Katie’s Favors Ch. 07

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Evening had come swiftly and the residual heat of the day was still hanging in the air as the nerd game tournament began. A hall in the seaside hotel resort of Nova Luna had been hired out for the evening, and was currently filled with flickering TVs and gaming stations. An exotic variety of nerdy young men loitered about, laughing and arguing as they set up for the tournament of the popular fighting game “Street Kombat 4”.

The stakes were high. This was a prized tournament on the competitive gaming circuit and first prize came with a winner takes all $10,000 cash prize. The competitor nerds all wanted to win badly. But none more so than the trio of Greg, Howard and Lyle. For them, first place came with a far more valuable prize; sex with the busty brunette babe Carol. Even better, Carol had agreed to attend the tournament dressed as none other than gaming icon and super babe Lara Croft. After some peer pressure, she had even reluctantly agreed to keep the outfit on for whoever got to claim her at the end of the night.

Of course, Carol was hoping none of the nerdy trio they were currently having to share a room with would win her. The terms of her deal had a useful escape clause; she didn’t have to sleep with any of them if none of them won. If some random stranger at the tournament came first, Carol was off the hook.

Right now however, she was standing in an elevator on its way down to the tournament hall with her friends Katie and Amber, adjusting herself in the mirror in her improvised Lara Croft outfit.

“I look ridiculous!” complained Carol. “I can’t believe I have to go through this.”

“You look hot, babe,” said Amber.

Carol had to admit, she did look incredibly sexy, if in a crude obvious way that tended to appeal to guys and their unsubtle fantasies. She was sporting a sexy tan from her afternoon of lying in the sun. And after the girls had rummaged through all their clothes, they had collectively put together something pretty closely resembling the Lara Croft outfit; a snug pale green tank top that highlighted Carol’s fantastic rack and showed off a generous hint of cleavage, worn over a smaller white singlet underneath; brown mini shorts that hugged her perky ass and displayed her long smooth legs; hiking combat boots for the sexy adventure look; and finally Carol’s brown hair had been tied up into a foxy ponytail.

Carol the studious college girl had been transformed into a hot teenage Lara Croft. The tournament wouldn’t know what hit it.

The other two girls had also both changed from their earlier outdoors-wear from the afternoon. Katie was sporting a casual look, wearing a pastel blue racing-back top over a strappy black tank top that gave a lovely hint of her cleavage, and a pair of grey ass-hugging jeans. Her hair was tied back in a spunky ponytail.

Amber’s look was, typical of her style, more trendy (though in the context of their current environment, more out of place). She was wearing a sleeveless, red plunging cowl neck top that scooped down to her midriff to reveal a riveting display of tanned skin and a busty cleavage with no bra. Her long legs were poured into a shimmering pair of black leather trousers.

“Amber’s right,” Katie told Carol. “Every guy in that room is going to want to get into your pants. Or shorts rather!”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” grumbled Carol. “Why couldn’t it be a room full of hot firemen or something?”

“Just pretend they are hot firemen or doctors or whatever and strut your stuff,” said Amber.

Carol turned to face her friends. “Are you sure you guys are happy to hang around with me for this? We were all supposed to be having fun at the hotel beach bar, not catering to lusty nerd fantasies!”

Katie laughed, “Don’t worry! We’ll go tease all the nerds on offer. It’ll be fun! Three hot girls and one of them dressed as Tomb Raider-“

“Lara Croft,” Carol corrected her.

“That’s what I said,” said Katie, “anyway, they won’t know what hit them!”

“Yeah Carol, messing with a bunch of guys using our sex appeal is totally our thing,” said Amber, “and especially Katie’s thing.”

“Hey!” complained Katie.

“We may even have some fun,” winked Amber.

“That’s gross, but thank you for doing this with me! Both of you!” said Carol.

The elevator hit the tournament hall floor and the doors slid open.

“Alright girls, time to do this thing!” said Katie.

They strutted out of the elevator and into a sizeable crowd of about fifty or so gaming nerd guys. Most were young, but there were many who looked quite a bit older. The room smelled of sweat and energy drinks. There were rows of desks set up with TV stations and gaming consoles, and many of the guys were already playing on them, with clusters of other nerds bunched up around the different stations watching. A big projector screen was displaying one of the games being played, and there was even a desk in the corner where a panel of nerds were commentating, like a sports show, apparently live-streaming the tournament to the globe.

