It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 13

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It was intentionally written without names

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

…the first day of the rest of my life.

Tuesday morning I woke to her rolling out of bed headed for the shower, her naked ass mesmerizing me. I followed her, but with both of us having to go to work it was just a fun soap down, even if it did include lots of titty groping and nipples in my chest hair…

She had class that night, but would be back Wednesday after work. We were all giggly and grins, trying to not have to let go of each other in the parking lot.

I took the first memory card from the first day of competition with me to work so I could duplicate it on the computer at work. I figured it was a pretty safe one to give to the electronics store manager started with since it was just the first walk through on the stage and then the showers.

The overnight tech shook her head at me when I came in, seems I had a bit of a grin on my face for some reason. “I’m not EVEN going to ask how the weekend went…” she said as she went out the door.

Gee, was it that obvious? We played phone tag most of the day, each calling while the other was in the middle of something. I did let the boss know that everything went well with the manufactures rep and that we would become a beta site. For some reason I neglected to tell him about getting a real hands on experience with her… hmmmmm?

I went down to the electronics shop when my second shift tech came in to deliver the first memory card and warn him about watching it in private the first time, and probably not at work, all he could do was grin. I also got a copy of a basic editing software that goes with the video camera so I could split off some of our wilder scenes from the ones I was going to give him copies of.

I grabbed a pizza on the way home, sitting there nibbling and looking at her things around the apartment. Her jeans still crotch up on the back of the couch, her bag just inside the door with bikini’s hanging out from her bra search this morning, her empty bottle of what ever on the counter waiting to be run through the dishwasher.

I ran the dishwasher, then got the rest of our stuff from the van that we didn’t unload Monday, her trophy for second place in her division, her little tiara, her plaque for fourth overall in the region. I put them on the edge of the kitchen island where they wouldn’t get bumped, then unpacked her bag into the drawers I had already cleared for her other stuff. Putting all her bikinis in the laundry hamper along with her shorts and tank tops, but not before enjoying her scent on them…

She called just after I got out of the shower. Seems her red hair went over real well at the office. The guys taking notice of her, and some of the women not appreciating their own loss of attention. There was a bit of a presentation in the break room at lunch, seems one of her co-workers downloaded the competition announcement and put it up on the big screen. It didn’t have her picture, but when one of the ‘snooty bitches’, as she called them, made a comment about it couldn’t be her it got her dander up.

“I took my jacket off, rolled up my sleeve, and curled my arm. The room got quiet, and the snooty bitch just stared. ‘Honey you want to come over here and argue with this, come right ahead!'”

“Oh that must have been priceless…”

“Somewhere amongst all the guys crowding around she managed to slip away. Didn’t see hide nor hare of her for the rest of the day. I did have a nice conversation with one of the partners though, he used to be a collage football player, did some semi-pro before having knee problems and going to law school.”

“…what did he have to say…” A high dollar lawyer taking an interest in …mmmy girl…

“Not much, we were taking weight lifting regiments until his wife came back in. She’s one of the other partners.” WHEW! A wife…

“So you’ve stepped up a notch around there?”

“I don’t know about that, but I’m definitely not just another paralegal any more.”

“Well hell, I could have told them that…” she giggled a bit at my comment. “So how did class go.

“Except for a few raised eyebrows at my red hair… nothing out of the ordinary… I miss you…”

“I miss you too…what time will you be here tomorrow?”

“Not sure, I’ve never made the run north from downtown at that time of day.”

“OK, well we’ll see who gets home first. Don’t forget to bring your laptop so we can edit the movies and sort out all the pictures. I got the software from the electronics shop that comes with the video camera so we can go through things.”

“OK, I’ll see you tomorrow…bye.”

“See you then…bye.” I hung up picturing her baring her arm and flexing in the middle of a bunch of lawyers… ankara escort that would have been a good one to have a picture of…

Wednesday was the slowest day I have ever had. There were three accidents to go around on the way to work. Nothing to do but stare at machines and give out a little change all day, I mean absolutely NOTHING broke down!

