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Cougar Commando

I took Jack by surprise when I rapped my arms around him and kissed him. I trailed my fingers down his back over his coat. Then I slowed down, he was so quiet I was afraid that I did the wrong thing. For a moment I quit kissing him and leaned back. In the pale green light I could still see him. I leaned up to kiss him again, I couldn’t fight the pull of his warm strong mouth. My left hand slid up his chest to his shoulder and clutched his hair. It felt as if silk was around my fingers while his tongue flickered with shear power and softness against mine, I was so turned on that I thought for sure I’d go mad.

His eyes turned warmer, his body loosened, and his kisses started to match my own. I was pushing against him, my thigh brushing against his knee and rubbing against his leg. It had been so long since I had done something with someone new, I felt so nervous inside. My hands found his small, cute ass and pulled him closer to me.

Then we both were holding still, looking at each other. My eyes lifted to meet his and I hoped he wasn’t going to judge. Awkwardness seamed to fill the space between us. I knew if I held still it was going to be way too uncomfortable. My hands reached inside of his jacket, trying not to shake, trailing my fingers down his chest, and then gently rubbed his nipple with my thumb through his shirt. Shudders rippled through him and he raised his hips forward. My fingers roamed over him, feeling his nipples and caressing the powerful muscles of his chest. Easily I slipped my hands under his shirt, hairs tickling my arm. This was the first densely covered hairy chest I had ever felt. His body began to relax and his hands found my chest. Gently he held me and tenderly squeezed my nipples. Our mouths came together, gently caressing each other’s tongues and running our fingers through each others silky hair. He was a better kisser than I had ever dreamed.

His body pulled me closer and I leaned against the door, ceasing all thought. On the narrowness of the soft bench we lay close together. I led the way by stroking his hip, nervously rubbing the curvy boneyness of his pelvic bone. We were so close to each other, his eyes almost looking into my mind.

Jack’s hand rested on my bare stomach. At first my body twitched against his hand, but his touch was light and I tried not to move. His fingers roamed the plains of my abdomen. The slight roughness of his fingers reminded me of his job, I’d watched him work so many times. He was good, very good, and rarely didn’t know how to fix a machine. The same intelligence and strength seemed to be showing now. His fingers moved slowly to meet my smooth silk bra. Points came out through the material, creating miniature mountains of hard wrinkled flesh on top of the two very large globes. His touch was so gentle my body felt like it was burning and my pussy was already drenched.

His eyes widened and, as my legs started moving in pleasure, his body became hard against me including his dick. With a curious eye, I slowly moved my hand down to his hip, trailed my fingers over his pelvic bone, and slid my hand against his thigh. He smiled and did the same in return.

A shiver of pleasure caused a moan to come from the back of my throat, causing my back to arch forward, pushing my chest against his, and moving my hand up to the warm hardness between Jack’s legs. The crystal blue globes of his eyes disappeared for a few seconds and he smiled at me.

Strong fingers reached around my back, molding my sides like clay beneath his hands, and unhooked my bra. His mouth descended upon mine and our tongues seamed to dance against each other. His mouth seemed to control mine, leading the way and caressing my bottom lip.

Four pops sounded, signaling the release of the top half of my body as my bra was pushed off. For a moment his eyes looked into mine and then descended down to my chest. I smiled, this was my most joyful asset, but I didn’t expect him to just stare. In the green hazy light coming from the radio’s clock in the dashboard I saw his hands slowly cup the undersides of my breasts and lift them to attention. Jack seemed to be astounded at the size of my tits. “Do you like?” I asked.

An odd grin came over his face. “Yes!” he half choked – half laughed, “Yes, I do!”

His tongue descended upon my chest, flicking the tip of my nipple with his tongue with such powerful strokes that it sent currents of electricity through my body. No man had ever had this effect on my body before. I leaned back against the door again, my head tilting back where my forehead was touching the glass and I could see the stars and my car at the same time.

Reality struck for a moment and I felt some guilt, but it quickly rushed away again as I remembered my best friend saying that I needed to start making myself happy. The adrenaline that was pumping through me collided and mixed with the alcohol I had been drinking earlier. I more than knew what I was doing, though, Jack was a sexy guy and I took the opportunity that had been given. By pleasuring him I would be making myself happy and hopefully him too, that was it and nothing more.

