James and Fiona’s Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 02

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As we exited the club, I reached a hand behind me. It landed on James’ belly and I rubbed it in a little circle, enjoying the automatic tightening of the muscles there before sliding my hand lower.

“You’ve got an iron bar in there,” I noted, gently working his cock. “You want to find a secluded area and I’ll suck you off?” I waited for a response. None came.


“I want to go back to the room and fuck you senseless. It’ll be hard. It’ll be fast. Then I’m going to come all over you.”

My breath hitched, my cunt clenched, and inadvertently my fingers tightened on the bulge in James’ trousers.

“Tell me more,” I invited.

“There’ll be no preamble. You’re going to get naked and spread your legs for me and I’m going to pound into your cunt with a big tit gripped tightly in each fist.”

“Oh my,” I thought, and sucked in a breath.

“My cock is going to slam into you again and again. Into that cunt you just showed off to that old man like some kind of dirty slut. I doubt you’ll come, but I will; I’m going to pull out and blast you with spunk. It’s going to be all over your tits. Then I’m going to pull out my phone and take a pic of those big milky tits covered in ropes of cum.”

“Oh god.”

“Is your cunt clenching?”


About a block from the hotel, James grabbed my hand and drew me into a small store. We walked to a cooler at the back. I watched in confusion as he grabbed a two litre bottle of water and then went to the front and paid for it.

“Are you thirsty?”

A secretive smile played around his lips. “No.”

I waited for him to say something else; he didn’t. He tucked the bottle under his arm, grabbed my hand and set off toward the hotel at a brisk pace. His gait being longer than mine, I almost had to jog to keep up.

Instead of waiting for the elevator, James led me to the staircase in the lobby and we ran up to the second floor. Outside our room, he pushed me against the door and pressed in close behind me. I felt the scrape of his teeth on my neck. I was aware of the hard ridge of his cock against my lower back. We were both panting hard. Then his lips moved up my neck and towards my ear.

“When I open this door, get naked fast and spread yourself wide open on that bed. I want to see that cunt on display.”

The door had not quite closed and my dress was over my head and tossed on the floor. I didn’t bother unhooking my bra, but just pulled it over my head and tossed it casino siteleri aside as well. I was about to toe my way out of my shoes when James told me to leave them on. Wearing nothing but strappy heels, I stepped into the bathroom to snag a towel.

James said nothing as I rolled it up like a big sausage and took it with me as I crawled onto the bed and then flipped over onto my back. I took a moment to place the towel under my hips to keep them tipped up so that James could drive in really deep. Then pulled my legs up, the heels giving me traction on the cover, and spread my legs as wide as they would go.

James stood at the foot of the bed and observed me.


I made a strangled sound, but slid a hand under each knee to force my legs to spread a little more.

James continued to stand at the foot of the bed for what felt like ages, just looking down at my body spread wide and on display for him. The muscles in my legs were starting to burn a little and the air felt cool on my wet, splayed cunt. My clit tingled, my cunt clenched, and still he continued to stand there penetrating me with his gaze.

It felt odd to be naked and on display while James stood fully clothed, saying nothing, doing nothing. Finally he shifted to set the water bottle on the bedside table and once again I wondered what the hell we needed a big bottle of water for.

My eyes went back to James. The bastard was taking his time in getting naked. Off came his jacket; it was neatly folded over the back of a chair. What the fuck? I threw my dress on the floor and wasted no time in laying myself out for the pounding he wanted to give me and he was ensuring his jacket didn’t get creased? I took a deep breath, wiggled my legs a little to ease the burn in the muscles and thought about reaching in to flick my clit a few times.

His eyes found mine; as if he could sense what I was thinking he gave an almost imperceptible shake of his head and held my gaze as he continued to strip very slowly and very deliberately. I was no longer thinking about my clit, instead I decided to enjoy the strip show and the look in his eyes that was filled with dirty promises.

It was stimulating as hell to be lying there spread wide and vulnerable, waiting, wondering.

Finally he was naked. My eyes went to that rock hard cock; it bobbed. I sucked in a little breath and anticipated how good it would feel, hot and hard, punching into my core so deeply that the crown slammed against my cervix. slot oyna James came to the edge of the bed and I expected him to get on. Instead, he grabbed a big hunk of the bedcover in each hand and yanked.