When the mid shift tech came in I was out the door in a mater of minutes. I made it home in record time…to an empty apartment. I no more closed the door and the phone rang. “Hello”

“Hey babe, what you doing?”

“Just got in the door.”

“Good, we need to make a quick run and pick up a few things. What say we do that and get something to eat while we’re out?”

“And come back here for desert?”

“I was hoping you’d say that. See you in a bit depending on traffic.”


The next half hour was the longest IN MY LIFE!

Then the door opened, and she ran to the bathroom…LOL Seems the drive was a little longer than she anticipated. She came scurrying back out with her skirt around her waist pulling her thong up. She grabbed me, picked me up, and about crushed my chest while sucking the very breath out of me.

When she managed to put me down and I caught my breath, “So you did miss me a little?” that earned me a scowl. “So what’s the big shopping trip? New dress?”

She grinned at that. “That’s a nice idea, but no. We need to get a laptop and two cell phones.”


“I can’t use my work laptop for some of our video editing, because they are software locked. And I don’t want to keep playing phone tag!” I grinned at that. “And I have my prize money to spend so I thought I’d start with some things for us!”

She pulled me close for another nice kiss, but without the body crushing hug. I reached around and grabbed her ass, getting a nice moan for my efforts, but she pulled back when I began working her skirt up her ass. “Uh uh, we have shopping to do, and I want a nice evening out.”

She tossed me my jacket and we were out the door. She even insisted on taking her car. She practically skipped into the mall. First stop was the computer store. The sales guy loved attending to such a lovely lady…right up until he found out she had talked to the company IT guy and knew what she needed. Except for the adapter to be able to hook it to the AV connections on the TV it was straight from the notes, we got a good solid mid level unit without spending a fortune.

The vender at the cell phone kiosk was a bit happier. Along with some nice cleavage it seems we had to get something with good cameras to be able to send things back and forth.

Then we were off…to the first restraint I took her out to! After she had a short whispered conversation with the hostess, we were seated in one of the back corner booths. As soon as the hostess left us she slipped off her jacket, NICE!

Under her jacket she was wearing a sleeveless silk blouse. I could see her nipples standing out a bit and the texture of her lace bra. What she did next made me want to drag her out the door…to hell with the meal. She reached for her waist and pulled her top out of her skirt, reached up behind her and unhooked her bra. She then unbuttoned her top down well below her bra, reached in, slipped the straps over her arms out through the sleeve holes before reaching in the front and lifting it out, nothing unusual so far…but then she set it on the table beside her in plain view!

She was leaning back with her nipples standing out when our waitress arrived. The waitress stopped still for a second, then she and my girl grinned at each other while taking our order. As soon as she left I scooted around the table to sit beside her, obviously looking down her top. She leaned forward and turned enough to give me a nice look at most of her right tit, with a hint of nipple with just the right angle.

We kissed and groped a bit, I know we actually tried to carry on a conversation but to this day I couldn’t tell you what we talked about. I caught the waitress and asked for our food to go. She just smiled and handed me the food already in foam containers. My girl slipped her jacket on and tucked her bra in the pocket, leaving the straps hanging out… think she was feeling a bit worked up? Since I was being groped all the way home while she had her shirt pulled open to bare her tits I think it was a pretty good guess.

She ran up the stairs ahead of me, stripping her jacket off as she went through the door. I turned to set the containers on the counter and take my jacket off. When I turned back to her she was down to her thong, and it was going down her legs as I watched. As I pulled my shirt off there were hands on my slacks. I did manage to grab and keep then up long enough to kick off my shoes off before they were unceremoniously yanked out of my hands to my ankles.

She leaned forward and sucked me in a few times, then pulled me by that same hard cock around the couch and laid me out escort ankara on the floor. NO, she didn’t knock me out, but she laid me back and mounted me like a woman possessed so it had almost he same effect on me.

