Just off the Interstate

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I looked at the time as I exited the interstate highway. Nearly midnight. It was Sammy’s night to work late and he may not have closed the gas station yet but I had to hurry. When I pulled into the station all the lights were off and the station was obviously closed, so I pulled around and started out. Then I noticed a big semi, its diesel engine idling a deep grumble. Maybe Sammy was still here and I could fill up for my early morning run to St. Louis. I pulled up to a pump, stopped, and headed inside. There was no one in the office so I started through the door to the repair shop and then I was abruptly halted by what I saw.

A big truck driver, his pants at half-mast, stood with his back to me only a few feet away and Sammy was on his knees giving him a blowjob. I quickly and silently backed up into a shadow and watched. Sammy was sucking his cock rapidly, his eyes closed and a look of pleasure on his face. The trucker had his hand on the back of Sammy’s head setting the rhythm. After a couple of minutes the trucker started pumping his hips vigorously, took Sammy’s head in both hands, and with a groan pumped a big load into Sammy’s mouth.

I turned and quietly exited the station, got in my car, and headed for home. Jesus! I thought. Sammy’s a fag! I’ve known the guy for almost three years now – I’ve envied him the best looking wife in our condo complex in her bikini at the pool – I’ve even spent afternoons watching football and drinking beer with Sammy. And all this time I never knew he was a fag! Wow! I guess you just never know.

I was single, three years out of college, and had a job in advertising that took me from my small college town to St. Louis a couple of times a week. I lived in a nice condo complex just off the interstate. It was a good life with lots of girlfriends and lots of afternoons to lounge around the pool and relax. Sammy and his wife lived in the same condo complex and I knew them well – or thought I did until I saw Sammy on his knees. Sammy was part owner in a gas station franchise with two other guys and they ran it themselves. They did well financially.

I began to think about what I had seen and I couldn’t keep my mind off of Sammy’s wife, Sharon. She was a real looker. Early twenties, about 110 pounds, blond but not natural, lovely face, great body in the tiny bikini she always wore to the pool. Why would a guy suck a cock when he could fuck that? The question bothered me. Maybe if I got to know Sammy better I would get a chance to know Sharon better. That thought turned me on.

The next time that I knew Sammy would be working at the station until midnight, I waited down the road a short way until I saw the lights go out. Then I drove into the station and walked into the office. Sammy was closing the register.

“Hi Barry. You’re late. I just shut down the pumps.”

“I’m not after gas,” I said, rubbing my crotch. “I’m looking for what that trucker got last Thursday night. I was here. I saw you.”

Sammy looked frightened for an instant, then, he recovered quickly. “What do you mean? What did you see?”

I stepped back in the shadows, unzipped my fly, and pulled my cock out. I was turned on thinking about Sharon and my dick started to get hard as I stroked it.

Sammy said nothing. He just shook his head no and stood there.

“Come over here Sammy and take care of this thing,” I said. “I saw you on your knees doing that trucker. Do me like that.” My dick was hard now and Sammy was staring at it.

Sammy kept shaking his head and staring at my dick. Finally he said, “I can’t do that. I just can’t.”

“Why not Sammy? You did the trucker.”

He shuffled his feet and looked from side to side. Then he mumbled. “He was not from here.”

I smiled. “You only do guys from out of town?”

Sammy nodded. “I don’t do it very often and only for guys from out of town.”

“Well Sammy you’re problems are solved. I’m your friend. I’m safe. I live in the same condo complex you do. You can do me and nobody will know. You won’t have to worry about getting caught ever again. Now come over here and blow me.”

I didn’t think he fake hospital porno would, but he did. He walked over to the shadow where I was standing, dropped to his knees, and started to suck my cock. He was very skillful with his tongue and he brought me off in just a couple of minutes. Like the trucker I took his head in both hands and pumped my load deep into his throat.

Sammy looked up at me after he swallowed my cum. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

The next Sunday afternoon I headed for the pool, a couple of extra beers in a cooler. Sammy and Sharon were already there and I spread my beach towel next to them. Sharon was in one of her really tiny bikinis and her bronze tan accentuated that beautiful body. I asked myself once again how the hell a guy could want to suck a cock when he could fuck that? I spread my towel out next to her with Sammy on her other side.

We engaged in the usual small talk. Then Sharon got her sun tan lotion out of her bag and started to apply it to her legs.

“Want some help?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, rolling over on her belly and handing me the bottle.

Sammy was watching me as I began to rub the lotion on his wife. I took my time and rubbed her as sensuously as I could. I started on her feet and slowly worked my way up her legs to her knees. Then I straddled her legs and started applying lotion to her thighs. I put lotion in my hand to warm it, then rubbed my hands together and worked on each thigh. As I got higher, she spread her legs so I could get lotion on her inner thighs. I worked all the way up to her bathing suit, my fingers stroking her thighs less than an inch from her pussy. I rubbed her slowly and softly. I wasn’t sure but her breathing seemed to change somehow.

