot!”

I did like that idea a lot! And after another ten minutes of canlı casino siteleri sucking on her nipples, I let them both go and noticed that only the right one was leaking now. I sucked it back into my mouth alone this time and after another two minutes of gentle attention, it too no longer leaked her delicious succulent milk when I allowed it to leave my mouth. Realising this, Kelly sat up straight again, giving me the second best view of my life – the first of course being when her full tits had been in my face.

She reached up and tied her hair back in a ponytail, fastening it with a hairband she had previously been wearing around her wrist. Then she looked down at me with a seductive smirk. “Are you ready for your blow job?”

“Oh, I think I’ve been ready for that for quite some time now. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Kelly laughed and hopped off of my lap, standing next to me. “Take your clothes off!” She ordered militarily.

“Yes ma’am!” I said with a mock salute.

She rolled her eyes and waited impatiently for me to undo my jeans and pull both them and my boxers down. I threw them on the floor near my t-shirt. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “Socks too.”

I grinned cheekily and took my socks off, throwing them at the pile of abandoned clothes that I was making. “Much better!” She nodded approvingly, giving my body a long lingering look with her eyes. She straddled me again and resumed the position where her tits pressed against my chest and her face was inches away from mine. I could feel some wetness where her nipples were poking my skin.

“You’re leaking.” I commented with a toothy grin.

Kelly shrugged and didn’t take her eyes off mine. “That’s alright, you can take a shower later if you want?”

“We’ll see.” I mumbled, “Depends how much of a mess you make on me.”

She grinned and kissed me. This time I was going to bring it up. “You know, today is the first time you’ve kissed me.”

“I know.” She said brightly before tagging on. “Don’t read too much into it, I’m not falling in love with you.”

“Good.” I nodded, “Because as much as I love your body and as much as I love spending time with you, I am going to back to Uni in September. And I don’t know if I’d be able to stay faithful.”

Kelly laughed, “You don’t know if you’d be able to stay faithful?! I’m the one who hasn’t had sex in almost a year. Once I rediscover that, I’m going to be after it like a dog after a ball – although obviously with a bit of class because I’m now a mother, you know.” She grinned at me then turned serious. “No, seriously though. Although I cannot wait to have sex with you and to be honest, I think I would be quite happy for us to be exclusive until you go back to Uni – I mean, you seem to be enjoying my breast milk an awful lot. I’m not sure I have the heart to take that away from you so suddenly.”

“I’d like to see you try.” I growled.

Kelly giggled on top of me and rubbed her thong up and down my cock. I could actually feel my shaft sliding between her lips through the fabric. It felt amazing. “Exactly! But what I’m trying to say is, I’m not sure I’m ready for a proper relationship yet. Especially one where my partner would be so far away. And obviously I have Claire to think about. She takes up a lot of my time. An awful lot! It won’t be so bad when I have properly weaned her, but she’s still my daughter and so ultimately I am still the one that must take care of her.”

I kissed Kelly softly on the lips to shut her up. “You don’t have to win me over, Kelly. I am whole heartedly in agreement over this.”

She grinned and we kissed again for a few minutes. “So what do you say? Are you happy to be exclusive with me until you go back to Uni? I’m not saying we’ll be boyfriend and girlfriend because we won’t. We’ll be more like fuck buddies. But if you feel comfortable with that, I’d be more than happy to spend more time with you.”

“That sounds perfect to me!” I nodded in agreement.

“Usually I’d make us pinkie swear but our faces are so close, do you want to seal it with a kiss?”

I kissed her. Softly at first, but growing more passionate as Kelly’s reciprocating kisses grew in ferocity. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I found her ass with my hands and squeezed, causing her to groan into my mouth in pleasure. We stayed like this for several minutes until she finally broke it off.

She stared at me through those beautiful hazel eyes and I found myself thinking that one day maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she was my girlfriend. Just now wasn’t the right time. She grinned at me and brought me back to the present. “So what do you say, are you ready for that blow job?”

“Hell yes!” I nodded vigorously. “Although, I’m pretty sure you’ve already started lubing it up.”

She smirked. “I told you I was wet.”

She kissed me on the lips, then moved down to my chin, then my neck, pecs, chest, abs, and finally down over that triangle of muscle that all men get that just above their pubic bone and genitals. I closed my eyes and waited. I could feel her hot breath on my cock – the anticipation was almost killing me. Then finally, I felt her tongue make contact with the shaft and slide all the way up and over the head.

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