I did manage to not cum as she sank down on me, but after looking down her shirt at the restaurant and playing with those delicious tits and nipples in front of me I didn’t last too long. “OH SHIIII…” I exclaimed after only a few strokes, grabbed her hips, and did my best to fuck her and fill her from underneath.

I kept it up for as long as I could pumping everything I had into her, then collapsed, arms falling to the floor, with my cock still buried in side her. Even sitting astride me I could feel her pussy squeezing and working me keeping me from going completely soft. “Is this a new kind of work out?”

“One of my favorites…” She pushed down hard on me and I could swear I felt her pull me up into her.

“Mmmm, I think it might just be one of mine also.” She leaned forward to give me a soft kiss. “But you didn’t…”

She just smiled at me, “So that means you’ll have to do me again later…”

I just slapped my forehead, making her erupt in giggles. Damn! Giggling woman with muscled pussy around your cock is NICE!

She leaned forward enough to let her nipples touch my chest, “A girl could get used to this…” and gave me a light kiss before rolling off me, my now thoroughly wet cock slapping my stomach as she released it.

We laid there for a few minutes, then her eyes flashed open, she grinned at me, then rolled up to her knees and scurried off to the bedroom keeping her legs together. She came back with two butt plugs, her small metal one that I bought her, and a medium regular plug in bright pink. She held them out to me, “Would you mind?”

As soon as I took them from her hand she kneeled down beside me, taking my limp cock in her mouth as she did. Evidentially the metal plug was a bit colder than she expected it to be, because she squeaked around my cock when I ran it through her almost dripping lips to lube it up.

However she did groan and fall forward on my cock when I gave it a slight twist and slipped it into her ass, taking me all the way to my balls. Even though I was starting to firm up a little, I was definitely soft enough for her to take in, and even soft I was thoroughly enjoying her licking and sucking and squeezing me.

When I slipped the pink plug in her pussy she groaned and trembled a bit, so I pulled it back out and just held the largest part just barely in her pussy while I stroked her clit with my thumb. She began to squirm back and forth between my cock and the plug in her pussy, and I could feel her trembling more and more under my thumb.

As she went down on my cock again I followed her with the plug and drove it home while putting my finger up and over the jeweled plug in her ass forcing them both as deep as I could. At the same time I was stroking her clit from side to side, making it pop out from under my thumb on every stroke.

She was no longer holding herself up on her arms, she had collapsed on me, cock still in her mouth, hard tits and nipples in my belly while I kept her pussy and ass stuffed and her clit under attack.

I was rewarded with a spasming woman on me groaning around my cock, and even though she tried to stay up on me, she rolled off to her side gasping and squealing while I kept up the assault on her ass, pussy, and clit. As soon as I pulled back from her clit she collapsed, my hand still trapped between her legs against her plugs, breathing hard next to me, tits and nipples rising and falling with her impish grin between them.

She did release my hand from between her legs and drug herself around on to my chest, “Don’t think this gets you out of a good fucking later mister.” We laid there a bit until her stomach started growling, making her giggle, and then reach for her crotch quickly. Seems she was full enough that the plug didn’t want to stay in place by itself in her pussy!

I got up and got one of her string bikinis to pull on so she could go reheat supper. It had somehow gotten cold while we had been messing around for the last hour…jeez!

She wasn’t very steady on her feet with both plugs in her, but she managed to get supper re-heated while I got the laptop out and hooked up the adapter to the TV so we could start going through the videos while we ate.

It was rather comical hearing her critique herself from the video. Pointing out all the things she should have done differently. When we switched over to the shower video I stopped it and began putting the first part over to another file while she picked up the plates. I did my best not to chuckle when she almost dropped the plates getting up in a hurry, she forgot about her plugs…

While I was separating the files she was looking around the apartment, poking her head into the small spare room. The glint off her chrome and jeweled plug caught my eye, “What ya lookin’ ankara escort bayan for?”

She turned to me smiling, “Thinking about how we’re going to get everything in here…”


“Well I thought my weight bench would go in here, but what are we going to do with two beds and two couches and stuff?”