Then I moved up straddling her butt, trying to keep my erection from touching her. I began to rub lotion on her lower back, working my fingers around to her belly on each side. When I got up to her bikini strap, I simply unhooked it and dropped the ends down and continued to work on her back. As I applied lotion to her sides I got closer and closer to her breasts. Sammy watched closely. Sharon did not object to anything I did. She moved her body to make it easy for me.

I turned her gently to the side just a bit and rubbed lotion on to her and then on to the side of her breast. She let me do it. Then I turned her the other way and did the other breast. She moaned softly as I rubbed her. Then I turned her even more, so that her breast next to her husband was almost completely exposed, and started to rub lotion on her body. Slowly I worked my way up to her breast until I cupped her full breast in my hand and massaged lotion into her skin. She moaned as I played with her breast. I moved my body so my erect penis touched her butt. She kept on moaning. Sammy just watched us.

There were a few other people on the other side of the pool so I couldn’t do more to her, but I was sure she was turned on by what I had done and I probably could have done more than I did. I figured Sammy must be neglecting her if she was so easily turned on. He watched me play with his wife without objection, but what the hell could he say after giving me a blowjob. I was horny and that thought gave me an idea.

“Hey Sammy, I’m all out of beer. Let’s go up to my condo and get some more,” I said, picking up the cooler.

Sammy followed me up to my condo and when we got inside I went into the kitchen and put several cans of beer in the cooler. Then I walked back into the living room and, turning to face him, I pulled my trunks down and showed him my dick, which was starting to get hard.

“Playing with your wife’s tits turned me on,” I said. “It looked like it turned you on too.”

Sammy did not say a word. He just walked over to me, dropped to his knees, and started to suck me off. I put my hand on the back of his head and set a rhythm that pleased me. It was a leisurely, comfortable, job of cock sucking. When I was ready to come I took Sammy’s head in both hands and pumped my load deep. He took it in the back of his throat right on his tonsils fake taxi porno and I held my dick there till I was finished. He just stayed on his knees and swallowed my cum. Then he looked up at me.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” he said, just as before.

“Does Sharon know?” I asked.

He shook his head, “No. Nobody knows.”

“Your wife in a horny woman, Sammy,” I said. “I’d like to fuck her.”

Sammy just stayed there on his knees and stared at the floor.

“How often do you fuck her?” I asked.

Sammy looked up at me, a helpless expression on his face.

I said it again. “I asked you how often do you fuck her?”

“I haven’t fucked her for several months,” Sammy said softly, looking up at me, and then back down at the floor.

“Are you working tonight at the station?” I asked.

Sammy nodded. “I have to leave in an hour or so.”

“Okay, Sammy,” I said. “When we get back down there you have a beer. Just act normal and then tell us you’re going to work and leave. I’m going to stay down there with you wife. Okay?”

Sammy was still on his knees looking up at me. He nodded, “Okay.”

“Do you want to know what I’m gonna do Sammy?” I asked.

He looked back at the floor. Then he looked up at me and nodded.

“Your wife is horny Sammy. She needs to get fucked. You’re not doing it, so I’m gonna fuck her for you. Is that okay?”

Sammy looked up at me. It was hard to read his expression. Then he nodded.

When we got back down to the pool I opened a beer for Sharon and then one for myself. Sammy finished drinking his beer, made his excuses, and headed out. Sharon and I stayed, enjoyed another beer, and rested in the sun for an hour or so.

“I have an idea, Sharon,” I said, raising up on my elbow and looking at her.

She looked at me, “What’s that?”

“Why don’t I order a pizza up to my place? Would you like that?”

Sharon flashed the brightest smile I had ever seen on her face. “I’d love it,” she said enthusiastically. As she said it she raised up on her elbows. Her bikini top was still unfastened and her move gave me a very nice view of her tits. She knew exactly what she was doing and made no effort to hide them.

I stood up and put on my robe. Sharon stood up, holding her bikini top in place and slipped out of it as she put on her robe. Then, casually she slipped out of her bikini pants and tied her robe. She was naked under her robe. I thought, what the hell, so I pulled off my bathing shorts and dropped them in my beach bag. As we gathered our stuff and started for the stairs, I casually slipped my arm around her waist in a friendly manner and she moved closer to me.

“Do you need to go to your place?” I asked.

“Not if you have a shower in your condo,” she said laughing. “I don’t think there’s any point to me putting on lipstick.”

