Jerked Between Her Legs

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I was just a freshman in High School when I received my first foot-job, 1976 to be exact. I was always into women’s feet and legs for as long as I could remember. I fantasized about them often until that wonderful night during my freshman year when my fantasy finally was turned into reality.

One of the reasons I enjoyed attending the High School Basketball and Football games was because I enjoyed watching the Cheerleaders, especially the ones with long beautiful legs. The second reason was so I could proudly watch my older brother Vince play. At the time, Vince was a senior and a three-sport letterman in Baseball, Basketball, and Football. He also received Baseball and Football scholarship offers from several Universities requesting that he pitch for their baseball team or play Quarterback for their football team. Needless to say Vince was extremely popular and of course because I was his little brother the coaches and the town were expecting similar results from me. I told myself it did not matter but the pressure to produce always seemed to be there, and because my brother set the bar so high. I guess looking back I probably despised him for that just a little bit. Vince was cool about it and would tell me to relax and just be myself…but that’s another story.

Because Vince was so popular he went through girls as often as I went through tubes of Clearasil, which sad to say at that time in my life I went through a lot of Clearasil. In regards to my brothers dating habits, the one thing that I was always curious about though was why he never dated any of the Cheerleaders. I knew that the crowd he hung out with at that time was not the typical preppy jocks. In fact it was the opposite. All the girls he dated were heavy metal looking types with frizzed out hair and leather (The fashionable look at that time). I knew he smoked weed and drank a lot. I think everyone knew but because he was so good at sports the school and the community as a whole overlooked it. Suffice it to say my brother was not the best role model for the younger kids of the town. Regardless, Vince’s girlfriends were always good looking. I remember asking him once why he never dated cheerleaders. His reply was that they were too “Prep” for him. Looking back I guess what he meant was he did not have anything in common with them. I thought he was crazy because our cheerleaders were great looking and all had fantastic looking legs.

Shortly thereafter was when I saw Karla. She was a transfer student and a cheerleader. Wow!! Talk about beautiful, and she had the longest most gorgeous legs I had ever seen. I could not take my eyes off them during the games. Not only was she the best looking cheerleader but she was also the best cheerleader. After the games I found myself fantasizing about her legs. I guess it did not take long for my brother to notice her as well and much to my surprise he began to date her. After I got to know her I realized why. She hung out with the same crowd Vince did and they had a lot in common. What a pair they made. As time went on she spent more time at our place. Often she would have dinner with the family and even attend family outings with us. As I got to know Kara she was really cool and I could tell Vince cared about her a lot; the way he looked at her, spoke volumes.

Vince decided to have a Keg party while our parents were away for the weekend. That Friday night he invited all his friends over to the house. The party was crazy, as hard rock music cut through the thick sweet smelling fog of weed. I got to meet most of his friends and they were cool. I did not smoke grass and knew if I did Vince would kill me, but I caught a really good contact buzz from all the smoke in the room and all the beer I could handle. I sat on the couch most of the time experiencing a new appreciation for the sounds of rock music. I found myself staring at Kara’s legs most of the night. She was wearing a pair of faded cut-off jean. The shorts were full of holes and frayed around the legs. The faded color accentuated the golden bronze tan of her skin.

It was probably from breathing in all the pot smoke in the air that caused me to become less cognizant of my staring at her across the room. Before I realized it she was standing above me smiling down and asked, “You doing okay tonight?”

Shocked and still staring at her long legs I said, “Oh yes, I feel great.” I could not believe I was not able to take my eyes off her legs! I was stuck, frozen and could not move.

Kara laughed, and reached down with her hand saying, “Come on, dance with me. I love this song.”

I took hold of her hand letting her lead me to the center of the room. We slowed danced, our bodies pressed tightly together. The music playing over the stereo was “Stairway to Heaven”. As the song progressed Kara began casino siteleri to sway her hips into my groin. I felt myself becoming slowly aroused. Kara slid her hands down placing them on my hips, hooking her fingers into my belt loops she pulled my hips in unison to her swaying hips grinding her upper thigh harder against my swelling cock. She had to have felt my cock pressing against her smooth thigh as she lifted her head from my shoulder and stared into my eyes smiling “Doesn’t this feel nice?”

