Katie and The Boys

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Ever since Katie fucked the pool boy, she’s had her eye on younger guys. Of course, that is fine with me as we are as open to new stuff as any couple around. We never went out specifically to find somebody for her, but she obviously saw plenty of potential any time she was out and around. She was even checking out some younger ones of 18-20 years old. For some reason, she seemed even more interested in that age group as opposed to the 21-24 year olds. Maybe it was because she was a high school teacher and she was around them all day, but either way was fine by me.

I was just as excited about it as she was. I think it’s totally hot watching my wife with somebody else. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman; I am really into watching her with other people. The element of watching without the other person knowing is also quite intriguing. Sometimes the other person gets performance anxiety if they know they are being watched. Watching without their knowledge allows them to be more relaxed and really in the element.

Summer came and we spent a lot of time by the pool. As usual, Katie was golden tan and wore the special thong bikinis when it was just us. We fucked pretty much everywhere. In the pool, on the patio, the chaise lounge, the hot tub and on the patio table. Our back yard is very secluded, so nobody could ever see us. Not that it mattered, but that’s just the way the house was built. Anyhow, just when things with a younger guy seemed to go by the wayside, something popped up.

Several of our son’s friends visited the pool regularly. Neither of them lived at home, but they stopped in once a week or so. It was weird, with both of them gone, so it was a welcome relief when they came by for a visit. More than anything, Katie loved the attention she got from their horny buddies. Of course, all this did was spark Katie’s interest in younger guys, even more. Seeing all these young studs in her pool was almost like personally picking out a pair of shoes. Several times, she would fuck the shit out of me within minutes of the friends leaving. Being around them made her so hot, that she needed to quench her sexual appetite. We had talked about it in depth a little more recently. She was even bold enough to tell me some names of guys who she was eyeing up. A couple of them lived in our neighborhood which might actually come in quite handy. She seemed to really be ready for this and I was going to do my best to help her make something happen.

I found out that one of her most recent graduates was looking for a summer job. Our place was in need of some work, so I called him. I really hate cutting grass and maintaining the landscape. I had pawned that off on our boys every since they were old enough. Now that they moved out, they won’t even come around if they know it’s that time. So this could work out for me in two ways. One was having my lawn serviced, and the second was having my wife serviced while I watched. The idea sounded perfect, so I put a plan in motion. Of course, I didn’t bother telling Katie. I would let her find out in her own little way.

I told Jake to come over around noon on Monday and he could cut and trim the grass. I told him to let himself in the gate to trim around the pool patio. Katie usually heads out to the pool around 11 and she would normally be in and out until around 3. She loves the sun and her gorgeous tan shows it. I told Katie that I was going to work in the shop in our basement, all day. Of course, I wasn’t really planning to, but it made her think I was out of the way. Like clockwork, she went out to her lounge chair around 11:30. I snuck up and watched her from the tinted picture window and saw that she dozed in and out at times. Every so often, she would roll over and tan her back side.

Jake showed up and started cutting. It was very hot and sunny, so Jake peeled off his shirt pretty quickly. This kid was ripped with muscles and obviously very athletic. Within minutes, he worked up a sweat. After cutting everything outside of the fence, he made his way towards the pool patio. Katie didn’t even notice him until he walked through the gate. They both looked surprised to see each other. Up until now, Katie was just one of Jake’s senior teachers. Now she was a total bikini vixen all sprawled out in front of a sweaty 18 year old hunk. It appeared as though they were both shocked to see each other in this state of dress. They both produced a quick, but nervous smile and Katie was the one to break the ice. She motioned for Jake to come have a seat next to her. The nervousness subsided as he got closer and they both took the opportunity to quickly eye each other up and down. It was obvious that there was some instant sexual attraction.

Jake sat in the chair next to Katie for a few minutes and they exchanged some small talk. Then he went about his business with trimming the pool area. Katie was able to watch him through her mirrored sunglasses. Any time Jake would change locations, he made sure stretch his neck to get a good look at my wife’s sexy body casino siteleri too. Katie works out regularly and fills out her bikini quite fully. Her 5′-1″, 115 pound body is graced with generous curves and full 34C boobs. She has all the sags and wrinkles that come with being a 43 year old mother of 2, but she carries it very well.

