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I have a hard time with categories, a painful admission for someone a bit OCD. The wife is a loving wife but the husband is a loving husband. The underlying theme is anal but that is only a small part of the sex. I went with “Erotic Couplings”. If you feel “Anal” would have been more appropriate I hope that choice doesn’t ruin your day.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing.

Enjoy, comment (nicely if you please) and peace out.


I thought I was dreaming. It was the flash of light I noticed first. Second, I noticed that the drapes had been pulled partway back. Strange as it may sound, the third thing I noticed was that the flash of light I had seen had come from my wife’s ass. Now, give me a break here. I was more than half asleep. I’d just put in the last night of my week-long night shift. I had a three-day weekend ahead but what I had been looking forward to first was eight hours of sleep. Jackie usually bent over backward to protect my sleep. It’s not surprising then, really, that my thoughts first turned to why she was in our bedroom and why she had opened the drapes as opposed to wondering why she was naked and why her ass was flashing. Actually, flashing is the wrong word. Sparkling, that’s a better word.

Now, I don’t mean she had glitter on her ass cheeks or anything. It was her asshole that was sparkling. You can’t normally see a naked person’s asshole, not even a person as trim as she is. I could see her asshole, or rather the sparkle that appeared to be coming from her asshole, because she had one leg up on the bench at the foot of the bed. She was bent at the waist, holding her ass cheeks wide, and moving her ass back and forth in the bright light streaming through the parted drapes. Well, that explained the open drapes at least, if not the sparkle.

I love my wife to pieces and she’s a beautiful lady. Even if I didn’t always wake up with a boner, I would have had one quickly enough just by seeing her naked at the foot of my bed. Her sparkling pucker aroused my curiosity, true enough, but the sight of her body with her breasts swaying from side to side as she moved her ass back and forth in the sunlight had aroused the rest of me. I had done nothing more than open my eyes at that point. I lifted my head from the crumpled pillow and reached for my cock, the latter action performed more or less unconsciously. I started to open my mouth to ask her what was going on but I never had the chance.

Jackie leapt from the bench and landed on her knees at the end of the bed. She yanked the sheet off me as she crawled up the bed.

“Fuck me,” she demanded as she threw her right leg over both of mine. She planted her hands on my chest and moved up to straddle my hips. She moved her right hand from my chest and, reaching between my legs, pulled my hand away from my cock and replaced it with her own.

“Jackie, what…”

“Fuck me,” she snapped, pushing naughty america porno the head of my cock between her pussy lips. The head of my cock was engulfed in heat. Her pussy was wet and very, very hot. She lowered herself in a single swift movement.

As my cock entered her, the head slid over something hard pressing into the back of her cunt. Once my cock was inside her, she leaned forward and entwined her fingers with mine.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered as she began to move up and down on my cock. “Please, baby. Fuck me.”

Questions could wait. My fingers tightened on hers and I began to push up with my hips. With every stroke, I could feel the hard swelling in the back of Jackie’s cunt pressing against my cock. I lifted my head, hoping to capture one of her swaying breasts between my lips. Jackie was oblivious. She was biting her bottom lip and her eyes were scrunched closed.

I had never seen her like this. We’ve been married almost five years. We loved each other. We had a good, maybe even a great, sex life. Our careers were on track and we were starting to wonder if it was time to start a family. Life was as good as I’d ever hoped it would be. This, however, was beyond anything I’d hoped for.

It was clear Jackie had something in her ass. Besides the sparkles I’d seen earlier, the only explanation for what I was feeling on my cock was that she had something in her ass. I had hinted, after we’d been sleeping together for a while, with all the subtlety a horny twenty-something is capable of when he thinks he might be in love, that ass play might be fun to try. I’d not seen the slightest evidence she was interested, though. During love making, if my finger pushed a little too far into the crack of her ass, her whole body would stiffen. What the fuck was going on here was beyond me. Not that I cared at this point.

Our bodies were flying. Her whole belly rippled when we slammed together. Her hands tightened. All her weight fell onto my arched pelvis. She quivered. A keening wail whistled past her bitten lower lip as I filled my lovely and much-loved wife with cum.

She collapsed atop my chest. She continued to whimper as she began to bite the skin on my chest with small, but sharp, nips. Her hips continued to twitch in circles, my cock moving easily inside her cum-filled pussy. I worked my hands down her back and my fingers probed between her ass cheeks.

She didn’t tense. My fingers brushed over a hard surface. It was faceted, like a diamond, but far too large to be a diamond, at least a diamond we could afford. I knew what it was. I’d seen something like this before, a small metal butt plug capped with a fake jewel.

