Jenny’s Confession

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Jenny and Tim were in bed after a long, tiring day of shopping and visiting family. Jenny was wearing a matching pair of blue shorts and camisole, while Tim wore only his boxers Jenny’s head was resting on Tim’s shoulder as they watched TV. They talked about the day and eventually were telling each other stories from their childhood about various family members.

Out of the blue Jenny said, “I’m glad you don’t have a big issue with my past.”

“Everybody has a past and things they regret.”

“Well I’ve got a much bigger past than you do.”

“Your past isn’t so bad. You just fucked a bunch of people.”

Tim pulled Jenny close and they began to kiss. The kisses started slowly and then built to a little more passion. Tim was running his hand along Jenny’s back and down to her ass, while Jenny was rubbing Tim’s chest.

Tim pulled away and looked lustfully into Jenny’s eyes.

“Besides,” he said, “you know I love hearing about the other people you have fucked. It’s a big turn-on to hear how others have used your pussy before it became mine.”

“I’m sorry I don’t tell you more about my past. However, I have blocked most of it out of my mind. I just try to forget about how wild I was.”

“You weren’t that wild. You really didn’t fuck a lot, you just fucked more people than me, and most of those guys were just one night stands.”

“You’re right, most were one night stands. Thomas and John were multiple times and a few others were more than once. I was just really screwed up before we started dating.”

“Now you aren’t screwed up, you are only screwed by me.”

“That’s right you are my one and only, and have been for a long time.”

“It hasn’t been that long.”

“We’ve been together about sixteen years, so it has been a long time.”

“There was the threesome with Anita in there though,” Tim said reminding Jenny of an experience they shared.

Before Tim and Jenny married, Anita was Jenny’s best friend, and was one of Jenny’s bridesmaids. Even though Anita was about six years older than Jenny, and was married with two children, the two ladies had a strong friendship. They had worked together at the bank, and had a lot in common. They liked to dance, although they had partners who did not. They both enjoyed being flirty. After a few drinks they would both get a little louder and looser. They frequently confided in each other and often the topic was about sex.

Physically, the two were a bit of a contrast. Jenny was tall and thin with long brown curly hair and wore a “B” cup on her thirty-four inch frame. Tim thought Jenny had the nicest ass he had ever seen. Anita was slightly shorter and heavier, with dirty blonde hair, and had “D” cups.

“Well that was about 12 years ago.”

“Plus there was the time Anita spent the night with you when I was at the Super Show.”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“I know all about what you and Anita did that night.”

“How do you know?”

“Anita told me.”

“Some friend that little slut is, I can’t believe she would tell you that. She was supposed to be my best friend and not tell you all our little secrets.”

“It’s not a big deal. Besides, it turned me on to hear Anita telling me about you fingering her until she came.”

“I’m sorry, I had a few drinks, and it just happened.”

“It’s fine. I just wish I could have been there.”

“Me too, that would have been fun.”

“One thing about your past that surprises me is that you never fucked David.”

David was Anita’s husband. Like Tim, David was quiet. Both were about six foot tall and about the same weight. Both had brown hair, although Tim’s was much darker and both sported mustaches.

Frequently when the two couples were together there was a lot of sexual tension in the air, and an equal amount of flirting, Jenny and Anita particularly enjoyed making suggestive comments to each other.

“Why would you say that?”

“You did spend a lot of time at their house and I know how you get when you drink. It is just surprising that you never gave it up to him.”

Jenny got kind of quiet as her mind drifted back about a dozen years.

It was a Thursday night in early June. Jenny had gone to Anita and David’s to have dinner with them before she went home. Before dinner, Jenny spent time playing with David and Anita’s children, while the three adults drank a few rum and Cokes.

By the time dinner rolled around Jenny was a bit tipsy, so Anita suggested she spend the night. This was nothing unusual, since it had happened several times in the past. Jenny would just borrow some of Anita’s clothes, while not a perfect fit; they would be okay to wear to work the next day. It also gave Jenny the chance to drink even more that night, which she eagerly did.

After dinner the children went to bed, David turned on some music and the drinks and conversation continued to flow.

Things continued on rather tamely until Anita returned from the restroom while ‘Relax’ was playing on the CD player. casino siteleri

Anita grabbed Jenny by the arms, “Come on girl, let’s dance.” The two would occasionally go out and dance at Skyline, and would dance some when they were with a group, so this was nothing unusual.

