Jenny’s Twin Pleasure

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The blond stood naked apart from her high heeled shoes, the bare triangle between her legs softened by the moisturiser cream applied by her boyfriend after he had shaved her cunt. He stood behind her kissing her neck and running his warm hands along her stomach, up her sides before finally cupping her breasts. She had been aching for his touch and she sighed with pleasure as his fingers gently trailed across her tits. Her nipples hardened immediately and a small moan escaped her full lips as the nerve endings tingled. He slowly circled her nipples as he kissed between her shoulder blades. She heard a discreet rustle behind her and suddenly his hands had left her bullet hard nipples. She instantly felt a loss.

A velvet sleep mask appeared in front of her startled face which her boyfriend put on her a moment later.

‘Don’t worry my darling’ he murmured in his Scottish brogue, ‘ You will love this’.

Then Jenny felt her hands being pulled gently behind her back, followed shortly thereafter by the sound of metal as he handcuffed her. A delicious thrill shot through her body as she savoured the thought of being pleasured with only sensation to guide her. She felt her self being taken by the head and being bent forward. She felt her self automatically open her mouth and was rewarded by Alex’s smooth thick cock filling her mouth. She instantly began to slurp on him, bobbing her head up and down as he moved her head up and down his cock. Bent at the waist and having her mouth filled with cock almost made her come, never mind the picture she had in her head of the picture it must be presenting on the camcorder, naked and sucking her man’s cock. Jenny heard herself moaning out loud as she ministered to him. She could feel her juices welling at the entrance to her cunt latin sex tapes porno before slowly trickling out of her.

Alex’s loud moans turned her on and she used her tongue on him, flicking her tongue on the tip of him, sucking his cock deep into her mouth. He even held her head and forced himself into her throat; her head spinning with excitement and simultaneous lack of oxygen as she gave herself to him.

Jenny felt a twinge of disappointment as he withdrew from her mouth and lifted herself back to a standing position. The feeling didn’t last long as she felt one leg being lifted over Alex’s shoulder and wrapped around his neck. She felt a hand on each cheek of her ass and then she nearly leapt through the ceiling as his hot tongue suddenly went between her cunt lips and slowly started licking her up and down. She moaned as his tongue worked its way from the bottom to the top of her, flicking her clit gently before being sucked into his mouth. Her head began to spin with every stroke of his tongue. Her juices were flowing out of her, seemingly uncontrollably and he lapped them up happily.

She could hear his approval of the taste as he penetrated her with his tongue, circling around inside her. He paused momentarily, using his fingers on her to collect some of the juices, coating his fingers before returning to her ass. This time however, he started to move his tongue between her lips and over her clit in a slightly faster manner. She could not help herself but surrender to her desires. Waves of pleasure assaulted her and she began to moan. Alex responded by inserting the tip of one finger into her anal passage and started to move in rhythm with his tongue and the heightened excitement quickly sent her over the edge.

Jenny squealed lezbiyen porno in orgasm and felt him grip her cheeks even more tightly to him as his tongue continued to move as she came. She came again and this time she did fall but he was there to catch her. He stood her up enveloping her in his arms. After she got her breath back, she felt herself being pushed forward onto the bed. Her handcuffed hands added to the sense of helplessness she felt with the blindfold obscuring her vision. She felt herself being pulled back by the legs until her ass was at the edge of the bed. She felt her legs being pulled apart and felt Alex’s cock penetrate her in one smooth quick move. Her head came off the bed as his cock filled her. He took her blond ponytail in one hand and jerked it backwards making her impale herself on his cock.

He took Jenny hard, filling her with his cock. She heard the slapping noise on her cheeks as his balls bounced off her and she felt the familiar waves of pleasure beginning again. Suddenly he let go of her and leaned forward, forcing her to do the same. He moved his legs outside hers and raised himself off her. He instructed her to put her legs together, trapping his cock deep inside her. Then he told her to put her feet against his ass and push him further into her. She complied with his instruction to come up on her knees slightly; this allowed Alex the deepest penetration possible. Denied of sight by the blindfold, she pictured herself being taken from behind by Alex and his enormous cock; helpless to stop this ravaging of her beautiful body. The thought gave her a small orgasm.

This small orgasm was soon superseded by a massive orgasm which wracked her entire body making her scream involuntarily. Alex had felt her internal passage liseli porno contract for her smaller orgasm and had decided to instantly up the pace. The result was almost instantaneous as her body responded; her nipples tingled and her stomach muscles tightened as the soaring high of orgasm covered her entire body. She lay on the bed panting, dimly aware that Alex had withdrawn from her.

Jenny felt herself being rolled onto her side and pulled in close to Alex. Unbelievably he re-inserted himself again and despite her tiredness, felt herself surrender to pleasure as she felt him caress her breasts. She heard a click and thought that he must be about to release her handcuffs but as she felt his hard cock filling her again she heard the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator. She felt something else but couldn’t work out what it was. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt him place the vibrator directly on her clit and start rubbing it up and down as he thrust into her. She moaned and kept on moaning as he used the vibrator on her. She suddenly felt the vibrator and Alex move slightly away from her and then, she couldn’t be sure, she swore she could hear another buzzing but it couldn’t be.

Then she felt something press into her ass and as she tightened herself it slid smoothly into her. Alex had inserted a smaller vibrator, especially for anal pleasure, into her. Now he returned his attentions to her clit with the other vibrator and resumed his fucking of her.

Jenny was almost delirious now as she was pleasured in three distinctly different ways and she began to moan and moan and as she screamed, Alex poured himself into her. He had shouted with pleasure but Jenny didn’t hear him. Nor did she feel the vibrators being turned off and with drawn from her or Alex’s cock slipping out of her. She didn’t feel her handcuffs and blindfold being removed, nor hear the beep of the camcorder being switched off – Jenny had passed out at the height of her pleasure.

No matter, she wouldn’t miss out, she and Alex would watch the playback later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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