Jessica Ch. 02: Moving In

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After my wife and I divorced, my company transferred me to San Diego. I ended up taking Jessica along although it was like taking candy to the candy store…so many beautiful people in California. I rented a nice apartment at an upscale singles complex with a well-equipped gym to stay fit. There were multiple swimming pools and in-ground hot tubs throughout the complex for everyone to show off their beautiful bodies.

Jessica always looked great in her bikini with her nice tits and perky nipples and I would watch as she often caught the appraising gazes of both men and women alike. I figured the women mostly eyed her with envy but I soon found out they were also eyeing her for something else.

Soon after we moved in, I noticed there was a hot single woman living on the same floor as us. I never saw her with anyone else so I figured she was living alone. One day we happened to be on the elevator together coming up from the parking garage after work, so I decided to introduce myself to her.

“Hi there,” I said with a warm smile. “My name’s Nick. I recently moved in here and see that we are your new neighbors.”

“Hey Nick, I’m Laura,” she replied with a welcoming smile and sparkling green eyes as she extended her hand to mine. “You live across the atrium in 06 with your wife, right?” she asked inquisitively.

“Oh, no. I’m not married” I stammered a bit nervously. “That’s my girlfriend Jessica and we just moved here from Colorado.” I immediately regretted my idiotic response.

Just then the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Laura went first and as she walked towards her condo, she looked back at me over her shoulder and with a smile and a slight wave said, “Well it was great meeting you Nick and I hope to meet your girlfriend soon. Maybe we’ll see each other at the pool one of these days!”

I watched Laura as she bounded off down the hallway. I had seen her from afar laying by the pool on a couple of occasions, always by herself. She was about 5′ 2″, brunette with nice breasts in proportion to her tight body. Built like a gymnast, Laura had a nice ass that filled her jeans nicely.

I thought nothing of it until one day when I was driving to work, I noticed her vehicle parked in front of an adult bookstore and movie arcade near my office. Her SUV had a very distinctive paint job so I knew it had to be hers. I thought maybe she had a kinky side to her, frequenting such places but I started seeing her vehicle there regularly and figured that was probably where she worked. This could be very interesting I thought and perhaps I would have to pay her a visit.

Jessica and I enjoyed sex and lots of it and we had a few favorite toys that we used often. Sometimes when she sucked my cock, I would use a dildo or vibrator on her hot pussy and clit to help get her off. She loved it when I used it and loved even more licking and sucking her wet cunt juices off the vibrator after she mommys girl porno came. Then one day, Mr. Buzzy stopped working for good so I hatched a plan to go buy a new one — from Laura’s store. I was always a horn-dog but for some reason it always slightly embarrassed me to go into adult stores.

One day while on my way home from work, I saw her vehicle parked out front of the store and decided to stop to do a little shopping. I walked in, looked around and didn’t see her anywhere so I decided to browse for a bit. I loitered in the movie section checking out the gay/bi, three-way and girl-on-girl themes. I picked up one DVD about cum shots and they showed these beautiful women sucking guys’ huge cocks and getting their loads all over their faces. It never failed to get me aroused and I felt my own cock stir. I was intently looking at the back cover of a lesbian movie when I was startled by a voice behind me.

“Can I help you with anything?” a woman said.

I spun around and it was Laura smiling at me. I immediately turned a little crimson as if I had been caught red-handed doing something wrong. I quickly recovered and said, “Oh, hi Laura, how are you?”

I wasn’t quite sure if she remembered who I was since I hadn’t seen her around the complex in a while but then she replied, “I’m doing well Nick. Have you two been to the pool lately?”

“Jessica and I have been going to the beach lately but we’re getting a little tired of that,” I said. “We might just hang at the pool this weekend,” I added, maybe a bit too hopefully.

Laura responded, “Great! I’m off this Saturday so maybe I’ll see you down there.”

Finally, she looked down at the movie I was holding and asked again if she could help me find anything. I said that I was going to buy this one since Jessica always found them kind of hot (which she did). Laura nodded appreciatively and said, “Good choice,” as she smiled at me with her very friendly eyes. I then said that I was also in the market for a new vibrator since our old one recently gave out.

“Oh sure,” she said. “Follow me, they’re over here in this section,” as she started walking towards another part of the store. I dutifully followed, mesmerized by her delicious looking ass encased in skin-tight pants.

We walked to the other side of the store where a very large selection of vibrators and dildos were on display. Anyone who has ever been in an adult store knows these things come in every shape, size, color and features. She noticed the perplexed look on my face.

“So, what are you looking for?” she asked. “Is this something for her or for you both?”

I replied that it was mainly for Jessica as she began describing the features of various products. She held one up and exclaimed that the rubbery shaft was very lifelike and that it was a very popular item.

“How big does Jessica like them?” Laura asked innocently.

“This momsbangteens porno looks about the right size,” I said confidently as I picked up a purple demo model about 9″ long with a very thick girth.

