Island Escapades Ch. 02

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**this series of stories was written as a sequence of letters in the style of a man writing a memoir. Some of the events are actual memories of mine while others are fantasy; some are memories touched by fantasy. Although written in the first person, I tried to leave the identity of the couple vague to allow the reader to insert their own identities into the story**

Chapter 2: Arriving at the Waterfall.

We didnt speak much over the next 10 minutes or so. Maybe it was the heat, maybe the gorgeous tropical scenery. Maybe it was the mind blowing (amongst other things that blew) sensual diversion we just shared. Either way, we were content to hold each other and giggle and moan as we go along. After another hour or so we come up to a clearing and both gasp at the beauty of our destination. A natural waterfall and a small lake hidden away in the woods! We found a smooth outcropping of rocks along the edge and set toward it. At first we sat there holding each other with our feet in the water. I kissed you on the back of your neck. You said some thing silly about being all sweaty but that feigned embarrassment just made me kiss you more. I didnt care how sweaty you were and in fact I like your salty taste in the humid tropical heat. I encourage you to go for a swim and you found the water to be cool enough to cool you down but warm enough to not get cold.

I asked you to come over while digging into my rucksack and you finally saw what I’d been hiding in there all afternoon…a bottle of wine and two glasses. You took the glass and lay back in the water against a rock that looked like it had been carved out for your body. Your firm, perky breasts were just breaking the top of the water and naturally you caught me taking glances at them as we sipped our wine. I joined you on rocky chair enjoying how the cool water of the natural pool eased our achy muscles.

Then you felt your right leg being lifted up. My hands were kneading your calf muscles gently but firmly. I asked you to close your eyes, lean back, and just enjoy yourself, but first, to remove your bikini top. My mischievous smile gives away my ultimate intention. Off the top came and you lobbed it at my head landing it on my shoulder. Back you leaned sticking your leg back up and with a demanding little “ahem” you suggest I should pick up where I left off.

I continued, and the feel of my touch was electrifying your body. Every stroke sent tingles to your pussy and little by little you could feel your pussy tingle. I switched to your left leg and pulled it around me so that your legs were spread around my waist. My hands became more eager, working their way up your legs and massaging your outer then inner thighs until I was directly next to you rubbing your groin under the water. The suddenly both my hands grasp your butt and I pulled myself all the way to you. I began immediately to devour your mouth setting off a soft moan as you threw your arms around my neck.

Our tongues danced around each other and we sucked each other’s mouths. My cock was already fully erect under the water. How could it be possible to want somebody so much? We began to moan and grunt and ripped our bottoms off and threw them onto the grass. I pulled you onto me and you wrapped your legs tightly around me. My hands were roaming your back, your ass, and then pulling your hair to give myself access to your neck. You could feel my breath and kisses on your neck and they were driving you crazy. But when I started sucking and nibbling on it you went wild and started buckling and humping against my stiffness.

I lifted you onto the grassy edge and parted your legs, your womanhood open and ready. You were panting heavily as my tongue made contact with your swollen clit and immediately started to flick it back and forth. It was just tiny flicks but you were so swollen, so sensitive that you screamed out with pleasure. My hands slid across your torso to your breasts and my fingers rubbed and circled your nipples. Your insides began to spasm the more my tongue made passing glances on your engorged little pleasure button.

I moved one of my hands between your legs then and began to swirl my fingers just inside the lips spreading the slickness coming out of you. I wanted to give you something a little more substantial so I slowly slid a finger up into you and curled it back against your g-spot. You nearly jumped up at that intensity of the stimulation but you grabbed mofos porno onto the grass and dug your heels in for what was to come. My mouth descended onto your clit again and I began to hum while my finger made circular strokes inside of you. You were so close and soon white-hot spasms of pleasure began to emanate from your pussy. It grew redder and redder as blood flowed to your tenderness making it tighter and juicier than I can remember. Everything was building and the pressure inside of you was reaching the breaking point. In and out my fingers worked you, slurps and sucks on your clit while I moaned and hummed on it. You began to push against my hands, squeezing from your core and then, oh my god. You were gushing like I had never seen, my hand was drenched and then, suddenly, with a violent snap you had one giant spasm and a stream of thick, frothy cum began seeping out of your hole. I kept licking it all down as your inner muscles contracted pulling my finger in over and over.

When the gusts of liquid subsided and your were jerking and spasming in ecstasy, I just continued to gently suck and slurp your sensitive tender pussy lips enjoying the flavour of your juice in my mouth. My head finally came to rest on your belly and we both slid into the water. You were mostly just limp in my arms when you felt my cock take position in between your thighs. Whether or not you were too sensitive to take me at that point we’ll never know because you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t fight, all you could do was hold on to me as I began to have my way with you. I pulled your legs around my waist and the bulge at the end of my cock easily found its way just inside your hole. The orgasm you had left you tighter than usual but the oily slickness remained and in one slow thrust I was able to fully fill you up with my manly engorgement.