I gulped, “yes it does.”

The song picked up faster and so did Kara as she pulled me harder against her. I was at full mast my cock bursting for release inside my tight jeans. Kara rested her head on my shoulder pressing her lips against my neck she moaned, “I really love this song.”

When the song ended Kara pulled away staring down between my legs. She then looked back up at me and smiled, “I see you really, enjoyed the song.”

I quickly made my way back to the couch and took a seat. I watched as Kara walked out onto the back patio to where the keg was. I was excited and happy, Wow! I danced with the sexiest girl in school. Then I got scared, Wow! I just danced with my brother’s girlfriend and got a serious hard-on doing it!! He is going to kill me!! Then it dawned on me, where the hell was Vince? It has been a while since I last saw him. Kara returned with two huge plastic cups full of beer. She sat down next to me handing me one of them.

“Have you seen my brother?” I asked.

“Yes, He is crashed out in your parent’s bed. He started drinking early. I guess he is partied out.” She laughed.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was two in the morning. I could not believe how late it was. Most of the partiers were gone or crashed out in one of the rooms. One couple remained dancing. Kara pulled the Frisbee out from underneath the couch shaking it around to separate the seeds from the bud and rolled a joint. She fired it up and after several long draws she handed it to me. I declined.

She coughed, “C’mon! Share this one with me. I will not say a word to Vince it will be our secret.” I took a small toke and held it in. We shared the joint and I found myself relaxing even more.

I asked Kara not to say anything to Vince about our dance. She laughed and said, “You mean about you getting a hard-on.”

Upon hearing her say this to me in the middle of inhaling, I coughed out a big puff of smoke. Kara laughed even louder. I joined in her laughter as well saying, “Yes about my hard-on.”

Kara then said, “Don’t worry, every guy I dance with gets hard…I like it and it makes me feel sexy.” Her straight-forwardness must have left a comical slack jawed look on my face because she stared at me and then began to laugh.

The couple that was dancing had stopped and began to gather their things to leave. On their way out they said their goodbyes, commented on how good the party was and left.

Kara and I were left alone on the couch. Upon seeing them leave Kara sighed and took off her tennis shoes saying, “What a party huh? My feet are killing me.” I watched as she kicked her shoes to the side and brought her knees up to her chest resting her feet on the couch. She began to massage her toes and feet. I watched and could not believe how long her legs were. With her legs tucked into her chest her knees extended all the way up to her chin. Kara was all legs. I could not take it anymore as I began to feel the excitement stir in my loins, “Well, it is getting late I better crash out.”

Kara pouted saying, “Oh please stay up a while longer and talk with me. I am still buzzing from that last joint, at least finish your beer.”

I agreed and told her I would stay just a while longer.

She smiled saying thanks and leaned back against the armrest of the couch stretching out her long legs placing them across my lap. “Can you please massage my feet, they are so tired.”

I looked down into my lap and could not believe what I saw and felt. Her calves rested across my groin area. My cock began to grow instantly.

I reached over grabbing her feet in my hands and began to rub them. Her feet were warm and slightly sweaty. My hands were shaking, not so much out of nervousness but out of excitement. Kara began to flex her toes and ankles as I massaged them. I could feel the muscles in her shapely calves tighten and flex against the hard-on in my jeans. Kara threw her head back and moaned, “Ooooh that feels so good.” After a few minutes of this Kara leaned forward and began to slightly raise her calves up and down against my hard-on. I could not help but respond with a little groan. Sarah smiled, “You like that?” I groaned again saying, “Yes.”

She continued to rub her legs against my throbbing trapped member and said, slot oyna ” I have noticed how you keep staring at my legs. I think they are my best attribute. What do you think?”

I was really getting hot now and said, “Yes, they are very beautiful.”