My türkçe altyazı porno hand trailed across his chest again, letting my fingers run between the hairs on his chest. The muscles in my pelvis tightened as my fingers fell onto the crotch of his jeans. He was hard, huge, and I was instantly transfixed on it. However much I may have wanted to go slowly, I couldn’t. My fingers found the buttons of his pants and pulled on the restrictive fabric. After a slight struggle, the button was freed and his zipper undone. Small, cute, underwear was found and he sat up to push them down. My mouth found his neck and massaged the tendons there with my tongue. He smelled so good, an arousing mixture of cigarettes, woodsmoke, and cologne that seemed to be making me so horny I was almost dizzy.

When I moved my hand a smooth, extremely large, very hard dick rested in my palm. “Damn,” I thought, “I figured he’d be huge, but, FUCK!” He leaned back, exhaling, and I took the opportunity to kiss him. My left hand roamed the back of his neck, my fingers ran through his hair, pulling him to me as his fingers flowed through the river of my hair and held me to him. His chest hair tickled my tits and I felt my nipples become even harder. His dick was a heavy fragile thing in my hands, I was so excited at seeing this wondrous creature that I could hardly contain myself. This marvelous thing was gorgeous and I instantly wanted it in my mouth. In some strange way he turned me on. In some odd way from the very first time I dreamed about him I knew that he would.

Jack’s long boney fingers, slightly callused from over use, trailed down my arm and cupped my hand making me hold him even tighter. Waves of electricity flowed through me like never before. I’d never been so turned on and so wanting to bring someone else more pleasure than was humanly possible.

I began kissing his chest, allowing my tongue to roam across his nipple then to the other, licking it teasingly, then trailing a path down to his bellybutton, and then back up again to his nipples before kissing him again.

With one last kiss and both of us pulling on the back of each other’s necks with desire, I leaned down to look at his dick for the first time in plain view. It was very muscular and good sized, but extremely long, the longest I had seen, and it was just perfect for sucking. His hand pushed against my head, I guess he didn’t know how much I enjoyed doing this. Tiny kisses flowed from my mouth starting at the head of his dick to down to near his balls. While his left hand was still clutched around my head, his other had begun to rub against my nipple, not grabbing it, but holding it in his hand and rubbing it against his palm. I inhaled deeply and he smelled wonderful. I finally kissed his head and opened my mouth and let him slide inside.

A slight moan was all I heard and then nothing. My tongue followed in line with my mouth, rubbing across the underside as my mouth slid up and down. In a minute he hadn’t moved much, just pushed his hip toward me. He was so silent I was worried he didn’t like it. First times happen with everything. As I leaned back my head and looked up he began to move and his eyes were looking down at me with a fixed grin on his face. When his fingers started running through my hair, I knew he liked it. I sucked as hard as I could, flicking my tongue along the underside of the head of his dick. He moaned and I slid my mouth down his wonderful cock. I had to struggle to get him down my throat he was so long and I still had room left! He moaned again and an incredible shiver of pleasure ran through me as my quiet, powerful, intelligent, Jack relaxed and let me take over as I proceeded to try to bring him as much pleasure as I could.

He was sitting so perfectly still that I didn’t know if he liked it for sure, then his hands moved to my shoulders and rubbed them lightly. His left hand suddenly moved and clutched the bottom of the steering wheel. This was my chance to see how good he thought it felt. My right hand grazed gently across his wrist, and had barely touched his hand before he held mine tightly. Slowly I forced my neck muscles to move my head in a faster rhythm. Every downward motion caused his hand to hold mine tighter. His dick was tasting better every second and my legs couldn’t hold still anymore. I hadn’t been this turned on in a long time from merely sucking like that and I hadn’t enjoyed it this much in a long time, either.

His hand was like a vise over mine now, but it didn’t hurt in the least bit. He let go and held onto the wheel again, I guess he thought it was hurting me. My left hand replaced my right caressing his dick with my thumb and fingers while moving in the same pace as my mouth. His right hand trailed down to my bare arm, his fingers running over my left elbow. For once the touch didn’t bother me on that sensitive spot where my arm had been broken years ago leaving a scar that no one could touch. I moaned and as his long boney fingers wrapped around my breast and two fingers rubbed against my nipple. I moaned his name as I caressed his extremely hard dick vivid porno in my mouth, but I don’t think he understood me.