We both gasped as my cock hit the deepest spots of your insides and you squirmed your hips to adjust for my size, stiffness, and angle. Your lithe limp body in my arms was just shooting pleasure through me and my head was primed to enjoy itself. I started to pound you and felt the water massaging my balls as I thrust. God you felt so good, the water, the sound of the waterfall splashing in the water, I could no longer hold back. Nor could you it seemed. As I thrust, my pubic bone caught your overly sensitive clit. Your clit was already more sensitive than usual after a few more seconds of pounding under the water your nails dug into my back and you began to spread your legs wide and cum again. It wasn’t the biggest, or the most powerful, but the swirling water around your pussy lips, that filled, stretched feeling of my cock and groin pounding against your mound, and the weightlessness of the buoyancy all led to you another ecstatic release. I could do nothing but grunt and curse your cunt spasms around me and forced me to explode inside of you – blasting your insides with my hot stickiness. Your pussy kept squeezing and milking me and I just kept oozing hot sperm into you.

After filling you up with myself, we just float there for a while. All quiet except for the bubbling of the waterfall. We kissed and just stared at each other, our genitals refusing to let each other go. You were clenched on me and I was not going anywhere. The best part was we had all the rest of the day and night to fill you up even more.

We reluctantly got out of the water and lay naked in the sun at the edge of the lake. It was quite late in the afternoon but it was still very hot and humid. After feeding each other berries and apples and sipping more wine, you slid back into the water and floated around on your back so that I could enjoy your beautiful feminine form. My eyes scanned you up and down enjoying the sight of your breasts, your hips, your tiny pussy. I got in the water and in my best way swam over to you. You looked like the lady of the lake and I wanted you once again. I grabbed you and lowered my mouth down to your nipple. Once again, the embers in desire inside you flared up. How could you still be so aroused after so many mind-blowing orgasms? How could I be ready so soon?

As we did so, I gently guided you along to the waterfall. Looking up, I noticed something behind that little cave behind the water. I beckoned you to join me but for the moment you were content to watch my naked bum and muscular back traverse the rocks as well as my trying to avoid stubbing my cock moms girl porno against the rock face. Eventually, I disappeared behind the waterfall and you finally followed me up my path into a cave like alcove! We looked out of the cave at the falling water and could see mist created rainbows floating in the air. You stuck your hand out to play with the water as I rubbed your shoulders.

When you turned back around you saw me smiling and you stared at my muscular frame, my rigid cock pointing straight at your belly, and enjoyed how I just oozed masculine sex and that I was all yours. Not a few moments later, your little hands began to roam my broad chest and traced little circles around my nipples. I didn’t move in order to give you the freedom to explore me fully and you kissed my body all around every inch. Your hand traced my abs and down the sides of my groin and your kisses turned to licks and light nips as you went further down my abs. My breathing began to get heavier and heavier, particular when you licked down the side of one of my balls. I tensed and moaned as you licked up the other side slowly and sensually. Then you wrapped your tiny hand around my girth and held my cock upwards as you licked the shaft and around the balls until you found your way underneath to my sensitive spot.

My fingers wrapped themselves into your hair as you guided your mouth back to my cock. You licked the tip and then opened as wide as you could ready to take me as far as you could. Inch by inch you took me into your mouth and set me trembling, my hands gripping your hair tighter with every inch of me that disappeared into your throat. Going as far as you could you began to swirl your tongue and hummed creating an intense vibrating suction as you pulled back.

“AHHHHHH fuuuck” I cried out as you moved back down my cock lodging the tip at the back of your throat. You used your left and to cup and fondle my balls while the right twisted and jerked along the few inches of shaft that couldn’t fit. The pleasure you were giving me was so intense and seeing me completely at your mercy made you drip wetness out of your slit. My cock twitched in your throat and you know I was getting close. Although you desperately wanted to fuck me right then and there you wanted to give me as much pleasure with your mouth as I did you earlier.

Your tempo increased, jerking and twisting, creating suction and bobbling up and down until I started to tremble and shake. My balls tightened in your hands. With a deep breath you pushed my cock as far back as you could manage and then it went off. I erupted, growling and shouting as my volumes of cum shot down your throat blast after hot blast. You swallowed quickly and furiously, your mouth throat and hand milking my dick and making me grunt loudly with each contraction of your swallowing sucks.

My legs gave way and I fell to the ground with you. I was spent and you held me close for a while. I needed to pleasure you again but you would not let me. All you would allow me to do is lie in your arms until eventually I fell asleep in your embrace. You stroked and caressed my hair for a while as you cradled me against your breast and eventually fell asleep with me.