“Wow, izmir escort bayan there’s just this whole new dimension of nerdy that I never knew existed,” said Katie, her eyebrows raised. “It takes my breath away, it really does.”

“This is nothing, you should see Comic-con,” said Carol.

“Good thing we have our own resident nerd to guide us through this brave new world!” laughed Katie, elbowing Carol playfully.

“Oh, shut up,” said Carol, before turning to see Amber staring blankly forward looking shell-shocked. “Hey, are you alright, Amber?”

“I’ve never in my life seen so much horrible fashion all at once,” croaked Amber.

As if to punctuate her point, an overweight man with a faded T-shirt that rode up over his exposed hairy belly shuffled past.

“Oh yeah, Lara Croft!” hooted the man gleefully as he caught sight of Carol.

Amber looked pale at the sight of this man, but seemed to be doing her best to accommodate to her new and confronting environment, given she was a fashion diva.

“So it begins,” Katie intoned in a deep, ominous voice, before cracking up into laughter.

“No backing out now, girls, you’re with me until the bitter end tonight,” said Carol, steel in her voice.

Before the girls had any chance to disagree and turn tails to run, their room compatriots – Greg, Howard and Lyle – appeared, cheerful and confident that this night with Carol would be theirs.

Greg, not terribly tall and slightly pudgy, was dressed in a tacky Hawaiian shirt and shorts. His pale skin and messy sandy hair made him look like a really lame tourist, which the girls supposed, he probably was given the circumstances.

Howard, a very large young black man sported a casual but more stylish dress code with a pair of baggy jeans and a black hoodie with red markings on one side with a branding the girls didn’t recognise. Unlike Greg, his outfit actually looked decently stylish, and it didn’t hurt that Howard was sexy in a ‘big bear’ kind of way.

“What’s N7?” Amber asked Howard, as she peered at the logo on his hoodie.

“It’s from Mass Effect,” beamed Howard proudly, before putting on a voice and saying, “I’m Commander Shepard and you’re my favorite girl on the Citadel.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Amber. “But thankyou for saying I’m your favorite!”

“That’s just because of your special moment on the beach earlier,” teased Katie.

Lyle meanwhile, tall and lanky, seemed to have made a bit of an effort to dress up compared to his usual anime T-shirts. He was wearing skinny jeans and a long sleeve orange shirt. It was still awkward looking, but at least he made an effort.

“Holy fucking hell, Carol!” exclaimed Greg, “You’re the hottest Lara Croft yet! And believe me, I’ve examined them all in great detail…”

“Hi Carol, um, you look… lovely,” gasped Lyle as he stared at Carol, his college crush now dressed as his gaming crush. He looked like he had entered some sort of state of Nirvana.

“Thanks, I guess,” muttered Carol. “So let’s just get this over with. What do you need me to do?”

“Well, if you hadn’t noticed already, most of the guys here have already noticed you,” said Howard. “Three scorching hot girls like you walk into a game tournament, and guys tend to notice. Mostly all you’ll have to do is hang around, walk up and down between the stations, show off and mingle on the main floor. Lots of guys will want a photo with you, so that’ll probably take up most of your time.”

“Also, we’ve promised the commentators over there that you’ll give the tournament winner a kiss, and they want to live-stream it,” said Greg.

“What!” protested Carol.

“Hey, it’s not like what you’ll have to do with us if we win you,” shrugged Greg, “although, should you want to live-stream that…”

“I will kick your balls with these combat boots if you finish that sentence, Greg,” threatened Carol.

“Point taken! Alright girls, the tournament’s about to start, we better get to it,” said Greg. “May the best man win this bountiful rack and bootylicious ass!”

“Carol, can you take a photo with me first,” asked Howard.

“Um, fine, sure,” said Carol, as Howard sidled up to the busty brunette and slid his arm around her slender waist, grinning at his phone-camera as he raised it for a “selfie” shot.

Carol put on a sexy grin and a tilted her head to get the most flattering angle, and when Howard checked the photo he seemed very pleased. Carol looked spectacular as Lara Croft. Her body was trim and athletic, her waist tapering in tightly before flaring out into wide hips and a round ass. The green tank top hugged the curves of her tits and the arch of her back exquisitely. To top it off Carol had a gorgeous face and lustrous brown hair. It was all captured perfectly in the photo.

“Looks perfect, thanks Carol!” said Howard. “Ok, I got to run, my first game is starting now.”