David sat back and watched Anita and Jenny dancing. While they were drinking and dancing Jenny and Anita were in their own world, oblivious to David’s presence. After a few drinks and getting a little more relaxed, the two friends began to get a little closer. Their hands began brushing up against each other and there was the occasional little squeeze of an ass. David continued to sit and watch, wondering where the dancing would lead.

“I’m getting hot, I need to stop dancing for a few minutes,” Jenny said.

Anita replied, “Just take off your shirt,” as she reached out and began to unbutton Jenny’s shirt. Jenny finished pulling off her shirt and threw it on a chair.

“Ok, if I’m going to be dancing around in just my bra, you need to lose your shirt too.”

Anita obliged by quickly stripping off her shirt and throwing it on the chair with Jenny’s.

“Well, this is getting interesting,” David thought.

A few seconds later, Anita pulled Jenny close, gave her a kiss and reached around and unhooked her bra.

Jenny giggled as she stepped back and let her bra fall to the floor. She then reached out and pulled Anita’s bra over her tits. Anita reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. After sliding it off, she threw it with her shirt on the chair.

Anita pulled Jenny close and gave her a big kiss. Jenny had never been with another woman, but alcohol had led to her and Anita kissing a few times before so this was no big deal to Jenny. As they continued to move with the beat, their tongues were intertwined and they began caressing each other.

After a bit of observing, David had seen enough and decided it was time to get involved. He moved in behind Jenny and reached around to give the two ladies a big hug. The music, the alcohol and the flirting with Anita had made Jenny forget all about David until he pulled them close. As he leaned over Jenny to give Anita a kiss, Jenny could feel David’s hard cock press into her ass.

Jenny was in quite a position. She was topless. Her half naked best friend was in front of her, and her best friend’s husband’s hard cock was pressing against her. Jenny was no prude. In fact she was quite a wild child when she was younger. However, since she had met Tim she was a one-man woman.

Now she was torn. She loved Tim and couldn’t imagine cheating on him. However, she was drunk and extremely horny.

One of David’s hands broke from their embrace and slid between Jenny and Anita to cup Jenny’s breast. As David pinched her nipple, a moan escaped Jenny’s mouth.

It was over, the wetness and burning in Jenny’s panties won out over her love and longing to be faithful to Tim. Jenny couldn’t believe she was going to do this. Not only was she going to cheat on Tim, but she was going to have a threesome with her best friend and her husband.

As Jenny turned to face David their lips locked and David’s tongue invaded her mouth. The next few minutes went by in a blur. Because of the alcohol and a bit from the kissing and groping that was going on between the threesome Jenny’s sex drive was going through the roof. She was ready to fuck and suck like the little slut she was. There was no talking, the only sounds to be heard were the music in the background and the sounds the intertwined bodies were making.

Somehow Jenny, Anita and David made their way to the bedroom. David pushed Jenny on the bed and pulled his wife close to give her a kiss as she slid off her pants and panties.

Anita climbed on the bed with Jenny and began kissing her and squeezing her tits. Jenny felt David’s hands unbutton her pants. She lifted her hips as David slipped off her pants and damp panties. Jenny was now drunk, naked, wantonly horny, and helpless against anything that could happen. More importantly, she wanted to be fucked and fucked now.

Jenny’s hand reached for the waist of David’s shorts to bring him closer. Jenny broke away from Anita’s kiss, as she sat-up to undress David. David removed his shirt as Jenny tugged down his shorts and boxers.

As David’s shorts and boxer were being pushed to the floor his hard cock sprang free. Jenny’s eyes grew wide. It had been four years since she had seen a different cock. Jenny marveled at David’s hard dick. It was not thick, but it was one of the longest she had ever seen. It was noticeably longer than Tim’s …although Tim’s was thicker.

Jenny grabbed David’s cock and pulled him onto the bed. David leaned down and sucked one of Jenny’s nipples into his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Jenny moaned.

Jenny felt Anita’s hands part her thighs, then felt hot breath on her wet pussy.

“Oh yes,” Jenny sighed as Anita’s lips met her wet swollen sex and Anita’s tongue slipped into Jenny’s soaking pussy.

“Eat me. Eat my pussy,” Jenny slot oyna moaned.

Jenny’s body was in overdrive. The feeling of her pussy being eaten and her tits being sucked at the same time was a wonderful feeling. She had only dreamed of this experience.

David switched tits as Anita continued bathing Jenny’s pussy with her mouth.