She made sure to stretch extra hard for her drink and her book, anytime he was looking. Jake tried to hide his erection, but without success. He did his best to work too, but that was happening very well at all. Katie decided to mess with him a little and I was happy to see the things progress. Katie was very forward in talking to people. She was very direct and not shy about saying whatever is on her mind.

“Jake, come over here and have a seat for a minute. I can’t help but notice that you are checking me out pretty hard.”

“Uhhhhhhh, I wasn’t trying to Mrs. C, but it’s kinda hard not to. I saw you every day for a full year, but not like this. Never in a million years did I think I would see you like THIS.”

“Judging by the look in your shorts, I guess you like what you see then.”

“Oh, yes ma’am. Way better than anything I have seen in school.”

“Well, maybe I can show you a little more before you go back to work.”

With that, Katie pulled her triangle bikini top aside and flashed Jake with her full milky white boobs. She even gave him a little jiggle to show them off even more. Jake was in absolute awe. It was obvious that he had no idea how to respond. Katie took matters into her own hands. She reached over and grabbed Jake’s hand. She slowly moved his hand up to one of her breasts. Jake gulped deeply and began to massage her breast. Instinctively his other hand moved to the other breast. Katie just sat there with a slight smirk on her face, but also a look of satisfaction.

She had to slow him down as he began to paw at her like the inexperienced kid that he really was. Sure he may have been with some girls already, but this was a very sexually experienced older woman, and he was beyond himself and lost with excitement. I was too, as my cock was standing at full attention. Hopefully I was going to get to watch Katie get fucked and I was anxious to see if it would happen. I was only 20 feet away and had a perfect view of their position.

In a matter of a minute or so, Katie reached down and began to stroke Jake’s cock. He looked quite surprised and looked down to watch the action. At first she was just rubbing it right through his shorts, but in no time at all, she had her hand up the leg opening. She motioned for him to lift up and she yanked his shorts and boxers right off. He sat back down and spread his legs wide which gave Katie the room she needed. She explored his youthful dick and was very attentive to every aspect of it.

After a few minutes, she dropped to her knees and took the head of his cock in her mouth. My heart raced as his knob parted her lips. She sucked it quickly and then ran her tongue up and down his shaft. His cock was 6″ long and a little thicker than average. I knew he wouldn’t last long and that she was just priming him for a fuckin.

Katie picked up the pace and jerked him off while his cock head was in her mouth. I could hear him moaning as he seemed to finally relax and enjoy her actions. True to being an 18 year old, he blew his wad quickly. She never removed her mouth and just sucked up and swallowed all his cum. His body wrenched and stiffened as he drained his cum into her willing throat. He even held her head down to make sure she got it all. He didn’t really need to do that as Katie is a true cum queen and would never waste a drop.

After she was done she sat back in her chair and they talked a little more. He seemed to have some extra hop to his step when he finally got up to leave. Katie came in and went straight to the shower. Later on that evening, we had some of the most intense sex in quite a while. The idea of being with that 18 year old kid really got her worked up. She told me that she invited him back for more, but to bring a couple friends with him. I was shocked at first, but the thrill of watching her get gangbanged by some 18 year old guys, quickly overtook my first reaction.

It was a long week waiting for Monday to come around. I found myself daydreaming about what it will look like. Katie and I fucked a couple times during the week and she still seemed very amped up. Monday couldn’t get her soon enough and I had no idea what the plan was. All I knew was I wanted to watch my wife get fucked by these guys. Actually, there was not really a plan at all, they were coming to fuck her and there was no BS about it.

Monday finally arrived and Katie spent some time prepping. She put on some tight cotton gym shorts and a tight spandex tank top with no bra. Her nails were painted slutty purple and all her piercings were done up with slutty type charms. My cock approved by getting half hard, just from looking at her. The doorbell rang and I ran to hide. The one slot oyna thing that we DID decide was that I would watch from a distance. She was going to take the guys downstairs and used the big professional massage table we have.

