Julie Covington McGill

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Author’s Note: This is the first erotic story I’ve written, so please be gentle when reviewing it. I’d like to thank my new online best friend, Shady_Lady, for not only being the inspiration for this story, but also being my personal story editor. My future as an erotic author is in your hands, so please rate this story and provide corrective and/or supportive comments. I hope this gives you half the tingle it gave me writing it.


Have you ever met someone, and within the first few moments, just know that this person is going to have a significant impact on your life? Well, that’s how it was when Michelle first shook hands with Ms. Julie Covington McGill.

It was the Friday before July 4th weekend in the office of Smith and McGill, a regional accounting firm that occupied three floors of the largest building in downtown Poughkeepsie. Michelle Lynch had just graduated from SUNY Albany the previous May and while her other friends were traveling and enjoying the summer Michelle was eagerly looking for a job to begin her career as an accountant.

Unlike many of her classmates, Michelle came from a modest background, growing up in rural Greene County, New York. She was the only child to John and Sarah Lynch unless you count Chico the black lab mix rescue dog that they got when Michelle was just a girl. Her father was a career Army officer who ran the local recruiting office and her mother was a public defender for the County. These government jobs provided great health and retirement benefits but the family struggled to make ends meet. Michelle had to work hard to earn and keep what little scholarship money was offered and graduated with over $50,000 in school loan debt.

But on the day that she shook hands with Julie Covington McGill, Michelle had a gut feeling that her future was going to be alright.

Ms. Covington McGill was the managing partner of Smith & McGill, the fastest growing firm in New York. Smith had passed away several years ago and even though his widow had sold her shares in the business to Julie it was with the stipulation that her husband’s name remained on the firm. With sole control of the firm Julie expanded its reach within the tri-state area and grew the business to compete with and win business from the big New York City firms.

In her heels, Julie was almost 6 feet tall, and struck quite an image, in her dark grey custom tailored business suit, that hugged every curve like it was a second skin. Her skirt was cut a few inches above the knee and showed off her toned calves and thighs. Under the suit she wore a simple cream-colored silk blouse with two buttons open at the top. The jacket and blouse did their best to contain her 40D breasts that swayed hypnotically as she walked toward Michelle to welcome her.

“Welcome love, you must be Michelle,” Julie said in a lovely English accent, making the simple phrase seem like a verse of poetry.

“Yes…Ms. McG…I mean…Ms. Covington McGill…yes I am,” Michelle responded nervously, hoping she wasn’t gawking, as she returned the firm handshake and pleasantries. Up close, Julie’s steel blue eyes and warm smile were all Michelle could focus on.

“You can call me Julie love,” replied the taller woman, hoping to put Michelle at ease and reduce the formality of the interview. “You’re even more impressive in person than you are on paper,” Julie said, gesturing with Michelle’s resume, which she held in her left hand.

Her kind words comforted and warmed Michelle like a well-worn sweater. At 5 foot, 3 inches Michelle never considered herself “impressive.” Her father wanted a boy so most of her young life she was a tomboy being shuttled from soccer to softball to volleyball to swimming, as the seasons changed. While naturally a shy person and this helped build a competitive edge within Michelle while keeping her small frame toned and fit. Michelle wore the ‘recent college graduate interview uniform,’ which consisted of a navy blue skirt and blazer from Macy’s with a white cotton blouse and sensible black wedges. Her blazer and blouse more than adequately covered modest chest encased in her best Victoria Secret 34B bra.

Julie turned to escort Michelle back to her office, and Michelle again found herself gawking and thinking, “God, I hope my ass looks that good when I’m her age.”

“Would you like a tea, coffee or a soft drink while we talk?” again, Julie’s poetic voice snapping Michelle back to reality.

“A bottle of water would be great, thank you,” Michelle replied, shaking her head to clear her mind and prepare to nail this interview.

The interview lasted for almost two hours. It started with the customary review of Michelle’s resume, transcripts and a bunch of job related scenarios to test her knowledge of accounting and ability to think on her feet. But after about 45 minutes the topic turned toward Michelle’s interests and activities and the two found the conversation flowed easily and naturally and learned they had a backroom casting porno lot in common.

