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Even as I felt my hands gliding down the firm soft skin of her back I couldn’t believe this was happening. Watching my hands massaging her small back until they reached the naked swell of her tiny ass I was mesmerized. Even though I knew it wouldn’t be going beyond this massage I was enjoying it. You see, or maybe you don’t see, this woman beneath my hands wasn’t my wife. She was one of my wife’s co-workers by the name of Jade.

Slowly and carefully I worked the knots out of her muscles, enjoying being able to help this beautiful woman relax. My hands knew what to do so my mind was free to wander, and wander it did. I found myself remembering what had happened earlier that day to lead to Jade laying nude on a towel on our apartment floor as my wife looked on.

It had started when we were getting ready to leave work and head home. Marge told me she would be delayed for a couple of minutes as she finished taking care of one of her patients, but she asked if I could help one of her co-workers.

“Dave, Jade has one hell of a headache. Can you work on her neck and see what you can do to help her?”

“Sure” I told my wife almost drooling at the thought of just getting a chance to touch Jade. Marge knew I was attracted to Jade, even though she was about ten years older than I was.

Jade was a tiny Oriental woman who stood about five feet tall and had that timeless beauty only the women from the Far East have.

As Marge walked away she stopped long enough to whisper in her friends ear. As I walked up Jade turned, looked at me and smiled slightly. Stepping up behind her as she sat at the Nurses station I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“Okay Jade, just relax.”

As I was saying this I touched her for the first time. Even as I thrilled at this I gently tipped her head forward while telling her to push her shoulders down. Resting my hands on her shoulders at the base of her neck I gently started rubbing. I could feel how tight her shoulders were and knew where her headache was coming from. To say her muscles were tied in knots would be an understatement. I didn’t find a knot in her muscles, I found a muscle in among the knots.

Slowly I worked on her shoulders and neck. I could feel her muscles slowly relaxing as I worked. What startled me though was her quiet moans as I massaged her. The feel of her body beneath my hands and the sounds she was making caused a reaction in me as well. To tell the truth I was glad she was leaning away from me, that way I wouldn’t get embarrassed. By the time Marge was done and walking towards us twenty minutes had passed. As I watched my wife coming over to us I was surprised to feel Jade shudder beneath my hands as she moaned quietly.

“Are you two ready?” My wife asked as she came up to us.

Hearing this Jade sat up and shrugged her shoulders as she turned around with an abashed grin on her face.

“Oh yeah, that felt great.” She told my wife.

As I stepped back and away to get my things I watched as my wife sat next to Jade. They whispered together for several minutes then I saw my wife nod and smile as she stood up. As she came up to me Marge turned and smiled at Jade. By the time we got home Marge was smiling and joking with me about how she had noticed I had been turned on by rubbing Jades shoulders. I couldn’t argue with her, she must have seen how I had reacted. I wondered though if she had noticed how her friend had reacted to my massage.

About six-thirty that evening right after she had received a call on her cell phone Marge mentioned that I should take a quick shower. While I knew it was hot out, and I was getting slightly gamy I didn’t think I was that bad. By the time I had finished my shower and had dried off, (yes it took her more than a little while to convince me to take the shower,) I could hear her talking with someone in the living room. Throwing on a pair of shorts I wandered out to see who she was talking with. To my surprise there was Jade sitting on our Futon, still wearing her Scrubs, and chatting happily with my wife. I couldn’t believe or understand this, but without missing a beat I said hi then went behind the counter in our kitchen to start making dinner. Thankfully dinner was a simple one. Chicken Stir Fry.

I should mention here that my wife and I lived in a rather small apartment. The kitchen was more of a Galley than a kitchen, but it still had enough counter space for me to cook in. (The rest of the apartment consisted of a living room and a bedroom with a bathroom off the bedroom.)