Lyle was about to speak up and ask for the next photo, but Howard’s first move had caught the attention of every other escort izmir guy around them. Now they knew that the sexy Lara Croft “cosplayer” was ready to take photos, and they descended on her like a ravenous swarm.

As Carol disappeared into a flurry of photos with nerd after sweaty nerd, Lyle cursed his luck and then ran off to start his own match. This was his moment, and there was no way he was going to miss this opportunity of a lifetime to score with the legendary Carol.


“Wow, that happened fast,” said Katie, as she and Amber were left on their own.

“Looks like Carol is a natural,” said Amber.

There were still a lot of guys around them checking them out and laughing nervously to each other as they chatted in little groups, but given that neither Katie nor Amber were obviously cosplaying, they looked far too cool and out of place to be approached, at least straight away.

“Feeling better after that fashion-crime seizure?” asked Katie.

“I’m acclimatising,” said Amber. “This must be what it feels like to be a National Geographic reporter filming hyenas.”

“I don’t think they’re quite the same things,” laughed Katie.

“So, my devious little sexpot,” said Amber, “time to start Phase Two?”

“As the nerds would say; Phase Two, engage!” said Katie cheerfully.

Amber rolled her eyes, but a mischievous smile began to crawl up her face.

“Oh, poor Carol,” said Amber, “if she only knew we were sabotaging her tonight…”

“It’s for her own good,” said Katie.

“You’re right, she totally needs to get laid,” said Amber. “And if Lyle’s the one it’s got to be, then Lyle it is.”

“Or Howard,” said Katie, “I like him, he’s nice.”

“True,” said Amber, “so anyone but Greg, basically.”

“Yep,” said Katie.

“Who are you taking? Lyle’s guys or Howard’s guys?” asked Amber.

“I’ll take Lyle, I guess,” said Katie. “Why?”

“Want to make it interesting?” said Amber with a devilish smile.

“The last time I made a bet with you I ended up with a load of jizz on my face in an alleyway and you told Carol all about it!” exclaimed Katie.

“Worked out for the best, didn’t it?” grinned Amber.

“Ok, what’s the bet?” asked Katie.

“If Lyle is knocked out of the tournament first, I win the bet,” said Amber, “and if Howard is knocked out, then you win the bet. If you lose, you have to follow all my orders for one whole day, sometime in the future when I decide. If I lose, I do the same for you.”

“So it’s about how far we can help our ‘candidate’ get in the tournament?” said Katie. “Alright, you’re on Amber! Let’s get to it!”

For Carol to get laid, either Lyle, Howard or Greg had to win the tournament tonight. But to do that they had to battle their way through a gauntlet of hardcore gaming nerds in the popular fighting game “Street Kombat 4”. Perhaps the guys were good enough to win on their own, but Katie was never one to leave things just to chance. So Katie and Amber had devised a cunning scheme.

The tournament consisted of several knock out rounds before reaching a grand final of the two remaining players. Not unlike a tennis tournament, one had to win a round to advance to the next, and steadily the players left would diminish until the winner was decided. There were sixteen players in the first round, which left three rounds of elimination before reaching the grand final.

The plan was simple. Katie and Amber would approach the upcoming opponents of Lyle and Howard at each round and offer a proposition. Throw the match, and the girls would express their gratitude by granting them special privileges of a sexy nature. Amber was assigned to Howard’s opponents, and Katie to Lyle’s. They didn’t expect it would be too difficult to convince a nerdy, horny college gamer to throw a match for just a little in return; making out, maybe some groping and petting. The trick would be as the tournament progresses, and the opponents grew more determined to win, it would likely take a little more putting out from the girls.

They put it to the test almost immediately. Lyle was taking up position at his first booth and Katie followed quickly, finding Lyle’s opponent setting up alongside.

Looking over the rows of televisions and gaming consoles, Katie could see Amber had found her own mark, a tall and gangly geek with a pimply face, and was leaning over his shoulder to whisper suggestively in his ear.

Katie had to act, the first round of the tournament would be starting soon. She stepped right up to her own target and tapped him on the shoulder. The young man, a skinny guy with glasses, turned around and almost gasped when he saw Katie standing before him, utterly confused as to why a cute girl was coming up to talk to him.

“Hi there, I’m Katie, what’s your name?” asked Katie.

“Um…” said the gaming geek.

“Nevermind, your name isn’t important,” said Katie quickly, wanting to get straight to the point. “I have a proposition for you.”

“Uh huh?” asked the geek, his eyes wandering lower izmir escort to peek down Katie’s tops at her perky little tits.