On the verge of desperation I set up, still rubbing his stiff dick in my right hand, and held my left nipple near his face. His eyes looked through mine, I could almost understand what he was thinking. Jack had been fairly close, close enough that he didn’t want me to stop.

His tongue flickered across my tit and the whole world was centered around his mouth. “You have the kind of mouth that a woman with love to have eat her pussy,” I heard myself say before I realized exactly what I had said.

Jack just smiled. For the first time in a long time I realized that words were not the most important thing. I fell wanted, more wanted than I had felt in a long time and it was making me extremely horny. When he spoke it was like when Scott had spoken, the words went straight into the very depths of my soul and I was powerless against it in.

He stopped my hand, moaning and closing his eyes, his grip on my chest became even tighter and his tongue licking my nipple more insistently, but yet lighter and stronger than anyone’s ever before at the same time. His eyes looked up at me as if to demand what I wanted. I pushed my hips forward and I think he understood. Together we pushed off my jeans and underwear and both of us discarded our shoes onto the floor as we took off our pants completely. I was finished first, sitting awkwardly. When he was done, I started sucking his dick again after moving slightly so his fingers could reach my pussy, this time sucking him with all of the passion I had in my body. This man, this friend, was touching my body like it had been longing to be touch, but had never before.

His left hand rubbed against my knee and trailed slowly down my bare thigh. It seemed like forever before his strong hand reached my pussy. But he wasn’t rough like I was used to being touched, in fact his one simple finger barely touched me. That simple touch, however, sent shivers throughout my entire body. This gorgeous man, real man, was tempting my body in ways no other had in my entire life. I pushed against his hand with my hips, but he was insistent on the persistent light touch. I thought I was going to go mad.

Jack leaned his head back, his eyes tightly shut. I smiled as he did. My lips grew even tighter around his growing dick, getting even bigger than I could believe. My tongue rubbed harder against his source of pleasure. I wanted to hear him grown like he was making me. With all of the suction I could possibly create, I slowly pushed my mouth down the length of his dick. I started licking gently around the curves of his head, loving every piece of his huge tool. My eyes trailed down his chest, made even more sexy by the yellowish glow, and rested on the wonderful creature in front of me.

To my shock his dick was dark colored, probably purple, and the veins were almost popping out. To that point I had never seen a man’s dick look like that, but then again I’d never seen a dick that large before. His right hand rubbed against my cheek and then my ear. I let out a grown deep inside my self as his long boney fingers grazed along my forehead, ran through my hair, held the back of my head for a short time, then almost unexpectedly rapped his fingers in my hair strongly and then pulled my head back down on his dick. His finger pushed against my clit with more strength. The way my body was quivering inside I thought I was going to cum right then. His legs were shaking underneath him and I steadied him with my right hand as I held onto his perfect ass.

He groaned and said he was close. I tightened my lips, but rubbed my tongue softly against the now huge head of his dick and the underside of his large length. My right hand moved across his hip to his chest. His thick hair and gorgeous body turned me on even more as I pulled my head closer and pushed his wonderful cock even further down my throat.

Jack moaned and muttered, “Almost!” Warmth filled the space between my tongue and his dick. His body was shaking and he was cumming more than I could believe. His left hand left my clit and clutched my head. I didn’t have very much room to move but used my tongue and swallowed every bit of the best cum I had ever tasted in my life.

He was still shaking when he let go of my head and leaned back. I sucked every last bit I could but decided to slow down. I wasn’t done. Jack lay down with his head against the driver’s seat. My head lay on his chest with one of his hands in my hair and the other clutching my chest. His nipple was within tongue’s reach and I traced the line around it, through this fine but dense hair.

We talked for a little bit, but not much, mostly about work and small stuff. He started to lean up and said something about what time it was when I shook my head no. I moved my left leg gently over between his hip and the seat. My bed would have been more appropriate. Carefully I strattled above him, all too conscious of my frame versus his. My hands moved up his chest and I hovered above him. Tenderly I kissed his muscular woodman casting porno shoulder and then his neck. Soft kisses were placed up his neck to his lips, his wonderful lips. My tongue traced his top lip and he opened his mouth to return the wonderful kiss.

