Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 06

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The people in this story all came out of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and was not the intent of the author. It is fiction, people. The people in the story do not exist. Hell, if the woman really did exist, I’d be in her bed living the good life, not sitting here in front of this stupid computer. I’m writing it for my own entertainment and I hope for your pleasure as well.

All the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. There are no minors involved in acts of a sexual nature in my story..



(Held in a gilded cage)

Slowly, Amber started coming around. When she realized that she was laying right on my face, she rolled off to the side, allowing me to breathe freely again.

“Oh yeah, baby, that was really intense,” she told me, as she was sitting up. ” You are definitely the best pussy eater that has ever licked and sucked me off.”

I pushed myself up out of the corner of her sofa, until I was sitting beside her.

She still hadn’t had enough of me and started kissing and licking all of her love juices off of my face.

While she was busy cleaning me up with her tongue, I reached up with both of my hands and played with her lovely breasts though her negligee.

We were both becoming excited by this action until Amber stood up and grabbed hold of my hand, then pulled. me to my feet and across the room to the foot of the stairs. She was leading me up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Once we were there, I crawled up onto the bed. Then lay myself down in the middle of the bed. I turned over onto my back so that I could watch her.

Amber tore off her robe and gown her eyes were ablaze with her lust. She crawled across the bed like a stoking lioness she wanted to devour me, starting with my cock, when she joined me in the center of the bed. Then we got into the sixty nine position and started right in on each other. She gobbled down my hard cock and I began to eat her sweet pussy in a frenzy.

She was squealing with delight while her mouth bobbed up and down on my cock

I loved the taste of her pussy, and was contented to lay there for what seemed like hours, bringing her to climax after climax. While at the same time enjoying all the pleasures of her mouth, as well.

Finally, she pushed my head off her slit and gasped, “Oh Jamie, I want your big cock inside me. I want to feel you inside me, while you fuck my brains out baby.” She was squirming around the bed like a giant worm.

I lay on my back in the center of the bed while she moved her body around until she was on top of me with her pussy right at the tip of my hard cock. Her slit was ready to gobble my whole casino siteleri cock down, swallowing it like a snake devouring a small animal in one piece.

“Oh my God, you are so deliciously big. It wouldn’t take much more to split me wide open.” She moved her hips slowly up and down on my cock. “I feel almost like I’m a mare in her season, while she is being mounted by a magnificent stallion.”

My hips pushed up into her, matching her movement for movement.

“Oh yeah baby, that is the way I want it, Keep on fucking me. My pussy is on fire,”she gasped. “It is going to take your nice long fire-hose to put out the flames.”

She was bouncing up and down on my cock shaft, like there was no tomorrow. Amber was not a woman to lay passively, while being fucked. She was giving me a really wild ride.

All I could do was hold on and move my hips in time with her’s.

Amber had lost count of how many orgasms I had given her today. Right now she was right on the edge of an earth-shaking explosion.

She thought to herself, this boy was like some sort of sex machine. He seemed to be able to go on and on. In her entire life she had never found a man that could even come close to matching her sex drive. This boy, though, was that and more.

“Oh yes, baby, faster ride me fast and hard. That’s what I want.” Her fierce passion was driving her to new heights. She was riding me to the finish line.

I grabbed her by the hips and turned both of us over. Now I was the one on top of her This gave him more freedom of movement and soon I was pounding into her pussy like a wild and crazy jack rabbit.

“Oh yeah baby,” I gasped, “that’s the way..ay..ay babyyyyy,” She was being fucked so fast she couldn’t talk clearly. “Yaaaaaaaa oh yaaaaa, Fuck mommy baby. Fuck her goooood. Don’t you even think of stopping. Not now, not ever. You really have mommy going now honey. Mommy is almost there.”

My face was buried in her neck, while my hips were just a blur. I was right on the edge of climaxing myself but I was in a panic to hold on and not to climax before she did, but she was urging me to go faster as if I were a wild crazy man. my big problem was that the faster I was fucking her pussy the closer I came to blowing my load all over her insides.

“Keep going baby, Mommy needs to be fucked hard and fast this tine.”

“I’m trying mommy. I’m trying to go as fast as I can.

Amber reached around and dug her long sharp fingernails into my butt cheeks, extracting even greater speed out of me. Urging me to go faster and faster Her hips were bouncing up and down on my cock meeting me with push for shove. “Mommy knows that you are trying baby. Mommy is almost there just hold on just a little bit longer. I know you can do it.”

