Just a Friday Night

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Your velvety soft, patient lips, pressing against my warm inner thigh as you glance up to catch a second of my very eager, hungry eyes. You know I want you, you know I’ve been waiting for this; you know it and you love it. You like to take your time, torture me as I squirm underneath you. Your hands gently glide up to my hips as you pull yourself up just enough to smell the sweet aroma of my hot pussy. Your tongue ever so gently trails up and down my slit, stopping to smile at the small gasps you hear me make. With one hand clutching my side, your other hands slides down to my small, tight hole, barely touching it when you say, “Goddamn you’re so tight and wet baby, but don’t worry, I’ll make myself fit, I’ll stretch you out so you can feel all of my hard cock in you.”

At that moment, your finger finds its way inside me. God you feel so good. I’m so slippery that your finger slides in and out of me with ease. You insert another finger. You start off slow, teasing me, as your other hand traces the small tattoo on my stomach. With two fingers in my tight, wet pussy, you start slowing pumping them in and out of me, hearing my faint moans of pleasure. I can’t stand it anymore and start moving up and down czech couples porno on your hand. You notice my struggle and accommodate by thrusting your fingers hard inside me, lifting my butt to get better leverage. You’re finger fucking me fast now, I start letting out louder and stronger moans.

My hands quickly find the back of your shirt to take it off. You lift up your head and kiss me hard but I shove your head back down to my pussy. Your fingers come out of me and you taste my sweet juices as I buck my pussy up to your mouth. Your tongue darts in my hole as far as you can go, sucking my pussy lips. Your tongue traces the letters of your name as you say, “That’s right, moan like a good girl… you’re mine.”

I see you stand up and start to unbutton your pants; I watch your hands the entire time, I know you’re trying to hide the fact that you desperately want to be inside of me, but your shaking gives you away. I hear the zip of your pants as you bring them down to your knees to take one leg out at a time. I see your rock hard bulge beneath your boxers. I sit up to feel you. I can barely get my small hand around you.

I move my fingers to your czech estrogenolit porno waist band and inch them down till they fall to your ankles; your fat cock, hard and warm against my hands, you’re hard just for me. I kiss the tip as you grab on to the back of my hair. I go down to the base of your cock, licking it all the way back up to the top in one swift move. I hear you groan as I put my mouth around your throbbing cock and slide my mouth down on it to let you in as far as I can. I start to bob up and down on you, sucking and stroking, moving faster and faster. Your volume increases as I play with your balls with my other hand. I’m sucking faster, faster, faster, moving my tongue around your cock, flicking it and tasting you. You realize how close you are to cumming, so you take your cock out of my mouth and bounce it on my lips as I kiss it once more.

You can’t wait anymore. You have been patient for too long. You push me down on the bed and throw yourself on top of me. “Sweating already?” I tease. You reply, “You make me so hot baby, I need to fuck you, right now.” — You take my nipple in your mouth, licking and biting it, making it hurt so czech experiment porno good. You kiss up my neck, finding my mouth, finding my tongue and intertwining it with yours. With one hand on one of my breasts, your other hand finds your way back down to my pussy, you can feel how wet and ready I am for you.

You take a hold of your hard throbbing cock and press it up against my hole just enough so the tip goes in, I hate this but love it at the same time. You do this to me a few times, testing both of our patience. You slowly start to slide it in when I moan, “Fuck me hard baby. Fuck me! Please, daddy.” — You then position both of your hands on my hips and thrust yourself fast and hard inside me. The pain instantly turns to pleasure as you pump in and out, in and out. Never taking your eyes off of mine, you lean in and kiss me as you make your thrusts rougher each time. I cry out as you fuck my tight pussy, stretching it to fit the size of your cock. Under your breath as you hear me scream your name, you say, “Good girl, good girl, that’s right, say my name.” I can feel your cock growing inside of me, getting close to cumming. You fuck me as hard you can, groaning more and more and you get closer. I let out my last pleasure-filled whimper as you say to me, “I’m gonna cum!” You quickly take your cock out of me, just in time to put it in my mouth, exploding down my throat. Warm cum coating my tongue as I taste every last drop of you. Sucking you off until there is no more cum to take. I lick my lips and look up at you, “Same time tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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