While Julie’s formal education was in London, she was familiar with SUNY Albany, having been invited to be a guest lecturer many times over the past several years. They shared an interest in running and Pilates and discovered they were both ‘dog people.’

Michelle left that day firmly convinced she had nailed the interview, so when the job offer letter arrived at her parents’ house 10 days later, she was incredibly excited. The salary and benefit package was very generous and with a September 1st start date she and her mom had several weeks to hunt for an apartment in Poughkeepsie furnish and decorate it. The one bedroom was in an apartment complex on the outskirts of town. It was small, but it was clean and safe, and the price was right.

The commute to work in the morning wasn’t too bad, and Michelle was really looking forward to seeing Julie again, and to show off the new business clothes that she bought with her mom. She was wearing a beige skirt that went to mid thigh and a pink floral print blouse that wasn’t too loud. Michelle was really happy that the dark brown sensible heels wear not only stylish, but comfortable. Since it was still warm she did not bother with panty hose but was really excited about the part of the outfit that nobody would see the hot pink thong and bra set that her mom bought her as a special ‘first day of work gift.’

When she walked into the lobby, Julie was there waiting, and gave her a warm embrace to welcome her on her first day with the firm. Michelle enthusiastically returned the hug and drank in the aroma of Julie’s expensive French perfume. Julie introduced her to Mr. Nichols, who headed up the audit group and would be Michelle’s immediate supervisor. He showed Michelle to her cubicle which included a phone, computer and about 30 files stacked in a three-foot pile on the desk.

“Welcome to the thrilling world of corporate audit,” joked Mr. Nichols. Turning to leave he said “familiarize yourself with those files we start meeting with the clients next week.”

Michelle sat down on the comfy black office chair that tilted and swiveled. She opened the small box next to the computer to find freshly printed business cards that read, “Michelle A. Lynch Junior Accountant Audit Division.” She sniffed the box of cards like a fine bottle of wine as she rubbed her thumb over the embossed print. Feeling so giddy about starting her career she spun herself around in the chair two or three times with a subdue little shout of glee.

“I see you’re settling in,” came the velvet voice from over the cubicle partition.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Ms. Covington McGill,” responded Michelle, feeling the heat in her cheeks rise, wondering if anyone has ever been fired 15 minutes into a job before.

“It’s quite alright love,” Julie said with her disarming smile as she peered over the top of the cubicle wall, “I did the exact same thing when I got my first job as well.” She handed Michelle a cup of coffee in a company logo mug, “you’ll need this to stay awake through those files, trust me,” punctuating the remark with a wink.

She took the coffee and sipped it, light and sweet like she takes it. “How did she know?” Michelle thought to herself.

“Michelle, I’ll be honest with you,” Julie said while sipping her tea, “we work very hard here at S&M, and sometimes it can be very boring, but I just know you will succeed. You’re smart, beautiful and from what your references told me a very hard worker.”

“Thank you Julie, I appreciate your faith in me, and I won’t let you down,” Michelle replied, while fixating on the word ‘beautiful’ that Julie included in her remark.

“Do you have plans tonight?” Julie inquired.

“Well, I was going to pick something up on the way home to eat and try to get a jump start on these files,” Michelle responded, hoping it was the answer Julie was looking for.

“Nonsense love,” Julie admonished, “you will be my guest for dinner tonight, to properly welcome you to the firm and our town.” She extended a hand-written note to Michelle, “My husband J.J. is a master griller, here’s our address, we’ll see you at 7:30, okay?”

“What can I bring?” queried Michelle, already nervous about dinner with the big boss.

“Just your youthful charms,” replied Julie with a wink, “oh, and dress comfortably, this is pleasure not business.”

Michelle ignored the tingles she felt from Julie’s comment, and threw herself into her work, busily taking notes as she read through the client files. Before she knew it the clock in the corner of her computer read 6:00 and she could hear the rustle of her coworkers packing up and leaving for the night.

On her way home, Michelle stopped at Caffe Aurora, and picked up an Italian pastry assortment, having been raised to never go to someone’s house empty handed. She threw her purse bangbros porno and briefcase on the kitchen counter and started undressing as she walked to her bedroom down the hall.