“It’s not like I have a lot in here, so we could just bring it over and see how it fits and go from there.” She was walking back toward me, her muscles rippling under her skin just enough to distract me.

“And what about the beds?” she stopped right in front of me and rotated her hips forward letting her pink plug filled pussy into view.

“What about them?”

“Well yours in newer, but it would be a bit crowed if we had… company…”

I reached out and lightly stroked her landing strip with the back of my finger, “And we WOULDN’T want anyone to ACCIDENTIALLY roll off the bed in the middle of the night now would we?…”

Now she was grinning and biting her lip. I pulled her closer to be able to lean over and kiss her mound beside her landing strip. “I was thinking the same thing, but what ever will fit is what we’ll do. I’m not sure either of them will fit in the spare bedroom…”

“Do you have a yard stick or something around here?”

“There’s a tape measure in the bottom kitchen drawer.”

She leaned down to give me a nice kiss then scooted off to the kitchen, a few gasps along the way. I heard her rummaging in the drawer, and then she was back and forth all over the apartment while I finished splitting the video.

She came back with a grin and scooted in behind me, reaching around to stroke my firm cock. “I think it will all fit. A bit crowded, but we can see from there.”

“Ready for the other video?”

“What’s on this one?”

“More showers and your final competition performance.” I hadn’t said anything about the one the blond and I made in the room yet.

I hit play, and settled back against her, enjoying her tits in my back and her hand on my cock while we enjoyed the show. She pointed out various ‘couples’ in the shower that I hadn’t noticed. I was getting almost hard watching these women lather each other up while she was stroking me, when I realized what was coming up on the video and that I had been hearing our booth conversation in the background pretty clearly.

I could hear the running conversation, and tried to lean forward to shut the video off, but she held me tight. I tried to protest, but she kissed the side of my neck and held me close. The real shock came when the screen filled with a bright red landing strip and glistening pussy lips.

I heard myself telling the girlfriend off in the back ground while I watch her lips on the screen. Listening to myself telling the girlfriend I loved my girl. GOD I HOPE SHE DOESN’T LEAVE ME…

I saw the landing strip leave and the view of the showers come back into view, the table shake a bit when I leaned on it, then the landing strip came walking by and the conversation start back up. I could move, I didn’t dare turn or say anything…

She reached around me and hit the pause, turning my head to her,…she was smiling! “I love you too…” and pulled me around for a nice soft kiss, the most special, gentlest, and yet firmest kiss I had ever gotten.

When she came up for air, I had to ask, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

She thought about it for a minute, “Not sure really… I think at first I was shocked.”

“About what?”

“Everything…what you said about me…what you said about the way my girlfriend had been treating me…the whole thing.” She was kind of staring off in the distance, so I let her think. I reached out and let the video roll, getting the last of the booth conversation. I kept working the video, getting it cut into proper segments while she cuddled behind me.

I got things split up and began patching the stage walks together. When she slid out from behind me and held out her hand for me to get up. She led me to the bedroom and pulled me back on the bed on top of her.

I supported myself on my elbow, and brushed a lock of red hair out of her eyes. “I do love you…”

“I know…”

For as many times as we had fucked and just plain had sex, this time we made love…

Touching and caressing, feeling each other’s breath. Her hard nipple in my palm, the heat of her pussy rising to my hard cock. The feel of my fingers sliding through her lips, and the taste of her while I licked them off as she grinned up at me. The little whimper as I pulled the plug from her pussy and bumped the one in her ass, sliding slowly into her velvet pussy and wanting to stay buried in her. Feeling her pussy ripple around my cock as I tried to keep it deep in her as she pulled me close.

I slid in and out of her slowly, enjoying every little ripple of her around my cock. Barely coming out of her to be able to feel her lips spread around my cock again as I drove back into her, rocking on her hard tits in my chest. Faster and slower, hard and gentle, until we could no longer take it.

She raised her legs and put her heels into my ass and pulled me in hard and deep. “Fuuuuuck meeee…” so slutty and yet so feminine…

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