Having me hide was the key to allowing these boys the opportunity to relax and not have them worrying about performance anxiety. Not everybody is cut out to fuck in front of the husband or a group of people watching. It can be quite un-nerving. So I went into the back basement and got settled into a perfect little spying spot.

She let them in and they all tromped downstairs. All three guys sat at the bar and Katie poured them a round of drinks. Their eyes were instantly drawn to her C-cup braless tits under the white tank top. Of course Jake already knew what she looked like and he seemed extra excited to know he was going to see her again. The other 2, appeared nervous, but the drink seemed to calm them down. Tony was a short little Italian guy, maybe 5’7″ tall, but still built quite muscular. Mark was the odd man out. He about 6′ tall, skinny as a rail and blacker than the ace of spades.

Knowing these young guys were going to fuck Katie really had me dizzy with anticipation. I didn’t want them to bother with any fore play; I just wanted them to go at it. But Katie had other plans to get as much out of this night as she could. Which meant that she was going to take her time and cover all her bases.

“Well guys, I’m gonna guess that you all know why you’re here, so why don’t we get started.”

The guys were briefly shocked by her boldness, but quickly jumped into action. Katie came out from behind the bar and faced my direction. Jake and Tony were on her sides and Mark was behind her. She reached down and grabbed both Jake and Tony’s cocks. I could tell that Mark was rubbing her butt and she wiggled it around for his enjoyment. She had pulled both cocks from their shorts, which the boys then took off completely.

What a sight it was to see Katie surrounded by these three young horny kids. She jerked those cocks rapidly as Mark pawed at her ass. Jake and Tony both ran a hand up and down her curvy voluptuous body. She writhed around as she really enjoyed all the groping as she threw her head back in satisfaction. I even saw Marks hands he reached between her legs from behind and gave her pussy a quick little rub right through her shorts. I could see her bite her bottom lip as his hand applied more pressure.

She lifted her hands above her head, and the boys helped remove her tight spandex top, unleashing her big saggy mom boobs. Jake leaned in and began to lick and suck the boob from his side, while Tony massaged the other. I could see that Mark had one hand on her hip holding her still, while the other hand still focused on rubbing her pussy from behind, even with her tight shorts still on. She leaned her head to the left and began to kiss Tony. Their tongues intertwined like a bowl of spaghetti and darted around feverishly.

Mark had removed his hands from her body and grabbed the waistband of her tight gym shorts. He tugged them down as she shimmied and wiggled to help get them past her shapely hips. Her crisp white tan lines jumped out and the boys stood there wide eyed. It was like kids opening a Christmas gift as they all took a quick look at my naked wife’s body. Just a few months ago, she was just their teacher, now she was their sex toy.

Katie had treated them with a little surprise. She trimmed her pubic hair into the shape of a heart. It was so cute yet so slutty at the same time. The boys really liked this and you could tell it got them charged up even more. Tony dropped to his knees and buried his face in Katie’s snatch. Jake took the opportunity to play with both of her jiggling boobs, while Mark stayed in back and continued to rub her ass and hips. According to some of the faces she was making, I’m guessing Tony was hitting the right spots. After a couple minutes, Katie pushed them all aside and went to the massage table. This thing is a work of art and super expensive.

It raises and lowers with the touch of a switch. It reclines and even has stirrup attachments similar to a gynecologist chair. However, these are extremely padded. I’m sure this thing was made for fuckin as much as it is for massaging. Nobody really cared as they were all a blur of body parts trying to get whatever they could get. She hopped up on the table and laid her legs in the padded stirrups. Her pussy was wide exposed for all to see and it put her ass right at the edge of the table. Jake jumped right between her legs and started to eat her out. Tony jumped up on the table too and got on his knees above her head. His cock and balls were directly over top of her face as he straddled her head.

Mark was the last one over and stood by the side of the table still dressed. But that did not take long as Katie was fumbling around for his zipper. Mark helped by just taking off his pants completely. He was going commando, so his cock just sprang out canlı casino siteleri in all its glory. Katie doesn’t even have the angle to see it, but she could feel its size. His cock is about 9″ long, very thin but with a very large knob and blacker than midnight. He was hard but it did not stand out or up, it just hung down. She was so busy sucking Tony’s balls that she didn’t even try to peek at it. Eventually, she will be very surprised and happy with it.