She giggled and leaned forward placing her feet in my lap. She began to probe her toes against my trapped cock, both her big toes concentrating on the head. Kara obviously knew where the sensitive area of a guys cock is. She then kissed me on the cheek saying, “Take your clothes off I want to jerk you off and feel your heat.”

I said, “My God I would love too but my brother would kick my ass.”

Kara said, “He would never know, he is passed out. Besides its not like we would be fucking or anything…it’s just having a good time. Don’t you want to feel your cock against my legs and feet…Mmmmmm, I know I want to feel it.”

I did not say anything for a few seconds but instead watched Kara’s red painted toes probing and massaging the bulge in my jeans. I looked back up at her and she was smiling, raising her eyebrows in a (well, what do you say type look.)

That look she gave me was all it took I immediately jumped up and began to strip. Upon seeing this Kara laughed, “You really want it bad, hurry up and sit back down, I will be right back.” She got up and ran into the bathroom.

That was the fastest I had ever stripped down. I had all my clothes off in seconds and was sitting back on the couch naked. I could hear Kara in the bathroom rummaging through the cabinet. I looked down at my crotch. My cock was a raging hard-on. I reached over and took another swig of beer.

Kara returned with a bottle of baby oil and took her place back on the couch next to me. She sat up resting her back against the armrest of the couch and brought her legs up placing her feet on either side of my cock. She began to squeeze the baby oil onto the tops of her feet and her legs, ensuring the oil covered her legs completely from the knees down. The oil created a shiny glow against her bronze skin. Seeing my cock standing rigid between her beautiful feet made me feel like I wanted to explode. I watched Kara while she slowly continued to rub and massage the oil into her calves. She smiled at me knowing that she was driving me crazy.

I felt my breathing begin to pick up and finally she said, Okay your turn know.”

She scooted in closer to me keeping my cock between the soft insteps of her feet. She squirted some oil into her right hand and began to apply it to my member, slowly stroking it from base to tip. Feeling this I released a gasp of air feeling my body begin to shake uncontrollably. As she continued to stroke me she rested the side of her head on my right shoulder. Her knees bent, rested against my chest. Feeling the smoothness of her legs against my abdomen and chest excited me further. Her knees pressed against my throat just under my chin.

Kara coooed and made soft sounds as she stroked me saying, “Mmmmm, you feel so hot in my hand. I can feel your heart racing. Relax for me.” I watched as she then clamped her toes around my shaft gripping and relaxing it while she jerked the sensitive head of my cock between her fingers. Feeling her do this I began to thrust my hips up uncontrollably with each jerk of her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her long legs squeezing them into my chest gasping, “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

Seeing this uncontrolled reaction she evoked from me Kara giggled, “That’s it hold on tight. I can feel your cock throbbing between my toes and fingers. It’s twitching like crazy. Just relax and let it go.”

As Kara picked up the pace, I could not take anymore. I leaned my head forward and kissed the top of her smooth knees and began to grunt with each of her strokes and finally groaned that I was Cumming.

I watched the final moments as Kara ensured her slender fingers concentrated on the tip of my cock. Her thumb squeezed into the sensitive underside of the head. She said, “I love doing this. Cum for me now.” I buried my face between her knees and released a long moan as my cum shot out. Upon seeing my load release Kara responded with, “Ohhhh that was a good one and so much of it.” Again I felt another load Cumming and threw my hips up feeling it release from me. Kara said, “Mmmmm, that’s it let it all out.” I continued to groan and threw my head back releasing my cum in slow shuddering bursts.”

I then blew out a long sigh as I felt the muscles in my body relax. I looked in astonishment at the results. My Cum was splattered in thick puddles on top of Kara’s toes, feet and ankles. Globs of it ran down across her fingers. Kara said, “Wow that was a lot and you came so quickly. I was hoping to play with it longer.”