I yelped as I took a ride from the middle of the bed to near the bottom. Then he gripped my legs and shoved them higher and wider. Since he was now taking part of the weight, I felt the relief in my leg muscles that had been protesting. The head of his cock slid up and down my exposed snatch and then came to rest at the base.

“Feed it in.”

Lifting my shoulders up off the bed, I reached a hand between my splayed legs and used two fingers to pull back a flap of skin and direct the head of his cock right to my vaginal opening. Sensing the way was clear, James gave a powerful forward thrust and that hot, throbbing, rock hard cock drove fully into me. With a moan, I fell back against the mattress and ground my hips in a little side to side and then circular fashion. I felt James pressed against my ass and thighs. He stayed put for a moment and then levered himself over me and began to saw that big cock of his in and out of my cunt. Unconsciously, I squeezed my pelvic floor muscles.

“Yes. More. Squeeze like you’re trying to fight against me fucking in.”

I did as he asked. His hips were pistoning that cock into and out of me and I grabbed my tits, pinched my nipples and bore down.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

Groaning from the effort it took, I concentrated and gave those muscles everything I had, making my cunt as tight a sheath as I could for his pounding prick.

I was starting to feel a tingle in my toes; another minute of that intense pounding and I was going to have a screaming, gushing, monster of an orgasm. But that was not to be, for just then James pulled out with a roar and began rapidly stroking his cock. I levered my shoulders off the mattress and pushed my tits together. A moment later, he directed the jets that streamed from the tip to land on my rib cage and tits. And sure enough, he managed to land a blob of cum square on one of my nipples.

Laughing and enjoying a release of muscle tension if not that of an orgasm, I dropped my tits and fell back on the mattress, my hands coming to comb through my hair before settling over my face.

I felt the bed jostle and bounce and figured James was climbing on to lie next to me. I felt his weight on the mattress distributed on both sides of my body, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Until, canlı casino siteleri that is, I felt a hot wet stream on my belly. My eyes flew open and I sprung up a bit. James was standing on the mattress, legs splayed, one on either side of me. His cock was in his hand and he was directing a stream of piss at a blob of cum on my belly, trying to chase it from my skin.

“Hold those tits together and I’ll clean them too.”

It was dirty. It was messy. It was…fuck, it actually felt kind of good. I pushed the globes together and watched as he pissed the cum off one tit and then the other. I groaned as the stream hit my nipple, washing the cummy residue from the taut and very red rosette.

When he was finished pissing, he continued to stand over me, staring down at me as he gently stroked his cock. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, but it was fucking hot lying there with him standing over me. I ran my hands over my wet tits and fell back against the mattress again.

“You made me wait with my fucking cunt on display, then you pounded the hell out of my pussy, splattered me with the biggest fucking load of ejaculate I have seen in a long time, and then pissed it all away. Now please…please, please, please! Make me come.”

He continued to stand over me gazing down, still stroking.

“I need two of your fingers going side to side really fast on my clit.”

He stood over me for another long moment. I thought he wasn’t going to do as I asked, so I started to do it myself, but he lowered himself, brushed my hand away and strummed my clit just as I liked it. I pinched my nipples, hard, and then put a hand to my throat and let loose with a hell of a scream as I came, my hips bucking up off the bed and convulsing in time with the quakes going through my whole cunt.


“Fucking amazing.”

James grabbed the rolled up towel that had fallen to the side at some point during that wild fuck and used it to dry my tits and belly.

I giggled.


“This bed is a helluva mess. And I’m not sleeping in the wet spot.”

“Neither am I. Now, you’d better get off of there and go take a shower.”

I let him pull me off the wet spread. “Another shower you mean. To wash off the golden one you gave me.”

I started towards the bathroom and then called over my shoulder, “Are you showering with me?”

“No, I’m calling housekeeping.”

“And telling them what? That the bed is a mess because you pissed a mountain of cum off my tits?” I asked incredulously and then watched James grab the water bottle from the nightstand. He cracked the top and poured water over the spread.

“Nope, I’m going to tell them that we knocked a really big bottle of water over.”

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