As I stood behind the counter cutting the chicken and other ingredients into small enough pieces I watched as Jade and my wife talked quietly. When Marge asked if she would like a drink Jade glanced my way then answered she would love a glass of wine. Hearing this I pulled a bottle out of the fridge and poured them each a glass. By the time we had finished dinner they had both drank several glasses of wine each, and I was glad I had limited myself to one can of beer. I knew I was going to be driving Jade home soon, there was no way casino siteleri I was going to allow her to drive after drinking that much wine. I wasn’t at all surprised when my wife started helping me clean up, but I was surprised when I heard the shower start up. Looking around in confusion I noticed Jade had vanished. Seeing this Marge just smiled then suggested I step out onto the Lanai and have a cigar while she did a few things around the living room.

Taking this suggestion as an order I sat out on the Lanai and picked up a book which I pretended to read as my wife closed the blinds so I couldn’t see into the living room. As I sat there smoking I could here the occasional movement through the still open door, then voices. This went on for bit until my wife stuck her head through the blinds and asked me to come in. As I stood she stopped me and told me to close my eyes, she would lead me inside. Thoroughly confused I did as she asked and was led inside. As I stood there in our living room she asked me if I was willing to do her a favor. When she saw me nod my head she said that was great, and asked me to wait just a minute longer. Several minutes later she told me I could open my eyes, which I did to see her laying full length on a towel at my feet. Laying there face down, her bare ass towards me, she turned her head enough to smile up at me and ask me to give her a massage. A “Full Body Massage.”

I couldn’t say no as this usually led to great sex on our parts, although I was a little concerned as to where Jade was. I hadn’t seen her leave and I didn’t want her driving while she was intoxicated. Marge must have sensed what I was thinking because she told me it was okay, Jade was taken care of and in no danger. Hearing this I smiled and kneeling astride my wife’s ass picked up the bottle of scented oil sitting next to her. Pouring the oil into my palms I warmed it slightly before spreading it on her upper back. Soon I lost track of everything except the feel of her skin against my hands as I massaged her. Hell I barely even noticed it when my hands skipped her ass and I worked my way up her legs. Finally though there was no mistaking the feel of her firm globes under my hands. I found myself looking down at her as I gently spread her cheeks while working the oil into her skin. Long before I was ready for this to end I was finished and she was squirming slightly beneath me. Rising up from her legs slightly I watched as she rolled over. Now I could let my hands and eyes wander over her body from the front.

I’m almost ashamed to say it but the thoughts of Jade had almost vanished from my mind as I slowly worked my way down my wife’s body. When I reached her breasts I could feel her nipples hardening under my palms as I gently rubbed the oil into her breasts. By the time I had reached her waist my wife’s breathing had quickened and she made a small sound of disappointment as I skipped over her lower body and went to work on her legs. She knew I was teasing the both of us by doing this and enjoyed it. By the time I had again reached the tops of her legs my mind was wandering, I was planning what I was going to do to her.

Marge was moaning as my hands got closer and closer to her sex. As I slowly worked the oil into her skin I watched as her lips slowly spread of their own accord revealing her pink inner lips. Bending down I found her scent almost irresistible. A mix of Cinnamon and her own special musky scent. Lowering my face even more I slowly slid my tongue around her lips making her moan as I tasted her. Marge sighed as my tongue slowly traced around her sex, then gasped as I sunk my tongue deep inside of her. Before either of us were ready for it my wife was moaning again as she shuddered into an orgasm. As she came down she smiled as she gently pushed my face away from the junction of her thighs.

“Oh that was great.” She told me. “Now I want you to do me another favor, okay?” Nodding in ascent I listened as she quietly kept talking. “I want you to stand up and take off your shorts. When you’re done stand over me so your legs are spread with your feet on either side of me.”

Standing up I did as she asked. When I was again standing over her my excitement was clearly evident to her. Looking up at me from where she was laying beneath me she smiled as she again started talking.

“Good, now close your eyes and stand there until I tell you otherwise.”

Closing my eyes I stood there as I felt her moving beneath me, after a couple of second I felt her hot mouth closing around me. As she bobbed her head on my shaft, sucking me deep into her mouth, I heard her moaning as she played with herself. As turned on as I was I quickly blew my load, but she didn’t sound disappointed as she told me to hold still for a few moments more. Once again I felt her sliding back underneath me, when she was ready she spoke again.

“Okay, now keep your eyes closed and squat down again and get ready to work on me again.” Doing as she asked I found myself kneeling astride her nude ass. As I sat there I felt her move slightly and again place the bottle of oil in slot oyna my hand.