My hips moved gently against his and my shaved pussy slid against his dick. His reaction was instant against me, but his eyes seemed to open wider with wonder.

The head of his dick hit my clit and I moaned from deep within. “This is just between two friends… Two very good friends,” kisses drowned out the rest of the thoughts. Except one. I’d never really had sex with anyone I wasn’t deeply in love with, but there were feelings of deep respect for his intelligence, control, and friendship. I felt safe in his arms, more passion coming from him than I had ever felt before.

Jack’s rough but light hands moved over my hips to reassure me, moving me even more against him. His tongue moved to my tit, making me squirm even more against his growing dick. The gentle feel of the hair that so sexily framed his dick rubbed against the insides of my legs and my ass. His dick, which had never completely went limp was growing again, parting the lips of my pussy completely around his smooth length. His strong hands held my tit up to his mouth while the other clutched my ass, grinding my pussy harder against him. His tongue was burning up my tits while his dick was pushing harder and harder against my aching pussy. Never in my life had I been this out of control inside.

My eyes closed again, I felt light-headed from the amount of blood flowing to my pussy. His wonderful cock was slick from my own juices, rubbing in a steady rhythm against my clit that was about to make me scream in ecstasy. I felt my own hair slide down the back of my ass where his hands were pushing me against him. I was leaning backwards again. God, did I always do this when I was overly turned on? Every forward movement began to make me moan.

“Move over!” he instructed, having me sit on the passenger’s side. Before I knew it, he was between my legs again, half-standing and leaning against the dashboard. The head of his dick rubbing against my clit softly. I tried to push against him, but I couldn’t very much. His slow, steady rubbing against me almost made me cum right then. I started moaning and rubbing his hips, trying to pull him closer. He seamed persistent at teasing me and I loved it!

His mouth on mine was insistent, but his eyes were almost hesitant, we both knew it was wrong, but it was too late to care. The desire to feel his dick deep inside of me was starting to overpower my senses. The tower of his massive shaft slid along my pussy getting deeper each time and making me shudder every time he became closer to pushing inside of me. He smiled as I moaned, almost relishing the fact that he was driving me deeper into insanity with every small thrust. My body was turning from leader to the helpless victim of my deepest desires. I wanted Jack more than I had ever wanted anyone.

Finally he gave in and the head of his dick slid halfway inside of me. He was even bigger pushing into my pussy then he was in my mouth. I heard myself moaning and saying his name as I clutched a hold of his shoulder and his head while his tongue caressed mine. He seemed like he was waiting on me, so I pushed the rest of the way, moaning from the pleasure, and soon half of his length was inside me. I moaned so loudly it caught both of us off guard. He was just so big! I held him, kissing him as his cock gently started moving inside me. The next stroke sent his dick deeper inside of me, forcing my body apart. I moaned and screamed against his mouth at the same time. His dick stopped moving but his mouth was persistent against mine.

Then he stopped and moved my legs, which ended up with my feet resting straight up flatly against the roof as I was scooted down the seat. He repositioned himself above me and started moving inside me again gently, so gently, that it was driving me absolutely crazy. Nobody had ever been so gentle, he didn’t push further into me like most men already would have, just slowly moving even deeper as his dick became even more slick inside of me. I tried to move against him, but I couldn’t very well. This actually turned me on even more because I couldn’t move. He was hitting my G-spot and I began moaning even louder. My pussy was absolutely on fire, becoming so absolutely wet as my muscles started to twitch and contract, even in my legs. I was moaning almost every other thrust, clutching his hip and trying to pull him closer to me.

I wanted him, deeper inside of me. “Please, Jack,” I begged, “let me on top!” He laid back down and I took his dick in my mouth again for a few minutes, rubbing my tongue over his cockhead and down his shaft. He seemed almost to be holding his breath from the pleasure, then pulled me forward and I moved back over him. His hands grabbed my tit and my shoulder, my body started to slide against him again, then tilted and the next forward stroke missed my clit and nudged my pussy apart. He pushed against me and he was inside me again. I heard myself moaning and saying his name as I clutched a hold of his shoulder and his head while his tongue caressed mine. When his mouth left mine, it trailed down to my chest I started to loosen against him. His tongue circled my nipple and flicked across in his wonderful fast pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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