That’s when I told her I never had a girl touch canlı casino siteleri me like she just did and that I was still a virgin. Kara said she figured as much and that she still wanted to play. She then smiled and proceeded to get me hard again. I watched as she rubbed my sticky cum into her skin and then lowered her legs down sandwiching my cock between her calves. She slowly stroked my shriveled manhood between her calves. She said, “I bet you get hard in no time. Concentrate on what I am doing to you, your cock between my legs and growing hard.” Having said that Kara reached over and grasped the head of my dick between the fingers of her left hand and began to rub it up and down. I threw my head back saying, “Oh my God Kara, I don’t think I can cum again. Its too much.”

Kara giggled saying, “Give it some time and think about what I am doing to you.” I watched as she continued to fondle and play with the head of my cock that was barely peaking out between her tightly clenched calves. After several minutes of this I could feel that familiar stirring in my loins again. My cock began to slowly grow between her calves. Seeing this Kara exclaimed, “That’s it. Mmmmm, see I knew you could do it. This is what you have been waiting for. I love the smell of your cum.” Kara was right, I have been waiting to feel my cock between a beautiful pair of legs for a long time and she knew it.

I said, “Oh yes, your legs feel so good. Keep doing it to me, don’t stop.” I watched her fingers continue to rub my swelling head as my shaft continued to extend and come to life between her calves.

Kara said, “I am not going to stop until you explode again. I want to feel your nuts swell.” Having said that she reached under her right calf with her other hand and I felt her fingers delve into my nut sack as she began to fondle my nuts. “Tell me if I hurt you. I promise to be gentle.” She laughed, “I am just stirring the pot a little.”

I looked at Kara and could see she had a wicked streak in her. She was obviously having a good time. Kara raised her head brushing her blonde hair from her face and smiled at me giggling, “You should see the expression on your face…absolute sexual bliss.” She placed her left hand on my chest, “I can feel your heart beating fast, and your nuts are swollen hard in my fingers.”

She looked back down at my cock sandwiched between her legs and began to pump my cock in full measure with her calves. As she did this I felt the fingertips of her right hand firmly grip my nut sack and pull out then relax and re-grip and pull out again in unison to her stroking calves.

My cock was at full length and feeling all this I began to pump my hips up and down. “Oh God that feels so good. Your legs are magnificent,” I said.

Kara relentlessly continued to pump my shaft and tug on my cum filled nuts. After a while I watched as a clear drop of my precum began to eeek out of the hole at the tip of my cock. Kara saw this as well saying, “Mmmm, that’s it keep it coming it won’t be long now.” She lifted up her left calf holding it above the head she slowly lowered it onto the tip and gently ever so slowly rubbed it across the head smearing my precum along her shapely calf muscle. The sensation caused me to shiver even more with excitement. Kara smiled saying, “I love feeling you shake like that.”

Kara lowered her leg and continued to pump me faster. I could feel that Kara’s entire palm was filled with my tight nuts as she continued to pull on them then re-grip and pull again. After several more tugs on my nuts it was all I could handle as I felt goose bumps run down my legs and all the muscles in my body lock up.

Kara saw this reaction in me and I felt her powerful legs squeeze my shaft harder, “Your cock is throbbing, cum all over my legs. Cum for me.” I looked at Kara smiling back at me and saw her long toned thigh muscles flexing as she pumped me, I threw my head back and with a long groan released my load. I closed my eyes seeing colors flash across the darkness. My head spinning, hearing Kara’s voice as she laughed, “Oh that looks so good. All of it on my legs so thick and white.” I kept my eyes closed through the entire orgasm enjoying the sensation of her smooth legs as she continued to milk me dry.

When I finally relaxed I opened my eyes to see all my juices milked onto her shins and running down the side of her calves. I looked at Kara as she reached up with both her hands brushing back her hair from her face. Then she looked at me smiling saying, “Whew! That is so beautiful. I love what my legs can do to a guy. Don’t you?” I threw my head back against the couch saying, “Oh God yes I do, I do. They are beautiful.” We both laughed and then she said, “I bet you could use another drink, I know I can.” I watched as she rubbed my spent seed into her legs and got up to get us another beer. She looked so fine walking away and she must have felt my eyes upon her as she turned to me and said, “Any time you want to do this again just let me know. My legs never get tired.”

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