“Good, now you can open your eyes.”

When I again opened my eyes I was surprised to see my wife kneeling in front of me with a large grin on her face. Looking down I saw I was now kneeling astride the small nude body of my wife’s co-worker. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I could feel myself going soft as I looked questioningly at the two of them. As I watched Marge smiling at me she motioned towards the bottle of oil in my hand. Looking at it I slowly poured some into my palm and leaning down I started rubbing it into Jades skin.


It was getting close to time for me to get out of work when Dave showed up on my floor. I still had several things to do and was wondering what my husband could do so he wouldn’t get bored when I remembered Jade complaining about her headache. From the way she was holding her shoulders I knew what was causing it, and how to keep my husband occupied while I finished up. There were also a few other things I knew. Things like how the two of them were attracted to each other yet wouldn’t tell each other. Dave wouldn’t mention his attraction to Jade because he was married to me, and Jade wouldn’t tell Dave about her attraction to him because of her past and because Dave was married to me.

Looking at Dave I asked him to work on Jades neck and shoulders to relieve her headache while I was busy. He just nodded as he stepped up behind her small body. Looking at them I smiled as he towered over her sitting form. As he reached down to massage her neck and shoulders she responded to his quiet words by leaning away from him. Dave was good at giving massages, he often relieved my stress by doing them. He had two types of massage. The first would relieve your stress, while. the second would not only relieve your stress but leave you willing to do whatever he wanted. As I walked away I saw him gently placing his hands on her neck and shoulders as he started working on relaxing her.

A short while later I walked down the hall towards the two of them. Jade was leaning away from my husband with her eyes closed as he stood there massaging her neck. Even from where I was I could see his pants bulging out, Dave was more than a little turned on just by touching Jade. As I came closer I heard Jade moan softly as she shuddered visibly under his hands. I almost laughed out loud knowing she had just had an orgasm, just from his rubbing her neck and shoulders. This gave me an idea.

As I came closer Dave finally saw me and pulled away from behind Jade. He looked almost guilty as he watched me come even closer. By the time I was standing beside him he had stepped away from my friend and had grabbed his bags. I motioned for him to head towards my locker as I sat down next to Jade. there was something I had to tell her.

“Hey Jade, are you okay?”

“Ummmm, yeah, I’m just fine.” she replied with a slow smile on her face. “Dave does know what he’s doing with his hands. Where did he learn that?” She asked.

“He learned that by working on me. You know I have a bad back. For a while he had to work on it almost every day.” I replied. “Hey, he can do even better than that. Tell you what, give me a call just before you get off work tonight. There are a few things I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay,” she told me with an almost dreamy smile on her face. “I’ll do that.”

Standing up I touched her lightly on the shoulder as I headed towards where my spouse was waiting for me. After punching out we headed home. Driving home I carefully kept the conversation away from Jade and what had happened in work. I wanted to work on something more before bringing that subject up again. Instead we talked about little things. After we got home and had gotten changed we sat around for a bit. At six thirty my cell phone rang and walking inside I answered it. Even before I answered I knew who it was. Jade and I talked for a little bit before I told her to come over.

“Dave does an even better job of massage when he isn’t rushed.” I told her.

When she asked me what I meant I told her that if he had the time and the place he could give a massage that would leave her like a limp dishrag.. She was quiet for a few minutes as this sunk in. When she again spoke she asked me if I knew what I was doing, and what I was asking of her and my husband.

“Oh yeah, I know what I’m planning.” I told her. “I know what’s going on with you, and I know my husband. This will be great if you want it to be.”

Jade’s reply was to quietly ask how to get to our place. Now I had to get everything else ready. I urged Dave to take a shower, knowing how he needed it after a day in work. I didn’t mind how he smelled after a long day, in fact it often turned me on, but I didn’t know how he would react if Jade showed up and he thought he was more than a little gamy. It took longer than I expected but I finally got him in the shower. (It took so long that Jade showed up while he was still cleaning up.) When Dave finally came out of the bedroom he was wearing a pair canlı casino siteleri of shorts and nothing else. When he saw Jade sitting on the futon next to me he stopped for a moment then went into the kitchen to get dinner ready. He did his usual great job making dinner. When he started cleaning up I whispered for Jade to head into the bathroom and take a quick shower while I told Dave to go out and relax on the Lanai for a bit. Much to my surprise he did as I asked. After Dave went out onto the Lanai I got things ready by spreading out a beach towel on the floor and getting out some of our massage oil. I had things set up by the time Jade had finished her shower.