Jenny was moaning and raising her hips to grind her pussy hard into Anita’s mouth. The stimulation on her tits, clit, and pussy was more than Jenny could take.

“Arrrrgh,” Jenny wailed, her thighs clamping around Anita’s head as she reached her first orgasm.

Jenny reached down, grabbing Anita’s head to pull her up for a kiss. Anita’s face was wet from being coated by Jenny’s juices. As the girls kissed, Jenny’s hand made its way down Anita’s stomach and between her legs. Jenny rubbed her friend’s hairy pussy, before finally slipping a finger in her slippery snatch.

“Mmmmm,” Anita sighed with contentment as Jenny slipped another finger into her pussy.

Jenny’s mouth moved to one of Anita’s tits. Her fingers continued to play with Anita’s pussy as her palm rubbed Anita’s hard clit.

Jenny was soon joined by David who began sucking Anita’s other tit. Anita was ecstatic to be the center of attention. Both her tits were being sucked while her best friend was fingering her pussy. All Anita could do was sigh, as she used her hands to pull the two heads harder into her chest.

Jenny started feeling a little crowded, so she moved away from Anita’s tit. With David’s help, they had Anita lie on her back. Jenny began kissing her way down Anita’s stomach while David kept sucking on her big tit. Anita parted her legs as Jenny began kissing between her thighs. Jenny lightly began kissing Anita’s pussy, gently licking her lips and teasing her clit.

Anita could not take anymore. She grabbed Jenny’s head and pulled it hard into her crotch.

“Oh God yes,” Anita muttered as Jenny’s mouth engulfed her pussy.

Jenny’s tongue was circling Anita’s wet slit, while her lips were sucking on Anita’s clit. Anita knew she was close to an orgasm. She began pushing her pussy hard into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny met Anita’s firmness with hard licks and sucks.

“Make me cum,” Anita urged, “I want to cum on your face.”

Jenny was trying her best to fulfill her best friend’s demand. Although this was her first time eating pussy, Anita’s reactions made Jenny believe that she was doing a pretty good job.

It didn’t take much longer for Anita to reach her peak. As her orgasm was peaking, Anita pulled Jenny harder into her pussy.

“Yes, oh God yes,” Anita whimpered.

Anita clamped her thighs around Jenny’s head like a vice and bucked her hips wildly as her orgasm flowed through her pussy.

When her climax subsided, Anita pushed David away; flipped Jenny onto her back then turned around and dropped her pussy onto Jenny’s face .She then buried her tongue into Jenny’s pussy once again.

The two girls eagerly lapped on each other’s pussy while David enjoyed the sight of his wife and her best friend engaged in a sixty-nine. His cock was throbbing at the sight of the two women together.

He could take it no more. David moved Anita away and positioned himself between Jenny’s spread legs.

Jenny had pure lust in her eyes as she reached down and grabbed David’s dick, positioning it at the opening of her pussy.

“Fuck me,” she implored.

With a hard thrust David shoved his long, hard cock deep into Jenny’s pussy.

“Mumph,” Jenny groaned as David’s dick slammed into her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass.

David pulled back and took another long hard thrust into her pussy. He began to find a rhythm, pulling his cock nearly out, then slamming it back into her again and again.

“Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard,” Jenny muttered.

David’s cock was hitting places in Jenny’s pussy that had not been hit in a long time and Jenny was enjoying it. Her hips were bucking with each of David’s thrusts as she tried to get him to go as deep as possible. Her tits were shaking in rhythm each time David slammed his hard cock into her hot pussy.

Anita sat on the side massaging her tits and clit as she watched her husband plow her best friend.

After a few minutes David withdrew his cock from Jenny’s sodden pussy.

“No, please don’t stop,” Jenny whimpered, as David withdrew.

David had no intention of stopping. He turned Jenny on her side, lifted her leg and slid his cock back inside her pussy.

“That’s it,” Jenny cooed and David resumed fucking her.

With David on his knees, and one of Jenny’s legs resting on his shoulders, his hands were free to roam while he fucked her. David’s hands massaged Jenny’s tits while his cock was busy sliding in and out of her pussy. Jenny felt Anita’s mouth surround one of her nipples.

“Mmmm,” Jenny mumbled as her excitement reached a new level.