Next slot oyna time, she fantasized, she would get her riding crop out of the closet, then whip me like a race horse and get still more speed out of me as I approached the finish line.

She really didn’t want to hurt me. Absolutely, she did not want to mark my beautiful body with whip scars. Her lust, though, was over-shadowing any other consideration.

No, the whip and a lot of other things will have to remain in her fantasy world, but just for now anyway. After all, this was only their first night sharing her bed. If she did too much to me she thought, then I would be scared out of my wits. Then I would run like some caged animal who had broken free of his cage. She wanted to use me for more than just one night. She thought to herself she had a lot of plans for this young Greek God.

Yes, for the more intense sex games, I would have to be trained. For now, she would have to play nice with me. She would draw me deeper and deeper into her silk and satin snare and wrap me into her web of lust. Soon I would be hers to play with as she pleased. Then I would refuse her nothing. I would submit to all of her depraved whims.

Amber’s mind returned to the present and she was enjoying a great fuck under my strong hard body. “Keep going baby, mommy’s almost there. Oh yes, here it comes honey move your big beautiful cock faster and faster in my pussy. That’s the way mommy likes it baby oh yeah fuck me faster and deeper baby. Make mommy cum sweetheart. Make her cum like a fountain.”

Amber’s love juices were starting to boil over. It was going to be another gusher. “Here it comes honey. It is so wonderful. That’s it baby. I want you to cum with mommy. Squirt all that cum into mommy’s pussy, sweet heart. This time it is okay mommy wants you to cum this time,” It was so close so very, very close.

Finally the two of us exploded at almost the same instant. We pressed our bodies into each other. Both of our hands were on eachothers butt cheeks. Pulling ourselves into the other. Both bodies were pumping more and more of our nectar it all went into Amber’s pussy until it was over flowing and spilling over and then it ran out of her like a rive. Both the mattress pad, and also the bottom sheet were becoming completely soaked, with both our sweat and our juices.

“Okay mommy I’m squirting my cum onto your pussy, it feel wonderful mommy, Ahhhhhhhhhhh oh yessssssss.

We lay in the bed cuddling each other for several minutes. She cooed to me like a morning dove. She was gently touching a caressing me all over my body. “Oh you are such a good boy baby. You are so sweet and you made mommy feel so nice.”

“Did you like the way I touched you mommy?” I was just wiggling with joy.

“Oh yes baby you canlı casino siteleri did it just the way mommy told you to do it. You were perfect.”

“Did I make you feel all tingly inside mommy?” I was once more really getting into my roll as a child.

Amber to was eating it up. “Yes baby you made mommy feel all tingly.” her hands were softly touching me here and there. She paid special attention to my genitals. Caressing my balls and stroking my cock that was already starting to harden under her attentions.

“I’m so glad mommy. I like to make you happy mommy and I like it when you get squishy to.”

She kissed me ever so softly on my face and kissed my eye lids. She was like a real mother, soothing a troubled child. But no real mother had ever teases and toyed with her little boy genitals like Amber was playing with me.

I gave a sigh of contentment and snuggled even closer to her warm, soft, body.

Amber also sighed and gently guided my mouth closer to the nipple of her right breast.

My mouth reached eagerly for the nipple tipping of Amber’s right breast. Once there I licked and sucked. I was totally contented and could have remained there all through the night.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh you are making mommy feel all tingly again,” she sighed.

“That’s what I want to do mommy. you are such a nice mommy, I like to do things that make you feel good.” My tongue was very busy to licking and sucking across her hardening tipple and planting my soft kisses on her soft breast flesh.

She again caressed the side of my face. Then flattened my hair down with a gentle touch.

I snuggled into her warm body. I was enjoying her sweet softness, while her hands explored my hard muscles. I was happily nursing on one breast, while her other soft breast served as a pillow.

Amber made herself comfortable She laid her head on the soft pillows of her bed. She continued cooing to me while one hand was stroking my head and cheek, her other hand and fingers were playing with my genitals.

I was like a lump of play doe in her hands. Her voice was soft and gentle as she told me what a good lover I was.

Her words were almost hypnotizing to my ears. I was totally at ease laying there next to her body, hearing the sound of her voice. I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep, listening to the sound of her voice.


This ends part 06 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please write to me and let me know. We all need encouragement. And I admit I love having my ego stroked as much as any man. Also I would love to hear about any ideas you may have to use in my stories. This story came from a reader’s ideas and would not have been written without her input. There are more chapters to this story in the works. I’ll try and keep it going until you, the reader stop sending me mail asking me to go on with it. So just like my story’s hero I’m yours to command.

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