When she stepped out of the shower I made sure to greet her wearing nothing more than what I planned on Dave seeing me in, which was a smile. As Jade finished drying her hair she looked up to see me standing nude in front of her. At first she was a little shocked but then she smiled in understanding as she looked me over. While she was doing this I took the time to look her over.

Even though she was older than Dave or myself by at least ten years her body didn’t show it. Looking at her I felt like a giant. Now I knew why Dave was so attracted to her. Her breasts were either small B-Cups or large A-Cups. She stood about five feet tall and was thin as a whip. Even though I was in great shape just looking at her made me feel overly large. Even her skin seemed young, it shone from the water left on it from the shower and had that dusky color of the Orient. Even though I was Hetero I felt myself getting wet just looking at her. Ignoring this I Lead her out into the living room while explaining what I was planning.

“What I want to do is have Dave give me a massage first. Then when he’s done I want him to give you a massage. What kind of massage he gives is up to you.”

“What do you mean?” She asked. “What kind of massages does he do?”

“Oh he does all kinds of massages.” I answered with a laugh. “He’s very talented with his hands. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

With a smile she nodded her assent. At my directions she moved back into the bedroom where she could watch without being seen. Once she was ready I stuck my head through the blinds and asked my husband to come in. Instead of just letting him walk in though I instructed him to close his eyes then guided him in. When he was standing just inside the door I quickly lay face down on the towel. When I was ready I told him to open his eyes. I could hear him start to say something then he saw me laying there on the towel with my ass facing him and a bottle of massage oil sitting next to me. After pausing for a few seconds I felt him kneel down astride me and saw his hand as he picked up the bottle of oil. I felt him shift above me as he got ready, then his hands gently started working the oil into my skin. I could feel myself responding to his touch as my muscles slowly relaxed. His hands slowly moved down my back, stopping at my waist. Then he paused as he moved off my legs and knelt between them. Now he worked his way up my legs, slowly making the knots in my muscles disappear. Slowly, ever so slowly he approached my ass again, Finally his hands were gliding over my cheeks, spreading them as he worked the oil into my skin. I knew he could see all along my crack eveytime he did this. I also knew that if I didn’t roll over soon he would start licking me down there and while I enjoyed it when he did that I didn’t want him doing it now, I had other plans. Coming to that decision I lifted my head and looking back over my shoulder at him told him to stand up so I could roll over.

When I had rolled over he knelt down astride my thighs again, this time he was looking down at me and could clearly see my tits standing away from my chest. It was funny that he didn’t seem to notice anything around us as he again started working on me. I could clearly see Jade looking out of the bedroom, watching us with a strange look in her eyes. I should say a strangely familiar look in her eyes, I had seen it often enough in my own eyes. Before long though my attention was drawn back to what Dave was doing as his hands slid over my breasts. I knew he could feel my nipples getting harder under his hands as he gently massaged my tits. Long before I was ready for him to stop working on my breasts his hands eased their way further down my body until he stopped just before he touched my sex. Again he moved down, this time I moaned slightly in disappointment. I wanted him to keep moving his hands down until he was playing with me, but this was a game he played with me. Almost but not quite playing with me. Making the both of us wait for it.

This time as his hands worked up my legs I let my them spread slightly more, giving him better access. When his hands reached the juncture of my thighs he could clearly see just how excited I was. When I felt his hands working the skin around my lower lips I again moaned quietly, although I tried to keep it quiet. I couldn’t help moaning though when I felt his breath, then his tongue on me. As kept up his ministrations I could feel my orgasm building until with another moan I came. As much as I liked this there was still something I wanted him to do. Pushing his head away I looked up at where he was kneeling between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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