What you awoke to you could not have guessed. As your vision came back into focus you looked down and I was already there lapping and mewling your pussy with gusto. When your brain connected to your loins you could already tell how gushing wet you were and then suddenly how intense the feelings were coming from your pussy. When my finger suddenly slid up your ass you yelped. Mmm, finally, your body and mind were back with me and I knew you were ready for what I had planned.

I just kept sucking your clit into my mouth with strength while fucking your ass with my finger till you legs spread even wider to give me more access to your sensitive bits. When I knew you were good and ready, I got up to my feet and pulled you up to join me.

Once standing, we moved the foot or so up to the alcove opening so that some of the spray from the waterfall was splashing against us. I moved around to the side of you and caressed your body front and back at the same time. I was cupping your breasts, rubbing the cool mist into their soft skin while simultaneously rubbing your upper back. Down they went until one hand cupped your pussy mound while my fingers from the other gently parted your ass cheeks allowing momsbangteens porno misty water to run in between them and my finger once again finding its way to that tight puckered little hole.

Then a drop of water ran down your asshole. The chill it sent you forced a contraction that I timed perfectly. As your ass squeezed, it swallowed up my waiting finger. This forced your hips forward and your spine to straighten, which was precisely what I wanted. As they did so, my other fingers nestled into your slit on either side of your clitoral hood. You were exactly where I wanted you.

You spread your legs a bit and wrapped an arm on my shoulders to keep your balance and I began to fuck you with my fingers front and back. Each thrust of my finger into your ass pushed your hips forward that just made your clit rub further against my fingers. I moved them both equally in and out at the same time. Every push into your ass hole was met with a slide of my finger down over your clit and into your pussy hole. Every pull out of your ass was matched by a stroke of your pussy up and out. Stroke after stroke. Thrust after thrust. Finger fuck after finger fuck your moans became yelps and then screams. But I didn’t want you to cum just yet. I had a better idea in mind.

Making sure not to stop rubbing your clit, I slowed pulled my finger out of your ass (for now) and move around behind you. With my free hand I stabilized your hip and stepped forward, my cock putting pressure on your pussy, begging entry clearance. You pushed back against me and with a little pop, my cock head squeezed into your tightness. First, I fucked you just with the head until you could not take it any more and then shoved it all the way in. I love the feeling of taking you from behind when I am in so deep my balls rub against your clit and your ass cheeks press down against my groin. You body just enveloped me in softness and femininity.

We were both standing and you reached your arms up and back to hold me. I held on to your hips as I slowly began to thrust upwards into you. Your pussy just kept getting wetter and wetter to match our increasing pace of thrusting. You were nearing the point I wanted you at for our final phase of intense fucking. I put my hand on your back, spread your legs wider so that you could feel me in your hole even more fully and gently pressed your forward to a bending position.

The caves walls were not so far apart so you held your arms out to stabilize yourself. I bent you further down till finally, your head and shoulders were under the gentle stream of the waterfall. The cool water dripped down our back send chills down your spine culminating in a giant contraction around my penis. It felt so tight and good I spurred me on. I began to hump you harder and harder from behind making sure to thrust the head of my rod against your swollen and tender g-spot. From the bent over position, the curve was working its magic hitting exactly the right spot to send your insides into madness.

God you felt so good, and your ass looked so good. I could hear your screams of pleasure echoing out in to the forest and made me wonder if anyone could hear us. I hoped they could because I wanted someone to know that out here, a girl was getting fucked so splendidly. In order to increase the volume of your screams I moved my hands back to their starting spots and began to slide my finger back into your ass while rubbing your clit at the same time.

The stimulations of your clitoris, anus, and g-spot was too much to handle. You could no hold on much longer. Added to that the stimulation of the water rolling down your spine, down your ass, and down the sides of your pussy while I fucked your holes and your clit was too much to take. With no warning whatsoever your body shot upwards and you started shaking and convulsing with a full-body orgasm that filled up your entire pelvic cavity. You pussy clenched for what felt like ages, your clit burned with pleasure and your ass gripped my finger so tight I could not pull it out. Wave after wave of joy and luxurious pleasure filled your pussy and ass as they quivered without end. Once again, we simply collapsed on the floor unable to speak. You pussy twitched away and each time you gave away a soft moan.

We were soaking went and eventually, somehow, found the energy to climb back down the waterfall and retrieve the blanket from the rucksack. After this afternoon’s many thunderous cums, I was unsure how we could top it. I’m sure we could, but right then, right there, I just wanted to curl up with you, my girl, and enjoy the feeling of your warm body against mine. We laid the blanket down and within minutes, fell asleep spooning in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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