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A massive steel door separated him from the rest of the world. Dr. Flora Harvey peered into the small window once again, looking fondly upon the man. They had found him just weeks before in the jungle. He had been living there for at least a decade among the animals. The find was completely accidental and though they considered it a rescue, his erratic behavior landed him in a holding cell for further analysis.

He was a fascinating man; he still retained a small amount of broken English from his youth. Although he didn’t use it often (he usually spoke in grunts and hand gestures), he understood for the most part when people spoke to him. Dr. Harvey was one of his psychologists. She had spent the last few months studying the primitive man and now she was almost blushing as she waited by the steel door. She was contemplating. She peered through the small window again, watching him breathe, his naturally toned muscles rippling with every breath. A decade in the wild had turned him into a beast. As he sat on the bed, she could tell that he was lonely. The only human contact he had received in the last few months was conversations with her and her fellow doctors. He stood up and looked at the door.

Flora gasped and hid herself quickly. The loincloth made her cringe with delight. It was the one thing he refused that they take away from him in the apprehension. Efforts to make him wear actual clothes always ended in bouts of violence.

She held her breath, cursing herself for thinking her thoughts. Every day following every interview, she was drenched between her legs with thoughts of him. She wanted him in every way. She could only imagine how he would touch her; how his animal instincts would take her where she longed to go. She had been in love before, she had made love before, but this had nothing to do with such silly things; this was pure lust.

For weeks she had fantasized about this moment. She would masturbate to it every night, clinging to the sheets and she came and bucked her hips wildly as her pussy begged for him. His cock. She shivered as she imagined its size, its texture. She blushed again, sinking to the floor. It was too much for her. She stumbled to her feet and began to walk away, but she only made it a few steps before she stopped. She had waited there all night for this moment. It had taken her weeks, wasted nights, and several lonely orgasms to work her courage to this point. Her heart began pounding like a drum and she turned around.

Fiddling with her keys, she finally found the right one, rammed it into the keyhole, and pulled the door open. He looked at her with complete and utter confusion as she stepped inside. She closed the door behind her quietly, sweating as she stood in his intimidating presence. czech amateurs porno She wondered if he understood why she was there. She was probably scaring him.

His room was empty except for a bed with a single sheet and a potted plant that gave him a vague feeling of home. She stepped toward him and he cocked his head in confusion.

“Doctor?” he asked her. She removed her glasses and placed them carefully into her pocket.

“I’m not supposed to be here,” she told him. He understood, but he didn’t still didn’t comprehend the situation. She reached his towering, muscular body and just stood in one place, staring up at him.

“Tests?” he asked her.

“Kind of,” she responded, her voice weak and shaky as her heart raced. She stepped away from him nervously. “In the…jungle…did you know about…sex?” He wasn’t following her. She decided to rephrase her question. “Did the animals…did they mate with each other? Did they…” She struggled to make motions with her hands, but it turned into a fumbled mess.

“They came together?” he asked her, trying to understand what she was asking.

“Yes!” she cried. “Did they ‘come together’?”

“Yes,” he nodded, excited that he had caught on to her question. “They came together.”

“Good,” she confirmed. “And did you see them do this? Did you see them ‘come together’?”


“Okay! Okay,” she giggled nervously. “Did you…come together?”

“No,” he told her, shaking his head in seriousness. “The apes…they come together. The cats…they come together. But I have no one to come together with. No one like me.”

“But you know what it is, right? You know what I’m talking about?” she asked him as she unbuttoned her blouse. As she tore the buttons open, her thoughts raced with her lust. Her heart pounded and her pussy lips became wet with her excited juices. She opened her blouse and he watched her, unsure of what she was doing. Her bra came next, revealing her small swollen nipples as she bit her lip. “You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” He cocked his head.

“No,” he told her. She could see his cock under the loincloth, growing thick as she stepped toward him. The excitement of the moment caused her to pull her pants and her wet panties to the ground instantaneously. He continued to stare.

“I want you to come with me,” she told him softly. She stepped toward him, her body in overdrive as it worked for her. She lifted his loincloth to reveal his gigantic erect penis with a large drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip. She gasped as she saw its thickness. It pulsed in front of her, taunting the sex between her legs. The pre-cum dripped to the floor. She guided him to the bed and she climbed czech bitch porno in. “I want you…tonight…to show me how the animals come together.”

“You want me to come together with you?” he confirmed. She nodded as she raised herself to her hands and knees. She pointed her small pale ass toward him, waving it at him as he stood at the edge of the bed.