The shower took a while to heat up, and Michelle found herself daydreaming about the statuesque Ms. Covington McGill again, remembering her intoxicating fragrance. She stood under the hot stream and lathered her body thinking about how intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful Julie was, and how welcome and wonderful she made Michelle feel.

Not sure if it was the excitement of starting her career, or the lovely Julie, but Michelle felt her nipples harden and pussy moisten as she washed her hair. Languishing in the spray of the shower she let her hands wander lower pinching her nipple and teasing her hardening clit. Michelle kept her pussy shaved bare mas she definitely got her mother’s Italian genes when it came to growing hair and without shaving regularly, she’d have a wiry mass of pubic hair within a few weeks.

“Shit!” she said out loud, as she reluctantly withdrew her fingers from her crotch, remembering that Google said it was about a 25 minute drive to the suburbs where Julie and J.J. lived, and she didn’t want to be late.

She toweled off quickly and stood in front of her closet in light blue bikini panties and a matching bra, surveying her modest wardrobe. “Dress comfortably,” Michelle muttered over and over, repeating the directive from Julie, while trying to find something appropriate to wear.

Michelle pulled the yellow and blue sundress over her head, smoothing it down over her tummy and thighs. She twirled a little to make sure it wasn’t too short and then slipping on her open toed backless wedge she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. She grabbed her purse and the pasty and hopped in her car punching Julie’s address into her phone.

The navigation app got her there in good time and she drove through the gated entrance to the neighborhood at 7:15 pm. Winding through the large brick houses and manicured lawns she found the house at the bottom of the cul-de-sac and parked behind Julie’s Mercedes in the long driveway.

“We’re in the back garden,” Julie sang out in her lovely accent, while walking toward Michelle carrying two glasses of white wine.

Julie also wore a sundress; hers was a darker blue with pink accents, and a lot shorter than Michelle’s. With the way her ample breasts swayed it was also evident that Julie was unencumbered by a bra.

“I hope you like pinot grigio,” Julie added, handing Michelle the glass.

“I hope you like pustie, cannoli and sfogliatella,” Michelle replied, exchanging the white box tied with string for the glass of wine.

“Sounds scrumptious love,” Julie said, taking the box and leading Michelle through the back gate.

“J.J., say hello to Michelle, the latest victim I’ve been telling you about,” Julie called to her husband, while ducking into the kitchen to put the pastries in the fridge.

Michelle blushed at Julie’s words, while walking toward the grill to shake J.J.’s hand. He was in a striped bathing suit sandals and a tank top. The grey flecks at his temples were accentuated by his hair and suit being damp from a recent dip in the pool. While it appeared that J.J. was close to her father’s age, the tight biceps and broad shoulders that extended from his tank top showed that he worked out much more than John Lynch ever did.

Lifting her hand to greet Mr. McGill, she saw the expression on his face change from warm and friendly to concerned.

“KING! BEHAVE!” she heard J.J. yell as she felt something poking at the back of her dress, nearly causing her to drop her wine glass.

Startled, Michelle turned and was almost eye-to-eye with the big, tan and black dog, which was enthusiastically wagging its tail.

“I love dogs!” exclaimed Michelle, crouching to pet his large head, and let him lick her face, “is he a German Shepherd?”

“No, he’s an Alsatian,” replied Julie, returning from the house with the wine decanter.

“But his manners are purely American!” added J.J., with a hint of an Irish brogue, causing the trio to laugh, then added, “no offense dear.”

“Oh, none taken,” replied Michelle, “my apartment doesn’t allow pets so I had to leave my Chico home with my parents.”

Julie topped off Michelle’s wine glass and watched her pet and scratch King behind his ears, admiring the swell of the young woman’s breasts.

“You keep that up and he’ll never leave you alone,” Julie kidded.

“Steaks are ready!” called J.J. from the smoking grill, as he put three thick T-bones on a platter and carried them to the patio table.

King laid down in the dog bed, knowing better than to beg at the table. Looking over at him then at J.J., Julie said, “you’ll get the leftovers baby.”

The three ate, talked, and drank freely during dinner. Michelle learned that J.J. was from County Cork in beurette tour porno Ireland the same place her father’s mother was born and that he was an executive with IBM in charge of the international sales division. Between the wine, his brogue and getting lost his emerald green eyes when he spoke, that’s about all that Michelle remembered at least.