“Perfect,” she said as she picked up a boxed version and smiled at me.

She asked me if I needed anything else as my half-hard prick danced around in my pants.

“That’s all for now,” I said, as we made our way to the checkout counter.

I quickly paid and as I was about to leave Laura said, “You know Nick, we really should hang out some time. We’ve lived in the same building for I don’t know how long and it seems silly that we barely know each other yet!”

That was it, my cock shot to full mast as I contemplated her obvious flirtation with me.

I winked at her asking, “So, see you at the pool on Saturday?”

“I’ll be there,” she replied, still smiling. “Have a great rest of your day!”

I turned and held the shopping bag in front of my tented trousers as I made my way out of the store.

That night, as Jessica and I prepared for bed, I pulled out my new purchases and presented them to her. “Look what I got you,” I said as I handed the DVD and vibrator to Jessica.

“Nice!” she replied. “Where did you pick these up babe?” she asked, handling the purple monster in her hands.

I started telling her about meeting our new neighbor Laura on the elevator when Jessica interrupted me saying, “Wait, is that the hot brunette living on our floor? She’s really pretty and has a great body.” I agreed with her knowing that she would not get jealous since we both shared a mutual appreciation for good looking men and women.

I told her how I stopped by the adult bookstore and she happened to work there and that Laura said we should all get together. “You know,” I added. “She plans to be at the pool Saturday if you want to hang out there instead of the beach.”

Jessica smiled enthusiastically and said, “Yeah, let’s do that instead. I need to make some more friends around here.”

As we shut off the lights, Jessica cradled her head on my shoulder. We were both still for a couple of minutes when her fingers began lightly touching my nipples, circling each and slightly pinching them causing a jolt throughout my body. This never fails to get me aroused. She continued moving her hand down my chest and across my abs as she bent her head to gently lick my nipples. Her hot breath and tongue on my nipples caused my cock to harden immediately as she grasped my thick shaft in her hand and began pumping me. She paused to cup my full balls in her hand and squeezed them. As Jessica went back to slowly jerking my dick, now slick with pre-cum, she broke the silence.

“Nick,” she said softly in a pleading tone, “will you tell me a story?”

Jessica often liked me to make up and tell her erotic stories as we lay in bed. While she generally preferred fantasies monsters of cock porno involving her with another woman, they didn’t necessarily need to be hard-core in nature and they could never be the same. Her story requests usually occurred when she was very horny but not for my cock. So, we would lie on our backs, her head on my shoulder while I made up an erotic story on the fly. These were interactive sessions where I might nuzzle her neck, kiss her and stroke her nipples but invariably they finished with a fantastic orgasm by her own fingers and me stroking my own cock to ejaculation.

So, I begin this latest story about how we are hanging out one evening, drinking wine by one of the hot tubs with our feet dangling in the water. She is wearing a very skimpy bikini; her nipples erect as the cool ocean breeze intersects with the warmth of the spa. We escape the cool air by sinking into the tub to our waists. As the sunset fades, a lone figure makes her way to the hot tub. Dropping her towel and robe, she reveals an amazing body in a one-piece swimsuit drawn taut against her splendid body. In the twilight we can both see her nipples harden in the night air.

“Would you mind if I join you two?” the woman asks.

I reply, “We would be offended if you didn’t,” gesturing towards the churning water.

Jessica stares transfixed at the gorgeous woman stepping down into the spa, her mouth slightly agape in awe at the beauty before her. The woman’s gaze meets hers as they stare intently at each other, seemingly reaching deeply into one another’s soul. It is now as if I am not even there, as if I’m watching this from another world.

The woman moves close to sit alongside Jessica, their skin now touching but eyes unmoving. The stranger reaches up and sweeps Jessica’s hair away from her eyes, gently stroking her face. She leans in, eyes now closed, as their lips part and they join in a sensuous embrace. They are kissing deeply as their tongues intertwine and they explore each other’s mouth. The woman’s hand drops to Jessica’s breast as her fingers find her fully erect nipple and starts rubbing it gently.

I reach into my swimsuit and fish out my now rock-hard cock and I start stroking it as I watch the surreal scene unfold. As I pump my dick below the water, my left hand finds its way to Jessica’s leg seeking her magical place. But when I move my fingers toward her bikini pussy, I find another hand already there. She moans audibly as fingers furiously work her clitoris and finger her cunt. I want her badly but know this is not my time. All at once, breathing heavily, Jessica peaks and she begins to shake violently as her orgasm consumes her beautiful body. She gasps and trembles for a good minute until finally subsiding.

Heightened by the scene before me and content knowing that she has reached her goal, I stroke my engorged cock faster until my balls explode in my own intense orgasm. My cock erupts and jets of hot cum spew from my convulsing dick until my balls are fully drained of their man juice. It takes a few minutes until my own breathing slows.

With that, Jessica rolls over to her side and I cuddle behind her as we drift off to sleep with smiles on our faces.

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