“You’re right. That would be a waste,” I said. We both knew what was going to happen when we got up to my condo.

We had no sooner stepped through the door than I took her in my arms and kissed her. Taking off her robe revealed that spectacular body – lean and taunt. Her bikini lines were sharp and her skin milky white where the sun didn’t give her the rich bronze tan that extended from just below her creamy white breasts down her flat belly to the thickest, curly-haired, brunet beaver I had ever seen. My eyes went from boobs to beaver and froze there until she started to laugh. It was a light, musical, tinkling laugh.

“Surely you’ve seen one before,” she laughed. “Every girl’s got one.”

“Not like that,” I said. “No, not like that at all. You are spectacular. You are beautiful. That thing looks good enough to eat.”

Again I heard her musical laugh. “I hope so. I hope you plan to eat something besides pizza tonight.”

I couldn’t help myself. I picked her up in my arms and carried her straight to the bedroom and literally pitched her in the air into the middle of my king sized bed, where she lay naked and laughing. I pulled off my robe to find that my sturdy companion had recovered from massaging her husband’s family stroke porno tonsils and was now ready to do her husbands work for him. She just kept laughing. Then she reached over and grabbed my cock.

“What about the pizza?” She asked and kept on laughing.

“I know a better first course for my dinner,” I said as I dropped on to the bed, shoved her legs apart, and buried my face in that beautiful beaver.

Her pussy was wet, dripping wet. I think she had been getting more and more horny since I had started rubbing her body by the pool. I allowed myself the pleasure of a brief taste, plunging my tongue deep into that dripping wet paradise, before I began serious work to bring her off. I took one of her big engorged inner pussy lips into my mouth and started tickling it with my tongue working my way down and then back up the other lip to her clit. Then I used my tongue to tickle that ridge of curly hair that extended down from her thick beaver and surrounded her pussy. I sucked the tasty juice out of that curly hair and finally moved up to her clit. Every woman I have ever sucked off has a different sweet spot where stimulation is at the maximum and Sharon was no exception. It took a few minutes but I found hers right at the left edge of her clit near the head. She probably put her vibrator exactly in that spot to bring herself off.

I started work on her sweet spot spending a few seconds right on it and then moving somewhere else. She began to moan, moving her ass to try to keep my tongue where it felt best. I kept on teasing her, spending a little longer on her sweet spot each time I put my tongue there. Her moaning got louder and then she started talking to me.

“Oh yes. Oh God yes. Right there. Yes. Please. Yes right there.”

When I felt that she was ready I kept my tongue right on her sweet spot and moved it as fast as I could. She was pumping her ass now and her moaning got louder and then her contractions started. The were strong. I put two fingers deep inside her and her contractions grabbed them like a strong hand as her juices gushed out. Usually I let a woman rest after I bring her off, but not this time. I wasn’t going to let this gal rest at all. I couldn’t wait. I mounted her and shoved my cock in deep. I was fucking her furiously before she finished her orgasm. She kept on groaning and pumping her ass and I was so turned on that I could feel my orgasm seconds away. Then I thought I felt her pussy start to contract again. Shit! Was she having another one? But I was so turned on I was only thinking about me. I just pumped my load deep. After a moment I collapsed and lay sweating and panting on top of her.

We rested. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “Holy shit!” She said. “Jesus H. fucking Christ! I don’t know whether I’ve been eaten out or fucked or both, but that’s the damnedest action my pussy has had in all twenty-four years of my life.”

“Well,” I said, looking down at her, “I saw a damsel in distress and as a gallant knight I felt it was my duty to draw my sword to help her.”

She chuckled. “Sir knight, feel free to draw that damn sword any time you get the urge. Jesus! You know how to fuck! Or suck! Or both! Or something! Jesus!”

I rolled off of her, held her in my arms, and kissed her gently. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. How many nights a week does you husband work?”

“Two or three nights each week. But don’t forget the afternoons.” She laughed.

“Shall I order the pizza?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I hope you have a shower big enough for two. Jesus! I’m still thinking about your tongue. How the hell did you find the right place? That’s been my private spot since I was a horny high school girl playing with my pussy in bed.”

“You noticed?”

“Noticed hell! You were driving me out of my fucking mind. You teased me with your tongue you bastard! You found the spot and you teased me. How the hell did you find the spot?”

“Honey, when you have eaten as many pussies as I have you just learn to find the right spot. It’s different with each pussy. You have to eat a lot of pussy to learn how to find it.”

“I don’t plan to eat that much pussy.” She shook her head and laughed.

“That’s good. I’m glad. I’ll eat enough pussy for both of us.” I chuckled. Then we both laughed and headed for the shower. The evening had just begun. If my pecker lived, it was going to be a long hard night.

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