“Go on…” she told him. “Don’t be shy or afraid.”

As she said this, he realized the severity of the situation. Clasping his hands on her hips, he slowly pressed his cock against her asshole. She gasped and used her own hand to guide him to her drenched pussy. Once he was in position, he pushed into her with a force that made her cry out. The immediate stretching of her tight pussy walls made her scream and grunt in both pleasure and pain as she squirmed to let him fit. He was even bigger than she had imagined. Her entire body shook as she adjusted to his thick, pulsing cock. She waited for a moment with him as they made their connected. Then he began to buck his hips into her, rocking her entire body as she was fucked by his tree trunk of a penis. She began sweating with sexual thoughts as her mind wandered. How long was he going to be? Would it be short? Had he ever had an orgasm before? If not, how much would he release into her? She let out a passionate scream with the thought and began to slam herself harder back into him when she heard him grunting with pleasure.

After a few moments, she pulled him out of her and rolled onto her back. She positioned his cock against her pussy and then let herself go and he began pounding himself into her, sending her entire body into ecstasy. Her legs shook as his cock began to reach so deeply into her that it touched parts she had never dreamt would be touched. She sat up and cried out as he continued to hit her spot. He pounded harder as she encouraged him, causing her to bounce on the bed with each thrust.

She wanted to scream for him to keep fucking her or to tell him that she was going to cum, but she knew it meant nothing to him. When two animals fuck, the only encouraging they give each other is their moans, their cries, their screams of pleasure. She came with the thought, her legs shaking. He picked her up into his arms immediately and began pounding his hips into her as he squatting. She bounced up and down on his cock, used like the animal she was. Her face turned red as she screamed with a continuation of a second orgasm. Her body shook and she braced herself against the bed, arching her back as her hips controlled themselves. She accepted his thrusts with ease and her eyes began to water as she listened to his grunts increased. He was going to cum.

Holding onto the edge czech casting porno of the bed, she could barely get a good grasp before a forceful shot of hot cum spurted into her greedy pussy. It was followed by another huge spurt, then another, then another. Cum began to leak from between her legs and he continued to fuck her wildly. She screamed as his orgasm ended with a shiver. Her breath caught up with her, tears streaming down her face as she fell against the bed. Slowly, her eyes came to a close and she drifted into a satisfying sleep.


Flora awoke immediately as the massive cock pressed against her swollen pussy. She groaned in confusion and noticed him trying to fuck her once again. Her legs were covered in dry cum, her body completely weak from his earlier fucking, but she didn’t care. She climbed onto his brute body and set herself down on his cock.

“Just fuck me,” she groaned. She bounced on his cock once again and he fucked her tired pussy with just as much force as he had earlier. She could barely breathe, but she managed to pull her pussy off of his cock and he panicked in confusion. Quickly, she slammed her puckered asshole onto his cock and let it glide into her, her pussy juices and his excessive pre-cum serving as a natural lubricant. She had only had anal sex once before and had found it uncomfortable, but with her pussy swollen from its earlier beating and her lust still raging inside her, all she wanted was for the beast to cum into her ass. She wanted to feel his thick globes of cum roll out of her tight little asshole. As he fucked her, she became lost in this lustful moment, her ass tugging at his giant cock. She reached down and began stroking her clit, which was almost too sensitive to touch. With each hump, her body jerked and she did her best to make him hump harder. Her pussy screamed as it gushed her orgasmic juices and her ass clamped tightly around his cock. His grunts, gasps, and panting were the last sounds she heard before she passed out in his arms.


Dr. Flora Harvey woke up a full twelve hours later under a blanket on a couch. She had been wrapped in a towel, though she could still feel the dried cum on the rim of her ass and all down her legs. Her entire body ached, but the holes that had been fucked burned. She wanted more, but she was too weak to even think. She looked around and noticed that she was in her office. Her keys were on the floor next to her. It wasn’t long before she realized that she didn’t remember anything after the anal fucking. Had he brought her to her room? Did someone find her? Did everyone know about her lustful night with the man from the jungle? Could they tell from her fucked pussy and stretched asshole that he had taken her with his massive cock for hours last night? She cringed with both fear and excitement as her body collapsed against the couch. She was either going to be fired for her extreme violation or she was going to be spending another night in a lustful fuck-session with her newfound obsession; but regardless, she knew that she had been fucked like an animal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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