“Oh, no, I have to drive home,” Michelle said with a little slur, putting her hand over the top of her glass, as J.J. went to pour her more wine.

“Nonsense love,” directed Julie, “you’ve had too much already, and we have a lovely guest room that you can use. I’ll just tell Mr. Nichols I had you run some errands for me and you can come in a little late tomorrow.”

Michelle knew Julie was right, and besides, she was really enjoying their company, and there was nothing waiting for her in her small, drab apartment.

After a few more glasses of wine, Michelle was listening more to the lyrical nature of the English and Irish accents, than to the words of the conversation, and knew that she should excuse herself.

Julie showed Michelle to guest room, which had a huge queen sized bed, and its own en suite bathroom, complete with a new toothbrush and all the toiletries she could need.

“Good night love,” Julie said to Michelle while giving her a motherly hug and peck on the cheek, “sleep tight!”

Michelle brushed her teeth, washed her face, stripped naked and slid into the Egyptian cotton sheets that caressed her skin like silk. No sooner did her head hit the pillow than Michelle fell into a deep sleep.

“Oh god…YES…right there.”

The moans coming through the adjoining wall stirred Michelle out of her sleep. Her first thought was that she was home at her parent’s house where she would regularly hear them making love in the next room in the middle of the night.

“Deeper..faster…yes, yes, yes…make me your bitch.”

As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she saw the large bed and recognized the English accent, and realized where she was. Giggling at the thought of J.J. fucking Julie in the next room Michelle allowed her right hand to slide between her thighs, and do what she normally did while listening to her parents fuck.

Michelle pulled the comforter and top sheet off of her, and let her bent knees drop off to the sides, opening herself up to her probing finger. She rubbed her clit with her thumb while her left hand pulled and pinched her hardening nipples. Michelle lifted her wet digit to her mouth tasting her silky juices and she wished she was home with her 8″ rubber dildo. Slipping three fingers into herself she fucked herself in rhythm with the moans coming through the wall.

She was already horny, not only from the abbreviated session in her shower after work, but from the peeks she snuck at J.J. through the night, especially when he took his after dinner dip in the pool. His six pack abs and hairy chest caught her eye when he stripped off his tank top and dove in. But it was the respectable lump in his wetsuit that clung to his crotch and thighs as he exited the pool that had really got her juices flowing.

“I wonder how big it is hard?” she thought to herself, as she imagined her fingers were J.J.’s thick Irish cock drilling in and out of her wet, hairless pussy, feeling her orgasm approaching.

“You want it harder Michelle?”

Hearing her name through the wall took awhile to register in her brain. Her hands froze as she ran the comment over and over in her head obviously spoken in J.J.’s brogue. Curiosity got the better of her and she got out of bed. She looked around the room for her panties but couldn’t find them in the dark so she quietly walked out of the room naked hoping to hear better from the living room.

She was not prepared for the scene that unfolded in the middle of the living room as she exited the guest room, and put her hand to her mouth to stifle her gasp of surprised.

The sight that had Michelle frozen in place, her pussy coated fingers still covering her mouth, was the sophisticated and elegant Julie Covington McGill, on all fours in the center of the Persian rug, head on the floor and ass high in the air, with Michelle’s light blue panties pulled down to mid-thigh.

“Yes Mr. McGill, fuck my young pussy harder before Julie comes home.”

Julie and J.J. were obviously roleplaying, and Julie was pretending to be Michelle. Her large breasts hung down below her, and her nipples were rubbing on the course carpet, as J.J. thrust in rapidly from behind her.

“You naughty bitch,” responded J.J., as he slapped Julie’s ass three times hard, raising a red mark on her milky white flesh, “fucking the boss’s husband while she’s away on business.”

Michelle couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing, and also was shocked when she realized she was actively rubbing her own clit while watching the debauchery unfolding in front of her.

“Where does my sweet college girl want my cum?” asked J.J., swatting Julie’s other ass cheek, raising matching red marks.

“On my pussy!” shouted Julie, in her best attempt at an American accent, as she pulled off J.J.’s ample cock, and knelt in front of him, spreading her legs as far as the light blue panties would let her, rubbing her dripping, hairless pussy.

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