I said we had a great sex life but, like most men and probably a lot of women, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch porn. What kind of porn do people watch? The kind that depicts what they fantasize about. On the occasions nubiles porno I watch porn it tends to involve anal. Duh, right? Watching porn was not something I did behind my wife’s back. At times, porn was part of our foreplay. She wasn’t opposed to all porn but she hated what she called “gross” porn. She wasn’t able to define “gross” but like the Supreme Court she knew “gross” when she saw it. Over the years I’ve developed a sense of what she finds gross. Numero uno on that list was degrading women. She was not, is not, a believer that sex is degrading but she had a hard time believing any woman would beg to have someone cum on their face. Anal, as long as the woman seemed to really want it and enjoy it, was okay. Okay, I mean, on the screen but not in our bed.

I knew what a butt plug was but not what it was doing in Jackie’s ass.

I worked my fingers around it. She whimpered. I tugged at it. There was slight resistance and then it slipped free. Jackie whimpered and her pussy clenched around my cock. A cock that was declining to stand down, at least for the time being.

“Put it back,” she moaned against my chest.

I did as she asked, then pulled it free again. When I pushed it back in, she tilted her ass up to accept it, her pussy sliding over my cock.

I began to pop the plug in and out of her ass and she began to tilt her pelvis up and down. She managed to move her pelvis and ass up and down, while at the same time grinding her clit against the bone at the base of my cock.

I pushed the plug into her ass and left it there this time, pressing and jiggling it with my fingers. Jackie bit my chest hard and, for a second time, her body quivered. She had never cum twice, not like that, not one after another. Neither had I, but it felt like I might.

I pushed my ass into the mattress and my cock slid out of her cunt, followed by a gush of cum. I wiggled a hand under her belly and began to stroke my cock. The head was pressed into the crack of her ass. I arched my back and the tip of my cock touched the plug that Jackie’s ass was still clenched around. A few more jerks and I came. My cum coated the jeweled crown of the plug. I was amazed I had any jizz left but this had truly been a morning of surprises.

I managed to free my hand from between our bodies. I stroked the cheek of her ass with my fingers, fingers slick with cum and her juices.

I let my hand fall away. Jackie was still nipping at my chest. She was still rubbing against my belly.

“Rub me, baby. Rub my pussy. Do something. I’m still cumming. It won’t stop. God, do something.”

I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. What did she mean? What was happening?

She pushed herself off me but didn’t climb out of bed. She swiveled beside me. What the hell? My cock, valiant as it had been, assumed it was being rotated off the line. Jackie leaned over me and scooped olgun porno my half-hard cock off my belly and into her mouth.

“Jesus Christ, Jackie. What are you doing?”

She wasn’t a woman who fussed about giving head. Jackie had always been an enthusiastic sucker of my cock but never after we’d been fucking – another first.

She didn’t answer. She swung her leg over my head. I was no more fussy about eating her pussy than she was sucking my dick and we were no strangers to that old stand-by, the 69. Me on top, side by side, her on top, we’d done it all. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was I’d never gone down on her after we’d fucked, or to be accurate not after we’d fucked and she had a pussy full of cum.

Her pussy hovered above my face, a string of cum hanging from the left labia. Her ass crack was shiny and wet. The damn magic jeweled butt plug twinkled at me. Sitting here now, reliving the sight of her well-used pussy in my mind, I understand why some might think, “yech.” Before that day I would have likely thought the same.

But that day, lying there, my beautiful wife licking and sucking our combined juices off my cock, the sight woke a deep lust I never knew lived within me. I felt my cock surge back to life, or so it seemed at the time. Memory is a funny thing, especially memories of fucking, maybe it only twitched. Beats me. What I remember is feeling my cock swell inside her mouth.

I wanted her then, all of her, every bit of her. I lifted my head and sucked her entire cunt into my mouth. I drove my tongue into her. My mouth filled with juices. My nose bumped the hard faceted piece of plastic that topped the slender bell-shaped piece of metal that had turned my wife into a sex goddess. I raked my tongue up her slit and filled my mouth with the product of our love. I sucked and licked and loved.

I worked my hand between us and started to rub her throbbing clit with my thumb. I forced myself to free my mouth from her cunt and move my tongue to her clit. My thumb rubbed the shaft as I sucked her hard lady cock between my lips. My tongue danced.

Inside her mouth, I came, or tried to. It felt like an orgasm but I don’t think there was anything left in my balls. The sensation spread from the head of my cock to fill my belly and then my chest. My body twitched. My lips clamped down on her clit and I tugged, still lashing it with my tongue.

She screamed. She actually, literally, screamed. It was an incoherent cry. It scared the shit out of me. I was afraid I had, in the delirium of my lust, hurt her. I jerked my mouth away from her pussy.

“Oh fuck, Nick, please God don’t stop.”

I gobbled her up. She shoved her cunt onto my mouth, the butt plug hitting me in the nose. She began to jerk but this time there were no screams. The jerks morphed into quick jabs of her clit against my tongue and mouth.

Her body stiffened. She stopped breathing for so long I started to feel frightened again. With a spasm, she jerked her pussy from my mouth. Her breath rushed from her body. As the air escaped, her body settled limply over my body.

She panted against the top of my leg, her jeweled ass twinkling before me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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