James and Dawn Take a Break

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Okay, I have resubmitted this story after a re-write. I thought I would try a short story before, but it seems everyone doesn’t like the short stories. I wrote the original one night for a break, so now I am re-writing it and adding some more to it. I hope you enjoy it a little more now. This chapter is an outtake story from the series Life After The Lottery. Drmac100 12/15.


James and Dawn take a break

What happens with Dawn in the summer

Dawn and I had been sitting around naked in the house one evening after dinner in late June after we had just moved into the new house. It had been raining most of the day and had cooled off to the mid 70’s after the sun went done. It was the middle of the week and the two of us were sitting around reading instead of watching TV. I was reading the newspaper and she was catching up on some nursing journals.

“I hope the rain cools it off some, it has been hot this week for June,” I said once I finished reading the paper about 9:00pm.

“It has been hot, the pool has been nice but it is still hot and humid to be so early in the summer.” Dawn replied.

The pool was heated for the winter, but sometimes I wish it was cooled for the dog days of summer. We had made love out in the pool a lot of times at night since we had moved in, we both enjoyed the cool feeling of the water while we had sex. I was thinking about the last time we had sex in the pool the week before one night when I heard a clap of thunder and the rumble.

“It sounds like the storm front is moving through,” I said to my wife.

Dawn looked over the top of her journal at me. There was a flash and more thunder.

“Oh no,” I said.

“Come with me,” Dawn said standing.

She took my hand and led me outside to the patio. It had started raining harder a few minutes earlier. I pulled one of the big double loungers out from under the upstairs deck next and to the pool into the falling rain, knowing what she wanted. All of the outside lights were off, the only light was coming through all the windows from the lights we left on in the house.

“Lay back,” Dawn said to me as I could see her long black hair getting wet, along with her sexy body.

I laid back on the lounger as the cool night rain drenched the two of us. Dawn’s long hair was becoming wet and sticking to her naked body as the rain ran over her. She sat on the end of the lounger and starting stroking my cock. Once she was getting me hard, she leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth. After a few minutes and more thunder and lightning I was hard and we were both soaking wet. The night was still warm even though it was raining.

“You know honey, you are a little crazy when you want to do this,” I said.

“I like it. We don’t get a chance too often, and hey, it is no different than you wanting to have sex outside when it is snowing.”

It didn’t snow often where we lived, but it would sometimes. I had also taken her outside at night once or twice when we went skiing in other states. She always bitched about the cold, but she still enjoyed it.

“I always enjoy this,” Dawn said as she slipped up and straddled my cock.

Dawn slowly worked my cock into her pussy as she slowly eased down on my long cock. Our skin was getting cool to the touch, but her insides felt blazing hot as usual. She got all the way down about the time there was a flash of lightning and another clap of thunder.

“Oh god honey, we must do this more often,” Dawn said as she started to wiggle her hips sensuously.

I watched in the dim light from the house as my beautiful wife closed her eyes and dropped her head and just worked her pussy on my cock. Our wet thighs now sliding against each other as she moved. I have always thought that watching sweat or water drip off a women was one of the sexiest images there was. Now with the rain beginning to fall harder we heard thunder rumbling off in the distance again as the sky lit up occasionally. I watched the trails of water trickle down Dawn’s neck and run over her breasts and drip from her nipples as she worked her hips slowly. I sat mesmerized by this sight as she kept going. Drop after drop of water dripping from each nipple. By the dim light big ass porno coming from the windows, she looked so incredibly sexy as all the rain ran down her body and dripped off it in strategic places. I felt coolness on my groin despite her heat. I looked down and there was a pool of water forming between her legs and on my groin. I watched the rain trickle down between her breasts and run down and over her stomach in little rivers on its way to where we met, then to fill the growing pool.

“Oh god, this is sooo…sexy. Outside at night, in the rain, just working your cock in me as I listen to the rain falling.”

When we did this when it rained, and sometimes stormed, the sound of the rain hitting the house and splashing in the pool was about all you could hear when it was raining hard, except for Dawn moaning as she worked my cock deep inside her as she wiggled like a very sensuous snake. I had asked her a few times if she had ever taken belly dancing classes because she was so good.

I held my wife’s thighs as she worked her own magic to get her to where she wanted to be. The longer we went the more aroused the two of us became. As our skin cooled, the only heat between us was surrounding my cock. More and more Dawn worked her pussy on my cock as I watched her wiggle in the dim light. She was moaning loudly and I was enjoying watching her.

Lightning flashed across the sky.

“Oh fuck yes!” Dawn screamed and sped up a little. Thunder and lightning always excited her when we did this in the past. Sometimes I worried that she was being just a bit too dangerous.

She sped up as the thunder rumbled off in the distance.