Katie leaned closer to speak more softly and at the same time give a better view of her cleavage to the geek, “If you lose this round, I’ll let you make out with me after the match.”

“Oh wow,” said the geek. “Can I feel your tits too?”

“Uh, sure, but only through my tops,” said Katie. She didn’t want to give everything up immediately if she didn’t have to.

“Awesome! I’ll do it,” said the geek.

“Great! Remember, you only get it if you lose though,” said Katie. “I’ll be waiting right here for you, and we’ll go find someplace quiet.”

The geek grinned and spun around to finish setting up his station. The match was about to begin.

Lyle looked over and caught Katie’s eye, looking confused. Katie went over to speak to him.

“I’m getting you laid tonight,” said Katie. “I’m going to help you win this tournament.”

“Holy fuck, really?” said Lyle. “That’s so awesome of you! So what were you saying to Henry there?”

“Henry?” asked Katie.

“The guy you were just speaking to,” said Lyle. “My first opponent.”

“Oh, Henry… I said I’d let him make out with me if he throws the match,” said Katie.

“Shit, really?” said Lyle. “That’s like, cheating…”

“You want to hook up with Carol, right?” asked Katie. “This will help guarantee that you do.”

“Good point,” said Lyle, “may the force be with you, Katie Rich…”

Lyle returned to his station, and not long after the match was on. Katie had little idea what was going on in the game, but she could tell which character Lyle was, and was able to confirm when his opponent, Henry, lost the match.

Two minutes later, Katie and Henry were in the nearby women’s toilets (since the only women around were Katie, Carol and Amber, it seemed a safe place to sneak into), crammed into a cubicle together, and Henry had his tongue down Katie’s mouth.

Henry’s hands had a Vulcan-like grip on Katie’s tits, squeezing and groping them eagerly through her layered tops, his fingers digging into her the exposed bare flesh of her cleavage.

Katie moaned, not without pleasure, as she let the horny young nerd have his way with her chest while she locked lips with his in an awkward but enthusiastic French kiss. Her tongue danced and played with his, and to Katie’s surprise Henry was a talented kisser.

As the two of them made out, Katie kept an eye on her wrist watch. The next round of the tournament would be starting in ten minutes, and she needed time to get back and proposition her next target.

Now that Amber had turned this scenario into a bet with Katie, her competitive instincts had been fired up and she wanted to win. The thought of having Amber as her slave for the day, forced to do anything Katie wanted, was deliciously wicked. More ominously, she knew if Amber won that she would have Katie doing all sorts of lewd and embarrassing things, something Katie was keen to avoid if she could.

Katie broke off the make out, though Henry’s hands remained firmly planted on her lovely rack.

“Time’s up, stud,” said Katie, “I got to get back to the tournament.”

“Do you think we could do this again?” implored Henry. “I’ll still be at the hotel tomorrow. We could spend the whole day making out!”

“Maybe not the whole day, but if I find some time I’ll see what I can do,” laughed Katie.


A minute later Katie was back in the throngs of the gamers and scouting out her next mark. Carol was still the center of attention in the room, posing for photos and seemingly completely into the swing of cosplaying now and surprisingly enjoying all the attention.

The tournament was down to eight players now from its original sixteen as half advanced to the second round. On the scoreboard on the big screen she could see that Howard was advancing, along with Lyle, and both would be facing new opponents in round two.

Looking around, Katie spotted Amber emerging from a door leading out into the balmy evening outdoors, adjusting her top while the gangly geek Katie had spotted her with earlier followed behind her, looking awestruck.

Amber caught Katie’s eye across the room and gave her a big wink. The game was on, Katie thought, Amber would be pulling out all the stops to win. Katie was going to have to up her tactics in the next round.

Katie hurried over to find Lyle and her new target.

This next young man was even nerdier than the last. He was overweight, bearded, and was clearly sweating heavily through his geeky T-Shirt. Katie took a deep breath and made her move.

“Hi, I’m Katie, I was wondering if…” began Katie.

The fat nerd turned around, looked her up and down, and then turned back to his gaming station.

Crap, thought Katie, this was going to take more than she had thought to divert his interest from the game and winning the next round.

Katie moved around and leaned over right up close to the fat nerd, ignoring the other geeks behind her checking out her butt as she bent over.

“Pete, right?” asked Katie, she had seen his name up on the score board for the current round, lined up versus Lyle. “I can tell you really want to win this game…”

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