Jenny was writhing on the bed in pure ecstasy over having her tits sucked and pussy fucked at the canlı casino siteleri same time. Anita’s suction on Jenny’s nipple felt like a nice pulling pinch as her tits shook with each of David’s thrusts. Anita’s hand found its way between Jenny’s legs. She began rubbing Jenny’s clit as she felt her husband’s cock slamming into her best friend.

“I’m yours. I’m your little slut,” Jenny moaned.

Just when Jenny thought it couldn’t feel any better, she felt one of David’s fingers press against her rose bud. With a little push, his finger was buried in her ass.

“Unnngh. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Jenny exclaimed.

Since she began dating Tim and stretching her sexual boundaries, Jenny was able to have orgasms much easier. When her nipples or ass was played with, her orgasms came much faster and were particularly intense. The sensation of having both holes filled and her tits sucked at the same time was almost more than she could take. She could feel the orgasm building deep inside. With every second she was brought closer to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” she whimpered.

Jenny felt her body getting tense and flushed, little beads of sweat began popping out on her body in response to the intense fucking she was receiving.

Then it happened. Her orgasm tore through her body like a tidal wave.

“Arrrrrgh, mmmmmm!” Jenny screamed as the first wave of orgasm struck.

Jenny’s body shook and her pussy convulsed as wave after wave of orgasm shot through her body.

Jenny’s body went limp as her orgasm subsided.

“Ohhhh yessss,” she sighed, sated by the fucking she had just received.

David withdrew from Jenny and lay back on the bed. His cock and balls were glistening, drenched with nectar from Jenny’s pussy.

Anita climbed on top of David, while Jenny grabbed his slippery dick and guided it into Anita’s waiting pussy. Anita dropped her pussy onto David’s dick and began grinding her hips into him.

“Time to finish off my hubby the way he likes to be done.”

Anita’s big tits began bouncing up and down as she rode her husband’s cock. Jenny reached over and began massaging Anita’s tits and pinching her nipples as they bounced.

“That’s it baby, fuck me. Drain my balls.”

Anita began fucking her husband harder and faster, almost bouncing Jenny off the bed in the process. However, Jenny kept a firm grasp on Anita’s tits.

Anita let out a soft moan as she came. A few short strokes later and David let out a groan as he deposited his load deep in his wife.

Anita collapsed on her husband but not before giving him a nice deep kiss.

The three friends lay around softly caressing each other for a few minutes.

“I guess we need to get some sleep,” David said, breaking the silence.

Anita found Jenny a nightshirt to slip-on and the two made their way to the den.

“That was unexpected, but fun,” Anita said.

They pulled out the sleeper sofa for Jenny to sleep.

“It was fun, but what am I going to tell Tim?” Jenny asked.

“You don’t have to tell him anything, just keep it to yourself.”

“You know I can’t keep any secrets from him.”

“Just go to sleep and we’ll sort it out in the morning.”

Anita gave Jenny a final kiss and headed to bed.

Jenny’s head was spinning. She was deeply satisfied, but she couldn’t believe what she had just done. It was wonderful, but how could she have cheated on Tim? Most importantly, what would he do when he found out?

Jenny woke a few hours later. Her head was still fuzzy from alcohol and sex. She felt something between her legs, and looked down to see David pushing his head toward her pussy.

“No, Anita’s not here,” she protested.

David didn’t listen and began licking her pussy.

Jenny tried to protest once more, but just didn’t have it in her to put up much of a fight. She gave up and just lay there, not really feeling much as David ate her pussy.

A few minutes later Anita came in.

“What in the Hell are you doing? Leave her alone and get your ass back in our bed!”

David and Anita left and Jenny soon drifted back to sleep.

When Jenny awoke it was morning. She hopped in the shower before anyone else, and tried to get her wits about her.

After the kids left for school, David, Anita and Jenny were having coffee to get their morning going.

“I’ve got to make this right,” Jenny announced.

“What?” David asked.

“I’ve got to make this right for Tim.”

“I don’t think you should tell him,” Anita interjected.

“I’m not, but I’m going to make it right.”

“How are you going to do that?” Anita asked.

“Well since David fucked me, Tim is going to have to fuck you.”

“I’m not sure about that,” said David.

“Well I am. You fucked me so Tim has to fuck Anita.”

“But we were drunk!” Anita exclaimed.

“I don’t care. He is going to fuck you.”

“And how exactly do you plan to do that?” asked Anita.

“Well, we are coming over tonight, so you have the option of fucking him, or telling him what happened last night. I think he deserves your pussy, and it shouldn’t be that difficult since you have teased each other in the past.”

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