“Oh fuck yes, this is so exciting!” Dawn screamed as she worked harder and harder.

I held on to Dawn as she worked toward her orgasm. More lightning flashed in the distance, then the thunder.

“Oh god honey, I’m coming!” She screamed as she worked her hips faster, then I felt her tense up. A loud moan and few seconds later I felt the warmth of her love juices squirting onto me. “Oh god yes!!”

More lightning, more thunder.

“Honey, don’t you think it is time to go back inside?” I asked.

“Oh…not now, I’m just getting started!” Dawn yelled over the thunder.

“You know you are a little crazy.” I told her, she just smiled.

“No more than you!”

There was a bright flash and then close thunder.

“Oh fuck yes! Now I want on the bottom so I can see! Drive your cock into me hard!”

I held Dawn and stood up then turned and laid her on the lounger. She lifted her legs up and spread them and laid them over the arms of the chair waiting for my cock.

“James, please! Do me hard!”

I got between her legs and slowly eased my cock back into her warmth. With her lying back now I could see the rain splashing on her face. Her wet hair was stuck to her face as she laid back. I took my hand and pushed the hair away from her face. I held myself up for a few minutes and ran my hands over her wet breasts as the water beaded on them. I ran my hand over her wet lips finally, then leaned down and kissed her for a minute.

Another flash and more thunder. Closer this time.

“Oh yes honey! Fuck me!” She screamed. It always seemed her arousal grew as the storms would grow closer.

I held myself up while we looked at each other and then began thrusting my cock into Dawn harder and harder. I knew this was what she desired.

“Oh yes, that’s it!” She screamed.

More lightning. I could see her looking up at me with each flash. I worked my cock in and out in long, deep, hard strokes, Dawn was thrusting up to meet each of my thrust. We were both getting more and more aroused as we kept going.

“Ahhhh!! More, more, more!!” Dawn screamed as I felt her arousal growing inside her.

I kept thrusting into my beautiful dripping wet wife. Slipping and sliding between her rain slickened thighs.

“Fuck me!!” She screamed as I kept driving into her. Sliding in and out of her in the rain was like sliding in and out of her in the pool. I would feel her heat, then coolness, then her heat, then coolness. I kept this up for a long time.

My wife was starting to get off again. I could big tits porno tell she was growing toward another huge orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in tight.

“Ahhhhh! Yes! Harder, honey, harder!!” She screamed.

I drove into my beautiful wife as she tried to hump her hips up into me with each of my thrust.


Dawn started coming, coming hard. She kept screaming as she jerked beneath me. A huge flash of lightning and an immediate burst of thunder.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! I’m coming!!!” She screamed as I felt her orgasm start around my cock and then run through her entire body. “Oh, fuck!!!” She screamed over and over for a minute or more as she trembled beneath me.

When her orgasm was about finished, she reached up and grabbed me and pulled me down to lie on top of her. She kissed me for several minutes.

“Are you about ready to go inside before we get hit by lightning?” I asked her.

“Oh, I was just hit by lightning!” She said to me then giggled.

“I get worried about you when you want to do this,” I told her.

“No you don’t, you love it too.”

“I love making love to you in the rain. I’m not sure about in a thunder storm.”

She pulled me down and kissed me again to the rumble of thunder. I looked at her face as she stared up into my eyes. A sudden smile grew on her lips.

“What?” I asked.

“Finish me and fill me full of cum and I will let you go inside you pussy.”

“What would you like?”

“From behind, nice and slow and hard.”

I got up and Dawn turned over and got up on all fours. About that time there was another flash of lightning and more thunder. The wind had also picked up and was blowing steadily. I grabbed my wife’s hips and eased my cock back into the only warm thing I could find.


I held her hips and slid out of her slowly, then rammed my cock back in hard.

“Oh god!! Yes!!”

I kept this up as the rain pounded us now and the wind blew harder. Dawn grabbed the arms of the chair to help hold herself up. I slid slowly out and rammed back into her for a few more minutes. She moaned and cried out each time I shoved back inside her.

“Oh god, keep going!! Harder!!”

I kept going and started thrusting into her harder and faster. She cried out each time. I held her tight and fucked her hard and fast. Despite the weather I was caught up in only pleasing my wife now.

“Oh…my…god!” Came from my wife. She was growing more excited and aroused as she was nearing another huge orgasm. “Ahhhhhh!!!” She screamed as I felt her hot pussy tighten around my swollen cock.

“Honey, I am about to fill you full of cum!” I screamed.


I held back as I felt Dawn’s pussy begin to squeeze my cock over and over. I knew she was about to explode and come hard. A minute later she screamed.

“Fuck…I’m coming!! Now!!!”

I felt her crush my cock with her strong pussy muscles. The two of us jerked and humped into each other and came together hard for a minute. More warmth in her insides from my hot cum.