Jake was making a complete feast out of my wife’s pussy. He licked all over her inner and outer lips. He even sucked her cunt flaps in between his lips and squeezed them together tightly. This drove her wild as her hips were bucking in response. He moved one hand above him to her pubic bone and began to massage her clit with that thumb. He continued to lick and suck her pussy into oblivion and she obviously loved every minute of it.

Her tongue was in constant motion licking Tony’s dangling ball sack. He had a nice large pair and they sagged more than most. She would suck one ball into her mouth and make slutty slurping noises. Then she would twirl her tongue all over and even hit his taint. He is body jerked violently when she hit it and he gasped deeply. As she licked and sucked, she moved one hand to his shaft and slowly jerked him off.

Mark was busy getting his cock tugged and yanked. His big black hands explored her heaving boobs and pinched her nipples lightly. I was in awe as her tiny hand made his cock look like a huge black snake. I couldn’t with to see him put that thing deep into her. Then I realized that with 3 of them, she was probably going to offer of a double penetration, one in her cunt and one in her ass at the same time. That really got me even more excited and I had to pull my cock out and start rubbing it.

Jake actually looked like he knew what he was doing. He never let up in thumbing her nubby thick clit. He was giving her slit some really slow licks from bottom to top. I think his tongue even hit her sphincter ring a couple times as her body really seemed to react sharply. Next thing I know, Jake is using his finger and massaging her tight little starfish sphincter. I can see her leg muscles tensing up as he does so, as her little butthole is very sensitive and she loves to have it massaged.

Tony’s cock is beginning to twitch and I can see his sack begin to tighten up. He announces that he is going to cum and he wraps his hand around my wife’s hand as they both jack his cock off. His purple head lets out a string of warm jizz that lands on Katie’s tits and upper chest. The second and third pulse of cock juice, he aims at her face. He coats her lips and nose in a very nice layer of jizz that drips down the side of her cheeks. He continues to tug while the rest of his sauce dribbles out and onto her face also. Of course, my cum slut wife, licks the cum from her lips. She even wipes up some from her cheeks and sucks it off her fingers.

She is moaning and making slutty slurping sounds as she does this and the boys react to seeing what kind of slut their teacher really is. They all smiles any time they make eye contact with each other. Katie can now see the black snake that Mark brought to the party. Her eyes open widely as she thinks about how it’s going to feel. She motions for Mark to get on the table and he quickly obliges. He is now on his knees with Katie’s face directly below his drooping meat. She sucks his enormous head into her mouth and begins to suck and slurp away. Mark just holds his cock in his hand and helps feed it to her willingly.

Jake gets up and lowers the table so Katie’s pussy is at the right height for his cock, while he stands on the floor. After a minute of getting things situated, he grabs his cock and begins to aim it towards her willing cunt. Her lips are wide open and she is slicker than snot with pussy juice. He using his cock like a dildo and rubs it all over her smooth outer lips. He resumes thumbing her clit nub and her hips seem to happily respond again. It looks as if she is trying to get herself off as his thumb is going to town.

Mark is feeding a little more of his meat into her mouth as she is willing to take it. She has her head bent way back and his balls are resting on her forehead. He too, has been blessed with some very big and saggy balls. Probably the biggest ones I have ever personally seen. She is on cloud nine, just sucking his thick knob in her mouth, but has to pull it out every few seconds so she can breathe. She is doing pretty good at taking it deeper as he is slowly feeding it to her.

Jake finally sticks his hard cock into Katie’s pussy and she gasps out loudly. Her cunt is still pretty tight considering how much abuse it has taken over the years. She still does a lot of keagle exercises and that really helps. He probably doesn’t even have to fuck her; she could use her cunt muscles to get him to cum. But of course with him being 18, he wants to fuck the shit out of her. He inserts his knob just enough to part her thick cunt flaps. He meaty flaps just wrap around him and fit like a glove. He uses small thrusts just so his knob is going in and out past her outer lips. She uses her hips and pelvis to match his thrust and appears to want more of his length.

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