“Oh my god!! That was great!!” Dawn screamed.

We laid on top of each other until a brilliant flash of lightning hit nearby.

“Fuck, let’s get inside!!” I yelled.

“No!! Get up!!” Dawn yelled at me over the pounding rain.

I got up and stood. Dawn got up and grabbed the lounger and pulled it back under the overhead deck next to the house. We laid down together.

“I’m not sure this is much safer,” I told her.

“You’re a pussy. Hold me.”

I held Dawn tight in the breeze. We were cool from being wet and the wind. She wrapped a leg around me and pulled the two of us close together.

“I love you,” Dawn said and kissed me.

“I love you too.”

We kissed for a minute then separated our lips.

“Dawn, you are a little crazy wanting to have sex outside during a thunder storm, why?”

“I always enjoying watching a thunderstorm through the windows when I was a kid. I asked my parents to go outside, I wanted to experience the power of the storm, but my parents wouldn’t let me of course. The first time we were outside having sex during a rain blacked porno storm and it started thundering and lightning the feelings I got from the storm aroused me incredibly.”

“I remember.”

“You kept wanting to go inside.”

“You kept telling me and to shut up and fuck you,” I said.

“I remember! And, you did.”

“Are you cold?”

“Yes, but it feels good.” Dawn said as she held me.

I held her tighter as she hugged me. We laid for a while then finally went back inside. Dawn led me down to the sunroom and we slipped into the hot tub. She slipped down in the hot water until it was up to her chin.

“Emmmmm,” escaped from her.

I watched my wife as she tilted her head back against the side of the hot tub and closed her eyes and soaked. After about 30 minutes we both got out and dried off and went upstairs to the bedroom. We both slipped under the sheets on the bed and I turned out the light. I spooned up behind her and held her in the dark.

“Did you get warm?” I asked.

“Yes, but you can hold me tight, please.”

I held her tight and pulled her body close to mine. The warmth of her ass pressing against my cock felt great after being cold. Dawn grabbed my hand and placed it between her breasts. I placed my hand over one of her breasts and felt it.

“Your hand is still cold,” Dawn said as I squeezed her breast.

“Well, your breast is warm, so it will warm it up.”

I played with Dawn’s breast for several minutes. I felt her nipple get hard and stand out.

“James, I can’t go to sleep now.”

Dawn reached back and found my cock and began playing with it. Her hand was warm, and it felt good. The longer we played with each other the more my cock grew. After a few minutes my cock was hard and poking into Dawn’s ass. I slipped my hand down and ran my fingers over her pussy lips.

“You’re already wet,” I said.

“I’m still horny.”

Dawn raised her leg and placed it over mine and pulled me to her.

“Fuck me again, in your safe warm bed,” she said with a giggle.

She held my cock as we worked around until I could slide it into her from behind. She pulled me tighter with her leg as I eased all the way into her pussy from behind. She took her hand and reached around and placed it over my cock and her pussy and felt me slowly begin to slip in and out of her. I held her tight and pushed my cock all the way in and held it there.

“Ahhhh…” eased out of her.

“Honey, we always end up like this on the few occasions that we make love in a storm. Why do you always feel so energized?” I asked.

“My mother always told me that I wanted to go outside in the storms because I could feel the energy from nature. She said her father would do that too.”

“He was the Cherokee medicine man, right?”


“Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you feel the energy from the storm?” I asked.

“Yes. I always feel more energized after I have been outside, you know that.”

“I just wanted to know.”

“Fuck me.” Dawn asked.

I held her as I slid my cock in and out of her pussy. Dawn was quiet as I kept doing it for a long time. I felt her pull me in tighter with the leg that was wrapped over mine. I knew from experience she would build to a nice strong, but gentle, orgasm.

“James, I feel you,” Dawn said.

“I know you do.”

The warmth of her insides and the on and off squeezing of my cock by her strong muscles kept adding to my own arousal. I kept going as Dawn moaned gently. She always felt incredible when we took it nice and slow. Time passed as we enjoyed the way each of us felt.

“James. I’m about to come.” Dawn told me.

I knew just to keep doing what I was doing and wait and hold on. It was several minutes later.

“Honey, I am going to come, now please.” Dawn whispered to me.

I felt her pussy muscles squeeze me as she started to shiver gently.


I slid all the way in until the end of my cock was pressing against the end of her tunnel. I let go and started filling her full of cum.

“Ahhhhhhh…oh god yes.” Dawn said as she shivered in my arms. I could feel the gentle waves running through her body as I kept pumping cum into her.

“You feel good,” I whispered in her ear.

“You do too.”

As we finished I kept holding her and kissing her gently on her shoulder and neck.

“James, I love you.”

“I love you too. Go to sleep.”

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